Jeff Rense & Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Breakthroughs In Nanotechnology


Clip from November 10, 2014 - guest Dr. Richard Alan Miller on the Jeff Rense Program.

Arthur Topham | “Hate Propaganda” Legislation in Canada | Hour 1 | Nov. 12, 2014


November 12, 2014–Canadian born Arthur Topham has a background in Political Science and Education. Since 1999 he has been the Writer, Journalist, Publisher & Editor of Due to the fact that the website has been sabotaged on a number of occasions over the years the information on it only goes back to June of 2006.

Arthur will talk about the pressures of Jewish lobbyists in Canada to remove his site, specifically B'nai Brith Canada. Its materials posted sparked two attacks from the lobbyists, the first occurring in 2007 when he was charged with a sec. 13(1) "hate crime" under the legislation contained in Canada's Human Rights Code. The second attack occurred in 2012 when he was charged under the Canadian Criminal Code, sec. 319(2) "Hate Propaganda" legislation with "willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin."

He’ll talk about these charges, his arrest and the upcoming trial before the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Arthur discusses the history of such “hate propaganda” laws in Canada and how they came about. He’ll also talk about the former sec. 13 legislation which was used by the lobby groups for decades to stifle criticism of Israel and discussion concerning anything related to Zionism both on and off the internet.

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The Asia-Pacific Perspective | G20 Brisbane: Police State Lockdown Begins, Nov. 13, 2014


G20: The Bizarre Items Banned From Brisbane CBD
Entire Hospital Wing Allocated For G20 Overlords
Queensland Police to Use Surveillance Drones to "Combat Crime" Ahead of G20 Conference
#FalseFlag Watch: Australian Intelligence Officials Fear Hacker Attacks During G20 Summit
Brisbane Lockdown Sees Exodus as Police Outnumber G-20 Delegates

G20 Coverage & Updates: Peoples’ Summit in Brisbane | TOTT News
Agent Provocateurs Caught Disguised As Protestors At G20 Pittsburgh
Police Provocateurs at Montebello SPP Summit
Press For Truth: Into The Fire (Full Film)

ESA | Philae touchdown: Lander Status and First Descent Image, Nov. 13, 2014

Source: European Space Agency, ESA youtube

Highlights from coverage of ESA's Rosetta mission soft-landing its Philae probe on a comet, the first time in history that such an extraordinary feat has been achieved. Including the presentation of the first ROLIS imag sent back by Philae as the lander descended to the surface of the comet.

After a tense wait during the seven-hour descent to the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, the signal confirming the successful touchdown arrived on Earth at 16:03 GMT (17:03 CET). -ESA

Jeff Rense & Dr. Bill Deagle | Marked For Extermination


Clip from November 06, 2014 - guest Dr. Bill Deagle on the Jeff Rense Program.

Massive Bright Object passes over NZ | Nov. 12, 2014

Source: horsefarmer1000 youtube

Wait for it Guy's it gets brighter at 2.35 min..Object Passed over the East Coast of NZ,12.11.2014
Music: Dub Eden - Light speed. Watch in HD.

Brian Hooker | CDC Cover-up of Vaccine & Autism Link | Hour 1 | Nov. 10, 2014


November 10, 2014–Brian Hooker has had a distinguished career as a chemical engineer, managing a large-scale systems biology research program at Batelle/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. Since 1995, he has served that laboratory as a senior research engineer, a staff engineer, and a principle consultant in biotechnology. He also taught chemical engineering for three years at Tri-State University in Indiana and teaches at Walla Walla Community College in Washington in addition to operating his own consulting agency.

He has a long list of research grants, scholarly/technical publications, awards, and formal presentations, and is co-owner of several patents. Dr Hooker reveals his relationship to the whistleblower, a top researcher employed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who came forward, confessing to his participation in actively covering up data that clearly links vaccines to autism.

Dr. Hooker is the father of a vaccine-injured child, and is a Ph.D. researcher. He has fought against the CDC for more than 12 years, using the Freedom of Information Act to try and gather as much data as he could from the studies that the CDC has published that claim there is no link between vaccines and autism.

He’ll talk about what he discovered when the CDC finally handed over documents so that he could look at the raw data that the CDC used to claim that there was no link between vaccines and autism. He’ll talk about the science behind the study, government corruption and spending, his struggle and what the public isn’t told. Later, we’ll talk about the pressure to get people vaccinated. Brian also shares his own story of an autistic son and the process to help him.

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Signals From COMET 67 P/Recorded! | Nov. 11, 2014


Rosetta’s Plasma Consortium (RPC) has uncovered a mysterious ‘song’ that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is singing into space. The comet seems to be emitting a ‘song’ in the form of oscillations in the magnetic field in the comet’s environment. It is being sung at 40-50 millihertz, far below human hearing. To make the music audible to the human ear, the frequencies have been increased in this recording.

HISTORIC COMET LANDING TOMORROW: The European Space Agency is about to make history: On Nov. 12th, it is going to land on a comet. The action begins Wednesday at 08:35 UT when ESA's Rosetta spacecraft drops a probe named "Philae" onto the core of Comet 67P.


Jay Weidner | False Flags Real Consciousness | Hour 1 | The Free Zone


Jay Weidner joins The Free Zone for a discussion of False Flags and Real Consciousness with love, magic, mystery, prophecy, conspiracy, psychics, underground cities, the Illuminati, Light Bodies and much more. Jay’s upcoming film is The Last AVATAR which tells the story of the emergence of Kalki Avatar. Who is Kalki? Kalki is the final Avatar of our current Age of Chaos.

Mark McCandlish | A BAD WEEK For the Private Sector Aerospace Industry | FarOutRadio | Nov. 10, 2014


Mark McCandlish is back with us this evening. Mark was our resident aerospace expert. The week before last was a terrible week for the private space flight industry. On October 28 at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, what was supposed to be a routine resupply mission to the International Space Station by the Orbital Sciences Corporation, turned into a total disaster within seconds of launching.

Then a few days later, on October 3,1 the VSS Enterprise, the first Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two reusable space ship, exploded over the Mojave Desert. The pilot survived, though seriously injured, but the copilot was killed. Initially, company officials said the cause of the explosion was “an in-flight anomaly.” That’s tech-speak for “We don’t know.”

Mark McCandlish follows the aerospace industry the way most guys follow sports. And he’s with us tonight to share his insights into the industry in general, and the two recent disasters. When considering the future of space flight, it is important to keep in mind that we’re dealing with tremendous forces, such that when something goes wrong, it usually happens very fast and is usually fatal. These are ultra dangerous enterprises. So, it’s best not to jump to conspiratorial assumptions.

Crystal Clark | The Destruction of Intelligent Design & Reality Revisionism | Dale After Dark

Source: Dale After Dark youtube,

Crystal lays out the template or script of how the elites operate with their campaign of fear and world dominance. The info below are links shared during the show. -Dale After Dark

Jack Otto on the Khazars
Rewriting reality and the use of thought police to enforce it
First essay on Reality Revisionism
Second essay on Reality Revisionism and the environmental movement
Dmitri Khalezov on 9/11
Treatise on the Sacred Science (Intelligent Design) and phases of destruction--catastrophic biosphere and biodiversity collapse
Contraceptive Corn
Vaccine Sterilization
Link to the common core presentation
Link for Putin at Valdai
Nutritionist Adelle Davis books on Amazon

The Corbett Report | China and the New World Order


Military tensions, cyber espionage accusations, a brewing currency war; with every passing day, the headlines paint a convincing portrait of an emerging cold war between China and the West. But is this surface level reality the whole picture, or is there a deeper level to this conflict? Is China an opponent to the New World Order global governmental system or a witting collaborator with it? Join us in this in-depth edition of The Corbett Report podcast as we explore China's position in the New World Order.

Show Notes & MP3

Roger Stone | Nixon's Secrets: Untold Truth about Watergate and the Pardon | Hour 1 | Nov. 7, 2014


November 7, 2014–Roger Stone, The New York Times bestselling author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy the Case Against LBJ, gives the inside scoop on Nixon’s rise and fall in Watergate as we discuss his latest book “Nixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon.”

Stone was the youngest member of the Nixon staff in 1972 and worked closely with Nixon on his rehabilitation in his post-presidential years. Stone has been a Washington insider for the last 40 years and played a key role in the election of Republican presidents Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Roger argues that just as the assassination of JFK prevents a balanced analysis of Kennedy and his times, the myth of Watergate prevents a reappraisal of the 37th President.

Roger reveals how the Kennedy’s wiretapped Nixon’s hotel room and stole Nixon's medical records. He outlines how White House Counsel John Dean, planned, pushed and covered-up the Watergate break-in, then sought to avoid responsibility for it. Stone tells us about the bungled Watergate break-in to determine what exactly Nixon’s agents were looking for and how the CIA infiltrated the burglar team and sabotaged the break-in to gain leverage over Nixon.

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Max Igan | GMO's and the Depopulation Agenda


"When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader" - Plato

This is a 15 minute highlights video due to youtube limiting my account. Please download the entire show via the links provided. -Max Igan

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