Grant Cameron | The Holographic Universe, Alien Downloads, and Tom DeLonge's UFO Disclosure | Alien Cosmic Expo Toronto 2018

Source: Near Death Experiment youtube,

Grant Cameron speaks about biocentrism, how everything is consciousness, the authors whose books were downloads from aliens, Tom Delonge's high-level contacts, and Hilary Clinton and John Podesta's interest in the UFO issue.

Grant Cameron is the recipient of the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO Congress Researcher of the Year. He became involved in Ufology as the Vietnam War ended in May 1975 with personal sightings of a UFO type object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. The story has been optioned for a movie.

These sightings led to a decade of research into the early work done by the Canadian government into the flying saucer phenomena. Cameron became the authority on the government program and Wilbert B. Smith who headed it up. From here Cameron proceeded to do almost three decades of research into the role of the President of the United States in the UFO mystery. He is one of the foremost authorities on Hillary and Bill Clinton and their UFO connection.

Most of that research can be found at the Presidents UFO Website

After experiencing a mental download event on February 26, 2012, Cameron turned his research interests away from “nuts and bolts” research to the role of consciousness in the UFO phenomena. This new research has expanded out to the possible involvement of extraterrestrials in modern music and in the phenomena of inspirations and downloads in scientific discoveries, inventions, Nobel Prizes, music, art, books, near-death experiences, meditation, and with individuals known as savants and prodigies.

Cameron has lectured widely in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He was one of the 40 witnesses that testified in front of six ex-Senators and Congressmen in Washington for the “Citizen’s Hearing UFO on Disclosure.” He has appeared on many television documentaries on UFOs and been interviewed by nearly a hundred radio shows including a number of appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

Cameron co-authored a book on the government UFO cover-up called “UFOs, Area-51, and the Government.” He has just released the book, “Alien Bedtime Stories” with has 72 articles on UFOs as they relate to the Presidents, consciousness, abductions, and musicians. He is preparing to release the books “Inspirations and Downloads: Where Good Ideas Come From,” and “Tales of Charlie Red Star.”

Dr. Dean Radin | Real Magic, Parapsychology, & The Lab Tested Results | July 12, 2018


Dr. Dean Radin is the currently the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Associated Distinguished Professor of Integral Trans-personal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. But along the way he’s held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, and SRI International just to name a few.

For nearly 4 decades he’s been at the forefront of consciousness research and along the way He’s authored over 250 articles, and 3 popular books entitled The Conscious Universe, Entangled Minds, & Super-normal.

He’s been on dozen’s of popular shows including Oprah, Larry King, and now The Higherside Chats- which we call the true trifecta around here.

Coming in hot with the release of his latest book, boldly spelling it out for his colleagues in the title so there’s no mistake:

It’s called: Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe and I’m siked to talk to him about it.

This episode’s Plus content includes:
- The way magic works in non-linear time and the data that supports that notion
- The science of sigils
- Developing and getting familiar with your deep mind
- Nuero-feedback devices to use as training wheels
- ‘Big C’ consciousness vs ‘little c’ consciousness
- Psychic levitating robots
- Ceremonial magic and it’s relationship to potency
- The VooDoo doll lab test
- Merlin level magicians

Richard Dolan | Intelligent Disclosure | Live Show | July 12, 2018


Intelligent Disclosure with Richard Dolan Live.

New World Next Week | 3D Printed Guns for Everyone! | July 12, 2018


Story #1: Ross Ulbricht Denied Supreme Court Hearing
If Trump Really Wanted to Fight the Deep State, He’d #FreeRoss
Lyn Ulbricht Updates Us On Ross Ulbricht (Jul. 11, 2017)
If Ross Ulbricht Is Not Free, Then You Are Not Free
Dark Web Alleged Silk Road Conspirator Handed to US Authorities
Roger Ver: My Story of Being Tortured in Prison

Story #2: Cashless Backlash As Movement Taking Heat From Lawmakers
Interview w/David Wolman on ‘The End Of Money’

Story #3: DOJ Settles Suit In Landmark Win for 3D-Printable Guns
Decentralize Everything: How To Avoid the Technocratic Nightmare
Nearly Half of Social Media Users Deleted One Account In the Past Year
#GoodNewsNextWeek: The Return of Hemp For Victory

Nick Redfern | The Elites Human Slavery Experiment, Artificial Intelligence and the Endgame Alien Threat Nightmare | July 10, 2018

Source: Alien Outpost TV,

I had the honor and priviledge to be able to sit down with Nick Redfern and interview him in person for the second time! This was a 2 part discussion starting off with big brother, propaganda, artificial intelligence and mind control. We end with part 2 connecting the dots of the first part with the UFOs, and the Artificial Alien Threat. -Alien Outpost TV

Elite Bloodlines
New World Order
Orchestrated Events
Big Brother the Orwellian Society
Surveillance through Social Media
Propaganda through Television and Mainstream Media
Mind Control and Dumbing Down the Masses
GMOs in Food and Pharmaceutical Drugs as a Weapon for the Elite
Black Budget Operations and Programs
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality
Technology is great but can easily be abused
Post 9/11 World
DARPA and Microchip Implants
Low Frequency Weapon
Georgia Guide Stones
Depopulation Agendas

Ronald Reagans Alien Threat Speech
Project Bluebeam and the Fake Alien Threat
Advanced Holographic Technologies
Bob Lazar, Area 51, and Alien Technologies
Black Triangle UFO’s
Fabricated Events
The Orchestration of the Second Coming of Christ
Are Governments of the World worki
ng alongside ET’s
Project Serpo and Eisenhower
Dulce Underground Wars
Phil Schneider
Are ET’s traveling here? Are they already here possibly underground or hollow earth?
Underground Top Secret Facilities
Underground Submersive Objects

Jordan Maxwell | Special Dogmatic Theology Part 1-3


Description: We begin a special series with Jordan Maxwell on Religion. If you are not thinking for yourself, this could be quite offensive. Listen at your own risk. The world around us is designed to be deceptive. Many live in fear and perish for lack of knowledge. Facts are facts, Truth is reality untamed, to educate about truth is an act of love. Tonight is the first of a special series of presentations.

Unmasking what is commonly called religion, The real God Father is the Pope.

Where does god Live? A god was appointed over a solar system, and his name is Zeus. He lives in a floating city in Cassiopeia.

What would happen if Zeus dropped an anvil to the earth? Our father who art in heaven. The chief Theos is Zeus. The origin of Jupiter is explained.

Which of the three major religions came first? Who was Karl Jansky? Did he transmit a signal into space? Did he get an answer? Duncan Lunan sent a message. Responses were amplified and intelligent.

The Theogony of Hesiod is about the God who rules over the heavens. It was channeled through an illiterate man in ancient Greece. Angels are muses.

The divine right of kings is granted by Zeus through his representative, The Pope.

The different places the Jewish homeland was proposed to go.

The British formation of Israel. The idea of a holy land is full of holes.

There are many holy mountains. The moon god is Sin. Who are the people in the book? Who wrote “The Book”?

Who is the god Dagon? The Vatican sent its troops to go up the mountains and slaughter men, woman and children who did not wish to be in their religion. They were called The Knights Templar.

There never was an ancient Israel. The Hebrew word for God is (EL), which is the root of the word Elohim. These two letters written in Hebrew as Aleph, Lamed (AL), is the same word used in Arabic as the word God (Allah), which also has its root in the two letters (EL) or (AL) Modern sun worship is real. Black Sabbath is more than just Chuck’s favorite band.

Part 2

This episode is The second part of a continuing series with Jordan Maxwell on Religion. As it stands today, Jordan has studied this for more than half a century.

The dogma of the western world continually screams It is Christian; its values are Christian. Is this true? Does anyone truly understand what they are saying when repeating these claims?

The foundation of Christianity is not what it seems. As with nearly everything else in this world, there is truth and deception encoded in every pillar of society. The war between light and darkness is older than the language used to tell the story. What is the story?

The Greatest Story Ever Told has truth encoded in it, but it is not the truth as represented. Historical Evidence is there to support the idea that the biblical story existed long before The Book. A Church is a Circus.

The word Christo is another word for oil. Who is anointed? One God, One Faith, One Spiritual Authority, is the basis for Vatican architecture. What god are the Catholics worshiping? You are not in the big club.

What is the Worth Ship? Theos. We explore A god versus The God. Knowledge is power. Is religion itself the circus that keeps the powerless entertained? Perhaps prayers are not heard because you have been trained to speak to the wrong deity.

Part 3

Jordan Maxwell continues his special series on religion. Indiana Jones and the lost Temple of truth? Jewish people worship many gods, not just one. Volcano worship is about the female orgasm. (If you know what you are doing, then you understand the symbolism)

Why does Roman Law dominate the modern world? The Lord of this contemporary world is the evil that most claim they oppose. Do they realize they are serving the most demonic entity? Why does every volcano have a woman’s name?

Egypt seems to be the true origin of the greatest story ever told. What is the Hebrew tradition? How Evil are the true controllers? Why are all three major religions all about sex? How much darker will this series get? Did God show his ass to Moses?

Mount Sinai and the story of Moses is a useful Myth. Multiple gods litter what is alleged to be the Jewish faith. What is the truth of “The Ten Commandments”?

Eva Bartlett on Spring 2018 Visit to Syria, Israeli Violence in Gaza | July 9, 2018


In this special July 2 edition of GRTV, we interview Canadian award-winning journalist Eva Bartlett about her most recent trip to Syria.

In this 26 minute feature Bartlett talks about residents in Douma who refute the accusations of chemical weapons attacks there, she talks about the kidnapping of civilians and the hoarding of food by terrorist factions, Western governments reprisals in April which affected cancer care facilities, an the toll sanctions were taking on the country.

Eva also recounts her experiences in Gaza and how they inform her understanding of Israel's most recent attacks on protesters at the Israel-Gaza border wall.

More of Eva's journalistic work can be found at:

The Corbett Report | China Warns of "Peace Disease" And "Unavoidable" War With US | July 9, 2018


A leaked Chinese memo reveals that the Chinese military is combating "peace disease" and avoiding an "unavoidable" war by . . . building up their military? What does all this mean, what does it have to do with Thucydides, and what is the reality behind this smoke and mirrors? Find out in today's thought for the day.

Show Notes:
China is working on a new fighter jet for aircraft carriers to replace its J-15s
‘Laser AK-47’? Chinese developer answers sceptics with videos of gun being tested
Meet Xi Jinping, President For Life
China’s military reforms aimed at offshore expansion, Communist Party document says
China’s army infiltrated by ‘peace disease’ after years without a war, says its official newspaper
Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War
China and the New World Order
The Great Decoupling: How the West is Engineering its Own Downfall

Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | The Deep State Plan to Sabotage Korean Peace | July 7, 2018


Recently the Asia punditsphere was abuzz with excited comments on an ABC news report “North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials”.

As to the assertion that North Korea is cranking out fissile material at one or two secret processing facilities, so what? Kim Jong un said he’s stop missile and nuclear tests but never said he’d stop processing.
In practical terms, this appears to be an effort to make a Korea deal—and the lifting of sanctions against North Korea—impossible, by establishing the “these guys are liars and can’t be trusted ever!” frame.

This would not be the first time interested parties reached out to sabotage Korean peace negotiations. And it would not even be the second. It’s at least the third.

In a special edition, China Watch explores the sixty year record of U.S. bad faith and sabotage of Korean peace negotiations and presents a special video report on one of the biggest and therefore least admitted blunders in US mismanagement of Asian affairs: the botched campaign against a Macau bank that birthed North Korea’s atomic bomb.

Show Notes:
North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials
Suspicions persist about Iranian ‘laptop of death’
The CIA’s Mop-Up Man: L.A. Times Reporter Cleared Stories With Agency Before Publication
Mark Dubowitz tweet re Anthony Ruggiero
Failure to sanction China helped North Korea, former officials say
General MacArthur’s Conspiracy to Start a War with China! New Documentary Release & Interview!

Grant Cameron on UFO Insider Knowledge | Tom Delonge, Stargate Portals and Consciousness Technology | July 8, 2018

Source: Alien Outpost TV,

I had the pleasure to sit down and interview Grant Cameron at the 2018 Ozark UFO Conference! We talked about many fascinating topics within the UFO world. Grant talked about Tom DeLonge and breaks down the interview the DeLonge had with Joe Rogan.

Grant also brings new information that Tom DeLonge has brought forward which DeLonge isn’t allowed to discuss anymore. Grant talks about many secret programs that are going on and discusses the various types of advanced back enginnered technologies. He breaks down President Eisenhowers Military Industrial Complex Speech and gives a different angle compared to other researchers take on the speech.

He went into detail into his Portal Research and explains how this Stargate type technology is currently being used to travel inter-dimensionally. He also talked about how a being came through the portal. We talked about many topics and a few of the topics discussed are below. -Alien Outpost TV

Tom DeLonge
Joe Rogans interview with Tom DeLonge
Pentagon UFO Program
Atip Program
Advanced Top Secret Technology
Area 51 and Lockheed Skunkworks
Consciousness Technology
Deep Government Insiders
The Cosmic Club
Disinformation Programs
Secret Space Program
UFO Disclosure
1947 National Security Act
Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex Speech
Advanced Military Technology
Back Engineered UFO’s
Inter-Dimensional Portals
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