S0 News | When is Space Weather Scary? & Top Science Updates | Nov. 5, 2021

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New World Next Week | Facebook Goes Meta. Are You Prepared? | Oct. 5, 2021

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This week on the New World Next Week: Trolls could be jailed under new online harms bill; Facebook gets Meta as the takeover humanity proceeds apace; and Ticketek creates the first all-in-one ticket and vaxx pass app. 

Story #1: Trolls Will Be Jailed For "Likely Psychological Harm"
MPs Urge Social Media Giants To Bring In Mandatory ID Checks
“David’s Law”: How the Amess attack will be used to control the internet
UK Subs Fire Drummer for ‘Celebrating’ Murder of Conservative MP David Amess
Jon Stewart's New Show, 'The Problem With...' Freedom
New Zealand’s Prime Minister immediately ends a presser and runs off when challenged by inconvenient COVID/vaccine related data

Story #2: Meta - The Final Disconnect From Reality
Introducing Meta: A Social Technology Company
Facebook plans to shut down its facial recognition program
Mass Media: A History - Renegade University
'Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man'
'Haunted Media: Electronic Presence from Telegraphy to Television'
"If people could die of hypocrisy there would be piles of bodies everywhere."

Story #3: Ticketek Unveils 'World First' Integrated Mobile Ticket and Vaccination Check-In
Image: Ticketek App Shows Concert Ticket, Vaccination Confirmation Integration
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Wikipedia: Silver Lake Investment Firm

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 4, 2021

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Today is an usual departure from our normal practice of commenting on an article. Rather, I plan to simply read portions of a website, without commentary, and if you want to follow along, here's the website link: cultfoodscience.com

Linda Moulton Howe | Retired U.S. Army Sniper Paralyzed by Square-Headed Non-Human & Pointed-Chin Grey | Nov. 3, 2021

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Fearless after two missions in Iraq as an Army sniper with a TOP SECRET clearance in the first decade of the 21st Century, “John Doe” is shocked in March 2021 when he wakes up paralyzed with two different non-humans in his bedroom and one scares him.

2021 COP26 - Global Leaders Pledge to End Deforestation by 2030
- Amazon now emits more CO2 than it absorbs

More headlines about loud booms this month
- Lake Country Journal reports mysterious loud boom north of Chicago
- No seismic activity or sonic booms

Forest worker Robert Taylor has encounter with aliens in Livingston, Scotland in 1979
- 64 year old Trish Blair shares some shocking UAP dash cam footage

Interview with John Doe, Retired U.S. Army Sniper
- Encounter with mysterious shadow intruders

S0 News | CME Expected Tonight, Special Video, Violent Space | Nov. 3, 2021

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Whitney Webb | The Global Public Private Partnership with Iain Davis

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Iain Davis of In This Together joins Whitney for an important conversation on the network of institutions, corporations and governments that are at the center of global decision-making. This global public-private partnership already exerts considerable control over our lives and our society and is quickly moving to control even more. Originally published 10/28/21.

Max Igan | A Coming Flase Flag in Australia | Oct. 31, 2021

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Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell | HotZone Global Government & The UFO File! | Oct. 30, 2021

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The Exotic Technology Card
Oxford Scholar and Giza Death Star Book Series Author Dr. Joseph Farrell returns to join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a spellbinding look into the bizarre geopolitical hurricane gaining force as we head into 2022.

He sees major moves in the HotZone of Cuba where ancient ruins and covert operations like Havana Syndrome run rampant. A supply crisis being engineered in the US by shadowy forces who are searching for something mysterious.

Massive repression and mind control worldwide as a global dictatorship steps out of the shadows and a major secret coming to the surface regarding aerospace, exotic technology and the UFO file that may play a crucial role in starting (or preventing) a new World War. 

Special Topics:
Havana Syndrome
Pine Gap
Supply Crisis
HotZone Intrigue
Push For World War
Exotic Technology
Mind Control
Committee to Run the President
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