Dr. John Hall | Govt Mind Control Technologies, September 19, 2013

Source: infowars.com, satweapons.com

Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of "Satellite Terrorism" discusses the facts of the possibilities of Government mind control and Satellite harassment.

The Corbett Report | Solutions: Overcoming Stockholm Syndrome, September 20, 2013

Source: corbettreport.com

In the 1970s, a strange psychological phenomenon was identified: in traumatic abduction situations, a certain percentage of the population is prone to falling in love with their abductors. But if we are living in a societal prison of the mind, then are there those who have fallen in love with their mental jailers? Find out more about societal Stockholm syndrome in this week's edition of The Corbett Report. -corbettreport.com
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Crystal Clark | James Horak | TPP: Corporate Charter for the New World Order, September 14, 2013

Source: wolfspiritradio.com, drowninginabsurdity.wordpress.com, emvsinfo.blogspot.com

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a monstrosity akin to being the corporate charter of the New World Order, effectively providing the framework for corporate global dominance. The details of the agreement are being written and negotiated in secret by 600 corporate advisors (including Walmart, Pfizer, Monsanto & Halliburton) while both Congress and the press have been barred from accessing the text. Sections of the text leaked to the public indicate a massive corporate conglomerate is working behind the scenes, through the TPP trade agreement as well as global consolidation (too big to fail) tactics, to upgrade transnational corporate rights and power from 'personhood' status to 'nationhood' status with a bent towards global resource management and control.

This inflated status enables corporations to sue sovereign nations having strict health, safety and/or environmental laws with the claim that such laws "violate their corporate rights to make money" via exploitive activities such as drilling, mining and fracking. Hundreds of similar lawsuits, costing nearly three hundred billion dollars in taxpayer funds globally, have reportedly already been filed. The latest, and perhaps most disturbing, is Bayer/Syngenta suing the European Commission to overturn the ban on their pesticides---the same pesticides proven to be responsible for killing millions of bees.

While TPP negotiations are expected to be finalized by Oct 1st 2013—a deadline that may also be related to upcoming disaster preparedness requirements centered around FEMA Region 3—the TPP deadline can, through a dedicated public focused on freedom and right-living, be stalled and pushed back for a third time (and perhaps final) time. To learn more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP), as well as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), and find out what you can do to personally get involved, please visit the Public Citizen Global Trade Watch website as well as http://www.exposethetpp.org/

Video: It Can't Happen Here by Larken Rose
Video: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Corporate Global Domination (long version)
Video: Ask Lori [Wallach] Live: Trade Expert on the TPP

UPDATE(S): Special thanks to Jacqui C. for uncovering records proving Senator Sheldon R. Songstad (Republican--retired), is in fact a real person. Songstad was reportedly the source from which the "memo" regarding FEMA Region III deadlines originated—a claim I have been unable to verify.

New World Next Week | Alexis Psyop, School Sucks, Panera Cares, September 19, 2013

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: SWAT Team 'Stood Down' At Navy Yard Mass Shooting Scene
Probe Launched Over Claim That Elite Capitol Police Unit Blocked From Navy Yard Massacre
Navy Yard Shooter Carved 'BETTER OFF THIS WAY' And 'MY E-L-F WEAPON' Into Stock Of Gun
Ground Zero: Many Untold Anomalies to Aaron Alexis' Story

Story #2: Child Star Says School Brainwashes Kids, Everyone Should Drop Out
Video: Famous Actor Reveals Real Name, Gives Incredibly Insightful Speech About Hard Work And Generosity At Teen Choice Awards
Biotech Industry Slips Pro-GMO Propaganda Into Children's School Textbooks
Is The BBC's "Science Britannica" Yet Another Primetime Advertisement For GM?

Story #3: Panera Bread's CEO Tries To Eat On $4.50 A Day
Flashback: Problems At Portland's Panera Cares
Flashback: A Governor Truly Tightens His Belt
Just What The Doctor Ordered: Med Students Team With Chefs

GRTV | Staging the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria, September 19, 2013

Source: grtv.ca

In the wake of the Syrian chemical weapons attack, shocking footage of the victims of that attack were widely circulated in an effort to raise the ire of the public and spur support for military intervention. Now, a new report on that footage finds troubling inconsistencies and manipulation with the video that calls the official narrative of the attack and its victims into question. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV. -grtv.ca

William Patterson | G.I. Gurdjieff: The Fourth Way, September 18, 2013

Source: Radio 3Fourteen, gurdjiefflegacy.org  

September 18, 2013–William Patterson is a teacher of The Fourth Way, an ancient, esoteric teaching of self-development brought to the West by G. I. Gurdjieff, which predates not only Christianity but the Egyptian, Judaic, Persian, Buddhist and Islamic religions. He is the author of 8 books on The Fourth Way and is the director-writer-narrator of the documentary DVD trilogy The Life & Significance of G.I. Gurdjieff.

Patterson was a longtime student of Lord John Pentland, who was appointed by Gurdjieff to be the leader of the Work in America and William is the founder/director of The Gurdjieff Studies Program. For many years he has led groups, as well as given seminars and talks throughout the United States.

We'll discuss the esoteric teaching of The Fourth Way, including the concept that humans are not born with a soul but must create and develop a soul through the course of life. William elaborates on Gurdjieff's claim that people cannot perceive reality in their current states because they do not possess consciousness but rather live in a state of a hypnotic waking sleep. "Man lives his life in sleep, and in sleep he dies." As a result of this condition, each person perceives things from a completely subjective perspective.

People in their typical state function as unconscious automatons, but that one can wake up and become a different sort of human being altogether. We'll also discuss the many I's, from selves to individual to the self. Later, William explains how humanity is in danger of losing our freedom to machines as we are giving more power to our mechanical side. William presents a different perspective on life, one that defies most teachings you've heard. -Radio 3Fourteen
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Transmissions Episode 003 | Sterling Allan - Conscious Awakening to Free Energy, September 18, 2013

Source: globalbem.com, PESWiki.com, PESN.com, freeenergynews.com, offplanetradio.com

Sterling Allan is the primary driving force behind PESWiki.com, PESN.com, FreeEnergyNews.com, NewEnergyCongress.org and most recently EnergyNEST.org. Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network, of which he is CEO, is the premier news, directory, and networking service whose mission is to find and facilitate the best exotic free energy technologies. In May, 2012, Sterling founded the New Energy Systems Trust to help bring these technologies to market.

Randy Maugans has spent his adult life seeking the truth about "what's out there", as result of two (known) childhood "contacts" with "something" he could not explain. "OffPlanet Radio" is the natural outgrowth of his interests in the areas of the paranormal, technology, and communications...the "future" caught up with him.

The journey is physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental...we are drawn into a very human battle with forces that seem beyond our comprehension...or ARE they? "They" haven't won, but have awakened sleeping giants who do not accept the proposition that we were thrown headlong into a malevolent universe. Humans can choose to be victims, or choose to be empowered...humans can remain blind, to their peril.

Tom Campbell | Shedding Light on the Speed of Light: The Implications of Variances, September 18, 2013

Source: mybigtoe.com

Tom Campbell (NASA physicist, Large Complex Systems Analyst), shares his insights on the discovery by Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Science Set Free) of official records in the London Patent Office containing recorded variances in the speed of light throughout various times in history.

Presented by mainstream science as an unshakeable constant, Tom explores the why and how this constant may change and the implications of this information on our existence with reference to quantum mechanics, technology, the probability of travel to other universes, and how it relates to human evolution and purpose.

Notable quotes by Tom from this interview: "Consciousness is the Computer, Dr. Fredkin!" "Virtual Reality is becoming acceptable physics." My note: The term Larger Consciousness System (the intelligent, highly organized "programer" that we are a part of) may be interpreted by some as God. Interview by Donna Aveni.

The Eyeopener Report | Failure to Withdraw: The CIA, the Taliban, and the Strategy of Tension in Afghanistan, September 18, 2013

Source: corbettreport.com, boilingfrogspost.com

By any reasonable standard, the US-led NATO-powered invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, now entering its 13th year, has been an unmitigated failure. Of course, NATO does not measure the outcome of its mission by reasonable standards. They have their own entirely different yardstick by which they gauge their operations, and by that standard, the Afghan war has been an unqualified success.

Find out about NATO's interest in Afghanistan and why they are working with the Taliban to make sure that occupation continues beyond 2014 in this week's Eyeopener report from BoilingFrogsPost.com.

Transcript & Sources

Dr. Nick Begich | Technology to Control the Weather, Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2012 Holland

Source: globalbem.com, earthpulse.com

Dr. Nick Begich, will discuss his research on HAARP and its implications for controlling the weather, effecting the geophysics of the planet and populations, as well as how we can develop a strong influence for personal and global change through technology and our own internal power.

Dr. Nick Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich Sr., and political activist Pegge Begich. He is well known in Alaska for his own political activities. He was twice elected President of both the Alaska Federation of Teachers and the Anchorage Council of Education. He has been pursuing independent research in the sciences and politics for most of his adult life. Begich received Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternitiva), honoris causa, for independent work in health and political science, from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in November 1994.

Charles Eisenstein | Sacred Economics, September 13, 2013

Source: redicecreations.com, charleseisenstein.net, sacred-economics.com  

September 13, 2013–Charles Eisenstein graduated from Yale University with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy. Most of his early twenties were spent in Taiwan where he learned Chinese and worked as a translator. He educated himself in Eastern spiritual traditions and read a lot of books on health, nutrition, globalization, physics, and biology.

In his late twenties he entered into a long period of intensifying crisis. His professional work became intolerable and after this, Charles entered a long period of searching. This crisis forced him to let go of a "life under control" and in his helplessness he discovered a generous universe that has always met his needs, somehow, in unexpected ways. He's spent time teaching yoga, learning about herbs, and teaching at Penn State's department of Science, Technology, and Society. We'll discuss his book Sacred Economics and the ideas behind it including economy, monetary systems human nature, climatism, competition, laws and government. -redicecreations.com
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RT | Escobar: Obama wants to take credit for Syria chem weapons plan, September 16, 2013

Source: RT.com

Officials from countries on the UN Security Council are meeting for consultations, ahead of the main debate in New York. World leaders have applauded the Syrian chemical disarmament deal, agreed on by Russia and the US. But investigative journalist Pepe Escobar says Washington's now trying to twist the narrative in its favour. -RT.com

Konnan talks Mexico's Drug War | Smells Like Human Spirit with Guy Evans, September 15, 2013

Source: smellslikehumanspirit.com

Officially, 60,000 people have been victims of Mexico's on-going Drug War, and there doesn't appear to be any end in sight. In Episode 95 of Smells Like Human Spirit, Guy Evans discusses the issue with former pro wrestler, soap opera actor, and Mexican icon Konnan, marking his second appearance on the podcast. This is an episode that you don't want to miss...Enjoy, spread the word, and peace! -smellslikehumanspirit.com
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Max Igan & Ben Stewart | Trance-Formation Outakes - Food is Medicine, September 15, 2013

Source: thecrowhouse.com

This video is the first in a series of ad lib conversations and previously unreleased footage that didnt make it into the final cut of the film Trance-Formation.

‪Trance-Formation Outakes - Ben Stewart - The Emotional Baggage of the Collective‬

This video is the second in a series of ad lib conversations and previously unreleased footage that did not make it into the final cut of the film Trance-Formation.

Max Igan | Push it Until the Wheels Fall Off

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - September 13th, 2013
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