Rupert Sheldrake | Extended Mind, January 19, 2012


January 19, 2012–Rupert Sheldrake discussed his work on the extended mind and human intuitive abilities including telephone telepathy, and how dogs know their owners are coming home. His telephone telepathy experiment involved having a subject give the experimenters four different friends' phone numbers; then the experimenters randomly chose one of the people to call the subject, who tried to predict which one it would be. In repeated trials, the correct hits averaged around 45%, which was far higher than the 25% chance rate, he detailed. For more on the experiment, see this video report.

Sheldrake suggested that such phenomena may arise out of morphic fields-- intention, thoughts, and memories that extend out past the mind, and can be picked up by others, including animals. His study of dogs that know when their owner is coming home revealed that the pets wait by the window 4% of the time when the owner is not home, and 60% of the time when the owner is about to return. Further, he spoke about an African gray parrot named N'Kisi who seems to demonstrate telepathy, and has a 1,500 word vocabulary. Sheldrake also touched on a disturbing 2008 incident, when a Japanese man knifed him in the leg when he was speaking at a conference. It turned out that the man suffered from mental illness and thought Sheldrake was sending him telepathic messages to kill himself, so he attacked him out of "self defense."

Troy McLachlan | Hour 1 & 2 - The Saturn Death Cult: The Polar Configuration, January 19, 2012


January 19, 2012–A British national brought up in New Zealand, Troy McLachlan earned a bachelor’s degree in Asian and American politics before embarking on an advertising and television/film industry career in both New Zealand and later in Hong Kong where he was a resident for fifteen years.

Fascinated by the cosmology of the Electric Universe hypotheses and its ability to provide rational and natural explanations for the mythological record, Troy recognised that a discussion of the model’s implications and their affects on the practises of prevailing occult belief systems was largely missing within Electric Universe literature. Recognising that the god Saturn plays an important role in some of the world’s more deviant esoteric traditions he wrote the website and kindle-book ‘The Saturn Death Cult’ as an attempt to forge a link between the implications of ‘Saturn Theory’ and its detrimental effect on the beliefs of certain Saturnian-based occult groups and agendas.

The Saturn Death Cult is an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age. It attempts to trace how, following the demise of this Golden Age, mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals.

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Alex Putney | Weather Manipulation, Acoustic Levitation, Alchemy, & The Sun, January 13, 2012


His voice is reminiscent of John Lamb Lash. His mind is rich with knowledge, past, present and future. His talent is making sense of it all. A Caribbean islander just like Mel. After leaving his native St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Alex moved to many places, including Santa Cruzs, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and currently resides in La Maná, Ecuador.

Listening to Alex Putney is a soothing balm for today's agitated world. Things are about to get so much better. Unless, well, you're on prescription drugs, drinking tap water, or live in Hawaii.

Bridging science with metaphysics and ancient teachings, Putney explains how and why mankind is in trouble. It's happened before, and probably on every inhabited planet. ETs were involved. Still are.

About the shift underway, Putney says December 22, 2012 is the day. The pyramids will turn on. The skies will turn red. Psychopaths will lose their power to control us. Soon enough, energy will be free. Alchemy will be ubiquitous. We are moving into a golden age.

Putney's one of those wunderkinds, a brilliant angel able to weave a tapestry out of incredibly diverse threads.

He talks about acoustics and geo-spacial relationships. About magnetic reversal, Akashic records and plasma fields. About Nicola Tesla, Billy Meier, and Sumerian tablets. He doesn't mince words. Some of us will not make it through the change.

Putney quotes Bob Marley: Don't worry about it. Everything has it's time. A new time is coming.

He admonishes we get back to nature. Purify the body. And go barefoot. The trees are trying to heal you.

Back in Time Series | LaRouchePAC - 10 Years Later

Eight months before the September 11, 2001 attacks, Lyndon LaRouche forecast that the United States was at high risk for a Reichstag Fire event, an event that would allow those in power to manage through dictatorial means an economic and social crisis that they were otherwise incompetent to handle. We are presently living in the unbroken wake of that history.

German Version here.

Linda Moulton Howe, Alex Jones, Jonathan Emord, David Seaman, Tyrel Ventura, Gerald Celente, Allan Palmer | Natl. Def. Authorization Act Special, January 18, 2012


January 18, 2012–
In a special program, George Noory was joined by Linda Moulton Howe to interview four guests, who appeared in individual half-hour segments, about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012, which contains controversial provisions such as the holding of suspects without due process or habeas corpus. Jonathan Emord, who practices constitutional and administrative law, believes the NDAA is unconstitutional in that it allows the military to incarcerate individuals indefinitely, without charges or a trial. When this kind of thing happens in secrecy, without judicial check, it's the end of liberty, he commented. Linda noted that the language in the Act doesn't specify whether US citizens might be held under this kind of military authority with their rights suspended.

Independent journalist David Seaman reported that people across the political spectrum who hear about the NDAA are opposed to it, but because of the lack of the mainstream press coverage most Americans remain unaware of it. At this juncture, Congress has no reason to pass this kind of indefinite detention statute, and it raises the question that some hidden motivation is in play, said Linda. Seaman conjectured that the NDAA may eventually be used against Occupy protestors.

Producer Tyrel Ventura, the son of Jesse Ventura, suggested that the NDAA isn't really about fighting terrorism but rather it's to control the populace, in the event of rebellion, possibly related to food or water shortages, or other crises. We live in a corporate dictatorship, and many of these companies have connections to the Defense Dept. and it's in their interests to have a lockdown society, he added. Trends analyst Gerald Celente declared that fascism has come to the US. He believes the NDAA has been put into place because there's going to be "economic martial law," and "bank holidays" which will cause rioting in the streets.

Appearing during the last hour, radio host/filmmaker Alex Jones sounded off on the topic, and related issues. "This is a big wake-up call, and they've been training the military for a long time to arrest citizens and take people to facilities," he said, adding that measures like the NDAA are part of a larger program. For instance, the TSA is now operating checkpoints on highways, and at bus & train stations, and "this is really the seizure by the federal government, and the special interests that have hijacked it, of our entire infrastructure," he said. Jones advised people to stand up against these policies-- "like a bucking bronco, all we've got to do is throw the New World Order off our back."
Atomic Testing Museum

First hour guest,
Cmdr. Allan Palmer, director of the Atomic Testing Museum located in Las Vegas, talked about the history of the testing of nuclear weapons, and some of the exhibits at their museum, which include a simulation of an atomic blast in the desert. In March, the museum will open a new exhibit on the secretive Area 51, informed by some of George Knapp's investigative research, he announced.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Capt. Kelly Sweeney

New World Next Week | SOPA Backout, SCOTUS Copywrong, Abuse Archives, January 19, 2012


Story #1: SOPA Is Back As Websites Go Black
Update: Five Key Senators Abandon Online Piracy Bills Amid Web Protests
Related: Corbett Report Radio 052 - Solutions: People Power

Story #2: SCOTUS Says Congress May 'Re-Copyright' Public Domain Works
Flashback: White House Wants New Copyright Law Crackdown

Story #3: Lawyer Challenges Catholics to Open Secret Archives for Abuse Truth
Related: Belgian Officials Search Bishops' Offices in Abuse Inquiry

Visit to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn & share.

Whitley Strieber, Bev Harris | Enigmas & Aliens, January 17, 2012

Source:,, Bev Harris,

January 17, 2012–Author Whitley Strieber, a supporter of alternative concepts through his Unknown Country website, talked about his new non-fiction book Solving the Communion Enigma, and how various anomalous experiences are interrelated. He addressed the recent spate of unusual and mysterious sounds heard in various locations around the world such as Malaysia and Sweden. The roaring noises are possibly connected to earthquake activity, he conjectured, adding that he and his wife Anne recently heard an unexplained trumpet-type sound at their home.

In talking about UFOs, he cited the book Unconventional Flying Objects, by the late NASA scientist Paul Hill, as presenting some particularly convincing case reports such as two Pan Am pilots witnessing objects flying over Chesapeake Bay. Enigmas such as UFOs, crop circles, and close encounters aren't just part of our physical reality but are really "penetrations from another reality...and represent a moment when you come to the shadow line between realities, and this is why we not only see aliens in that context but our own dead," he mused.

Regarding the aliens or visitors, he suggested that rather than communicating with us, "they're changing us...what we're seeing here is a presence which is engaged in a creative process on this planet" that is part of our evolution. Strieber believes that humanity and Earth are part of a larger civilization "which is tending us for whatever reasons. I think it has to do with the creation and schooling of souls," he said.

Election & Voting Issues
First hour guest, researcher Bev Harris discussed the presidential race and voting issues. The only way the public can confirm voting results are authentic is through a transparent process such as paper ballots-- computers and electronic voting machines can't be secured from their own administrators, she commented. The votes also should be tabulated at the precinct in order to preserve the chain of custody-- there were some problems in this regard in the New Hampshire primary, she noted.

News segment guests: Greg Hunter, Lauren Weinstein

Mack Maloney | UFOs in Wartime, January 17, 2012


January 17, 2012–Mack Maloney, born in Boston, Massachusetts, is the author of 40 sci-fi and adventure books. He graduated from Suffolk University in Boston with a degree in journalism and went on to graduate school at Emerson College earning a degree in filmmaking. Mack joins us to talk about his new non-fiction book, UFOs in Wartime. UFOs are found in Renaissance art, on ancient coins, etched on cave walls-and reported in the Bible but Mack will talk about when they are documented most: in times of war.

We’ll discuss some of these sightings, who made them and how the crafts take sides. Some UFO sightings were also made at key points in history. Mack shares his personal theory about the appearances of these crafts. We also talk about strange sightings in history such as the ghost fliers and rockets, the foo fighters and UFO presence during the black plague of the middle ages.
~Red Ice Creations

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Bill Wood | Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass, January 17, 2012


January 17, 2012–An interview with an ex-Navy Seal who during the years 1992-2000 was sent on top secret bombing missions in the Middle East, predominantly in Iraq. Years after the first Gulf War when we were supposedly not at war with Iraq yet he and Seal Team 9 were targeting Tomahawk Missiles on a monthly basis taking out targets that were increasingly "soft"... involving deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians. Find out how this highly trained young man and his team were coerced by the military into purposely destroying villages and creating future terrorists as part of a plan that would ultimately serve their dark purpose, the war on terror and 911.

And if that weren't enough, hear how he was trained in Area 51 as a specially gifted group of highly classified psy spies to see beyond the famous Looking Glass technology into the future involving 2012 and beyond. ~Kerry Cassidy

Tom Campbell | The Nature of Reality, Consciousness & Evolution Part 2, January 16, 2011


EBTV on presents - The Nature of Reality, Consciousness and Evolution - featuring special guest physicist and author of the book My Big TOE, Tom Campbell, and host Evita Ochel.

In this part 2 of 3, Tom talks about and/or explains the following topics:
- further exploration of what it means to live in a virtual reality
- the possibility of breaking the rule set of reality
- the role of free will
- the role of personal responsibility
- how the mind can change reality
- the potential of prayer
- the ego's influence on reality
- implications of positive thinking vs negative thinking
- how we can change the world - collective reality
- what is the purpose of life
- what is the purpose of a virtual reality
- the role of evolution in a digital information system
- the role of interaction and relationships for evolution
- how the rules of a virtual reality system relate to our evolution
- the role of love and fear in evolution
- feedback in a virtual reality system
- reincarnation and role of death
- the limitations of beliefs with regards to evolution
- explanation of entropy and its importance for our evolution
- what makes us more powerful people
- an explanation of decision space and what influences it
- entropy in relationship to personal decision space
- understanding the potential and limitations of the Law of Attraction
- the value of intent
Watch Part 3 here.

Jay Weidner on the Jeff Rense Show | The 2012 Election, January 12, 2012


Jay Weidner on The Jeff Rense Show. Recorded on January 12th, 2012.

Tom Campbell | The Nature of Reality, Consciousness & Evolution Part 1, January 15, 2011

Source: ,

EBTV on presents - The Nature of Reality, Consciousness and Evolution - featuring special guest physicist and author of the book My Big TOE, Tom Campbell, and host Evita Ochel.

In this part 1 of 3, Tom talks about and/or explains the following topics:
- transcendental meditation
- out of body experiences
- what is reality
- parallel processing
- knowing vs experiencing
- the limitation of words to describe experiences
- the non-objective nature of our reality
- double slit experiment
- the probabilistic nature of reality
- the origin of the Big Bang
- the limitations of Albert Einstein's work
- the definition of consciousness
- connection of reality to consciousness
- the nature of reality as virtual
- placebo effect and mind healing
- is it possible to be an objective human being
- the uncertainty of our reality
- the subjective nature of our reality
- the rule set of reality
- the consistency of reality
- the power of intent
- the role of fear and ego in creating our reality
- tips for creating an optimal reality

David Icke on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, January 15, 2012


January 15, 2012–This time we talk to highly compelling and very controversial writer and speaker David Icke about 2012 and what might happen to our world this year – and we look back on what David thinks are the causes of the amazing global events of 2011. ~Howard Hughes

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Colin Andrews | Government Circles, January 12, 2012

Source:,,, The British Government and Crop Circles

January 12, 2012–Colin Andrews is best known for his research into the crop circle & UFO subjects since 1983. He provides the only continuity between the past crop circle research era and the present, along with his friend and colleague, Busty Taylor. Colin is the man who coined the term "Crop Circle."

Among his many accomplishments, he started the first research organization, Circles Phenomenon Research (CPR) and has written numerous books. In the final analysis Andrews believes the phenomenon is challenging people to a higher level of consciousness. In this first hour, Colin begins discussing government circles, Nick Pope, the British government and secrecy.

He mentions the Royal Family's interest into the paranormal. Then, he shares experiences and synchronicities with other crop circle researchers from his early days. Colin talks about interacting with crop circles and the differences today verses back then. He'll also discuss human consciousness working with the Akashic Field.

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Tracy R. Twyman | Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge, January 10, 2012


January 10, 2012–Tracy Twyman has been writing about alternative history and the occult for 14 years. She is the author of several nonfiction books and is also the former Editor of Dagobert's Revenge Magazine, a journal of esoteric history that was published from 1996 to 2003. In 2006 her website made national news when it was banned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on charges of blasphemy. Recently she was featured in the documentary film Bloodline, released in May 2008. Her book The Merovingian Mythos was licensed by Sony Pictures for use in the upcoming film Angels and Demons, prequel to The Da Vinci Code.

Tracy R. Twyman's latest work on the esoteric history of money. Learn how the modern-day alchemists who control our economy create fool's gold out of nothing. These masters of illusion have tricked us all into sacrificing our own youth, and that of our own children, by convincing us that "time is money."

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Max Igan | Truth Frequency Interview, January 14, 2012


Max Igan on Truth Frequency Radio, January 14, 2012.
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