The Corbett Report | What is the Trans Agenda? - Questions For Corbett | Dec. 3, 2021


Dan writes in to ask whether there is a deeper agenda behind the recent push towards gender fluidity. James takes the answer in a surprising direction. Don't miss this important edition of Questions For Corbett.

Show Notes:
In Depth - Ray Kurzweil discusses "Ramona" on C-SPAN
Why The Matrix Is a Trans Story According to Lilly Wachowski | Netflix
I'm transhuman. I'm going to become digital - BBC
"Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary"
Bioethics and the New Eugenics
J.K. Rowling accused of transphobia after mocking 'people who menstruate' headline
JK Rowling snubbed from Harry Potter 20th anniversary reunion:
Revolve: Man's Scientific Rise by Godhood by Aaron Franz
Interview 1429 - James Corbett and Liberty Weekly Recommend Books
This New Religion From a Silicon Valley Pioneer Worships AI as an Emerging Godhead
Japan's buddhist robot preacher | DW Stories
Your Guide to the Great Convergence
Klaus Schwab: brain chips by 2026

Whitney Webb | FDA Corruption and Mandate Madness with Meryl Nass, MD


Whitney is joined by Dr. Meryl Nass to discuss the FDA’s role in the current COVID-19 vaccine Emergency Use Authorizations and the mandate situation as well as how the FDA’s conflicts of interest with Big Pharma led to the creation of the EUA system and has resulted in unethical, illegal behavior from the agency during the COVID-19 crisis.

Max Igan | The Pandemic Narrative becomes even more Ridiculous | Nov. 30, 2021


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 2, 2021


There is more evidence of the growing divide between states and fedgov overreach, this time in the form of a warning from state financial officers against "woke banks", but there may be more going on behind the scenes here than meets the eye: 

Press For Truth | Mandatory Microchips are coming, this is not "Conspiracy Theory", it’s just a matter of Time! | Dec. 1, 2021


Mandatory vaccines are being discussed in the EU as “cases” continue to climb despite the fact that the new omicron variant emerged from the vaccinated! Meanwhile following Sweden’s announcement that the coronavirus vaccine passport requirement will be put into practice, the number of people who got microchips inserted under their skin rose, according to local media.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth discusses the slow incremental moves that have marched us into a world of mandatory vaccines and also how that same tactic will be used to usher the entire world into a global mandatory microchipping program! What once was considered by many to be a wild “conspiracy theory” is now turning out to be a wild “conspiracy fact”.

S0 News | Geomagnetic Signs, Solar Wind, Space News | Dec. 1, 2021


Slaughterbots - if human: kill() | Nov. 30, 2021


This could be our future, unless we agree to prohibit lethal autonomous weapons.

To learn what Slaughterbots are, how they pose a risk, and what solutions are available, visit

Tom Campbell | Dreaming and Returning to the Dream | Nov. 30, 2021


Consciousness explorers ask Tom Campbell their questions and share their experiences in a series of short clips for your easy listening!

Isaac Weishaupt | Satanic Symbolism 2021: Astroworld, Young Dolph, & Other Ritual Events | Nov. 30, 2021



Isaac Weishaupt of returns to THC to talk about all the weird stuff that happened in 2021 and more.

Press For Truth | Ghislaine Maxwell Trial with Press For Truth LIVE! | Nov. 30, 2021


The Corbett Report | Writing A New Narrative - #SolutionsWatch | Dec. 1, 2021


Dr. Michael Rectenwald | Resisting Totalitarianism: The Power of the Powerless



- Post-totalitarianism
- Academic freedom v self-censorship and the elimination of free speech
- Post-modernist theory and social justice
- Traditional social justice v its current incarnation
- Characteristics of Stalinism and Maoism
- Revocation of the rights of speech and association
- Elimination of property rights
- Intersectionality or vectors of oppression in the social justice ranking system
- Challenge to individual rights
- Subjective truth backed by power
- Nihilism regarding objectivity
- Repressive Tolerance essay by Marcuse
- Classical liberalism v left totalitarianism
- Capitalists supporting socialism because they’re monopolists
- Socialism on the ground and corporate oligarchy at the top
- The left an unwitting foot soldier of the corporate globalists
- Ownership of goods and people
- Dissidents
- The aims of life
- Living within the truth

Aired: September 1, 2021

Jason Bermas | Everything The Media WON'T TELL YOU About The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial! | Nov. 29, 2021

Source: Jason Bermas youtube 

Solari Report | Science Series - Mathematics of DNA | Nov. 29, 2021


Max Igan, David Icke, & Glenn Beck | "It was ALL Planned Out!" Exposing the World's Most Dangerous Lies! | Nov. 27, 2021


YOU DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT, UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS FANTASTICALLY RESEARCHED & PRESENTED VIDEO! “It’s Been Their Plan All Along – and you ABSOLUTELY will NOT want to believe what it is – so you have GOT TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT’S COMING!” In this EYE-BULGING and HEART-POUNDING compilation featuring none other than Glenn Beck, with a MAGNIFICENT opening segment by Max Igan & David Icke, you will FINALLY learn some of THE MOST HIDDEN SECRETS regarding the COVID-19 SCAMdemic – and how it has changed EVERYTHING – and what their FUTURE PLANS hold for the Citizens of the WORLD!

From the way we live our lives and how we operate our businesses, to how we see each other, NOTHING IS SAFE NOR SACRED, and NOTHING is off limits to these Demonic Disease Spreaders! What’s more is that the FRAUDULENTLY INSTALLED FREAK-SHOW PUPPET BIDEN REGIME now running our federal government is sinking its tentacles even deeper into us and our entire society (and the world), threatening the very fabric not only of our bodily autonomy, but of our Great Republic. If you think things are bad NOW, just wait until some of the details revealed in this EPIC DOCUMENTARY are unleashed upon your brain: UNDENIABLE documents and FEDERAL contracts tell a DARK AND DEMONIC STORY that seems as though it’s being read straight out of the Book of Revelations!

And that is JUST THE BEGINNING, Patriots, because their future plans reveal that they will continue dominating our lives and threatening our very continued existence IN AN ALL OUT ATTEMPT AT MASS GLOABAL DEPOPULATION & CONTROL! It’s time we cast a BLINDING LIGHT on the SHOCKING AND UNBELIEVABLE TRUTHS found in this EPIC video! Because only with the UNCENSORED TRUTH will we emerge from the DARKNESS of this “SCAMdemic” and take back the life and liberty that has been so openly stolen from us.

Forrest Maready | The Moth In The Iron Lung, Metallic Medicine, & Industrial Chemicals | Nov. 27, 2021


About Today's Guest:

Forrest Maready is an author, medical researcher, & historian who spent much of his life working in the television & film industry. He graduated from Wake Forest University with degrees in both Religion & Music. His books include:

Unvaccinated:Why growing numbers of parents are choosing natural immunity for their children.
Crooked:Man-Made Disease Explained: The incredible story of medicine, microbes, and metal—hidden within our faces.
The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio
The Autism Vaccine: The Story of Modern Medicine's Greatest Tragedy
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