Jim Vieira | Giants on Record: Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

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Over a 200-year period thousands of newspaper reports, town and county histories, letters, photos, diaries, and scientific journals have documented the existence of an ancient race of giants in North America.

Extremely tall skeletons ranging from 7 feet up to a staggering 18 feet tall have been reportedly uncovered in prehistoric mounds, burial chambers, caves, geometric earthworks, and ancient battlefields. Strange anatomic anomalies such as double rows of teeth, horned skulls, massive jaws that fit over a modern face, and elongated skulls have also been reported.

Many of these discoveries were sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., seemingly never to be heard about again. The Smithsonian's own records describe at least 17 giant skeletons in annual reports. This book examines a possible cover-up initiated by Smithsonian scientists starting in the late 1800s.

The origins of "the tall ones" has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, but this book reveals where they came from, why they got so large, and the reason for their downfall, using the latest scientific research, genetic data, native myths, news reports, and ethnological research.

This has become one of the most gripping stories of the last few centuries and for the first time the truth of the giants of North America has been revealed. This book also reveals:

- How early explorers to America witnessed these giants first-hand, including Sir Francis Drake, John Smith and even some of the early presidents.
- Legends and myths that talk of cannibalistic, red-haired giants.
- Strange inscriptions, metal armor, mummified remains, and sophisticated technologies buried with the skeletons.
- How secret societies such as the Rosicrucians, Freemasons and Theosophists all claim the existence of giant humans in the past as historical fact in their literature.
- How the giants may be connected to the Denisovans from Siberia, the Nephilim of Bible tradition, and other ancient cultures.

Dark Journalist | Secret Space Program Update: Disclosure Cults & Disinformation! Special Guest Clif High | Nov. 8, 2018

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Catherine Austin Fitts | Globalizing Thievery | The Richard Dolan Show | Nov. 7, 2018

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Recorded November 7, 2018, Richard Dolan interviews Catherine Austin Fitts. This is a fascinating and extremely clear discussion of the nature of the $21 trillion of "unaccounted discrepancies" in the Pentagon and HUD budgets from 1998 to 2015. Catherine argues that the fundamentals in how we look at the U.S. federal budget and spending is completely wrong, and our society is bleeding money on a daily basis to fund unaccountable programs that do not benefit the people.

Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the world's leading experts in "black budget economics," and has been investigating U.S. federal government financial discrepancies totaling in the trillions of dollars. She was Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1989 to 1993, and is an investment analyst and advisor. She has authored many articles on financial fraud, missing money and the structure of power in our world. -richarddolanpress.com

F. William Engdahl | Gods Of Money & Climate Change Hoax | Nov. 8, 2018

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WHO ARE THE GODS OF MONEY? The NEW WORLD ORDER enslavement plan! THE CLIMATE CHANGE construct! The ruling elite´s succesful economic crisis & The Federal Reserve! Media manipulation lies! Vaccinations and chemical medicine that makes people sick! The 9/11 lie! Oil and energy = Rothchilds vs. Rockefellers! The political voting scam! Nikola Tesla and Free Energy! GMO food poison! The Bilderberg Group! etc...

These controversial and eye-opening topics and more - discussed in this interview with award-winning American author, professor, historian, investigative reporter, geopolitical analyst, economic and conspiracy researcher: F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL.

AGE OF TRUTH TV´s Lucas Alexander is interviewing F. William Engdahl is this straight forward hard-talk interview, filmed at the Open Mind Conference in Skanderborg, Denmark in September 2013.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 8, 2018

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Those pesky Russians are at it again... and you won't believe how and what: Think "the Moon," think "robots", think "3d printing", think "moon bases"...

Pandora, anyone? Russia plans to set up moon base inhabited by ‘avatar robots’
Russia to have permanent moon base – space chief

New World Next Week | A Magna Carta for the Internet? | Nov. 7, 2018

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Story #1: Tehran Keeps Going Crypto For Sanction Relief
How To Evade Sanctions
The Death Of SWIFT and the Engineered Death of the Dollar
Choke Point: How the Government Will Control The Cashless Society
Plans For Digital Currency Spark Political Crisis In Marshall Islands; President Hilda Heine’s Plan to Adopt Sovereign Cryptocurrency Prompts No-Confidence Vote
Hong Kong Securities Regulator To Propose “Sandbox” For Crypto Exchanges
Thailand Wants To Use Blockchain To Catch Tax Dodgers
The Bitcoin Psyop

Story #2: Sir Tim Berners-Lee Launches “Magna Carta For The Web” To Save Internet From Abuse
“Principles for a Contract for the Web”
Internet 2.0 Decentralized And In Our Hands?
Beaker Browser at the Decentralised Web Summit
Leaked Google Video After Trump’s Win Adds to Pressure From Conservatives

Story #3: NYC Cars to Talk to One Another Under Traffic-Safety Pilot Program
Waymo Robot Car Injures Motorcyclist — But Human Driver At Fault
Welcome to Your Driverless Future
NWNW Flashback: Techsperts Propose Driverless Highway (Oct.5, 2017)
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Making Water Out Of Thin Air

Max Igan | Cui Bono Radio 26RCB Sweden | Nov. 6, 2018

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Max Igan Interview - Radio Cui Bono - 26RCB Sweden 11/06/18.

Brien Foerster | Enigmatic And Megalithic Quillarumiyoq In The Highlands Of Peru | Nov. 6, 2018

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F. William Engdahl | The Politics & Economics Behind Global Climate Change | Nov. 6, 2018

Source: jaytaylormedia.com, williamengdahl.com

William Engdahl, an award-winning geopolitical analyst, explains the political forces that have driven climate hysteria and their political and economic motives.

Tom Campbell and Brough Perkins | A Model of Reality and Consciousness | Nov. 5, 2018

Source: broughperkins.ca, monroeinstitute.org, my-big-toe.com

Tom Campbell, retired NASA physicist and colleague/friend of Bob Monroe, joins Brough for an in depth interview on out of body experiences and Models of Reality. Brough Perkins is a Psychic Medium from Canada as well as a broadcaster online & television host. -my-big-toe.com

James Perloff | Demons In Your TV | Freeman TV | Nov. 5, 2018

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Do you remember the introduction of the V Chip for your television? It was as if they were willing to give them away to even the homeless! Then, everyone was forced to upgrade to HD TV. Now, you are being offered the 5G TV free with your submission to the network. Partnering with Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOGL), Verizon will give 5G internet customers a choice: YouTube TV service or an Apple TV. Verizon has not announced the terms, but Bloomberg reports that Verizon will offer them free. Are demons preparing to come through your television?

For decades, TV’s “Golden Age” was, and still is by many, remembered nostalgically. Though many of my younger readers won’t know them, some of the best-loved staples were I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, and Leave It to Beaver. What made that era so memorable? Sure, it was new and innovative at the time, and shows were often live instead of prerecorded (adding an appeal of unpredictability). Initially, audience laughter was almost always genuine instead of “canned.” But I credit a more profound reason for the attraction.

In a world complicated by many lies, telling the truth is sometimes not enough. It is often important to disprove the lies – especially ones that, through the psychological ploy of repetition, have been embedded in the public mind as facts by the corporate media. With the lies washed away, the truth becomes easier to see.

James Perloff has given scores of talks for civic groups, patriotic organizations, schools and churches. Most of his lectures have been on the subjects of his books (the drive for world government, and creation vs. evolution), but can be tailored to any need. There are lots of visuals and humor (after all, who wants to just hear a talking head give a discourse?)

Max Igan | Problems For The Present - Questions For The Past | Nov. 2, 2018

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Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - November 2nd, 2018.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 1, 2018

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Well, today's story couldn't be more appropriate to Halloween and All Saints' Day: Mad Madam Merkel, a.k.a. Murky Merkel, just resigned her position as leader of the Christian Democratic Union...

Article: Merkel To Step Down As CDU Leader In Dramatic Move

New World Next Week | Vox Advocates Drugging the Water Supply | Nov. 1, 2018

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Story #1: Trump Taps Ex-Monsanto Executive To Lead Wildlife Agency
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Aurelia Skipwith
Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell
Judge Upholds Monsanto Verdict But Cuts Award To $78 Million
Update: Monsanto May Get New Trial On Punitive Damages

Story #2: Researchers Still Want To Put Lithium In The Water Supply To Prevent Suicide
Wikipedia: Dylan Matthews
Traces Of Hallucinogens, Other Banned Drugs Found In Meat Tests
Fluoride Fight: The Forced Drugging Of Society

Story #3: Desire Paths - The Illicit Trails That Defy The Urban Planners
Economics in One Image
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