Catherine Austin Fitts | Bitcoin OP Digital Slavery & Space Economy | Dark Journalist | Dec. 13, 2017



Human Society vs Digital Slavery & Transhumanism
In this fascinating episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts for a deep and insightful look into the perils and possibilities of the digital age and what lies ahead.

Catherine points out that the leadership in Global affairs believe in slavery and that their policies of controlling economic growth, harvesting the citizen's wealth. developing entrainment through technology and building a massive surveillance grid of humanity represent a dangerous hazard to the entire Globe.

The Bitcoin Op
Catherine sees most of the upper level financial elites moving into buying Gold and Land while they entice the general population into an unstable cryptocurrency that, although it may hold short term capital gains, will ultimately be the a contrived pump and dump of historic levels.

She points out that Bitcoin is not the currency for the people it pretends to be and that much of the hype around it is devised to help the Central Banking powers consolidate their gains and entice the population to use a digital currency. She outlines the danger of using digital money when the current system of finance has no integrity and that people who work with Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies know it's unsafe and subject to hacking with FDIC insurance. -Dark

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 14, 2017


While your Bitcoin might be soaring, the intelligence community might be boring... into your crypto-currency accounts...

Article: Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

OVERCAST - Climate Engineering | Full Movie



OVERCAST is a groundbreaking documentary about a phenomenon that most of us would consider normal: Jet contrails that spread into clouds, covering the sky and blocking the sun. For some people however, these trails are the biggest environmental crime in the history of mankind. Recent studies show that manmade cirrus clouds through flight traffic have a far bigger impact on climate change than previously assumed and are already described as unintentional Geoengineering.

OVERCAST brings light into a phenomenon that should be part of the public and climate debate, but instead has been mostly ignored so far.

New World Next Week | Pigs Fly As Pentagon Gets Audited | Dec. 14, 2017


Story #1: World Bank To Stop Financing Oil, Gas Projects From 2019
How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World
NWNW Flashback: Saudi King Names Son New Crown Prince, Upending Royal Succession Line (Jun. 22, 2017)

Story #2: After Trillions Mysteriously Go ‘Missing,’ DoD Getting Audited for First Time in History
Wikipedia: David Norquist
Missing Trillions (Corbett Report coverage)

Story #3: AI Algorithms To Prevent Suicide Gain Traction
Netflix Uses Users By Using User Data For Use In Funny PR
Spotify Unearths More Hilarious User Habits in Global Outdoor Ads for the Holidays
“Love it when my record player and VCR use their constant surveillance to insult me” No, You’re Not Being Paranoid. Sites Really Are Watching Your Every Move
“Responding to Concerning Posts on Social Media: Insights and Solutions from American Indian and Alaska Native Youth” (PDF)
#MorningMonarchy: Facebook Rolls Out AI to Detect Suicidal Posts (Nov. 28, 2017)
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Trouble's Growing for GMO Peddlers

Brien Foerster | New Discovery! Ancient Enigmatic Megalithic Quenuani In Peru | Dez. 13, 2017


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Dec. 9, 2017


Industrialized / militarized civilization can only be rationally described as an ongoing train wreck of total insanity. The unfolding disaster is now accelerating exponentially. The beyond blatant behavior of those who wield power should be fueling unbridled anger and outrage in populations, but so far the majority of the masses (especially in first world nations) are completely complacent and content with their material world.

Toxic vaccinations, GMO foods, fluoridated water, contaminated air, and plenty of power structure propaganda, all have taken their toll. Perhaps the greatest weapon the power brokers wield is weather and biological warfare. Both have long since been fully deployed, and even now the vast majority are completely asleep at the wheel.

Dane Wigington | California Firestorms: Geoengineered Catastrophe

Yet another round of extreme firestorm catastrophes are hitting California. Like the recent Santa Rosa fire disaster, the current wildfires are verifiably connected to conditions created by the ongoing global climate engineering assault. The geoengineering cabal is becoming more desperate by the day as the biosphere and climate unraveling accelerates exponentially. This 6 minute video reveals the climate engineering assault and its connection to the California firestorms.

Though many have been falsely led to believe that last winter's rain in California erased and eliminated the drought, this could not be further from the truth. Last summer was the hottest and driest on record in countless locations of the US West. The following quote is from the Los Angeles fire department chief:

“Brush burning index is 296. This is the highest number I've ever seen in my career. The threshold for this rating is 165. Monday I said that to the Mayor, this is the highest rating I'd ever seen.”

Geoengineering operations are not only completely cutting off precipitation from the US West and destroying the ozone layer globally, the desiccant particulates from the fallout create an incendiary dust that coats foliage and structures.

While California continues to go up in flames, regions of the Canadian Arctic and Greenland have recently been basking in record warm temperatures nearly 60 degrees above normal. At the same time that record heat is occurring in the polar regions and elsewhere, snow is forecasted (scheduled) to fall as far south as Chihuahua, Mexico (2017 also saw record low ice at BOTH poles). The climate engineers will continue to use patented chemical ice nucleation processes to fuel ever more extreme weather whiplash scenarios. The climate engineers are manufacturing the illusion of winter in some regions while overall global temperatures continue to soar toward a runaway scenario.

The gravity and immediacy of the changes currently unfolding around us cannot be overstated. What we face on the near term horizon are nothing less than existential threat. How can we make a difference for the better? How can we individually affect the equation? By doing our individual part to fully expose climate engineering. If we can expose it, we can stop it. How can we effectively and efficiently wake others up to the climate engineering assault? By sharing credible data from a credible source. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward, make your voice heard.
-Dane Wigington

Jim Marrs | Who Rules The World? | Freeman TV


Jim Marrs joins Freeman Fly on the premiere episode of Radio Freeman on American Freedom Radio November 9th 2010. Jim, you will be greatly missed.

S0 News | Solar Storm Study, Science Fraud, Planets | Dec. 10, 2017


John Lenard Wilson | Moon Footage | Dec. 10, 2017

Source: JohnLenardWalson youtube

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