Santos Bonacci | Astrology of Good and Evil, Truth Frequency Radio, April 21, 2013


Tonight, we cover the Boston Marathon Bombing and subsequent events of the past week. We also welcome our good friend, Santos Bonacci, to talk about the symbolism regarding these events.

Our main topic, however, is the "God Within" ; By embracing knowledge of who and what you really are (Christ consciousness experiencing life in a human body), and realizing that that Godhood belongs to all of us, maybe we can learn to treat each other differently than we have for the last 2,000 years.

1:15:50 Santos Bonacci

Harry Hubbard | The Illinois Mystery Cave, April 25, 2013


April 25, 2013–Harry Hubbard has written, arranged, directed and produced over 20 videos for Alexander Helios, Inc. focused on various archaeological sites. He has also written several non-fiction books, reports and articles concerning the archaeological discovery in Marion County, Illinois.

Harry will discuss the Illinois caves, first discovered in spring of 1925 by a local resident, Orville Lowery, of Hickory Hill, in the southeast corner of Marion County Illinois. In the first hour, Harry tells the story of how this discovery unfolded, the characters involved and how he arrived on the scene.

Harry and fellow researchers were able to amass large quantities of information from the artifacts as to who the people were that constructed the "Illinois Mystery Cave" and the identities of the corpses who lay interred within it, which he’ll talk about.

We’ll also discuss what others have found in the same area, actually called "Little Egypt." Harry comments on the mainstream archaeological community and the suppression of America’s true history.
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4MIN News | Umbral Field Opens, Magnetic Storm Produced, April 26, 2013

Source: Suspicious0bservers

Anonymous | Message to the masses April 2013

Source: Anonymous

Do you see the real world around you or are you still living in the illusion the corrupt zionist governments and lame stream media show you. Are you awake and understanding your sad pathetic life is no more than that created for you by the ruling elite.  

Anonymous UK - War On System

Greetings citizens of United Kingdom. We have been watching, and waiting, We make this statement and do not expect to be negotiated with we do not desire to be negotiated with. We understand that due to the actions we take we exclude ourselves from the system within which solutions are found.

There are other people than us, people whose voices emerge from the light, and not the shadows. These voices are already making clear the reforms that have been necessary for some time, and are outright required now.

This time there will be change, or there will be chaos..

4MIN News | ECLIPSE Tonight, Spaceweather Update, April 25, 2013

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Troy McLachlan & Theodore Holden | Cosmos in Collision: Antique Solar System, Neanderthals & Modern Man, April 21, 2013


April 21, 2013–Authors Troy D. McLachlan and Theodore A. Holden will discuss their new book, Cosmos in Collision, which concentrates on events in the solar system before the arrival of Saturn and its accompanying planets, including Earth.

Ted and Troy propose that the Jupiter moon Ganymede was once a liquid water world with an oxygen atmosphere fully capable of supporting life (including humans) as we know it. With Jupiter having once been in a much closer orbit to the Sun, Ganymede was warmed by both the sun and Jupiter, the latter being at that time a sub-brown dwarf similar to ancient Saturn.

They have dubbed this era of our Solar System’s history as the Antique Solar System epoch. They also propose a new theory for planet formation. This theory is based on the Herbig-Haro objects observed throughout the galaxy.

They will also introduce the concept of a Paleolithic conflict between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals in which Neanderthals are controversially depicted as predatory hominids according to Danny Vendramini’s theories. Troy and Ted will contrast the superbly nocturnally adapted Neanderthal to Cro-Magnons during the Purple Dawn era and come to the inescapable conclusion that modern humans (Cro-Magnons) are not native to this planet. They believe they may have found a world within our solar system that once served as humanity’s original home world (Ganymede).
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Corbett Report | The War On Terror Is Over. America Lost, April 24, 2013


It has often been observed that the war on terror is unwinnable. After all, how could a war on an abstract noun ever have its "Mission Accomplished" moment? It is, according to this wisdom, meant to drag on forever. Just because a war can't be won, however, doesn't mean it can't be lost. The truth is that the war on terror is over. And America has lost.
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Max Igan speaks with Santos Bonacci, April 24, 2013


Max Igan Speaks With Santos Bonacci - American Freedom Radio April 24th 2013.

Richard Dolan on Veritas Radio | Rethinking ET: UFOs for the 21st Century Mind | Segment 1 of 2


Richard Dolan is known for his meticulous research and has written many books on UFO history. Recently, he and his co-author Bryce Zabel wrote A.D. After Disclosure, which studies the ramification in a world where the reality of extraterrestrial life is a fact.

Now Dolan is working on a new book 'Rethinking ET: UFOs for the 21st Century Mind.' In a world plagued with war, financial collapse, disease and societal problems, how relevant are UFOs these days.

During this interview filmed at the 2013 International UFO Congress, Dolan explored all possibilities and the new technological advances that make the UFO topic more mainstream, yet difficult for researchers since affordable technology can produce Hollywood-like footage that can fool the most discerning eye.

Sibel Edmonds on the Boston Bombing | The US roots of "Chechen" terrorism, April 23, 2013


FBI whistleblower and editor Sibel Edmonds joins us to discuss the recent Boston bombing hysteria and the potential geopolitical implications of the American public's "discovery" of Chechen terror. We discuss Sibel's work exposing the US/NATO roots of so-called Chechen terrorism, and what the FSB's involvement in this twisted tale might mean in terms of future Russian-US relations.

Show Notes & MP3

Max Igan | Painting Mankind into a Corner, April 19, 2013


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - April 19th, 2013.

Professor Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D. | Remarkable Woman in Science, April 14, 2013


Professor Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D. is at the forefront of a revolution in physics. She holds degrees in astrophysics, nuclear physics, engineering, chemistry, and physics from UC Berkeley, and is a former researcher with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Stanford Research Institute, and NASA.

The relationship between physics and consciousness has been a core focus of Dr. Rauscher's work since the mid-1970s, when she and Berkeley colleague George Weissman founded the Fundamental Fysiks group. With a background in particle and theoretical relativistic physics, energy and environmental issues, magnetism and its use in healing, and extensive teaching qualifications, she is one of the most authoritative and imaginative voices in science today.

In this exciting segment, Dr. Rauscher guides us through her body of work at the frontier of science, philosophy, and spirituality.
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1000 Saturn Images by OmetaOne, April 21, 2013

Source: OmetaOne youtube,,

Watch full screen in HD! Animation with one thousand Voyager 1 Saturn grey-scale raw data images and the reconstruction of a well known NASA image-composition from originals, plus some amazing close-ups from Cassini-Huygens of the ring system and the 'Shepherding Satellites' or 'EMVs' - the Electromagnetic Vehicles. -OmetaOne

John Lenard Walson | Close Moon Footage, April 20, 2013

Source: JohnLenardWalson youtube

Watch in 720p HD.

Compilation | UFO Sightings Santiago, Chile, Different Eyewitnesses, December 17-18th 2012

Location: Santiago, Chile

December 17-18th, 2012, different eyewitnesses spotted a fleet of glowing UFO Orbs over Santiago, Chile. There are many eyewitnesses to this sightings. This video is a compilation of some of this incredible footage.

UFO Sighting Santiago, Chile, Dec.18th, 2012 HD

Watch in 720p HD.

3MIN News | Meteor Shower, Quakes, Sunspot, April 21, 2013

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