The Corbett Report | Beyond Bilderberg, May 31, 2013


The alt media has done a remarkable job of raising awareness of the Bilderberg meetings in the last few years. Now, as this year's conference gets set to kick off in Waterford, UK, this year's protest is shaping up to be the largest one yet. But as hopeful as this growing Bilderberg awareness is, there is always the question: what other meetings, conferences and groups are flying under the radar while the alt media is fixated on the Bilderbergers? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore what lies beyond Bilderberg.

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Jose Escamilla on Veritas Radio | Rods, The Moon, The Battle of L.A., & NASA UFOs | S1 of 2


On March 5, 1994, Jose Escamilla videotaped sixteen minutes of UFO footage in broad daylight nine miles south of Roswell, New Mexico. He thought this would be the only UFO encounter he and his family would ever have. But fourteen days later he captured something on videotape that would forever change his life. He discovered something flying in the skies that just didn't look normal. At first he thought they were insects flying close to the video camera. After a number of tests he found out they were not insects. He found out they were not birds. Instead he discovered something that will forever change the way we accept reality. They are called Rods. And they are appearing everywhere, all over the world. We discuss NASA, The Moon, and the concerted effort by the intelligence apparatus to marginalize his work.

Max Igan | The Political & Corporate Betrayal of Mankind, May 31, 2013


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - May 31st, 2013

4MIN News | Magnetic Storm, MORE Coronal Holes!, June 1, 2013

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New World Next Week | Xbox Spying, EU Revolt, Plant Revival, May 30, 2013


Story #1: Privacy Breach As Xbox One A 'Twisted Nightmare'
Obama Intelligence Agency Chairman Has His E-Mail Account Hacked
Pentagon Project Makes Cyberwar As Easy As Angry Birds
Video: Pixel Anarchy As Riot Simulator Lets Players Choose Sides In Global Uprising  

Story #2: German Finance Minister Schaeuble Warns of Revolution
Stockholm Riots Leave Sweden's Dreams Of Perfect Society Up In Smoke
Fears Grow Over Possible Malaysian Spring
Spain's Bankia Decimates Savers As Stock Plummets; Police Officer Stabs Banker Who Sold Him Shares
Iran Shells Out $4B Line Of Credit to Assad's Government In Syria
World's Major Central Banks Act With New Boldness As Economies Falter
 'There Is No Food': Post-Revolutionary Economic Turmoil Dashes Hopes In Egypt

Story #3: Scientists Revive 400 Year-Old Frozen Plants
Regeneration of Little Ice Age bryophytes emerging from a polar glacier with implications of totipotency in extreme environments
USDA Says Unapproved Genetically Engineered Wheat Discovered In Oregon Field
Video: March Against Monsanto Coverage On CNN May 28, 2013 - Full Segment
Video: Despite FDA Approval, Many Distrustful Of GMOs
Video: #MarchAgainstMonsanto - The Grassroots Uprising
Video: Portland's March Against Monsanto - All Speakers

Niels Harrit | Thermitic Material in the World Trade Center Dust & Building 7, May 28, 2013

Source:,, Dr. Niels Harrit interview with BBC  

May 28, 2013–Niels Harrit is the Associate Professor for the Department of Chemistry at the Copenhagen University in Denmark, who has published a large number of scientific papers with a special focus on nano-science. He was part of the scientific team which discovered nanothermite in dust samples from the 9-11 World Trade Center attack.

In the first hour, he’ll discuss his scientific opinion on the collapse of the WTC and also WTC building 7. Niels tells his story as an independent researcher investigating 9-11 wreckage. He explains why he thinks nanothermite was at work.
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4MIN News | Tornados, Solar Update, Dr. Atkins' Quake Prediction, May 30, 2013

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Max Igan Speaks with Mark Devlin | Good Vibrations Podcast, May 2013


John Vasquez (R.I.P.) | Military Soldier John Vasquez Re-Lives The Ft. Benning UFO abduction Incident


In September 1977, during the Joint Attack Weapons Systems Test (JAWS) at Fort Benning, Georgia, the entire base witnessed a UFO invasion. As many as 1300 troops were involved in the event. Most were left with severe psychological trauma and "missing time" gaps. John Vasquez was courageous enough to undergo counseling, regression therapy, and hypnosis. After 15 years of personal research, John and co-author, Bruce Stephen Holms present the story along with plenty of government documentation. Readers are asked to enter this experience with an open mind. After reviewing the official documents and scrutinizing the appendix make up your own mind regarding the Incident At Fort Benning.

We interviewed John Vasquez September 2, 2011, and during the interview we let John know that we at The Truth Denied have made contact with the men he mentioned, one Commander Sgt. Major James Norton who was stationed at Ft. Benning in 1977. The other , government employee Paul Dale Roberts. -Roxy Lopez

Cmd. Sgt. Maj. James Norton (R.I.P.) on the Kevin Smith Show, March 29, 2011

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Cmd. Sgt. Maj. James Norton (R.I.P.) on the Kevin Smith Show, May 18, 2011

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Citizen Sane Radio Episode 03 - Incident At Fort Benning October 6, 2012

In September 1977, during the Joint Attack Weapons Systems Test at Fort Benning Georgia, the entire base witnessed a UFO invasion. As many as 1300 troops were involved in the event. Most were left with severe psychological trauma and "missing time" gaps. John Vasquez was courageous enough to undergo counseling, regression therapy, and hypnosis.

4MIN News | Severe Weather, Electron Storm Continues, Quake Watch Coming, May 29, 2013

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The AP Spying Story: What You Aren't Being Told, May 28, 2013


In recent weeks we have been told to focus on a series of scandals which, we are told, are rocking the Obama Administration. Has the media finally found outrage over the Obama regime's use of drone strikes to kill scores of innocent women and children in countries that are not even at war with the United States? Or the DOJ's recent admission that the strikes had indeed killed American citizens? Or John Kerry's recent attempts to once again lead the American public into supporting military intervention in the Middle East based on provably false claims of WMD?

Of course not. No, the media's sudden discovery of outrage is directed at an entirely different scandal: the fact that reporters have now allegedly found themselves in the government's crosshairs.

Find out more about the real scandal behind the AP spying story in this weeks edition of The Eyeopener from

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Dr. Bruce Fife | The Marvel of Ketone Science, May 27, 2013



From 2000 to 2010, Alzheimer's-related deaths increased by a startling 68%. Neurodegenerative disorders are usually linked with aging, but according to coconut expert Dr. Bruce Fife, they are not part of the normal aging process.

Dr. Fife, a former guest on It's Rainmaking Time!®, returns to the show to discuss his book Stop Alzheimer's Now!: How to Prevent & Reverse Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis & Other Neurodegenerative Disorders.

In this timely segment, we will explore the causes of neurodegenerative disease, the neurorestorative properties of coconut ketones (a high power brain food found in coconut oil), and how they can reverse neurodegenerative conditions before it's too late. With diagnosis and morbidity rates for these terrifying diseases on the rise, we cannot afford to overlook the potential public health impact of ketone science. Join us with Dr. Bruce Fife once again as we rediscover the incredible healing benefits of coconut oil.
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Julia & BJ Davis | Top Priority: The Terror Within, Hour 1 & 2, May 26, 2013


May 26, 2013–"Top Priority: The Terror Within" is a documentary film by Fleur De Lis Film Studios. It features an incredible true story of Julia Davis, a national security whistleblower who was falsely declared a "Domestic Terrorist" and subjected to retaliation of unprecedented proportions by the Department of Homeland Security.

She joins us to discuss what happened when she discovered and reported a breach of national security at the largest and busiest land border crossing in the U.S. on 4th of July, 2004. The DHS failed to act on her reports but instead of correcting the shortcomings exposed by Julia’s report, they opened investigations against her.

Her husband BJ, a film producer who documented these events with a camera, also joins in to talk about the detailed events of this major story, never reported on by mainstream media, although Julia took her case to court and won. They’ll detail unprecedented retaliation and abuses of the Patriot Act in Julia’s case and talk about how the DHS spent American taxpayer’s money on warrantless surveillance, including aerial surveillance with a Blackhawk helicopter and a fixed-wing airplane, wiretaps, sneak and peek burglaries, Internet monitoring and On-Star tracking of the Davis family.

They’ll explain why this story was never reported on by mainstream media and who was involved. In the second hour, we hear about several deaths connected to this story including Julia’s father, her neighbor who filmed the footage of the Blackhawk and the actress Brittany Murphy as well as her husband. Julia and BJ talk about the diminishing of our American rights amongst "terror theatre 101." Don’t miss this astonishing story of the real terror, within the US government.

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3MIN News | Volcano Evac, Electron Storm, May 28, 2013

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Barbara Loe Fisher | Desperate Times for Vaccine Risk Denialism, May 28, 2013


Public access to vaccine risk information is being restricted and vaccine injuries and deaths covered up. NVIC President, Barbara Loe Fisher's referenced commentary educates on how the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking is being violated today.
Copyright 2013 - National Vaccine Information Center - All rights reserved.  

Read Full Article here: Desperate Times for Vaccine Risk Denialism

US Spy Device Tested on Public in Other Countries, May 27, 2013

Source: The New Zealand Herald

By David Fisher | The New Zealand Herald

A high-tech United States surveillance tool which sweeps up all communications without a warrant was sent to New Zealand for testing on the public, according to an espionage expert.

The tool was called ThinThread and it worked by automatically intercepting phone, email and internet information.

ThinThread was highly valued by those who created it because it could handle massive amounts of intercepted information. It then used snippets of data to automatically build a detailed picture of targets, their contacts and their habits for the spy organisation using it.

Those organisations were likely to include the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) after Washington, DC-based author Tim Shorrock revealed ThinThread was sent to New Zealand for testing in 2000-2001.

Mr Shorrock, who has written on intelligence issues for 35 years, said the revolutionary ThinThread surveillance tool was sent to New Zealand by the US National Security Agency. The GCSB is the US agency’s intelligence partner - currently under pressure for potentially illegal wide-spread spying on the public.

The claim ThinThread was sent to New Zealand has brought fresh calls for the bureau to explain what it does.

A spokesman said the bureau was currently reviewing how much it did tell the public - but it would not be making comment on the ThinThread test. He said the intelligence agency "won’t confirm or deny" the claim because it was an "operational" matter.

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister John Key also refused to comment saying it was an operational matter.

The claim emerged in an article by Mr Shorrock which ran in a magazine last month and featured whistleblower William Binney - a former high-ranking NSA official who designed ThinThread.
Mr Shorrock said the "ThinThread prototype" was installed at two NSA listening posts in late 2000 and at Fort Meade where the NSA is based.

"In addition, several allied foreign intelligence agencies were given the program to conduct lawful surveillance in their own corners of the world. Those recipients included Canada, Germany, Britain, Australia and New Zealand."

The "lawful" aspect was due to the software’s ability to mask the identities of those whose information was being intercepted - a technical work around of the legal barrier which prohibits New Zealand and the US from spying on its own citizens.

Mr Shorrock said ThinThread operated in three phases. It began by intercepting call, email and internet traffic on a network and automatically assessing it for interest. The scale of the traffic was such that it narrowed down targets of interest by focusing on patterns of information rather than the content of the information.

Secondly, ThinThread automatically anonymised the collected data so the identities stayed hidden "until there was sufficient evidence to obtain a warrant".

The magic was in the back end of the system which used the raw data "to create graphs showing relationships and patterns that could tell analysts which targets they should look at and which calls should be listened to" using "metadata" - the same type of "information about information" which featured in about 60 of the 88 potentially illegal spying cases identified in the GCSB review.

The Greens and Labour both said it showed the need for an inquiry into the GCSB - an investigation which both have repeatedly demanded. Greens’ co-leader Russel Norman said the Prime Minister and GCSB needed to explain to the public whether it was spied on by ThinThread.

"It reinforces why there is a different set of rules for the GCSB - they are integrated into this global spy network," he said.

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Marcia Schafer | Beyond Zebra, May 22, 2013


Revisiting Marcia Schafer - Beyond Zebra - What to do to prepare for the eventual reality of living in world where Extra Terrestrial presence is not only a given but an integral part of the day to day world.

As a change catalyst, Marcia takes her audience into the unexplored as she transforms our understanding of the world around us along with our future. She prepares us for the special needs of the 21st century at this exciting time and highlights through her own personal experiences the truth of our extraterrestrial reality.

In the late nineties Schafer stepped forward from an executive background to publicly reveal her ET encounters despite the controversy that so often follows this topic. An unusual representative, she was able to draw from her professional credentials to catch the attention of audiences who might normally shy away from this subject matter. To her surprise, her life story about contact was read around the world and generated thousands of encouraging letters from people in dozens of countries.

An award winning author, Marcia has been featured in magazines, radio, television and videos and has shared the stage around the world with astronauts, Pulitzer Prize winners and other notables. The London Times Sunday Magazine special edition "50 Years in Space" included Marcia in their exclusive look at our cosmos. Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, which tells her story, has been read in over twenty five countries and is a prior Glyph Award recipient.

Marcia holds a master's degree in business administration, a bachelor's degree in nursing and has undergraduate studies in anthropology. With years of executive and entrepreneurial background in the public and private sectors, she draws from this knowledge to position people for success. Well versed in science, medicine and the world of business, she uses her wisdom in these areas to drive home the implications of information gained from her unworldly encounters.

She founded the inventive consulting firm Beyond Zebra® to give aspiring leaders the skills they need to build a better future, and combines knowledge of extraterrestrial reality along with a hint of mysticism in her training of up and coming entrepreneurs. With clients in over thirty five countries she's dedicated to changing the course of our future and uses her information to reposition them for a very different tomorrow.

4MIN News | Electron Storm, Senegal Disaster, CH Stream - Round 2, May 27, 2013

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Seeds Of Death | Full Movie

Source: Gary Null youtube

The leaders of Big Agriculture--Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta--are determined that world's populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and the corporations and governments supporting them.

This award-winning documentary, Seeds of Death, exposes the lies about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness our planet's future if Big Agriculture's new green revolution becomes our dominant food supply.

A Question and Answer fact sheet deconstructing Monsanto's GM claims and Big Agriculture's propaganda to accompany the film is available online: Gary Null and Richard Gale – Seeds of Death: Understanding the Deception Behind GMOs

Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner | The Alien Abduction Files, OffPlanet Radio with Randy Maugans, May 22, 2013


Long-established investigators and sought-after media experts in the field of alien abduction, Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner have combined their ground-breaking new evidence in a book, The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported.

The Alien Abduction Files finally reveals:
1. The little-known characteristics of alien experimental procedures;
2. The theoretical science that can explain alien technology;
3. The messages conveyed by the ETs to abduction experiencers;
4. The vulnerabilities and benefits of living life as an abduction experiencer;
5. The evidence that these phenomena are real and not imaginary

About the guests: Author, researcher and lecturer Kathleen Marden has more than 22 years' experience in the research and investigation of the alien abduction phenomenon. She is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, whose story stirred world-wide interest.

Marden has lectured at numerous conferences and appears on TV specials. She is coauthor of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: the True Story of the World; and the coauthor of Science Was Wrong: Startling Truths About Cures, Theories, and Inventions "They" Declared Impossible.

Ramiel Nagel | Cure Tooth Decay May 23, 2013


May 23, 2013–Ramiel Nagel will talk about how to cure tooth decay and tooth infections. He’ll discuss the history of dentistry. The early findings of Dr. Weston A. Price, who founded what became the American Dental Association, have been largely suppressed and now dentistry has been turned into a very unsound and toxic industry. In the second hour we continue the story of dentistry, toxicity and how to heal your teeth naturally.

Ramiel talks about sugar and high fructose corn syrup, the worst of them all. Are any sugar alternatives really better at all? Later, we’ll discuss amalgam fillings and how mercury leaches into the body from our teeth. Ramiel gives some tips on what to eat and what not to eat in order to remineralize your teeth. At the end, we also detail the options when it comes to dentistry and what you can do to make sure that you get a hold of a good holistic dentist if you need one.
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