Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Feb. 16, 2023


Seymour Hersch just gave an interview to the Berliner Zeitung two days ago, and it's a bombshell not only for what it says, but for what it's not saying:

The Last American Vagabond | Ohio Cover Up Continues, US Sends Ukraine Depleted Uranium Rounds & ISIS Patch On Ukraine Solider | Feb. 15, 2023


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Show Notes:

Max Igan | The Government is Not Your Friend | Feb. 16, 2023


Redice TV | No-Go Zone: You Should Skip Breakfast, Buffalo Shooter Theater & Toxic Clouds Over Ohio | Feb. 15, 2023


Henrik cover some of the latest news in No-Go Zone this February 15, 2023.

Andrei Martyanov | Simple Calculations | Feb. 15, 2023


They really do not know how to calculate in NATO.

Tom Campbell and Donald Hoffman with Host Jack of Asking Anything | Feb. 14, 2023

Source:, Jack's Youtube

This fascinating conversation between Tom Campbell and Donald Hoffman was originally streamed live on Jack's discord platform. Thank you, Jack, for your insightful questions, intelligent commentary, and professional moderation of this special discussion with two of the most significant scientists of our time.

00:00:00 Intro
00:09:46 Simulation Theory
00:10:40 computed reality
00:11:00 consciousness as awareness with choice
00:11:28 consciousness as information
00:12:02 larger consciousness system metaphor
00:13:34 lowering entropy
00:15:25 Big Digital Bang
00:17:00 predictions in MBT
00:19:16 objective and subjective universe
00:20:00 out of body research
00:22:50 speed of light
00:26:35 meditation
00:27:00 point consciousness
00:29:00 the intuitive
00:30:58 Akashic records
00:35:40 consciousness partitioned
00:40:24 conscious agents
00:42:22 scientific theories
00:44:50 Markovian chain model
00:46:10 trace of chain consciousness
00:48:28 Fusions of Consciousness
00:48:56 space and time
00:54:45 prediction in Hoffman theory
00:57:55 consciousness has a place at the table
00:59:27 MBT virtual reality model
01:04:19 how does reality work
01:05:07 random draw form the probabilities
01:07:40 John Archibald Wheeler
01:19:16 conceptual and mathematical theory
01:14:56 a TOE that is fundamental
01:26:48 many realities of experiences
01:27:00 VR single player multi player
01:29:00 good vs bad
01:38:37 Noam Chomsky
01:41:00 physical and non physical are points of view
01:42:30 a disagreement
01:43:00 time
01:46:00 The One
01:47:00 time consciousness and free will
01:49:41 reincarnation
01:52:00 Hoffman’s theory
01:53:00 Campbell’s theory
01:55:51 thought definition
01:58:31 the power of thought

The Corbett Report | Building Community - #SolutionsWatch | Feb. 15, 2023


The PTSB are trying to keep us apart. Divided. Alone in the urban jungle. And so, building community is a way to fight back by constructing something new . . . But no one said building a community is easy. Join James today as he looks at The Conscious Agora and other examples of people coming together to create a better world.

Walden quotation
Episode 436 - Opting Out of CBDCs
Episode 394 - Solutions: Survival Currency
Episode 146 - Lessons in Resistance: Building Communities
Interview 1011 - Thomas Freedman on Creating a Community Organization
Creating a Life Together-Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities
The Conscious Agora website
The Conscious Agora fundrazr
Free Zone with Freeman - September 11, 2010

Seymour Hersh on US Bombing Nord Stream Pipelines | Feb. 11, 2023

Source: Radio War Nerd 

We talk to legendary Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh about his latest bombshell scoop: the United States, on President Biden's orders, blew up the Nord Stream pipelines that were foundational to Germany's export economy until last year.

-Read Seymour Hersh's article, "How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline"

The Last American Vagabond | The Ohio Disaster Cover Up, CDC Always Knew MRNA Entered The Blood & The Year Psyops Went Mainstream | Feb. 13, 2023


All Video Source Links Can Be Found Here At The Last American Vagabond

S0 News | New Sunspots, Major Cycles of Change | Feb. 13, 2023


The Corbett Report | WHO's Sordid History of So-Called Pandemics | Feb. 13, 2023


via CHD.TV: James Corbett and Meryl Nass continue their efforts to unpack the WHO’s vast bureaucratic overreach toward a global biosecurity state. Interpreting recently drafted amendments to the International Health Regulations for future pandemics, Nass and Corbett remind us of the sordid history of so-called pandemics, from Smallpox, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Zika, Ebola, Monkeypox to COVID, pointing out the failures of the WHO at dealing with nearly every one of them.

Yet one area continuously prevails, curiously evading public questioning — the demand for toxic products and the success of selling pharmaceuticals, and the sleeper contracts which activate the WHO’s financial fangs. Don’t miss this quintessential duo on today’s ‘Good Morning CHD’.

Show Notes: 

MintPress News | The Most Censored Stories of The Year! | Feb. 9, 2023


Lee Camp with Director of Project Censored Andy Lee Roth.

Andrei Martyanov | SFERA and a Hogweed | Feb. 11, 2023


Real meaning of space programs.

Carl Abrahamsson | Source Magic The Origin of Art, Science, and Culture - PART 1 | Feb. 11, 2023


Carl Abrahamsson discusses his book 'Source Magic: The Origin of Art, Science, and Culture'. Since the dawn of time, magic has been the node around which all human activities and culture revolve. As magic entered the development of science, art, philosophy, religion, myth, and psychology, it still retained its essence: that we have a dynamic connection with all other forms of life.

Exploring the source magic that flows beneath the surface of culture and occulture throughout the ages, Abrahamsson offers a 'magical-anthropological' journey from ancient Norse shamanism to the modern magick of occultists like Genesis P-Orridge. He looks at how human beings relate to and are naturally attracted to magic. He examines in depth the consequences of magical practice and how the attraction to magic can be corrupted by both religious organizations and occult societies. He shows how the positive effects of magic are instinctively grasped by children, who view the world as magical.

Sharing his more than 30 years of experiences in the fields of occulture and magical anthropology, Abrahamsson explores ancient and modern magical history to reveal the source magic that connects us all, past and present.

Dark Journalist | UFO Shootdown COG Aerospace Threat | Feb. 11, 2023



Join us for this Special Report on the alleged Shootdown of UFOs over Canada and Alaska as Dark Journalist explores the involvement of the Continuity of Government NORTHCOM Commander Glen VanHerck in the latest UFO Incidents and the unusual activities of NORAD. DJ sees the CIA operating a UFO Threat narrative to create an Emergency Powers declaration and seize upon the invented crisis.
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