Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 21, 2017


Next up: FeDCoin, if the Washington Post is correct... but as always, caveat emptor!

The Washington Post Propagandizes Again: Says 'Fedcoin' Will Be 'Bigger' Than Bitcoin
Bitcoin is big. But fedcoin is bigger.

New World Next Year - 2018 | Dec. 21, 2018


Meet The First-Ever Robot Citizen — A Humanoid Named Sophia That Once Said It Would ‘Destroy Humans’ DARE: Deception Analysis and Reasoning Engine
Deception Detection in Videos (PDF)

GitHub: Deception Detection in Videos
Media Monarchy’s 2017 Story: Reefer Madness Election 2017: Legalization Candidates and Measures Win Big
Legal Marijuana Sales Will Hit $10 Billion in 2017
Colorado's 2017 Marijuana Sales Reach $1 Billion In Just Eight Months
West Virginia Industrial Hemp Takes Root

Corbett Report’s 2018 Trend: Weaponized Social Media Sean Parker Unloads On Facebook “Exploiting" Human Psychology
Top Ten Conspiracy Theories That Turned FACT in 2017
Media Monarchy’s 2018 Trend: The Maker Culture Will Become Pop Culture Trading Desk Jobs For Corn Cobs
Trading Coal Mines For Beehives
America: 2018
World Currency In 2018 As Predictively-Programmed By The Economist

NWNW Flashback: New World Next Year – 2017 (Dec. 22, 2016)
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Catherine Austin Fitts & Jeff Rense | $21 TRILLION, The Financial Coup & Rings Of Saturn | Dec. 18, 2017


Dane Wigington | Geoengineering Reality: Film Footage And Facts Prove Contrail Myth | Dec. 20, 2017


Sharing shocking and inarguable film footage of jet aerosol spraying is the most powerful tool of all for waking people up to the geoengineering crimes occurring above our heads each and every day.

In addition to visual tools, combining straightforward facts on the design characteristics of modern jet engines (and why their design generally prohibits any “contrail” formation) is essential.

This four minute video contains revealing film captures of the ongoing atmospheric spraying assault in addition to other verifiable building block facts and photos that confirm the ongoing climate engineering reality.

My sincere gratitude to John Jenkins for contributing this very compelling aircraft spraying footage to our library of geoengineering jet dispersion videos.

The more that activists and citizens dedicate themselves to filming and recording the aerosol crimes in our skies, the faster the public will be awakened to the dire threat of climate engineering.

Sharing credible data with others is essential. Global geoengineering is the most critical issue we face short of nuclear cataclysm, we must all work together in the battle to bring this issue to light, and to a halt. -Dane Wigington

Jay Weidner, Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe | FADE to BLACK 4th Anniversary Special Event | Dec. 20, 2017


Tonight is our 4th Anniversary Special Event...and co-hosting with Jimmy is Race Hobbs, GM of KGRA radio...the Planet.

Our guests tonight are: Jay Weidner, Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, John Burroughs and LA Marzulli.

 The main topic for everyone was the recent UFO Disclosure that has taken over the mainstream media over the last four days...and with the wide-ranging viewpoints of each guest...their answers may surprise it should.

We also take some calls from the Fadernauts...on this, our 4th year number 775.

Sen. Harry Reid In Exclusive Interview With George Knapp On "Disclosure" | Dec. 19, 2017

Senator Harry Reid gives an exclusve interview to George Knapp on the recent dislosure being rolled out in mainstream media. Lets hope it continues.

Disclosure via mainstream media continues 18th Dec 2017

Ralph Blumenthal's Interview on Pentagon UFO Study 17th Dec 2017

The Corbett Report | The Information-Industrial Complex | Dec. 18, 2017


Half a century ago, outgoing President Dwight D. Eisenhower coined the term "military-industrial complex" to describe the fascistic collusion between the Pentagon and America's burgeoning armaments industry.

But in our day and age we are witnessing the rise of a new collusion, one between the Pentagon and the tech industry that it helped to seed, that is committed to waging a covert war against people the world over.

Now, in the 21st century, it is time to give this new threat a name: the information-industrial complex.

Show Notes & Sources

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Merry Miller Time! | F2F Radio | Dec. 17, 2017


First a few comments from me on FCC/FTC Net Neutral Spin and other news items from the week. Then it's a Merry Miller Christmas with Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D. live and uncut.

Interview start: 29:45 min.

Max Igan | Net Neutrality Affects Us All | Dec. 15, 2017


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix, December 15th, 2017
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