Dr. Joel Wallach | Ask Doc Live | May 7, 2021

Source: criticalhealthnews.com

Dr. Joel Wallach discusses the meaning of the biblical phrase "the land of milk and honey". He gives various examples and sights University research indicating the relationship between specific diets from mineral rich regions of the earth and longevity.

Rosa Koire | Behind the Green Mask | Guns & Butter

Source: gunsandbutter.org, rosakoire-bgm.com

- Rosa Koire’s journey from local land use activism to her discovery of UN Agenda 21, a global incremental plan implemented locally; 
- the International Council of Local Environmental Issues, or ICLEI, to de-industrialize the world;
- regionalization and the destruction of boundaries;
- transit villages and food sheds;
- SMART stands for sustainability, monitoring, assessing, rating and tracking;
- mixed-use high-density urban development;
- civil liberties restricted under the guise of environmental concerns;
- powers behind Agenda 21 committed to “sustainable” goals;
- mega-corporate model;
- mega-regions driving the economy and overpowering the nation state;
- Bruntland Commission;
- islands of human habitation;
- Wildlands Project;
- American standard of living being taken down;
- restrictions on rural property and farm lands;
- economic collapse;
- austerity and scarcity;
- technology the enabler of U.N. Agenda 21

Dr. Barre Lando | Waveform Mechanics, True Healing & The Natural Ways | May 6, 2021

Source: thehighersidechats.com, alfavedic.com

As founder and formulator for Alfa Vedic, Dr. Barre traveled an eclectic path through athletics and academics in becoming a Physician, Kinesiologist-Functional Movement Specialist & Master Gardener.

Always hungry for knowledge, he’s dedicated years of study to biological terrain medicine, clinical kinesiology, Japanese Meridian Therapy, endobiogenics, functional movement, craniopathy, visceral manipulation, chiropractic medicine & more.

As a long-time surfer Dr. Barre has chased waves from Fiji to the Hawaiian Islands, but training in the internal martial arts, bee-keeping, Russellian Science and medicinal herb farming are his present passion.

Dr. Lando is noted amongst his peers for his innovative clinical strategies, and has made himself available over the years for both consulting and professional training to other health professionals.

The integration of wave-form mechanics, and largely suppressed aspects of biophysics and microbiology are now his primary focus in creating a genuine ‘science-based’ system of functional medicine, thus avoiding the inherent limitations of present ‘theory-based’ conventions within institutionalized systems.

Although retired from clinical practice, ‘difficult cases’ have always comprised the bulk of Dr. Barre’s international client base, and the custom compounding of nutrients, homeopathics, and herbs became a necessity in meeting their needs.

This experience would become the roots of the present line of advanced macro-nutrient herbal formulas that have been made available to the general public under the trade name of Alfa Vedic. Alfa Vedic and AV Botanical Gardens are the natural culmination, and next evolution of Dr. Barre’s work.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 6, 2021

Source: gizadeathstar.com

Finally, someone is stepping up to protect people's "neuro-rights". If you, like Joseph, are interested in the topic of mind-manipulation techniques, you'll be interested in this story from Chile, 

Mindblowing: advances in brain tech spur push for 'neuro-rights'

James Rawles | Coup Consolidating Power in America & Surviving in the Great Reset | Geopolitics & Empire | May 7, 2021

Source: geopoliticsandempire.com

James Rawles discusses how the U.S. has undergone a socialist coup, which is in its early stages, and is now consolidating power in Washington.

He doesn't believe President Biden will complete his 4-year term and gives his thoughts on what the "QAnon" movement was really about. He believes the pandemic was exaggerated and its psychological and economic effects will be felt for decades, as we are now on the cusp of hyperinflation.

He warns of the danger of governments implementing sovereign cryptocurrencies (CBDCs) and why the days are numbered for private cryptocurrencies. He thinks more lockdowns and Covid variants are to come. We also discuss strategic relocation within the United States and the threat of great power military conflict, including even the potential for a Chinese land invasion of the United States.

About James Rawles
James Wesley Rawles is a survivalist author, lecturer, and founder and editor of SurvivalBlog.com which has more than 320,000 unique visitors per week and is considered the Internet’s premier source of information on family preparedness and survival topics. He is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, and now works as a full-time blogger and freelance writer. He has authored several best selling nonfiction and fiction survivalists books.

His expertise is primarily in retreat security, food storage, firearms, communications, first aid, and off-grid power systems. He has a B.A. degree in Journalism from San Jose State University with minor degrees in Military Science, History, and Military History. He has served as a U.S. Army Intelligence Corps officer and held a Top Secret security clearance with SCI access. He attended the Army NBC defense officer’s course, as well as Northern Warfare School at Fort Greeley, Alaska. Before resigning his commission as a Captain, he worked numerous live intelligence gathering and analysis missions overseas at the tactical and strategic levels.

New World Next Week | Who gets Custody of the Gates Foundation? | May 6, 2021

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: How Bill And Melinda Plan To Divide Their $150 Billion Fortune
“I Have Changed My Mind And Do Not Want A Divorce From This Amazing Handsome Man,” Says Glossy-Eyed Melinda Gates After Receiving Vaccine
Image: Bill and Rachel – It’s a Match!
Image: When You’re Newly Single And Lost Your Wingman
Is Melinda Divorcing Bill Gates Over Jeffrey Epstein?
VH1’s “Fabulous Life of Billion Dollar Wall Street Ballers” Fawns Over Jeffrey Epstein
Who Is Bill Gates?
Cascade Transfers $1.8 Billion of Equities to Melinda Gates
Bill Gates, China, 23andMe, And Your DNA

Story #2: Why Is A Communist Party Member Shaping UK’s Lockdown Policy?
Fellow Marxists Searched Prof. Susan Michie’s Baby’s Pram for Propaganda
Michie, Big Fan of Lockdowns, Was Once Known As “Stalin’s Nanny”
Susan Michie on Behavioral Change
How To Deal With Vocal Vaccine Deniers – #PropagandaWatch
What’s In Your Head? Just Like In Nolan’s ‘Inception’, Brain Tech Can Hack Your Mind; ‘Neuro-Rights’ Can Keep You Safe

Story #3: Kansas City’s Sean Culkin Becomes 1st NFL Player to Convert Entire Salary to Bitcoin
“I fully believe Bitcoin is the future of finance…”
Is There A Chance To Unite The Pro And Anti Blockchain Crowds?

Redice TV | No-Go Zone: Big-Tech 'Smart' Nations & Warrantless Surveillance | May 6, 2021

Source: redice.tv

Suspicious0bservers | Climate Science Destroyed In 8 Minutes | May 5, 2021

Source: suspicious0bservers.org


I'll make this easy:
1) Climate science is the result of bias, uncertainty, questionable data- and it can’t account for the past or the future.

2) You account for it with volcanoes and the sun, and you understand it with the geomagnetic and geoelectric systems of earth.

3) Even if these weren’t true, the trends are STILL GOING TO TRIGGER COLD.

4) If they use modern climate models, and don’t fully account for space weather, volcanos, and electromagnetic forcing, they have nothing.

5) This is when they will begin to attack the video, the channel, and me… and you’ve won.

Linda Moulton Howe | Interview with Alan Steinfeld on Making Contact, plus UAPs and the DoD | May 5, 2021

Source: earthfiles.com


Interview with Alan Steinfeld on Making Contact, plus UAPs and the DOD.

COVID-19 update
- San Diego County records first COVID-19 with Indian variant.
- Singapore says it has detected the “double-mutant” variant
- India counts 400,000+ new cases every day, new death toll tops 230,000

180-day countdown to release of Director of National Intelligence
- June 24, 2021 is the release date
- Memo from Inspector General of Department of Defense

Lue Elizondo was a guest on “The Basement Office” podcast and spoke of UFO capabilities
- Instantaneous acceleration - over 400 Gs observed
- Hypersonic velocity - speeds in excess of 11,000 MPH
- “there is historical radar data..showing UFOs doing 13,000 MPH”

Interview with Alan Steinfeld
- New book released titled “Making Contact : Preparing For The New Realities Of Extraterrestrial Existence”
- “the government has been investigating this…maybe it is the hostile ETs”
- “phenomena includes a vaster relationship to what is out there”
- “the government doesn’t know how to tell us…they don’t understand it themselves”
- “this movement is moving faster…something is about to show itself..something is about to break loose”
- “This is a time for a new conversation with The Visitors to begin…it’s not without risk.” — Whitley Strieber

S0 News | Galactic Electric Sheet, Higher Earthquake Risk | May 5, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Brien Foerster | Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysms At Megalithic Sites Around The World | May 4, 2021

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Richard Dolan | Human Extinction and UFOs | May 4, 2021

Source: richarddolanpress.com

After discussing some of the current events going on in the UFO scene, Richard asks a simple question: are *they* here because they know we are about to snuff ourselves out? Are they disinterested? Are they trying to stop it? Or speed it along? Or something else?

S0 News | Earth Skeleton, Scary Solar Forecast, Venus Change | May 4, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

The Last American Vagabond | Self-Spreading Vaccines, Self-Amplifying mRNA Vaccines & COVID Vaccine Menstrual Disruption | May 3, 2021

Source: thelastamericanvagabond.com

Video Source Links

Kevin D. Randle Lt. Col USAR (Ret) | UFOs and the Deep State | May 1, 2021

Source: truthbetoldworldwide.com

Tony talks with author and retired lieutenant colonel Kevin Randle about his forthcoming book, "UFOs and the Deep State: A History of the Military and Shadow Government's War Against the Truth" which delves into the deep state and how it has perpetrated a consistent mission to hide, obscure, and delete information as it pertains to UFOs and alien interactions.

Randle has connected the dots at last to reveal the overlooked, including how the deep state conducted interrogations that involved various techniques using chemicals and other mind-altering techniques.

Book: Kevin D. Randle Lt. Col USAR (Ret) | UFOs and the Deep State: A History of the Military and Shadow Government's War Against the Truth

Dark Journalist X State Of The Union | UFOs COG & The DOD AS8003 MYSTERY! | May 2, 2021

Source: Dark Journalist


Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a Special LiveStream X State of the Union revealing the latest moves by the CIA to steer UFO Disclosure as a Threat narrative in the Corporate Media to create hysteria for their Global Invasion Op. DJ looks deeply at CIA Counter Intelligence Agent Lue Elizondo and his mission to create a False Disclosure narrative. He also examines the Mysterious Defense Digital Services purchase of 57 Million domain names and a greater portion of the internet 3 minutes before Biden took office. -darkjournalist.com

The Corbett Report | Meet Carroll Quigley | May 3, 2021

Source: corbettreport.com

Description:This week we hear from Carroll Quigley and G. Edward Griffin about a secret society created by Rhodes to spread the British Empire around the world…which is still at work, attempting to set up a world government administered by bankers. -corbetreport.com

Show Notes: The Corbett Report

Paul Stonehill | New Russia Underwater Weapons | May 3, 2021

Source: Paul Stonehill youtube

… In Russia, work continues on the creation of marine unmanned underwater and surface vehicles… All this will be done by artificial intelligence, which receives data on the situation from a wide variety of sources… -Paul Stonehill
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