Daylight Disk-Shaped UFO sighting in Mariflores, Lima Peru | Stabilized | Feb. 11, 2015


On February 11st, in Miraflores, Lima Perú a disk-shaped UFO was sighted during the recording of the TV show called “Alto al Crimen” at 10:30 am. It was sighted by different witnesses and they managed to capture an excellent video of it. The object stood almost stationary for about two hours.

Dean Henderson | Geopolitical Analysis, World On Edge, Great Money$$$ War/New Media | FarOutRadio | Feb. 13, 2015,

Dean Henderson is back with us this evening. Dean’s an independent geopolitical analyst. He’s like one of those Indian scouts with his ear to the ground, reading the rumblings of the maniacal globalists that are driving the planet straight towards the cliff.

Dean and I looked a look at the following topics:

Is WW III a “Financial War” and are we in it right now?

The economic effects of “Everyday Low, Low Prices at the Pump.” The fall of Brian Williams - Is this the death knell of mainstream media news?

Change on the Throne (toilet?) in Saudi Arabia (what change?) The dreaded 2016 Presidential Reality TV Show (please MAKE IT STOP!).

The New Media – Independent news reporting, radio programs and entertainment programming via YouTube.

Dean’s also the author of several MUST READ books if your desire is to better understand how the world runs and who’s driving the bus.


Dean’s books are available at his website, and look for the Free Email Subscribtion button on the right side, close to the top. -FarOutRadio

Gerald Celente | Jeff Rense Show | Feb. 12, 2015


Gerald talks with Jeff for his monthly talk on a wide range of topics.

Brien Foerster | Flying Over Nazca Lines And Palpa Geoglyphs | Feb. 12, 2015


Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner | The Real Great Awakening | Feb. 11, 2015


Clip from February 11, 2015 - guest Jay Weidner on the Jeff Rense Program.

Dr. Robert Schoch | Forgotton Civilizations | Truth Warrior with David Whitehead | Feb, 8, 2015


We chat with Dr Robert Schoch about his recent trip to Egypt, and his research into ancient civilizations. In the early 1990s, Dr. Schoch stunned the world with his revolutionary research that recast the date of the Great Sphinx of Egypt to a period thousands of years earlier than its standard attribution.

In demonstrating that the leonine monument has been heavily eroded by water despite the fact that its location on the edge of the Sahara has endured hyper-arid climactic conditions for the past 5,000 years, Dr. Schoch revealed to the world that mankind’s history is greater and older than previously believed. Dr. Schoch’s latest research, put forth in his newest book, “Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future”, points to the astronomical cause of the demise of antediluvian civilizations, as well as the scientific and archaeological evidence that supports his conclusions. Both researchers will be featured in Canada this year on the Modern Knowledge Tour. - David Whitehead

New World Next Week | Canadians Sue the Bank of Canada | Feb. 12, 2015


Story #1: Negotiators Burn Last Opportunity to Salvage the #TPP by Caving on Copyright Term Extension
EBay Trying to Sneak TPP Support in the Back Door
Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the Role of Congress in Trade Policy

Story #2: The Case to "Reinstate" the Bank of Canada
Comer Vs The Bank of Canada
HSBC 'tax dodge' revelations are just tip of iceberg, says leaker

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Moms Crash Monsanto Shareholder Meeting, Pass Shareowner Proxy Access Resolution
@BeauBoeye: "ahha! My letter was published! This is just the beginning. Thanks guys!"
Breyers Drops Milk Tainted With Monsanto’s RBST
Colorado May Refund Millions In Weed Taxes

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
The Inevitable War with ISIS is Finally Declared
#Ukrainians Rage Against #Military Draft
Samsung's Smart TV Allows Spying On Its Users

Michael Cremo | The Hidden History of the Human Race | Jan. 2015


An amazing updated chat with Michael Cremo about Extreme Human Antiquity. Michael will also be joining us this summer on the Modern Knowledge Tour and will be presenting some incredible evidence which points to a much different, and far older origin of the human race than what is currently presented through the well funded mainstream Darwinian model.

Over the past two centuries, archaeologists have found bones, footprints, and artifacts showing that people like ourselves have existed on earth for many millions of years. But many scientists have forgotten or ignored these remarkable facts. Why?

“In connection with the California gold mine discoveries we find not only evidence for extreme human antiquity but also evidence illuminating the processes by which dominant groups in science exclude controversial facts from scientific discussion and public attention. These processes, which I collectively refer to as the “knowledge filter,” are a powerful factor in removing certain kinds of evidence from scientific discourse and research.

Because of the very effective knowledge filtering efforts of Holmes, Sinclair, and other scientists in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, the California gold mine discoveries from Table Mountain are hardly known today.” – Michael Cremo The Nineteenth Century California Gold Mine Discoveries: Archeology, Darwinism, and Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity.

Olav Torheim | The Symbolic Nature of Language | Hour 1 | Feb. 9, 2015


February 9, 2015–Olav Torheim is a Norwegian engineer and editor of Målmannen, a journal focusing on language, culture and politics. Torheim has a PhD in Physics and worked at different research institutions in France and Germany before returning to Norway two years ago. Using Målmannen as a platform, he tries to promote a traditional Nordic and European worldview.

Olav joins us to speak about the symbolic nature of language, which he studied with professor Frode Jens Strømnes (1937-2012), who used experimental methods to discover that the human brain and its functioning is conditioned by mental imagery. Olav describes his ground-breaking theories on language learning, which prove that different languages represent different mental geometries and, hence, different ways to see and conceptualize the world.

The theory is opposed to the Universalist view promoted by linguistics, where all languages are seen as equivalent and, therefore, replaceable by other languages. He explains the unconscious building of mental models that occurs when children learn language, and the structural differences that exist amongst languages, such as vector vs. topological geometry.

We discuss how these variances in relating to the world spatially affect our world views and shape our cultures, information that is being lost as languages disappear. In the members hour, we look at how translations of Abrahamic religious texts can result in an alteration of the geometry of statements. We consider seemingly contradictory political ideologies that all converge on the point of egalitarian universalism – modern ideas that promote universal truths and break down cultural identities.

Then, we examine the rapidly multiplying problems of mass immigration in Europe, the lack of attachment the migrant people have to their own culture, and radicalization that is the result of a lost sense of belonging. Olav gives some of the alarming statistics of what is happening to the native population in Norway. Further, we talk about our atomized society that is the product of mass consumerism, slavery to the system, and our loss of connection to each other. We consider the complimentary aspects of authority and freedom, the lie of liberalist independence, and our fear of leadership. We end with some thoughts about rich cultural traditions and ideologies that are being destroyed by modern man, the superficiality of “diversity,” and ways we can promote an awareness of the misleading idea of egalitarianism.

download hour 1 mp3

Massive 'UFO'-Mysterious Lights/Arizona/Many Witnesses | Feb.2, 2015


Video capture by three young men from Sunnyslope are while walking to a friend's house and they notice these light flickering over Phoenix Arizona.

Occurred on 2/3/2015 at approx 10:15pm near Goodyear, Arizona. Very similar in nature to the famous Phoenix Lights.

More witnesses here:

Stewart Swerdlow | Montauk Mind-Control | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Jan. 21, 2015


Stewart Swerdlow is our guest and we go deep in conversation about his early ET contact as a child, his family and then Montauk, mind-control, time-travel, his contact with Jesus, Mars, the hollow-earth, Illuminati and how everything ties into current world events.

In Memory of Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde | Feb. 11, 2015


Dr. Rauni-Leena Kilde died this week, cancer-ridden, a whistle-blower of high magnitude.
She pointed to the "NWO" being coordinating factions between Britain (M15, M16) on one side, and CIA/FBI/"Star of David", on the other.

She warned for over a decade (I first heard of her on Mel Fabregas show about 5 years ago when Mel first started).

She spoke of the "Cabbala" and ETs as not extraterrestrials, but as humans, deviant ones (while not discounting extraterrestrials).

Most importantly, she drew attention to TI's (targeted individuals), those, who through no special fault or aptitudes of their own are targeted by psychotronic warfare experiments. The kind of experimentation that is denied in the open, yet has patents and military acceptance as "non-lethal weaponry". The kinds of technologies that can easily put images in your head that are accepted as true, hallucinations.

Yet, other energy technologies are called "quack" in the open — and when used in simple Royal Rife devices to treat sick patients, using frequencies, are ridiculed and taken off the market by governments.

Not just Rife equipment, but Lahkovsky, a host of Russian and European technologies (including Tesla, Mehran Keshe's efforts and back-yard inventors around the world) to beneficially help the human body and the human energetic system, are roadblocked and stifled when brought forward by ordinary people.

Just as the patents of many engineers and developers do not ever get to see the light of day, because once the new invention is filed in the Patent Office, the developer is hindered or visited and warned he cannot go further with his "dangerous" ideas. Even as, the same technologies, often modelled on very ancient technologies, are copied, stolen in principle, and re-engineered for dark motives and experiments in human population control.

Dr Rauni stated at the beginning of her talk and at the end humans are "not bodies, but minds". I am not a dualist, so this part of her speech did not sit with me because I see body and mind as one in essence, if it is understood.

At the same time her message, her final message, was that the Greatest Secret of All is the Human Being, and that by contacting the "Universal Energy" by using one's own energy to meet it, it will protect us, because every human is energy and vibration. It is a matter of focus and energy because the Universal Energy is stronger than even what the military has.

In the end, this is her last message before she died, very quickly, believing she was targeted, having been overtly multiple-times threatened. The unaware have to move through the stages of disrobing from mind-controlled conditioning, and the various poisons accruing through false knowledge, fragmented mentality, blaming others, what one takes in - through mouth, ears, eyes and senses - and to stop believing every craven sensationalist that pops up shouting loudest. For many, that process (of discrimination) is getting harder, because surveillance tightens, and the access to "all information" all the time, means the strongest memes are often the biggest lies.

When you go inward, back, Return to Origin, to the stillness within, meet the Primordial, make the Primordial Connection, in that moment, liberation begins and the return of empowerment. One or two is not sufficient. The entire movement towards Truth —the inward path (because the truth is not "out there - it is within"— our momentum and deepest desire.

Goodbye Dr Rauni Kilde, your struggle was whole-hearted and immense.

Dr. Rauni Leena Luukanen-Kilde on Mind Control | Veritas Radio

'Truth always has a way of coming out' | CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou | Feb. 10, 2015


The man who first lifted the lid on the CIA's torture programme - John Kiriakou - has been released from prison. He spent 2,5 years in prison - for passing classified information to journalists. RT talks to the whistleblower.

Carl Lehrburger | Ancient Explorers: Discovery of America Before Columbus | Hour 1 | Feb. 6, 2015


February 6, 2015–Carl Lehrburger is an environmental activist, renewable energy entrepreneur, researcher and author. He has studied archaeological and sacred sites in the Americas for over 25 years with a focus on the ancient peoples who came to the Americas long before Columbus. The culmination of his investigations is his book, Secrets of Ancient America, which is the topic of our discussion. Carl tells us about the true history of Columbus, one that reveals the conquistador knew exactly where he was going and what he would encounter based on a vast number of maps he possessed.

He describes petroglyphs found in North America that place the Celts in New England several thousand years prior to Christ. These Ogham writings, found carved in stone on cave walls, address rituals around celestial days such Equinox and Solstice. Carl explains archaeoastronomy and diffusionism, controversial studies that have been the subject of much critique and discrediting.

Then, he talks about many historical accounts that have been largely suppressed and contrived by the Archaeo Priests, evidence encoded in stone of our early European history that has been destroyed, and why the truth about our past is not being told. In the second half, we learn about the studies of famous diffusionist Thor Heyerdahl, whose most compelling work about the Americas has never been published in English.

We discuss evidence of Old World groups living across North America that were wiped out by drought, and the remnants of European cultures that can be found in modern Native American tribes. Later, we consider motifs found in Native American culture that can be traced to the Indus Valley people. Further, Carl points to accounts of numerous maps uncovered in China and elsewhere that collectively prove the ancients had knowledge of the Americas and the rest of the globe, and also held superior technologies and capabilities. We end by considering evidence that humanity has in fact been in a state of decline for thousands of years.

download hour 1 mp3

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith | Remote Viewing | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Jan. 20, 2015


Dr. Angela Smith is our guest and we cover her career as a remote viewer from PRI through PEAR and beyond. We discuss how she prepares, practices and developes her skills and who can do it...we also talk about her experience with law enforcement investigations and her communication with off-planet ET races as well as her views on religion.

The Globalization of War (and How to Resist It) | Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV | Feb. 9, 2015


Michel Chossudovsky joins GRTV once again to discuss his new book, "The Globalization of War." We discuss the threat of nuclear warfare, NATO's use of proxy terrorist armies to destabilise sovereign nations, and how people can fight back against the US-NATO war agenda.

SevenGate | 12 Years Targeted Individual - Massive Stolen Intellectual Property Case | TFR | Feb. 7, 2015


On Saturday 7th February, we had the return of the wonderfully talented Ms Charles Seven, (on the 7th... maybe a message there?) as our Guest on Truth Frequency Radio and she was talking more about her Intellectual Property THEFT which has been perpetrated against her by the TV companies and High Profile Lawyers.

Blockbuster shows like 'Dancing With The Stars' in USA/Canada and 'Dancing On Ice' in UK have been proven in court to be the STOLEN creations of 'Seven', (affectionately named because she was the seventh child). Yet while the 'Stars' receive thousands per show, the corrupt, criminal lawyers and barristers working within the British legal system, have prevented Ms Seven from receiving a penny in 'royalties' lawfully due to her.

For almost 12 years now, this woman has refused to allow these thieving scumbags to destroy her and continues to fight against this evil, with the hope that people will support her and assist her in recovering at minimum, Billions of pounds that Seven wishes to use for Humanitarian purposes around the World. Will YOU help her by sharing this video please?

Je suis Charles Seven ~ SevenGate ~

'Dancing with Stars' (USA), 'Strictly Come Dancing' (UK) are stolen creations of Charles Seven, a musician and media creative Producer.

Seven won her case before Lord Justice Chadwick and Sir Peter Gibson in UK Court of Appeal and before Justice Sir Nicholas Pumfrey in the Chancery Divison 2006.

Seven won one of the UK’s largest 'Intellectual Property Rights' cases, against media giants, including BBC, ITV, VIRGIN Media, Channel 4, SCOTTISH TV, plus other Major networks in 26 nations around the world, dating from 2003.

Seven explains, “After the defendant members of the syndicate were found guilty in court, they used criminal means by way of domestic terrorism, extreme violence, serious frauds, foul play and a murder campaign to escape going to prison.”

These Media Corporations are guilty of receiving stolen Intellectual Property, lawfully proven to belong to Ms Charles Seven, who is now owed Billions of Pounds!

How many 'Dancing With Stars' performers are happy to be paid £1,000's of pounds per show, while the IP creator is gang-stalked, threatened, traumatized and terrorised?

German website:


Monica Stone | The Truth About South Africa | Radio 3Fourteen | Feb. 4, 2015

Source: Radio 3Fourteen,

Monica Stone joins us to speak about the subject of White Genocide in South Africa. She works with the website and also the Living Waters Foundation. Monica is committed to spreading awareness about the rape, torture, murders, and the genocide of the White South African people.

We begin with a quick history lesson on South Africa, a region that was completely open in 1652 when members of Dutch East India Company arrived and settled the Cape of Good Hope, where they brought agricultural knowledge, science and math education, established public schools, property rights, boundaries, and human rights.

Monica describes how things went terribly wrong, beginning in the 19th century, when the British took over the Dutch East India Company. Wars ensued in this period, which coincided with the discovery of gold, and many Afrikaners fled the area to escape suppression. Monica explains the current state of governmental affairs, a reign by the ANC that has led South Africa down a path to destruction since the end of apartheid, with the clear purpose of eradicating all Whites from the country.

We look at the influx of immigrants saturating the area for the past 20+ years, putting extreme pressure on a fragile infrastructure that is not being properly maintained and bringing in more crime and racial tension. Monica tells about the rampant, deep-seated hatred for Afrikaners that has resulted in over 85,000 murders since 1994, along with an epidemic of the rape and torture of countless innocent people.

Monica gives examples of what it is like living in a country where it is against the law to defend yourself against even the most unspeakable crimes. We discuss why these abysmal conditions have gotten to this point and why none of the Afrikaners’ White brothers and sisters in the West are stepping up to help. Also, we take a look at the real players running the show in the ANC, a narrative that is being controlled by the Zionist media and is almost identical to that of the US.

We end with some thoughts on what it will take to turn this seemingly hopeless situation around and how the people of South Africa, Europe and the US can band together to keep from being drowned by the treason running deep in all White countries. -Radio 3Fourteen

Download mp3

Brien Foerster | Ancient Technology Peru And Bolivia Tour June 2015 | Feb. 8, 2015


This unique tour brings together best selling author Andrew Collins, Hugh Newman of Megalithomania and Brien Foerster. We will be exploring ancient megalithic and spiritual sites in Peru and Bolivia, as well as the enigmatic Elongated Skulls. Basically, every famous ancient place in Peru and Bolivia will be covered on this 18 day tour; 2 @ 4 day extensions and a 10 day main tour. -Brien Foerster

The Corbett Report | How to Fake an Alien Invasion | Feb. 8, 2015


We all know about the crude pie-plate-on-string UFO hoaxes that have been perpetrated in the past. But what if I were to tell you the greatest UFO hoax of all time is being prepared right now, and it has Rockefeller backing and UN/Vatican/presidential support? Join us this week as we peek under the bluebeam curtain at the great alien invasion false flag.

Show Notes & Sources

Tom Campbell on Consciousness Evolution


Tom Campbell is an explorer of consciousness, physicist and the author of My Big TOE.

During the interview Tom Campbell answers questions related to My Big TOE, virtual reality, NVC, democratic education, monetary reform, the technological singularity and existential risks.
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