Max Igan | Be Active or Abdicate - The Future is in Your Hands, April 5, 2013


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - April 5th, 2013

Corbett Report | The Myth of Journalistic Objectivity, April 5, 2013


For generations we have been taught that the ideal journalist is fair, balanced and objective. But the idea of the objective journalist is a myth. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore the ideologies and assumptions behind all news media and what alternative models we have for journalism in the online era.
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Dr. Richard Haines Testimony | "From the AIRCAT Files", April 5, 2013


Dr. Haines has been a NASA research scientist since the mid 1960's. He has worked on the Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs as well as several others. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Haines has compiled over 3,000 cases of unusual visual and radar sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena -- known as the AIRCAT

3MIN News, April 5, 2013

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New World Next Week | Korean War, Conspiracy Poll, Phone Tattoo, April 4, 2013


Story #1: North Korean Army Says It Has Final 'Approval' For Nuclear Attack On US
U.S. to deploy anti-missile system to Guam
North Korea's Threats Show That Canada Needs To Be Part Of U.S. Missile Defence Pact
North Korea Vows to Restart Shuttered Plutonium Reactor
Ignore the Headlines: Korean Peninsula Has Been In A "State of War" For More Than 60 Years

Story #2: A Ridiculous Number Of Americans Believe In Crazy Conspiracy Theories
Public Policy Polling poll results
PPP Press Release on poll  

Story #3: Nokia Patent Covers Tattoo That Vibrates When Your Phone Rings
Stanford Creates Biological Transistors, Final Step Towards Computers Inside Living Cells
President Obama Launches Initiative To Get Inside Your BRAIN
Ground Zero: Short Circuit - Burn Out Your Dead

Matthew Stein on Veritas Radio | When Disaster Strikes or Technology Fails


Did you know that if the power grid fails in the United States, we could facing thousands of Chernobyls all happening at the same time? There are approximately 104 nuclear reactors in the USA. What should we do if one of these reactors went into meltdown?

Tonight, we discuss six trends, each of which are potential civilization busters. These trends may be forming into the "Perfect Storm" for collapse. Do we have a chance for avoiding long term collapse of the world as we know it?

Every time a natural disaster is on the horizon, like a huge blizzard or a major hurricane, the so-called "experts" on the radio and TV tell us what they think we need to do to be prepared, yet people always find themselves grossly unprepared. What things are they not telling us that we need to know, and what are some of the most important things in your 72-hour survival kit that are lacking in what these "experts" recommend?

Five acres of land and an off grid home sound like the way to go, but quite frankly they are out of reach for most people who are living from paycheck to paycheck. Are those without extra cash just out of luck or is there hope? What can we do to prepare?

There are dark clouds gathering on the horizon. Collectively, they are converging to form the perfect storm—a storm of such magnitude that it will dwarf anything that mankind has ever seen. If we are unsuccessful in our attempts to calm this storm, without a doubt it will destroy life as we know it on Planet Earth! -Veritas Radio

Tom Campbell | Is Technology the Answer to Positive Evolution? Part 1/3, April 3, 2013


In this interview from Spain, Tom Campbell answers intriguing questions posed by Daghda MacCuolahan (president of The Lovit Center) concerning the role of technology in our future.

Tom's answers are always from the big picture viewpoint combining his expertise in both physics and consciousness.

The questions touch on topics of : Where should our focus be in problem solving? Will we ever conquer space? Are we the only ones in our universe?

In light of Transhumanist thought, what makes us human? Can we time travel?

Tom offers answers that will give philosophers, scientists, and the general population his unique perspective on these topics.

Santos Bonacci on Beyond 2012 Radio with Tony Kudos, March 30, 2013


Santos Bonacci joins us for two hours of insightful Astrological Wisdom and Knowledge. -Tony Kudos, Beyond 2012 Radio

Henrik Palmgren on Truth Frequency Radio | Global Redistribution of Wealth, March 31, 2013


Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations joins the broadcast to talk about the ongoing Eurozone situation and what exactly is going on in Europe right now. -Truth Frequency Radio

Ian Crane | Fracking & The Globalists’ Finanical War, March 31, 2013


March 31, 2013–Ian R Crane is an ex-oilfield executive who now lectures, writes and broadcasts on the geo-political webs that are being spun, with particular focus on US Hegemony and the NWO agenda for control of global resources. Primarily Ian focuses his attention and research on the geopolitical arena but has a deep personal interest in folklore, mythology and the cosmological belief systems of ancient and indigenous cultures.

In this program, we’ll discuss fracking or hydraulic fracturing, the process of forcing open fissures in subterranean rocks, specifically oil and gas rich shale, to be able to extract it. There are many problems with this procedure, causing serious side effects. Ian will detail a few of these effects. We’ll also discuss the globalist financial war against mankind and the systematic destruction of various cultures around Europe. Cyprus, Ireland and Sweden have all been decimated since they joined the European Union. -Red Ice Creations
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4MIN News April 2, 2013

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Zeitgeist Day 2013 | Main Event, All Speakers


5th Annual "Zeitgeist Day", 2013 Main Event, held in Los Angeles CA on March 17th.

Part 1-Sharleen Bazeghi, Part 2-Peter Joseph, Part 3-Matt Berkowitz, Part 4-Jen Wilding, Part 5-Douglas Mallette, Part 6-Frederico Pistono, Part 7-Jason Lord, Part 8-Brandon Kristy, Part 9-Ben McLeish, Part 10-Brandy Hume, Part 11-Eva Omori, Part 12-Q&A Panel with all speakers

Robert Bigelow, Dr. Roger Leir | Space Travel & The Turkey UFO Incident, March 31, 2013


March 31, 2013–Joining George Knapp in the first half, President of Bigelow Aerospace, Bob Bigelow, broke the news about a new NASA contract involving his company that will pave the way for long term exploration of the solar system. The agreement seeks to combine commercial efforts and public goals, in order to provide facilities to work and live in space, possibly including a lunar base, he explained. Bigelow is already providing the International Space Station with a new inflatable room slated to launch in 2015.
NASA doesn't have enough funding to conduct full space explorations, and one way for them to proceed is to partner with private companies, he said. Bigelow Aerospace is being used as the tool to gather together a number of major aerospace companies in the US, and identify who can contribute what, and at what cost, and then orchestrate various kinds of missions, he continued. Bigelow has announced plans to build a space station that will be ready in 2016, though he is uncertain who its users will be at that juncture. He also talked about issues related to UFO disclosure-- he favors "confirmation" rather than disclosure-- that is, a simple acknowledgment by government that UFOs and ETs do exist, without requiring further explication. -Coast to Coast AM

Turkey UFO Original Raw Footage

Dr. Roger Leir writes: The stills and video you are watching is the clearest and the best close up of a UFO off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey. There are videos of the sighting for the years, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The footage has been analyzed by an organization of the Turkish Government and has been deemed genuine footage of an alien craft.

Complete Case Details: ‪ ‬
Including full reports, extra footage, and analysis.

RT | US F-22 jets join S. Korea war games, 'situation on knife's-edge', April 1, 2013


The United States has sent F-22 stealth fighter jets, to participate in ongoing military drills with South Korea. Pyongyang earlier said it was in a 'state of war' with the South following the latest round of sanctions over its nuclear test two months ago. In turn Seoul warned that its ready to carry out a pre-emptive strike on its neighbour, in case of imminent attack. James Corbett, host of the Corbett Report - believes that the U.S. is playing a dangerous game by trying to benefit financially from the tension which could spill over at any moment.

The Asia-Pacific Perspective | Drowning in Debt, Pipeline Violence, Fire Ice Japan, March 31, 2013


James Corbett of and Broc West of are pleased to bring you the latest edition of their monthly video series, "The Asia-Pacific Perspective." In this episode, we cover:

Story 1:
Australian Govt. to leave public in $165b worth of debt in this term alone
Julia Gillard makes no promises to leave superannuation untouched
Rudd, Gillard and the impossible politics of Australian leadership

Story 2:
Trans-Myanmar pipeline to give China a strategic boost
Aung San Suu Kyi's "Saffron Monks" stalk streets with machete's - mass slaughtering refugees
Politics in Myanmar remain murky
A war of many interests in Myanmar
Myanmar (Burma) "Pro-Democracy" Movement a Creation of Wall Street & London

Story 3:
Japan: On the cusp of energy independence?
Does Japan's recent discovery change the global energy game?
TPP could see Japan being fooled again by U.S. political hoodwinking

Matt Presti & Robert Otey | Cosmology of Dr. Walter & Lao Russell, March 28, 2013


March 28, 2013–Matt Presti and Robert Otey have teamed up to disseminate the cosmology of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell. Matt and Robert produced a video series explaining in great detail, the collective works of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell; specifically the final distillation of the science and philosophy as written in the book "Atomic Suicide."

Walter Russell was an American polymath and a natural philosopher known for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony. Dr. Russell said that one of the best things to ever happen in his life was "being taken out of school before he was ruined," which allowed him to conceive his "knowing" within the light of Universal Mind (The Creator) directly.

In the first hour, we’ll discuss Russellian science, which presents a new concept of the universe, one in unity with nature and the Creator. In the second hour, we delve into more detail on the principles of creation and the nature of our universe. Robert critiques the academic sciences, including quantum physics and the new age ideas which have sprung out of it. We’ll also hear about Frank Chester’s empirical research proving the validity of Russellian science. ~Red Ice Creations
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Syria and the Chemical Weapons Hoax, March 31, 2013


James Corbett of joins Gary Franchi of WHDT9 on the Next News Network to discuss recent reports of chemical weapons attacks in Syria. They also talk about the new so-called Syrian Prime Minister-in-exile, the possibility of war in the region, and the implications of the government-media nexus. -James Corbett
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