UFO | Shooting with the ISS Zoom + Filters - May 10, 2014

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Live ISS Stream

China's Maglev Train Prototype Could Reach Speeds of 1,800 MPH

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By Robert Sorokanich

A research team in China just successfully tested a blisteringly fast transportation concept: super-maglev, a high speed train that could theoretically hit speeds of up to 1,800 miles per hour. That's three times the speed of a passenger jet.

The concept, put forth by the Applied Superconductivity Laboratory of Southwest Jiaotong University, uses the same technique proposed for Elon Musk's Hyperloop: run the train inside a vacuum tube, removing air resistance and enabling super high speeds uninhibited by wind resistance. Research shows that, for vehicles traveling faster than 250 MPH, up to 83 percent of the energy used goes toward fighting aerodynamic resistance. 

But with a (highly theoretical) top speed of 1,800 MPH, super-maglev would blow the doors off of Musk's 300 MPH trains. That's because the train inside the Evacuated Tube Transport loop only encounters one tenth of the air resistance of the outside environment. 

Dr. Deng Zigang, who led the project, envisions applications beyond land-based transportation. He proposes similar vacuum tube technology could be used to launch vehicles into outer space, or enable super high speeds for military weapons. 

Of course, this is all pie-in-the-sky imagination talk right now—Dr. Zigang's test vehicle, running inside a 20-foot diameter vacuum loop, tops out at a very pedestrian 30 MPH. But as research continues at the university's high-temperature superconducting maglev ring, Dr. Zigang and his team hope to push that top speed way, way higher. It sounds like, theoretically at least, the race is on. [The Daily Mail via PhysOrg]

Michel Merle | Ior Bock, The Bock Saga & Excavation of the Temple of Lemminkäinen | Hour 1 | May 9, 2014

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May 9, 2014–In 1984 a Finnish man named Ior Bock came forward and told the world that his family, through thousands of years, passed down an ancient oral tradition – The Family Saga from Strömsö Manor or as it’s more commonly known “The Bock Saga.” The saga explains the origin of man on earth and the origin of the Nordic culture that, according to the tradition, existed long before Babylon and Mesopotamia. Throughout three decades, before his tragic death in 2010, Ior Bock passed on his knowledge to a loyal group of people, consisting of Finns, foreigners, friends and students.

One of those people was Michel Merle who joins us from Holland to talk about the story of Ior Bock and the Bock Saga. The tradition is a non-conventional history and chronology where the central mythology is found in root language, sounds and words. Merle met Ior Bock on the way back from India in 1975 and spent time with Ior and friends almost yearly in Goa and Finland. He has been learning about The Bock Saga since 1984 when it came out.

He works as an international exhibition builder and painter to make a living. In the first hour, we discuss the expansion of the Roman Catholic Church into the northern lands and how the tradition went underground and kept within the Boxström family. In the second hour, we speak about the excavation of the Temple of Lemminkäinen, the largest so far discovered subterranean cave in Finland. According to the tradition, generations of Norse relics and artifacts have been found in the cave from thousands of years ago. -redicecreations.com

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Don Cerow | When the Dragon Wore the Crown

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Don Cerow discusses his book When the Dragon Wore the Crown. When our ancestors gazed upon the skies thousands of years ago they looked up into the centre of Creation and saw a mighty Dragon, a great celestial serpent with wings circling ceaselessly above them, night after night, century after century.

When the Dragon Wore the Crown is a ground breaking book that covers a period of over 6000 years, focusing on what astrologers would call the Ages of Gemini, Taurus and Aries, and taking us through the period of classical astronomy with the Greeks and Romans (circa 7000 BC -- 200 AD). The book opens and closes with the Chinese mythological tradition and touches on Sumerian, Babylonian, Phoenician, Hindu, Norse, Native American and even Mayan myths, weaving together many of their celestial serpentine similarities.

Questions posed in this interview include:
• Are historical truths about people, places and events concealed within ancient myths, including those in The Bible?

• Do common themes within myths such as the Great Flood and End Times point to an age when there was one global culture and one common language?

• Why are symbols such as serpents, spirals and spheres so common in mythic traditions?

• Did climate change and the loss of ancient astronomical knowledge tip humanity into an era of famine, upheaval and war?

• Do celestial bodies possess consciousness and perhaps even intelligence?

• And finally, as we ourselves enter a new astronomical age, what does it signify about our future?

Max Igan | A World Gone Mad, May 10, 2014

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Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 2 - Episode 5.

Robert Morningstar | So What is Really on the Surface of the Moon and Who Put it There? Part 1 & 2, May 2014

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May 6, 2014
Robert Morningstar’s Startling Chinese Moon Photo Revelations
Independent Researcher and Analyst:
Robert Morningstar

Join us for a discussion of the recent Chinese photos of the moon and what they reveal. Robert Morningstar has an excellent reputation for anaylzing these space photos in detail and up close to come up with amazing "not there for the naked eye" discoveries beyond our basic scientific understandings.

May 8, 2014
Robert Morningstar’s Astonishing Moon Photo Discoveries Part 2
Independent Researcher and Analyst:
Robert Morningstar

Join us for a part 2 – a contuinuation of our discussion of recent and older moon photos and the "mysterious man made like structures" that they reveal. Robert Morningstar has an excellent reputation for anaylzing these space photos in detail and up close to come up with amazing "not there for the naked eye" discoveries beyond our basic scientific understandings.

About Robert Morningstar:
Robert D. Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City. He received a degree in psychology from Fordham University. An expert in Chinese language, history, martial arts and is a FAA-licensed pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor with 23 years of flying experience.

Robert has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 40 years and has published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception in the JFK Assassination and his work is cited in major books on the assassination, notably in Paris Flammonde's "The Assassination of America" and "Conspiracy Science" by Prof. James Fetzer.

He has also written extensively to expose NASA's use of 'Disinformation Technology' in suppressing evidence of extraterrestrial life and exposing the real nature and threat of the UFO phenomenon. He is currently the Associate Editor of UFO Digest.

Links to photos discussed in the shows: Part 1, Part 2

Gerald O'Donnell | Mankind at The Brink | Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality

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Mr. Gerald O'Donnell holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics, a M.Sc. in computer Science, and an MBA. He is a certified Hypnotherapist. He was, amongst other activities in various fields, once considered one of the world's 7 best top technical commodities experts (independent advisor: C.T.A.) by Paine Webber and Bache Co.. 

He was approached in the 1980's by a Western European intelligence agency in order to join an ongoing program of mental Remote Viewing (sensing) of targeted locations.

Advanced remote sensing (remote intuition) techniques were taught to field operatives, anti-terrorist units and other intelligence and/or commando squads. 

This operation had been set up to counter the activities of very well funded departments of the Soviet K.G.B. and military intelligence G.R.U. that were very advanced in their research and fully operational.

It is in the course of the successful experimental phase of the program that Mr. O'Donnell  stumbled upon the fact that by using special mental techniques and training, not only was space bridged instantly, as the non-locality theorem of quantum physics (theorem of John Bell) had predicted and the Aspect experiment performed in 1982 had confirmed, but that the time barrier was as well conquered: allowing oneself to experience the perceived past and the probable future.

Gerald O'Donnell subsequently voluntary retired from the intelligence community and decided to teach similar techniques for the greatest benefit of all: The creation of better individual and global realities for all  of us and the possible avoidance of unpleasant ones.

Jordan Maxwell | Evil Intelligence Driving The New World Order, May 7, 2014

Source: infowars.com, jordanmaxwellshow.com

Mikkel Clair Nissen | Psychopathic Narcissism & Pathological Collectivism in Denmark | Hour 1 | May 5, 2014

Source: redicecreations.com, manipulism.com  

May 5, 2014–Mikkel Clair Nissen is an anti-collectivism activist and author of the book, Manipulism and the Weapon of Guilt: Collectivism Exposed, a controversial exposé and carefully detailed description of the awful emotional mind game that facilitates communism, socialism, and social-liberalism, known as collectivism.

The book exposes Denmark, the supposed happiest nation on earth, for what it truly is: collectivism's biggest propaganda hoax. Danish author Mikkel Clair Nissen tells the hidden facts and realities of life in Denmark’s democratic-socialism that they don’t want you to know. We’ll hear about how he began waking up to the dark side of Denmark. Like a dysfunctional family, Danes are terribly insecure, compulsively corrected, policed, and regularly intimidated by each other. Known in psychology as pathological narcissism, these behaviors are a way of everyday life. He’ll talk about life in the collective within Scandinavian society.  -redicecreations.com

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Director hopes Aaron Swartz film will lead to internet reforms, May 6, 2014

Source: RT.com

Filmmaker Brian Knappenberger is preparing to release a feature-length documentary on hacktivist Aaron Swartz. "The Internet's Own Boy" examines the life of Swartz and the pressures that resulted in his suicide after facing federal charges for downloading millions of academic articles from a Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer. Swartz has been credited with being an integral figure in the development of the internet during the last decade and a half, and is attributed with helping develop the web feed format RSS, the Creative Commons organization and the website Reddit. RT's Ameera David spoke with Knappenberger, who hopes his film with lead to reforms of the laws the government used to charge Swartz. -RT.com

Huge build-up of tanks, artillery, missile systems near Slavyansk, Ukraine, May 6, 2014

Source: RT.com

Video posted online reveals that Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles have been stationed en masse around the Donetsk region city of Slavyansk. -RT.com

Anarchy in the USA! (and everywhere else) | BFP Roundtable

Source: BoilingFrogsPost.com, corbettreport.com

In this edition of the BoilingFrogsPost.com Roundtable, James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds and Peter B. Collins welcome Andrew Gavin Marshall for a discussion of his recent podcast on "Anarchy, Socialism and Free Markets." We talk about anarchism as a philosophy and what it really entails, as well as how it links to socialism, libertarianism and other political philosophies. We also delve into some of the questions and critiques that many raise to the idea of anarchism.

Nazemroaya: The US is Confronting the Ukrainian People Via Its Puppets in Kiev, May 5, 2014

Source: presstv.com


As the post-coup regime in Ukraine stormed the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk and claimed it had.captured the security service headquarters from anti-coup protesters, Press TV interviewed Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya on the situation on May 3, 2014.

Nazemroaya points out that the current regime in Ukraine is using armed force against Ukrainian protesters in the south and east of the country. The coup-installed authorities in Kiev are calling the protesters opposing them terrorists and criminals whereas they and their foreign backers have tried to legitimize their own violent takeover of the government in Kiev on the basis that the previous government in Kiev was no longer legitimate because it used armed force against the Euro-Maidan protesters. He also pointed out that unlike before when the US and the EU were supporting protesters against the Ukrainian government, they are now supporting the use of force by the coup-installed government against Ukrainian citizens opposing the coup-installed political figures.

Double-standards are at play. Occupying government buildings was good in January and February according to the US and the EU. But since April the occupation of government buildings in Ukraine has been viewed as as a criminal act. Before the US and EU claimed that the Euro-Maidan figures occupying government buildings in Ukraine were democratic activists and issued warnings to Kiev not to disturb them. But now Washington supports armed force against protesters in southern and eastern Ukraine and looks the other way when Ukrainian civilians are killed, because the views of these Ukrainians are not aligned to US and EU interests.

The Russian Federation is not the one to blame for the post-coup instability inside Ukraine, the US and the EU, which supported the coup in February 2014, are the parties to blame for the instability in Ukraine. The US wants to integrate Ukraine into its orbit via NATO and the EU while destabilizing and isolating Russia through Ukraine, which is part of a tactic by the Obama Administration, according to Nazemroaya.

To read more of Nazemroaya's work or see more of his interviewed, please visit Global Research: globalresearch.ca

Darrell Hamamoto | The Dark Side of Asian America & Weaponized Political Correctness | Hour 1| May 2, 2014

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May 2, 2014–Darrell Y. Hamamoto is a professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis. He is a recognized authority on US popular culture and mass media, having written extensively in the field including Nervous Laughter: Television Situation Comedy and Liberal Democratic Ideology and Monitored Peril: Asian Americans and the Politics of TV Representation. Professor Hamamoto is also writing a handbook directed to college and university-age youth disillusioned with academic orthodoxy and political correctness titled New World Order Theory For Students.

We’ll discuss his new book, Servitors of Empire: Studies In the Dark Side of Asian America, which confounds the conventional academic wisdom concerning race, ethnicity, and social class in contemporary US politics, culture, and society. Darrell will discuss the massive importation of specialized Asian scientists and engineers into the US, assigned to build the technetronic infrastructure for the new world order command and control system. He explains how highly trained knowledge workers are being employed to bring sovereign nations such as the United States under centralized rule made possible through advances in bioscience, IT, engineering, and global finance.

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Tony Ortega | Scientology: Behind the Glitter - Beyond the Cult | Segment 1|

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Tony Ortega, executive editor of The Raw Story, covered for Jamie DeWolf, the great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology. DeWolf was involved in a car accident and was not able to participate. Nonetheless, Ortega did a magnificent job taking us deep inside Scientology; its beginnings, phases, and where it stands today. This is a fascinating interview for anyone who wants to understand Scientology. Its founder was also responsible in writing the necessary protocols to address dissent inside and outside the organization. -Veritasradio.com

Max Igan | The Architects of Destiny

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Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 2 - Episode 4

Jeff Rense & David Cole | The Zionist Perversion Of History

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Clip from April 24, 2014 - guest David Cole on the Jeff Rense Program.
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