The David Icke Dot-Connector | Unravelling The Web (Part One) | Jan. 18, 2019


Clif High | Strange Science : Wine glass shattering for fun and profit | Jan. 17, 2019


Adults only - rough language about woo-woo understanding of physics, reality, and why wine glasses shatter and how to profit from it. Discussion of quantum level effects. Atomic bindings, lattice structure, water, atoms, wine glasses, rayguns...depending on how fast i can work through the material. A basic lecture in woo-woo quantum physics understanding.

Mitch Horowitz | The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


Following in the footsteps of a little-known group of esoteric seekers from the late-nineteenth century who called themselves "the Miracle Club," Mitch Horowitz shows that the spiritual "wish fulfillment" practices known as the Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking, "the Secret," and the Science of Getting Rich actually work. Weaving these ideas together into a concise, clear formula, with real-life examples of success, he reveals how your thoughts can impact reality and make things happen.

Mitch Horowitz explains how we each possess a creative agency to determine and reshape our lives. He shows how thinking in a directed, highly focused, and emotively charged manner expands our capacity to perceive and transform events and allows us to surpass ordinary boundaries of time and physical space. Building on Neville Goddard's view that the human imagination is God the Creator and Ralph Waldo Emerson's techniques for attaining personal power, he explores the highest uses of mind-power metaphysics and explains what works and what doesn't, illuminating why and how events bend to our thoughts. He encourages readers to experiment and find themselves "at the helm of infinite possibilities."

Laying out a specific path to manifest your deepest desires, from wealth and love to happiness and security, Horowitz provides focused exercises and concrete tools for change and looks at ways to get more out of prayer, affirmation, and visualization. He also provides the first serious reconsideration of New Thought philosophy since the death of William James in 1910. He includes crucial insights and effective methods from the movement's leaders such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, William James, Andrew Jackson Davis, Wallace D. Wattles, and many others. Defining a miracle as "circumstances or events that surpass all conventional or natural expectation," the author invites you to join him in pursuing miracles and achieve power over your own life.

Mitch Horowitz is a PEN Award-winning historian, longtime publishing executive, and a leading New Thought commentator with bylines in The New York Times, Time, Politico, Salon, and The Wall Street Journal and media appearances on Dateline NBC, CBS Sunday Morning, All Things Considered, and Coast to Coast AM. He is the author of several books, including Occult America and One Simple Idea. He lives in New York City.

Dane Wigington and Jeff Rense | NASA Satellite Pics PROVE Disastrous Climate Engineering | Jan. 16, 2019


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 01-16-19 with Guest Dane Wigington.

Mind-Boggling NASA Satellite Photos Absolutely Proving Massive, Global Weather Control
NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering

NOTHING TO HIDE | Documentary

Directed by: Marc Meillassoux


Anytime you go online, you're not alone. Your internet activity is likely being tracked by the prying eyes of corporations and the security branches of government. It's an insidious form of spying that remains invisible to most. Others claim they couldn't care less who is watching or gathering data from their internet searches. After all, they claim, they have no secrets of value. The feature-length documentary Nothing to Hide outlines the flaws behind this common perspective, and reveals why modern online conveniences should not come at the expense of a person's right to privacy.

Many of those who have expressed grave concerns over online privacy have been dismissed as kooky conspiracy theorists. But according to the film's perspective, their paranoia is firmly grounded in reality. The film features interviews with consumer rights activists, sociologists, a former member of the National Security Agency (NSA), and a series of consumers who have experienced the perils of online surveillance.

At the center of it all is a young man who sees little harm in the practice. Like many others, he happily breezes through terms and conditions when installing an app, and accepts the risk of having his every online activity monitored in exchange.

He agrees to participate in a fascinating experiment for the film. His phone and laptop will be tracked for 30 days, and his metadata will be shared with analysts much like those employed by companies and organizations that specialize in monetizing personal data. What will this data reveal about his personal comings and goings, his likes and dislikes, and the building blocks of his daily life and relationships? Will he think differently about online surveillance once he gains a true sense of what he's giving up?

The film argues that the practice of surveillance, and our willingness to relinquish our private information, is more than just a ploy to target advertising. In fact, it's a gateway to a dystopian future worthy of George Orwell. The information gleaned from our online activities may be used to hinder our employment opportunities, threaten our financial health, and compromise more than just our freedom of speech.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Jan. 17, 2019


Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal went down to a crushing defeat in the House of Commons, but she survived a no confidence vote brought by Labour and other opposition parties: what's going on? My two cents worth...

Article: Britain's Theresa May survives 'no-confidence' vote after large Brexit defeat

New World Next Week | The Controlled Demolition of Brexit | Jan. 17, 2019


Story #1: May's Government Survives No Confidence Vote
Brexit: May Calls On MPs From All Parties To “Put Self-Interest Aside”
Gun Gets By TSA During US Government Shutdown
Government Shutdown Brings “Uncharted Territory” For Upcoming Superb Owl Ritual
Pelosi Urges Trump To Delay State of the Union Until Government Shutdown Ends
Democrats Vacation With Lobbyists Amid Government Shutdown
The Real Problem with Brexit and The Irish Border
No, This Shutdown Does Not Look Like Liberty

Story #2: White House Considering Former Pepsi CEO For World Bank President
White House Considering Indra Nooyi to Head World Bank
Wikipedia: Indra Nooyi
The Specter Of Donald Trump Is Haunting The World Bank (Sep. 2, 2016)
So What Does the World Bank Do Exactly?

Story #3: Cops Can't Force People to Unlock Their Phones With Biometrics, Court Rules
PDF: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California Ruling On Biometric Unlocking Of Smartphones
PDF: Previous Ruling On Police And Smartphone Passwords
Social Media’s “10 Year Challenge” Is Just a Harmless Meme—Right?

Dylan Monroe | The Cult of Baal | Freeman TV


"Freemasonry is far too serious a matter for any man to assume its villainous obligations without due reflection...bound by the cable tow of Satan to the altar of Baal, there is no place for after repentance." Mah-Hah-Bone Edmond Ronayne Past Master 1879

"To overcome these dark magicians who have held our world hostage for centuries, we must study and understand the occult knowledge they have usurped for their own advantage, and accept that a metaphysical world does exist and has been used by these overlords against us. We must expose those in the highest seats of power for who they really are, and who they really worship, as we struggle to assimilate the greatest deception humanity has ever known." Dylan Monroe

Dylan Louis Monroe is an American artist currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Parsons in 2007 with a BFA in fashion design. In New York City, he worked in the high-end fashion industry for 7 years, designing prints, apparel, and jewelry, before moving back to Ohio to focus on fine art and its application to his own vision of fashion.

In 2017, Dylan started the "Deep State Mapping Project" in response to the changing political climate in America. His "Q-web" spread virally across the dark web in 2018. An online store dedicated to this project was launched in April, 2018.

Dylan had been researching conspiracies since 2005, when living two blocks south of the World Trade Center site, then called "Ground Zero," he discovered the theories surrounding WTC 7, which led him down the matrix of rabbit holes that ultimately culminated with the creation of the "Q-web," a cartography of the master conspiracy.

The Corbett Report | Secret Brain-frying Microwave Technology UNMASKED!!! - #PropagandaWatch | Jan. 16, 2019


Remember how the conspiracy peddlers in the mainstream press freaked out over the super secret Russian microwave technology that was frying diplomats brains in Cuba. Well, it turns out that was just a tad exaggerated. So what was the real culprit? Find out in this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Show Notes:
Dangerous sound? What Americans heard in Cuba attacks
Russia Believed To Be Main Suspect In Attack On U S Diplomats Velshi Ruhle MSNBC
Russia Suspected In ‘Sonic Attacks’ But How Involved Was Cuban Government Andrea Mitchell MSNBC
U.S. Officials Suspect Russia In Mystery Medical Attacks On Diplomats In Cuba | NBC Nightly News
The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome
Cory Gardner Renews Call for Russia to Be Declared Sponsor of Terrorism After Reports on Sonic Attacks
Recording of “sonic attacks” on U.S. diplomats in Cuba spectrally matches the echoing call of a Caribbean cricket
Indies short-tailed cricket

Catherine Austin Fitts And Jeff Rense | What Can I Do? | Jan. 15, 2019


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 01-15-19 with Guest Catherine Austin Fitts.

Jeff Rense And Jordan Maxwell | Civilization At The Brink...All You’re Told Are Lies | Jan. 14, 2019


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 01-14-19 with Jordan Maxwell.

5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’ | Jan. 14, 2019

Source: RT America

Scientists, environmental groups, doctors and citizens around the world are appealing to all governments to halt telecommunications companies’ deployment of 5G (fifth generation) wireless networks, which they call “an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.”

Research has shown that wireless radiation can cause DNA damage, neuropsychiatric effects and other health problems. RT America’s Michele Greenstein joins Rick Sanchez to discuss. -RT America

Deborah Tavares | Smart Meters, DEW's & The Rothschild Plan For Global Genocide | Jan . 11, 2019


Deborah Tavares joins the show to discuss her research into the the weaponisation of the weather & how this fits into the plans for total control of the global population & global genocide. We get into the documents that lay out the plans of the elites to control us all via silent weapons.

The Rothschild family are one of the major players that are connected to the silent weapons we discuss on the show & we connect the dots that make up a very dystopic future for us all.

Dark Journalist | X-Series 43: Thomas Townsend Brown X-Tech UFO File & The Hot Zone! | Jan. 1, 2019


Dark Journalist takes us deep in X-Series Episode 43 by looking at the enigmatic Electro-Gravitics Scientist Thomas Townsend Brown. This special episode traces the development of two secret forces working in the secret goverment after World War 2 that sought control over the emerging X Technology in the UFO File. The two forces, X-Protect which was committed to lethal secrecy to preserve their power, and X-Share, who were driven to bring the clandestine matters to public attention for cultural assimilation, have been in a dangerous standoff for many decades inside the National Security State.

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents the groundbreaking X-SERIES that follows the X Steganography through the History of Political and Covert Esoteric Groups coordinating in a Stealth Program the Secret Work of the Mystery Schools X-Technology and Apotheum Reality Distortion.

Max Igan | Corruption and the Coming Chaos | Jan. 11, 2019


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - January 11th, 2019.
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