Peter Levenda | Osama, Hitler, and The Master Plan, July 1, 2011


Did you know that the day they announced the death of Osama bin-Laden, is also the day they announced the death of Adolf Hitler? May 1st, 1945 and May 1st, 2011. 66 years apart. Ironically, we have no corpse for either of these anti-Semitic murderers. No grave site. No shrine. No jamrahat Mina, for stoning the Devil during a dark pilgrimage. So ... when coincidences multiply and words seem unequal to the task, we bring Peter Levenda to discuss these and many more geopolitical topics. This show is for all those who have suffered and died because of ideologies and stupidities. For religion and race. For redemption and revenge. All those. Jew and Muslim. American and Arab. European and African and Asian. For all those cold and broken hallelujahs.

Peter Levenda is a native of the Bronx, New York, and has been investigating and writing about the connections that exist between politics, religion and history since the 1970s. His first book, Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult, was published in 1994 and bears a foreword by Norman Mailer. Since then, he has published Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, a three-volume magnum opus that searches for the meaning behind some of the most famous historical events in American history, from the Salem witchcraft trials to Jonestown, from Operation Paperclip to the weaponizing of the paranormal, from the serial killer phenomenon to the Manson Family and beyond, and exposes some of the strangest aspects of American political assassinations and their relation to a shadowy -- yet well-documented -- group known as "The Nine". His research has taken him to Chile during the Pinochet regime to investigate Nazi war criminals, to China, India, all over Southeast Asia, and throughout Europe and Latin America. His work has been praised by Paul Krassner, Jim Hougan, Dick Russell, Jim Marrs, Whitley Strieber, Katherine Neville, and many others. He has appeared numerous times in television documentaries on the influence of occult beliefs on the development of the Nazi Party: on the History Channel, the National Geographic Channel, TNT, Discovery, etc.

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Maurice Cotterell | FutureScience, The Cycles of the Sun & 2012


June 30, 2011–Author, Engineer and Scientist, Maurice Cotterell will discuss his latest book, FutureScience. FutureScience explains several topics such as how electricity and magnetism work together to produce the force of gravity, why the atom is comprised of 8 orbital shells, the nature of so-called 'dark matter', the reason why spiral galaxies are spiral shaped, why the centre of the Earth is red-hot, and how the Earth's magnetic field is generated.

These are some of the topics we'll discuss with Maurice in this interview. He'll begin talking about the need for holistic science that incorporates engineering, chemistry, physics, history, spirituality, etc. and talk about the "God within us" that allows us to figure things out. He'll tell us why CERN is a waste of money and time. Additionally, Maurice will talk about the Sun, its cycles, its effect on fertility, how it causes global-warming-and-global-cooling and its relationship to Mercury. Maurice will also tell us why the magnetic poles won't be flipping anytime soon and will dispel the myth about 2012.

Topics discussed: permanent magnetism, the sunspot cycle, gravity, genetics, cancer research, CERN, the science of the sun, the sun science of the Maya, the 11 year sunspot cycle, the magnetic field of Mercury and more. ~Red Ice Creations

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Maurice Cotterell - Secrets of the Super Gods

William Engdahl | Global Elite, June 29, 2011


June 29, 2011–William Engdahl, who has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, shared his contention that a group of global elite control the world's resources. There are about 150,000 to 200,000 families "who really see themselves as gods and the rest of us as simply worker bees or ants to be crushed if we get in their way," he commented. They have been bred not to care about those outside their class and have a pathological desire for power, as well as an agenda to reduce the world's population, he outlined.

With the reduction of civil liberties in the wake of 9-11, fear is the dominant emotion, and the elite use that fear to manipulate us, Engdahl suggested. He also spoke about how the mythos of oil scarcity was used to drive up prices, and the notion of GMO foods and patented seeds got its start at the Rockefeller Foundation, under the concept of "agribusiness." He shared a quote from Henry Kissinger that aptly shows the potential for misuses of power: "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."

Howard Hughes Interviews Nick Redfern, July 1, 2011


The Unexplained returns with an all-new show featuring UK-born Texas-based “anomalist” Nick Redfern.

Nick has done painstaking research into UFOs and other strange phenomena – and now has a book out about the real-life “Men in Black” ~Howard Hughes

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Dr. Nick Begich | Technologies of the New Battlefield

Source: conversations for exploration,

How can coming technological advancements designed to depress the human spirit be used instead to enhance the human condition? Nick Begich examines non-lethal weapons, environmental and weather control systems, and new underwater sonars and their effects on the seas, threats to privacy, and terrorism and the coming surveillance society, and offers solutions.

TI - Targeted Individual - is a person being targeted with OSEH by a group of individual called "perp" for the purpose of human experimentations.

OSEH - Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment - are methods use by perps in targeting a specific person for the purpose of inducing harm and possibly death.

DEW - Direct Energy Weapon - are device used for OSEH purposes, weapons can be microwave with pulp frequencies, v2k or other electronic and hearing devices.

V2K - voice to skull device - is a weapon use for transmitting voices with low or high frequencies. Voices can be for commands or harassments attacks that may look like the TI's own voice. V2K can also use to induce or manipulate dreams or to deprived TI sleeps.

X-37B: Is the orbital drone of USAF/NASA, triggering world wide earthquakes?

Source: undercoveralien youtube

Since I saw the videos of "HAARPWillNOTbeSilent", where he points the synchronicity between the orbital path of the space drone X-37B, with earthquakes and aftershocks in Japan and Honduras, in March and April, I started to track it down for a couple of months and do my own investigation. Through online real-time satellites tracker, I've collected several data which allowed me to match its flight history with the timing of specific earthquakes all over the world. I've obtained large evidence that this robotic orbital vehicle is a lethal weapon which might be causing artificial EQs in specific coordinates. And after lots of long discussions in forums, about the subject, I finally made up my mind that was time to make this video. ~Und3rc0ver 41ien


Jay Coghlan on Las Conchas Fire (Los Alamos), June 29, 2011

Source: NewsTsar

Jay Coghlan of Nuclear Watch New Mexico Comments on Las Conchas Wildfire.

Crop Circles | Crossovers from Another Dimension

Source: UFOTVstudios

Discover the hidden secrets of a timeless mystery in this award winning film about the greatest Crop Circle formations ever created. The creators of these paranormal formations still remain a mystery. After years of painstaking research, scientific evidence still points to alien influences that are responsible for this phenomena. One thing is certain, what you are about to see in this amazing film can only be described as miraculous evidence of a secret art form that continues to defy explanation.

Arnie Gundersen | New Insight on Fort Calhoun & Cooper Nuclear Stations, June 28, 2011


Dr. Judy Wood on the Gary Null Show, June 28, 2011


June 28, 2011–Dr. Judy Wood and she is a former professor at Clemson University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the research of thermal stress and deformation analysis with optical imaging, biomaterial composition, and biomimicry. She is an expert in the field of interferometry, an optical method of stress analysis to determine interference patterns and their effects. She has authored over 60 peer reviewed research papers.

Dr. Wood has applied her scientific expertise, since the time of 911, to conduct what is probably the most thorough forensic study on the collapse of the world trade towers – based on over 40,000 images, video clips, volumes of witness testimonies. Her findings led her to file a federal qui tam case for science fraud against the contractors who controlled the official 911 Commission report. Her research has been published in a 500 page book, “Where Did the Towers Go?: Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 911.”

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Nightvision Recordings Over Denver Colorado by magnetflipper, June 2011

Source: magnetflipper youtube

Thomas Sheridan | The Labyrinth of the Psychopath & The Intraspecies Predators, June 26, 2011


Thomas Sheridan is an artist, writer and musician from Ireland. His first major book Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath, is a first-person account of the cheats, the charlatans, the liars, the neglectful parents, abusive teachers, two-faced politicians and their Psychopathic Control Grid, tyrannical bosses and colleagues from hell we have all encountered, including the lying lovers who use us then lose us in an instant.

Puzzling People takes a look at how the minds of psychopaths work and why, and focuses on what you can do to survive and thrive and ultimately escape forever. In the first hour of this interview, Thomas will talk about the individual psychopath. He'll talk about their consciousness, drive and tactics and will share a personal story of his experience with a psychopath. Thomas will tell us how psychopaths serve as evolutionary triggers and what we need to do to break free of them. He says we are at the cusp where the psycho control grid either tightens or loses control because of awareness.

Topics discussed: moral insanity, internal chaos, pathology, invented personas, playing on pitty, intraspecies predator, spiritual parasite, the R-complex, managers, promoters, the enlightenment, shadow projection, Joseph Campbell, neurosis, Darwinism and more. ~Red Ice Creations

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Wildfire 1 Mile from Nuclear Facility in Los Alamos, NM - Mandatory Evacuations - June 27, 2011


"Los Alamos under mandatory evacuation
Las Canchas fire continues to grow
Updated: Monday, 27 Jun 2011, 4:56 PM MDT
Published : Monday, 27 Jun 2011, 2:11 PM MDT

LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO (KRQE) - A mandatory evacuation has been placed on the city of Los Alamos after fire officials are reporting the fire is now threatening Los Alamos.

"Officials are ordering a mandatory evacuation...."

"The County is first evacuating those residents who are the closest to the immediate threat of fire."

.. For detailed evacuation instructions for Los Alamos, NM, go here:

Robert M. Stanley | Close Encounters on Capitol Hill, June 27, 2011


June 27, 2011–UFO expert and editor of Unicus Magazine, Robert Stanley discussed how the location of Washington DC has been a hotbed for UFO activity over the years. Hundreds of people witnessed the numerous 1952 sightings over the Capitol, and some took photos and movies, which the government attempted to confiscate, he stated. According to his sources, during this time, two US jets went up to intercept one of the UFOs over Capitol Hill, and "were either disintegrated or beamed up and never returned."

The National Mall has had a lot of UFO activity, said Stanley, describing an incident that took place at the Millennial celebration held there on January 1, 2000, in which witnesses reportedly saw cylindrical motherships that released smaller triangular craft. The UFOs were said to suddenly disappear when military helicopters swooped in. Stanley said that he himself has been subject to visitations from unmarked black helicopters hovering over his home, possibly to harass him over his UFO research.

UFOs/ETs have focused on Washington because it's the seat of power, and further, there appears to be an alien base underneath the city, he argued. He arrived at this conclusion because of the frequency of the sightings, witnesses that have described craft that hover low to the ground and disappear, and the huge number of tunnels and bases known to exist underground in the area. Alarmingly, Stanley suggested that these alien or interdimensional visitors may actually be controlling key leaders in the government.

Nick Redfern | Men in Black, June 22, 2011

Source:, Nick Redfern

June 22, 2011–British ufologist Nick Redfern discussed his research into the Men in Black (MIB) phenomenon, in which he looked at numerous cases from the start of UFO sightings to the present day. The first report of Men in Black was associated with Albert Bender, who was studying UFOs in the early 1950s and formed a popular group called the International Flying Saucer Bureau. But then, he suddenly shut the organization down after he was visited by three men wearing black suits who told him that he was getting too close to the truth, and if he knew what was good for him, he'd leave the subject alone. Later, researcher Gray Barker popularized Bender's tale, and implied that the Men in Black were government agents, Redfern detailed.

In many of the MIB accounts, witnesses describe the visitors as having somewhat odd appearances and behavior, including bulging eyes, being very short, sometimes lacking in emotion, and suddenly disappearing. Their goal always seems to be intimidation, which is typically accomplished with veiled threats, said Redfern, who added that he found it curious that people invariably allowed these strangers into their homes, which indicates the MIBs might employ a kind of hypnosis.

Redfern has concluded there may be more than one group behind the MIB phenomenon. For instance, there is documented evidence that government agents have visited people who've reported UFO sightings, yet some of the paranormal aspects to MIB visitations suggest there may also be alien/hybrids making their own visits to determine how much people know about them. Joshua P. Warren proposed an interesting theory to Redfern-- that MIBs may actually be time travelers. The reason they wear the black suits is because this look will fit in in many time periods, and this might also explain why the cars they drive are sometimes out of date, Warren said. In reference to photo documentation of MIBs, Redfern mentioned this photo taken by Timothy Green Beckley.
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