The Corbett Report | NATO's "News Hero" - #PropagandaWatch | July 31, 2018


In this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch James looks at "The News Hero," the latest fake news Russian bot propaganda scare to emerge from the neo-McCarthyist fever dreams of the NATO Stratcom Centre of Excellence!

Show Notes: 
The News Hero video
The News Hero game on facebook
The News Hero website
After A Week Online, NATO’s Latest ‘Counter-Disinfo’ Facebook Game Is A Complete Flop

Richard Dolan | Intelligent Disclosure (The Double-Edged Sword of Disclosure) | July 31, 2018


Richard Dolan Live with The Double-Edged Sword of Disclosure.

John Hogue | Calculating Yellowstone Eruption, Nostradamus Prophecy & Astrology | July 30, 2018


John Hogue, World Renowned Forecaster, author of 47 books and Nostradamus Doppleganger joins us to discuss the extreme weather events, global rise in temperatures, earthquake swarms around the cascadia subduction zone, Yellowstone Activity and harbingers of Catastrophic Events. Also his latest book, What Really Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton: An Astrological and Prophetic Assessment

Clif High | Antarctica Unveiled | Part 3 | July 30, 2018


In this crescendo closer Clif deals the final cards of the SP enigmas, incl. the 4 basic scenarios: Ancient Civ, Nazis, Aliens, & Hollow Earth. Some issues raised: What's his original info before blue chicken pollution?

Why did polar scientists suddenly get ill? What's the weird energy radiation from SP to Hawaii? Is an ancient village uncovered? What power players visits & why? What say the Salish about sky people? Why was SP nuked in late 50ies?

What's the origin to polar lights? Why did U.K. battle over Falklands? Is UFO's from Inner Earth via polar holes? Why are globalist corporations there? And hear what horrors the night vision goggles revealed...

Part 1
Clif High | Antarctica Unveiled | Part 1 | Jan. 26, 2018

Part 2
Clif High | Antarctica Unveiled | Part 2 | Feb. 3, 2018

Dark Journalist | X Series IV | Tesla, Trump & The Time Capsule! | July 30, 2018


Dark Journalist goes deep in this Breakthrough Episode into the X message through the history of Exotic UFO Technology and the startling connection between Inventor Nikola Tesla, President Donald Trump and President Nixon's Time Capsule preserved in the White House.

The Corbett Report | Pricking the Filter Bubble | July 27, 2018


Recommended videos. Tailored newsfeeds. Personalized search results. Know it or not, we are increasingly living in filter bubbles that are being determined by algorithms we know nothing about. Worse than that, we are increasingly retreating into the online echo chamber bubbles of our own making. So where is this all heading and how can we steer ourselves away from this precipice? Join James for this edition of The Corbett Report podcast to find out more.

Show Notes:
Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2017
Vin Cognito on YouTube
Radiohead – High & Dry
The secret rhythm behind Radiohead’s “Videotape”
The Hidden Syncopation of Radiohead’s “Videotape” by WARRENMUSIC
James Corbett on the Dignitary Podcast
YouTube is fighting conspiracy theories with ‘authoritative’ context and outside links
Can Chaos Be Good?
Russ Roberts on the Information Revolution, Politics, Yeats, and Yelling

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Max Igan | Why Was I Taught To Hate Myself? | July 27, 2018


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - July 27th, 2018
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