Julian Assange Special | Do Wikileaks have the email that'll put Clinton in Prison? | Aug. 6, 2016

Source: RT.com

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with Julian Assange. We talk to the founder of Wikileaks about how his recent DNC leaks have no connection to Russia. Plus what are Hillary Clinton's connections to ISIS and Russia.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Aug. 4-5, 2016

Source: gizadeathstar.com

There's a quiet geopolitical earthquake going on in the wake of the "coup" attempt in Turkey:

Turkey: Protesters Moving Toward Incirlik Air Base
The New Byzantine Alliance - The Kremlin And the Porte Revolutionize the Centre of the Old World

DiNunzio Brothers | Revolution

Source: dbros.ca, truecoretv.com, facebook.com/dinunziobrothers

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Official Music Video release of The DiNunzio Brothers second single entitled 'Revolution', off the TrueCore album coming soon. Thanks to everyone spreading the TRUTH amidst all the propaganda and lies...it is time to Wakeup and Unite. Truth,Freedom,Love,and the Warrior Spirit! Viva la Revolucion... -DiNunzio Brothers

Dane Wigington | Chemtrails Killing Environment & Life on Earth | Aug. 3, 2016

Source: usawatchdog.com, geoengineeringwatch.org

High ranking people in the scientific community have also been covering up chemtrails and geoengineering right along with the government for decades. Wigington told one official via email exchange, “The wake up is real, and we have documentation to back up our accusations.

Once the public finds out what’s been done to them, they will hold them responsible. Not just the ones who have done these crimes, but people facilitating these crimes by people helping to hide them like Marcia McNutt (President of the National Academy of Sciences).

The public, at some point, would hold Nuremberg type trials. We are talking about ecocide and omnicide (extinction of human species). We are talking about a population that has been irreparably damaged by these programs. The heavy metals build up in our system, and they do immense amounts of harm. You can’t fix that, and once the population knows what’s been done to them, people . . . will be held accountable.”

F. William Engdahl | Is the CIA Friend or Foe of ISIS | Aug. 3, 2016

Source: jaytaylormedia.com, williamengdahl.com

William Engdahl uncovers the pro ISIS relationship the CIA has fostered over many years and addresses its role in the recently attempted coup d’état in Turkey.

Shamangineer | Ether Theory, Ancient Alchemy & Ormuz | Jul 31, 2016

Source: thehighersidechats.com

From the Ether Theory, Ancient Alchemy, and the existence of Ormus, Shamangineer knows first hand that we are being held back in more ways than one. With experience working for over a decade in a variety of industries from robotics, manufacturing equipment, chemical systems, and alternative energy.

The shadowy elite dedicated many pages in their playbook to suppressing information on Ether, technology, alchemy, ormus and scientific advancements that could improve the lives of people and offer a better perception of our reality.

To help us piece the puzzle back together independent researcher, Shamangineer, is ready to come out of the shadows and onto the main stage in his first real interview. Join The Higherside Chats this week as Greg Carlwood hosts, Shamangineer.

Those of us who are paying attention have recognized the scientific quarantine and seen many indications of the big suppression along the way including, but not limited to the work of Nikola Tesla, denial of electrogravitic crafts, lost legends of ancient alchemy, the lies of NASA, whispers of a breakaway civilization, and the free energy cancer cure technologies we’ve heard exist but have been thoroughly kibosh-ed “for our own good”. -thehighersidechats.com

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Gabriella Coleman: Inside Anonymous | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Aug. 1, 2016

Source: jimmychurchradio.com

Gabriella Coleman is a professor at McGill University, author and has been involved with Anonymous since the beginning...as both researcher and spokesperson. -jimmychurchradio.com 

Interview start: 31:35 min.

Graham Hancock | Interview at The Common Glastonbury 2016

Source: The Common Glastonbury youtube, grahamhancock.com

This is a new interview, about 45 minutes, with lots of fresh and different questions.

Trump or Clinton? - Questions For Corbett | Aug. 1, 2016

Source: corbettreport.com

Have you ever wondered how big the black budget really is? Or how to win the clash of civilizations? Or whether James prefers Trump or Clinton? Then this is the podcast for you! Join James for another edition of Questions For Corbett as he fields a range of questions covering everything from soil erosion to Brexit and everything in between. -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Comments and questions from QFC#030
Kudzu – A Very Wicked Plant
Kudzu: A Lesson in Big Government Failure
Snowden reveals US intelligence’s black budget: $52.6 billion on secret programs
CIA Front Companies + Hyperlinked transcript
Eyeopener: Meet In-Q-Tel + Hyperlinked transcript
Clash of Civilizations | Samuel Huntington | 1993
The Last Word on Terrorism
Corbett Report Radio 264 – Who Are the Muslim Brotherhood?
Episode 258 – Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri
Episode 308 – 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money
Pentagon Prepares a Futures Market on Terror Attacks
Robert Baer knows the guy who “cashed out” on 9/10br /> The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed
Probing the SITE Intelligence Group
James Corbett Explains What Everybody’s Missing About Brexit
Episode 264 – The Government Illusion
The Last Word on Voting
Why Hillary Clinton Must Not Become President
Why Jeb Bush Must Not Become President
Why No One Should Become President
Interview 152 – John Young

Max Igan | Free Your Mind Conference | 2016

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan speaking at the 2016 Free Your Mind Conference. This was my first ever appearance in the United States, delivered directly on arriving in Philadelphia after 46 hours travel and 59 hours awake. -Max Igan

Brien Foerster | More Strange Magnetic Anomalies At Puma Punku In Bolivia | July 2016

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Yet another visit to Puma Punku, which is part of the ancient Tiwanaku complex near the shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. This time we expanded our study of the amazing magnetic anomalies; especially at the location of the famous H blocks. -Brien Foerster

The Corbett Report | Turkish Coup Fallout: Chief of Staff Fingers Gulen As Plot Leader | July 29, 2016

Source: corbettreport.com

From the Turkish Armed Forces's Chief of Staff hanging the plot on Erdogan to the drama at Incirlik and the NBC psyops, Christoph Germann of the New Great Game blog is here to update us on all the latest news, views and reactions to this month's failed coup attempt in Turkey. -corbettreport.com 

Show Notes @ corbettreport.com

Max Igan | Reflections on the Independent Media And Conspiracy Entertainment | July 29, 2016

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - July 29th, 2016.

Anonymous | New World Order Exposed | July 30, 2016

Source: Anonymous

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