S0 News | Earth Disaster Cycle Evidence, Galaxy Fields, Solar Wind | Aug. 13, 2021

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New World Next Week | Exposing The Deep State Octopus | Aug. 13, 2021

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This week on the New World Next Week: Apple invades privacy with new device scanning measures; the US government teases new 9/11 Saudi documents; and Media Monarchy launches the Octopus radio play.

Story #1: Apple Confirms It Will Begin Scanning iCloud Photos for Child Abuse Images
Apple’s Plan to “Think Different” About Encryption Opens a Backdoor to Your Private Life
“The ability to add scanning systems like this…has been a major “ask” by law enforcement the world over. Here’s an open letter signed by former AG William Barr and other western governments.”
Image: Select All Squares With Sexual Predator
Image: What Happens On Your iPhone Stays On Your iPhone
Apple’s Mass Surveillance Tool For iPhones
“Don’t Be Evil”
Send Your Nudes to Facebook to Prevent Revenge Porn? (Mar. 15, 2019)
Detecting Non-Consensual Intimate Images and Supporting Victims
Is $10 Enough For Your Palm Print? Amazon Thinks So

Story #2: U.S. Signals It Will Release Some Still-Secret Files on Saudi Arabia and 9/11
Kevin Ryan on “Playing the ‘Get Into Saudi Arabia Free’ Card”
PFT Live: Debunking the 28 Pages
What Bobby McIlvaine Left Behind
Biden’s Pentagram Announce They Conducted Several Airstrikes On Afghanistan Today

Story #3: Media Monarchy Presents “Octopus” Story As Radio Play for 30th Anniversary
Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s stepfather, Samuel Pisar, was “longtime lawyer and confidant of…Robert Maxwell,” Ghislaine Maxwell’s Dad.
Requiem for the Suicided: Danny Casolaro
Media Monarchy Interview w/Albert Lanier on ‘The Octopus’
Image: “I tried to tell y’all about the new project on NWNW.”

Whitney Webb | COG Measures & the War on Terrorism Horseshoe

Source: mediaroots.org, unlimitedhangout.com 

Whitney joins Robbie Martin to discuss the new wave of hype surrounding 'Domestic Terrorism', how the 'War on Terror' was merely a prelude to a larger domestic crackdown on political dissidents and the extreme measures taken in times of 'Continuity of Government'.

S0 News | Earth's Magnetic Shift, Intergalactic Fields, Sun-Diving Comet | Aug. 12, 2021

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Linda Moulton Howe | Viewer emails and letters, plus live questions and answers | Aug. 11, 2021

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In Memoriam, Paul T Hellyer 1923-2021
- Canada’s 16ht Minister of National Defence
- In 2005, Paul Hellyer spoke out about existence of ETs
- “why did the US Pentagon shut out Canada?”
- “non humans do not think we are good stewards of our planet”
- “this universe is 4-dimensionally projected from another universe“

Reports about loud, unexplained sounds

Richard Dolan | Big Tech THREAT to UFO Truth | Aug. 10, 2021

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Google has a division known as Jigsaw, which describes itself as looking for "high impact interventions" to "make the internet and society stronger and safer for everyone." Jigsaw recently teamed up with #RAND Corporation, one of the leading defense think tanks in the world, to "better detect the spread of conspiracy theories at scale" One of the conspiracy groups RAND studied for this were those who believe in alien visitation. All for your safety of course. -Richard Dolan

The Corbett Report | Trust the Science! | Aug. 11, 2021

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We are being told to trust the science. But what science? From which scientists? Join James for this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast as he explores the transparent lies of the “settled science” crowd and how those lies will increasingly be used to run our lives in the new biosecurity state. 

S0 News | Defiant Nova, Earthquake Signals, Special Video Tonight | Aug. 10, 2021

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Diane Hennacy Powell, MD & Anthony Peake | Autism and Precognition | Aug. 10, 2021

Source: Anthony Peake youtube, anthonypeake.com, drdianehennacy.com

The work Dr Hennacy-Powell is involved in is quite literally paradigm-changing.... probably THE most important work on telepathy taking place anywhere on the planet.

Dr. Powell shared with us some absolutely paradigm-changing details regarding her latest research in the areas of autism and precognition.

If you only watch ONE YouTube interview this is the one to check out ......

Diane Hennacy Powell, MD, did undergraduate studies in neuroscience at Ohio State University before earning her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where she did postdoctoral training in neurology and psychiatry. She also studied at other world-renowned medical institutes: The Institute of Psychiatry in London with Sir Michael Rutter and Queens Square (neurology) with Sir Roger Bannister.

She taught neuropsychiatry at Harvard Medical School, was a member of a consciousness think tank at the Salk Institute, was the Director of Research for the John E Mack Institute, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Jean Houston Foundation and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Forever Family Foundation. She is a co-founder of the International Association of Women for Change and participated in the United Nations Conference on Women and Children in Beijing in 1995.

After building a successful career in clinical psychiatry and publishing in neuroscience and neuropsychiatry journals, Diane turned her attention to the study of psychic phenomena. Her book The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena examined the growing body of evidence from rigorous scientific research into telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis and the like, presenting a new theory of consciousness. Her current research focus is on autistic savants who are telepathic, precognitive, and/or possess knowledge without having prior exposure or the fundamental skills for its acquisition. 
-Anthony Peake

MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

Source: After Skool youtube

AfterSchool Presentations teams up with Academy of Ideas to bring this well presented and thought provoking video explaining the Mass Psychosis of almost an entire worlds population and how it was possible...

Key points: 
-Jung’s theory of Psychic Epidemics causing Mass Psychosis.
An epidemic of insanity that occurs when a large section of society looses touch with reality and descends into delusions.

(Such previously seen in the witch trials of the 1600-1700s, where whole towns of women where murdered for nothing other than being accused and feared of being witches)
When a mass psychosis breaks out, the implications are devastating.
Crimes being committed that those under psychosis would normally never stand for are overlooked and those committing the crimes are revered rather than feared.

What causes a Mass Psychosis
Psychogenic triggers are caused by a flood of negative emotions such as fear or anxiety, driving an individual into a state of panic. While in this state, an individual will naturally seek relief.
Escaping this state can be achieved by adaptive means such as facing upto or defeating the fear or threat, or through a psychotic break.
The flood of mass psychosis can occur between a population of people driven into a state of fear from both threats that are real, imagined or fabricated.

Mass Psychosis of Totalitarianism is this period is history’s greatest threat
The social transformation that unfolds under totalitarianism is built on delusions.

Menticide, a killing of the mind
Priming a population for the crimes of Menticide begins with the sowing of fear.
Individuals are flooded with negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. They are then susceptible to the decent into madness by threats, whether they be real, imagers or fabricated.

Waves of terror
This is a very effective technique that stages of fear are staggered with stages of calm. Each period of calm builds upto an even bigger wave of fear.

Fear primes the population for Menticide. Wide spread propaganda to spread more fear and disinformation promotes confusion, helping to break down the minds of the masses.

“Confusion heightens the susceptibility of a descent into the delusions of totalitarianism. While the people are still searching for a reasonable counter argument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault them with another’ ~Joost Meerloo

Social media, internet, television and media give the totalitarian rulers a perfect way to access and assault the minds of the masses.
Flooding them with fear whilst using algorithms to keep any genuine information that goes against their narrative hidden.

‘Technology makes modern man addicted and takes no time to step back and reflect. Senses are continuously overloaded with stimuli, man does not learn to question his world anymore’ ~Joost Meerloo

Interrupting normal social interactions, an individual becomes far more susceptible to delusions for several reasons.

Humans are more easily pushed into new patterns of thought and easily reconditioned while isolated. Especially whilst isolated away from those with an anti Menticidal mind set.

A population alone and under the control of a menticide by a controlling elite descends them into a state of being able to think for themselves and craving a return to a more normal world. The would be totalitarians can now step forward to offer a way out...
But the way out comes at a price, give you your freedoms and cede control of all aspects of life to them.

How can totalitarianism be prevented?
Can the effects of a mass psychosis be reversed?
So as the menticide attack is mutlipronged, so must be the counter attack.

Steps to beat the totalitarian regime:
-Bring order to your own mind.
-Live in a way that provides inspiration to others.
-Seek out other Redeemer Personalities, the ones who emancipate themselves from the grip of the collective psychosis.
-Spread truth and information
-Use humour to ridicule those inflicting totalitarian control
-Live and set up a Parallel Structure

Any forms of organisation, business, network or institution that exists within a totalitarian society, yet lives and functions independently from it is a parallel structure.
They are far more successful in combating totalitarian structures than protesting.
When enough alternate parallel structures form, a secondary society spontaneously forms and starts a process of freedom against totalitarianism.

Action by as many people as possible
“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered. Yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph” ~Thomas Paine

Special thanks to Sérénité for the description.

Eckhart Tolle | How to Protect Yourself from Toxic Beliefs & Tech | Rubin Report | Aug. 8, 2021

Source: rubinreport.com

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Eckhart Tolle, author, The Power of Now & A New Earth about why many people have become absorbed by toxic beliefs, why we need self awareness more than ever, what we can all learn from Ben Shapiro’s conversation with Russell Brand, and how social media addiction is filling our head with negative beliefs.

First, Eckhart shares his observation that many people are living in a distorted reality filled with toxic ideologies. He is worried that a large part of the population is having difficulty thinking rationally. The loss of critical thinking is especially worrisome to him because he believes that it is this kind of negative thinking that has led to human disasters like the Cultural Revolution in Mao Zedong’s China.

He likens the current cultural climate to being like a mental virus or as Carl Jung called it, a collective psychosis. If we do not develop more self awareness and self reflection and we continue to fear challenging assumptions we may end up on a path similar to Cambodia under Pol Pot. Next, Eckhart talks about the dangers of negative thoughts and negative narratives.

He explains how you can develop more self awareness in your daily life. Eckhart shares why he thinks Ben Shapiro’s appearance on Russell Brand’s podcast Under the Skin is so important in this polarized time. He explains why it is so vital for a society to be able to hear differing viewpoints and how we can practice self awareness by having dialogues with people who think differently than us. He also discusses why it is so important to find your purpose and the benefits of seeking a higher calling.

Finally, Eckhart discusses the modern day problem of excessive thinking. He explains how smartphones and social media contribute to overthinking. He stresses the importance of digital wellness and taking time to declutter your mind. He expresses support for digital detoxing to clear one’s mind of the toxic thoughts that we are absorbing through social media. Eckhart expresses his concerns about internet addiction and excessive screen time damaging kid’s ability to focus and instead giving them a short attention span.

Shackled To Silence (2020) | Full Movie | HD - A Shepard Ambellas Film

Source: intellihub.news

This film is based on one journalist's investigation into what has been going on under the guise of COVID-19 during the lockdown era.

Shepard Ambellas
Aaron Cole
Jason Goodman
Dr. Jerome Corsi
Jordan Maxwell
John Cullen
Eric Briggs
Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand
Marshall Masters
Dr. Richard Urso M.D.
Bethany Adoni

Red Ice TV | Doctors Harassed By ‘Covid Taskforce’ & Media, Insanity Epidemic, More Migrants | Aug. 6, 2021

Source: redice.tv

Dr. Mercola has been singled out as the number one "misinformation spreader" by the FDA and Biden's "Coronavirus Taskforce." He is now being harassed and followed by CNN and other media. 

His website and products are now being singled out by the FDA in an effort to stop people from using natural remedies and natural methods to help mitigate diseases, including covid-19. 

We also cover the incredible corruption at the FDA and all the toxic and life threatening drugs and compounds that they have approved for human consumption. -redice.tv

Dark Journalist | Female Targets Supernatural Eugenics Hollywood Mystery! | Aug. 7, 2021

Source: darkjournalist.com

In this special X-Series episode 105 Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the strange connection of some early eugenics movements at Stanford University through the Astral Camera Club and their psychic experiments in thought projection. These groups would groom young geniuses like George Hodel who will later become an occultist and a prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder case.

DJ also shows that Hodel's daughter Tamar accused him of incest at the age of 14 and claimed she was used at Hollywood orgies that her father arranged with high level figures like Director John Huston. Tamar would eventually become a surrogate parent to a young impressionable Michelle Phillips of the 60s super-group the Mamas and the Papas. Carefully guiding her career and image Tamar would position the young Michelle for the role of Lolita in the famous 1962 movie directed by Stanley Kubrick,, but Michelle's best friend Sue Lyon would take on the role with its controversial social content and subtle supernatural themes.

John Waters | Science, Spirituality, and the Cult of COVID | Part 1 | Legalise Freedom Radio | Aug. 7, 2021

Source: legalise-freedom.com, johnwaters.substack.com

John Waters and I discuss science, spirituality, and the coronavirus crisis. In a wide ranging conversation we move from mainstream media manipulation to meaning and purpose in life, faith and the existence of a higher power, the meaning of freedom and our growing obsession with so-called safety, science as the new religion, and the spiritual battle and assault on human consciousness which now threatens our survival. Something very dark is unfolding at this time which cannot simply be explained away in the name of a public health emergency. - legalise-freedom.com

Andy Chu Discord Special with Tom Campbell | Aug. 7, 2021

Source: nimsa Channel youtube, my-big-TOE.com


Thomas W. Campbell is a former NASA physicist. His expertise is in simulations and large complex systems. He is also a consciousness explorer who teaches people how to meditate, grow up and become love. His groundbreaking research unifies physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, the normal and the paranormal.

Recently, he designed a set of physics experiments that would revolutionize our understanding of reality. The design was published in a peer-reviewed journal of quantum mechanics. His book My Big TOE has been translated into several languages. His YouTube videos have inspired millions to live wisely and courageously.

Timestamps: 0:00 introduction

1:55 Dealing with discord is part of growing up
15:10 reflect back on your past choices and see if you were choosing out of love or fear

17:26 Can we have negative feelings and still be of low entropy?
21:00 If you stop putting effort in, you start to de-evolve
24:45 Can we reincarnate in the past or the distant future?
27:17 probable future database

36:14 Toby question about out of body experiences
36:22 Beliefs and themes in out of body experiences
43:33 intellectual vs intuitive processing
54:33 Nitrous oxide
55:15 How do our higher selves learn from our emotions
55:55 How do our emotions benefit the IUOC experience

1:07:25 How to grow with our natural talents

1:13:40 Can we create our own worlds after we die?
1:21:50 Do blindness or deafness carry over to the afterlife?
1:29:30 Tom meeting Tom after 40 years, 70's recording

1:41:30 Tom’s offer to help
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