New World Next Week | Moving Ukraine Closer to NATO | June 23, 2023


This week on the New World Next Week: NATO talks about a Ukraine-NATO council that will move Ukraine closer to NATO...but they're totally not inviting them in, guys; the IMF is working on a CBDC platform (along with every other globalist bankster institution); and Obama calls for digital fingerprints to counteract disinformation.

Story #1: Invitation For Ukraine To Join NATO Not To Be Discussed At Summit

Tucker Carlson | Tucker on Twitter | Ep. 6 Bobby Kennedy is winning | June 23, 2023


Andrei Martyanov | Remembering June 22, 1941 | June 22, 2023


About miscalculations since June 22, 1941.

Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | June 22, 2023


An unusual (and unhappy) anniversary today, and two VERY different and odd stories to talk about, after a storm update from Joseph. He's today's articles, courtesy of KM and EE:

Internet and cell outages in Northwest Alaska, North Slope caused by offshore fiber optic cut

Forty Hours Left: Billionaire Explorer, Pakistani Businessman Aboard Missing Titanic Sub

James Corbett on the WHO's Anti-Human Agenda | June 22, 2023


via The New American: In this interview with The New American, award-winning investigative journalist James Corbett speaks about the gradual expansion of the biosecurity state and the weaponization of the healthcare apparatus and explains the key facts about the WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Zero Draft that would provide the organization with unparalleled authoritarian powers.

Show Notes:
The Corbett Report on Medical Martial Law (2009)
Council of Europe: The handling of the H1N1 pandemic: more transparency needed
BMJ: WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”
The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity
WHO chief declares monkeypox an international emergency after expert panel fails to reach consensus
The Global Pandemic Treaty Is A Threat To Us All
Sovereignty Coalition Press Conference: Get the US out of the W.H.O.
Propaganda by Edward Bernays

Tom Montalk, Josh Reid, David Whitehead | Alien Agendas & Disinformation | June 21, 2023




· 3D vs 4D conspiracy
· Quantum physics
· Timelines, holograms
· Ultra/Extraterrestrials
· Energy farming as probability harvesting
· Opposing Disclosure factions
· Discerning ET disinformation

The Corbett Report | Are We Going to Win? - Questions For Corbett | June 21, 2023


Today James answers the question he received most often from the attendees of The Better Way conference in Bath: are we going to win this thing? Get ready for a bigger answer than you're expecting and a homework assignment of your own.

The Jimmy Dore Show | Putin Shows Off Year-Old Ukraine Peace Treaty Biden Sabotaged! | June 20, 2023

Source: The Jimmy Dore Show youtube 

During a recent meeting with African leaders Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed a document he claims shows the details of a tentative agreement between Russia and Ukraine from April 2022 that would have ended the Ukrainian conflict based on a series of provisions, including demilitarization of Ukraine and a promise that Ukraine would not join NATO. As yet no one from the Ukrainian government has disputed the authenticity of the document.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the likely cause of the agreement’s derailment — UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to Kiev to tell Ukrainian President Zelensky not to honor the agreement and keep fighting.

O'keefe Media Group | BREAKING: BlackRock Recruiter Who ‘Decides People’s Fate’ Says ‘War is Good for Business’ | June 20, 2023



BREAKING: @BlackRock Recruiter Who “Decides People’s Fate” Spills Info on Company’s World Impact.

- “It’s not who the president is- it’s who’s controlling the wallet of the president”
- “You got $10K? You can buy a senator"
- “War is real f***ing good for business” #BlackRockExposed

Tucker Carlson | Tucker on Twitter | Ep. 5 President's son | June 20, 2023


Ep. 5 As in most of the developing world, it's safer to be the president's son than his opponent.

Tom Campbell | Horrible Experiences - Why Are They Allowed to Happen? | June 18, 2023


Why are horrific experiences allowed to happen to people and animals? Do we always fully experience horrible events?

Paul Stonehill | Soviet Military UFO Encounters (Years 1983-1988) | June 20, 2023

Source: Youtube Paul Stonehill

Several very interesting UFO observations made by Soviet armed forces personnel in a very unique period of history.

Andrei Martyanov | About Combat Effectiveness | June 19, 2023


James Corbett | Finding The Better Way | June 19, 2023


In June of 2023, James Corbett delivered two presentations at The Better Way conference in Bath, England: "Between The Raindrops" on the topic "From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies" and "The Limits of My Language" on the topic "From Thought Control to Free Thought." This is the recording of those presentations.

Time Reference:

01:15 A Better Way - #SolutionsWatch
01:46 Better Way Conference website (virtual tickets available)
04:33 New World Next Week covers Google's "Sidewalk Labs" project in Toronto's Quayside
04:37 Toronto Quayside smart city project cancelled
04:49 Episode 358 - The 5G Dragnet
09:21 CIA Director John Brennan Discusses Geoengineering
12:57 In a town dominated by secrets, the untold story behind the National Radio Quiet Zone
13:44 The EHS refuge in southern France
13:47 Parco del Carne
13:50 Zurich House
16:37 Monty Python - How To Do It
20:49 Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare
21:42 Propaganda by Edward Bernays
23:14 "The News" is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.
25:36 The Media Matrix
27:13 Nineteen Eighty-Four -- Appendix: The Principles of Newspeak
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