Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy | Uncensored & Uncut


What was supposed to be a rather short update on the respective projects of Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, turned out to be a full two hour interview.  It is a very personal interview that discusses the reasons and forces involved with the Project Camelot breakup.  We then discussed some of the witnesses and projections for the next few years.  To say this is probably the most candid and personal interview I have done with fellow truth seekers would be an understatement.  I emphasized that their synergistic relationship still does make a difference.  I wish Kerry and Bill much health and success and hope to meet again on a yearly basis to discuss their investigations.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy (Project Camelot Productions) has a BA in English with graduate work in Sociology, an MBA certificate from the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, and was competitively selected to attend a year of film school at the UCLA Extension Short Fiction Film Program as one of their first "hyphenates": a writer-director-producer. After 19 years in Hollywood working for major studios and independent production companies in production, development and new media, she has written a number of screenplays, acquired the movie rights to the Wingmakers story in 2003, and started work on her own UFO documentary in 2005.

Bill Ryan (Project Avalon) has a BS in Mathematics with Physics and Psychology. For the last 27 years he has been a management consultant, specializing in personal and team development, leadership training and executive coaching. In November 2005 he inaugurated the Project Serpo website, the report of an alleged disclosure, in stages, of a US-alien exchange program claimed to have taken place over 40 years ago. While he had been interested in UFOs, Free Energy research, and alternative medicine for over thirty years, his first contact with the UFO community at large occurred after establishing the Serpo website.

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Gary Schwartz | Communication With the Deceased & Life After Death


March 24, 2011–In this Red Ice interview, Dr. Gary Schwartz discusses the hypothesis that the consciousness of a person survives physical death. He is a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona and Director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. He is probably most known for controversial experiments with mediums.

In his early career Schwartz published extensively on biofeedback research and health psychology. His major research focus for the past ten years has been in the field of parapsychology, including the study of life after death, the spirit and other psychic phenomena. He has authored or coauthored more than 450 scientific papers including 6 in the journal Science.

He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Society and the Society of Behavioral Medicine. He is also corporate director of development of energy healing for Canyon Ranch Resorts and the author of several books, including "The Afterlife Experiments", "The G.O.D.Experiments", "The Truth about Medium", "The Energy Healing Experiments", and the co-author of "The Living Energy Universe". His latest book is called "The Sacred Promise". We'll talk about Gary's laboratory research and experimentation when it comes to communication with the deceased. Gary shares the proof that he's found on the existence of spirit. ~Red Ice Creations

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The Unexplained | Richard Guy - Earth Expansion


March 24, 2011–This show features New York based structural engineer Richard Guy – he’s spent a big part of his life trying to get the message out that the earth is expanding and the oceans are shrinking – and that will have big consequences for us all…
~Howard Hughes

About Richard Guy

Richard Guy is one of the original, foundation members of the Expanding Earth Exchange which was founded in California in 1979 by Dr. S. Warren Carey, Mr. H. Hugh Wilson and Mr. Ralph Groves. Members of the EEE come from all sorts of backgrounds in science and engineering. All arrived at the realization of Earth Expansion through their particular discipline. For more on the Expanding Earth Exchange and for Mr. Guy's concepts regarding earth expansion click on this link (See Archives.)

Richard Guy is a Structural Engineer with forty years of Engineering experience in the United States, Middle East, England and the West Indies. He has run a consultancy practice as Chief Engineer and CEO of Amalgamated Design Group Ltd for the last thirty years. During his long career he has observed subtle patterns of Earth Expansion in the design of many structures particularly bridges and dams. Many dam and bridge failures can be attributed to earth expansion but nothing is known and, much less, understood about this phenomenon. In his book "IS PLANET EARTH EXPANDING" published in 1990 he sets out briefly the hypothesis of Earth Expansion and manifestations of the phenomenon.

Richard Guy has written numerous newspaper articles on the subject of earth expansion, he has spoken to Service clubs, Astronomical Societies, professional groups and students at high school and university level. He has written abstracts for geological conferences in China and Brazil which have been published internationally.

He is the sole proponent, worldwide, to focus on how ancient civilizations developed, as an important link in the proof of the Earth Expansion Theory. For this contribution he has been recognized by the International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England. He is listed in their Centennial Edition as one of 2000 Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century.

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Project Camelot | Niara Isley - MILAB Abductee


March 24, 2011–Niara approached me during the UFO Congress in Phoenix and reminded me that we had met a year before at the Laughlin event. Back then, due to time constraints, I wasn't able to interview her. Her demeanor was extremely low-key and unassuming and something about her story sounded to me as though it needed to be told.

Niara enlisted in the Air Force back in 1979 and became a surface to air missle/anit-aircraft artillary radar specialist based at various bases around the U.S. She was based for aprpoximately one year at Nellis Air Force Base working out at the Tonopah Test Range. And that is where these incidents occurred.

Although her experiences are hard to believe, her down-to-earth way of relating the information if anthing, underscores how very real they were and the depth of depravity and cruelty implied in her treatment brings to light some very sinister dealings going on that include a race or races of ETs and the military, that if true, couldn't be more scandalous.

If and when government disclosure ever becomes a reality this is the type of story that will be very hard to explain let alone acknowledge by those coming forward at that time.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
March 2011

David Icke | Global Conspiracy, March 23, 2011


March 23, 2011–David Icke discussed what's behind the curtain of world events, how a global cartel pulls the strings, and changes that humanity is facing. The planet is undergoing a vibrational or energetic shift and during this time hidden aspects of life will be revealed to people, along with big geophysical upheavals, and increased solar activity, he said.

One such revelation that people are becoming aware of is that a secret cabal runs the world, and pushes events in a direction that gives them more and more power, he stated. In addition to another deliberate crashing of the economy, conflicts in the Middle East, including the recent attacks on Libya, are part of a plan by the cabal to instigate WWIII, drawing in not only the US, but China and Russia, Icke continued.

The idea of the Third World War is to create so much violence and economic mayhem, that "they can say the only way to stop it is to have one global army under one command," which will impose the will of a world government on any country, region, or people, he warned.

Exotica Radio | Duncan O'Finioan: Dark Mission


March 21, 2011-Duncan O'Finioan returns to Exotica in a wide-ranging discussion that begins with the subject of insider "whistleblowers" on the net...we talk about Benjamin Fulford and the "Charles" interview with Bill Ryan at Project Avalon. We move to the subject of the two main elite bloodlines who are warring---and the third group, of which Duncan's godmother is a part; and the events which resulted in Duncan being called before a tribunal and told to choose whom he was going to serve.

Understand that threading together all the connections at the highest levels of global power requires a bit of deftness, which goes into the spiritual realms...the ancient battles over earth and the populace...the bigShiva, Detroyer of Worlds at CERN conCERN...CERN...portal for armies of immortals...the REAL "black awakening"...Shiva, destroyer of worlds...a symbol for one of the bloodline families (an ANCIENT, ancient group)...the "never never"..."Ghostbusters" and the seeding of the occult...the dark mission is revealed, and we discuss some of the roots of this battle for planet Earth.

This is the first of several shows with Duncan; and his partner, Axe, will join us for a deeper probing of this battle, the storm gathering, and how we can possibly withstand the onslaught. ~Randy Maugans

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Veritas TV | Don Schmitt - Witness to Roswell - 2011 International UFO Congress


Donald R. Schmitt is the former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, where he served as Director of Special Investigations for ten years. Prior to that, he was a special investigator for the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the art director for the International UFO Reporter.

Schmitt graduated from MATC with a degree in Commercial Art and graduated cum laude from Concordia University with a degree in Liberal Arts. He is presently taking graduate courses in Criminal Justice. Schmitt is the author of dozens of articles about UFOs, as well as the co-author of two best-selling books, UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL, Avon 1991, best-selling Witness to Roswell, New Page, NJ, 2007, and The Truth Abouit the UFO Crash at Roswell, published by M. Evans, 1994. He is also the author of ROSWELL, THE CHRONOLOGICAL PICTORIAL, from Moonset Entertainment Group.

Don has led and organized the three only archaeological dig projects at the actual Roswell crash/debris field. They were conducted in 1989, 2002, and 2006. The second effort became the central theme of their highest rated show up till that time in the 10-year history of the SCI FI Channel - The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence. Which also resulted in the book The Roswell Dig Diaries of which he was a contributing author.

Veritas TV | Jim Marrs - 2011 International UFO Congress


This is a conversation with Jim Marrs about his work and current world events.

Richard Dolan | The Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization


March 22, 2011
Richard Dolan is considered by many students of the UFO phenomenon to be the pre-eminent historian of the subject. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, as well as an analysis of the future, A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact.

Richard’s writing is widely seen as ufology’s gold standard. A.D. After Disclosure, which Richard co-authored with Bryce Zabel (the creator of the television series Dark Skies), has been widely hailed as among the most original works in all of UFO literature, a fearless and analytical “what if” scenario that discusses the deep impact that would be brought about by the end of UFO secrecy.

Among Richard’s main themes are the destruction of our political liberties as a result of the UFO cover-up, the possible nature of the non-humans themselves, and what their presence here means for our civilization. This has led him to take a fresh approach to the topic of “Exopolitics” and to develop unique insights into the practical challenges and opportunities for a true disclosure of the UFO phenomenon. Richard, born in Brooklyn, New York, studied at Alfred University and Oxford University, was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, and completed his graduate work in history at the University of Rochester. Prior to his interest in UFOs, he studied U.S. Cold War strategy, Soviet history and culture, and international diplomacy.

In this interview, we'll discuss the concept of a "breakaway civilization", our dependency on oil, government secrecy about UFOs and the "Secret Space Program."

Topics Discussed: the breakaway civilization, acquired technology, crashed UFOs, black budget, banking scandals, Rumsfeldt, Pentagon missing 2.6 Trillion, the development of functional flying saucers, what kind of toys have been developed with the "lost" money, quantum computing, nano-technology, post petroleum, peak oil, abiotic oil, energy, power, nuclear fusion, weaponry, electrogravitics, zero-point energy, Hal Putoff, the new world order, global government, bottleneck and new technologies, philosophy of the secret space program, NASA, strange artifacts on the moon and Mars, US space command, Iraq, Libya, war in space, not a harmonious relationship in space and more.

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Secret Space Program
April 3rd in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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James Gilliland | Japan Earthquake - ECETI and UFO Contact


March 15, 2011–James Gilliland is the founder of ECETI and the Self Mastery Earth Institute, his ET and interdimensional contacts that occur at his ranch in Trout Lake, Washington, Gilliland said there have been nights when as many as 50 craft have been seen darting around the sky.

Richard C. Hoagland | The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Disaster


March 20, 2011
In this program, we discuss the "Secret Space Program" and the concept of a breakaway civilization. Someone with a more sophisticated and advanced technology, from Earth, has created for themselves a completely different capability to go into space, to utilize resources and maybe even to settle on other planets. Is this a plausible theory? Could this really be happening?

Richard C. Hoagland from and author of “The Monuments of Mars” and ”Dark Mission", returns to Red Ice Radio to discuss some of these ideas. Richard tries to shed light on the possibility that most of humanity has been kept in the dark about.

Topics Discussed: the other space program, advanced technology, Timothy Good, Peter Levenda, Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, the Secret Space Program, breakaway civilization, anti-gravity, free energy, Star Trek, the Nazis, the Hebrews, the Bible, natural cycle of cataclysm, the yuga cycles, the superwealthy elite, banksters, uranium and plotunium, Japanese earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, war in Libya, philosophical roots of the idology and more. ~Red Ice Creations

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Secret Space Program
April 3rd in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Stan Deyo Interviewed by TMRN, March 19, 2011


Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology".

Born in Clifton, Texas to a family of American Pioneers, Stan spent his first two years in nearby Valley Mills with his grandparents until his father returned from the Middle East - a US Army Air Force Base Commander in WW2. Valley Mills is just seven miles from Crawford, home to President Bush's ranch.

Stan spent most of his youth in Dallas where he was a member of the National Honor Society, Captain of the rifle team, Lt. Colonel in the NDCC (ROTC), recipient of the Sons of the American Revolution Medal, and honored as one of the two most outstanding math students.

Graduating high school just three months after his 16th birthday, Stan was awarded a partial engineering scholarship to the University of Texas and also was given a full congressional appointment (scholarship) to the US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs.

Upon returning to Dallas from USAFA, Stan trained in computer programming at IBM. Shortly thereafter, he formed his own "mission impossible" team solving extremely sensitive, difficult corporate computing problems.

Stan's main love is still advanced propulsion and "free" energy research which took him to Australia in '71 to work on these systems as part of a global project under the direction of such men as Dr. Edward Teller and Dr Andrei Sakharov.

Currently Stan is working on a Tesla-based energy system and several propulsion projects, is giving radio interviews, is an active partner in Deyo Enterprises LLC and is the CEO of HALO Orbital Technologies LLC.

ICONIC ERUPTION, March 19, 2011


A huge filament of magnetism and hot plasma blasted off the sun's southwestern limb on March 19th around 1200 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the action:

The eruption was not Earth-directed, but it did attract plenty of attention on our planet. Many amateur astronomers in Europe witnessed the blast and said it was the biggest one they'd ever seen. This event continues the recent trend of increasing solar activity, and shows anew that Solar Cycle 24 is gaining steam after a long period of relative quiet.

David Icke on Deadline Live March 18, 2011

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Jack Blood interview with David Icke on Deadline Live talking about the manipulated war with Libya and the disaster in Japan and the urgency for humanity to come together and unite.
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