David Icke On Education, Moving Beyond The 5 Sense Consciousness And Much More! | Richie Allen Show | May 7, 2015

Source: richieallenshow.com, davidicke.com

Santos Bonacci | Interview from Ireland

Source: capricornradio.com, jamesswagger.com, modernknowledge.ca, universaltruthschool.com

Interview conducted by James Swagger. Produced by David Whitehead.

Brien Foerster | The Making Of Ica Stones Of Peru | May 8, 2015

Source: hiddenincatours.com

We visit a kind lady who says she has made at least 5000 of what are commonly known as the Ica Stones of Peru, near Nazca. -Brien Foerster

Carol Kwiatkowski | Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival? | Radio 3Fourteen | May 6, 2015

Source: Radio 3Fourteen, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange

Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski is the Executive Director of The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) and an Assistant Professor Adjunct at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the Department of Integrative Physiology.

Dr. Kwiatkowski oversees the development and execution of all of TEDX’s programs, which are dedicated to compiling and disseminating scientific evidence on the health and environmental damage caused by low-level exposure to chemicals, primarily those that interfere with hormone, or endocrine, action, otherwise known as endocrine disruptors.

Carol begins with an overview of the endocrine system and function and details the three main routes in which endocrine disruptors enter the body. We discuss how the increasing daily toxic burden our bodies are subjected to is leading to increasing rates of chronic disease and disorders. Carol explains the website tool she developed for TEDX, the Critical Windows of Development, which presents a timeline of how the human body develops in the womb.

She describes some of the animal research that shows how low-dose exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as those found in plastics, during development results in altered health outcomes, including the feminization of boys, diabetes and obesity. We consider the health effects of water pollution, synthetic fragrances in household and personal care products, fossil fuel extraction processes, and exposure to pesticides.

Carol emphasizes the simple strategy of learning more and using less when it comes to the array of chemical laden products that are made abundantly available for mass consumption. Further, she stresses the fact that we can’t afford to wait for science to conduct the studies that will lead to legislation based on the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals. -Radio 3Fourteen

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Richard Alan Miller | Real X-Files | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | April 21, 2015

Source: jimmychurchradio.com, richardalanmiller.com

Dr. Richard Alan Miller is back with us and we cover recent world events...what is behind Neptune, The Day After Tomorrow, part 2 and what we can and cannot do about it...GMOs, prepping...and the alien agenda. There is nothing like a conversation with Dr. Miller...and once again he brings it. -jimmychurchradio.com

Full Uncut STS-63 UFOs @1:33 a "Bed of Diamonds" | Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives

Source: Martyn Stubbs youtube

Here is the entire original, unedited, "Bed of Diamonds" UFO Sequence I found on mission STS-63. These UFOs, look the same as John Glenn described his "Fireflies". NASA says they are ice! As Glenn said..'they are far away & moving at almost the same speed..they are not from my craft..There are so many of them...they are all different sizes'. I think these are rotating ORBS, catching the light, thus appearing to pulsate. (From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives) -Martyn Stubbs

Full Uncut STS-80 UFOs circle Africa | Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives

Source: Martyn Stubbs youtube

This is the FULL Uncut (& amazing) video I discovered on STS-80, showing ORBS forming a circle, as well as a lot of other UFO activities! These are not ICE!! (From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives)
-Martyn Stubbs

The Corbett Report | DEA Agents Caught in Drug Money Prostitute Scandal...Guess What Happens? | May 6, 2015

Source: corbettreport.com

Thought experiment time, gang! Imagine that a bunch of DEA agents are caught in a scandal accepting prostitutes from drug cartels in Colombia. What do you think would result from this? Made your prediction yet? Good! Now let's see what actually happened... -corbettreport.com

Show Notes

Snowden Docs: NSA Technology Lets Gov’t Generate Transcripts of Private Phone Calls | democracynow.org | May 6, 2015

Source: democracynow.org

A new article by The Intercept details how the National Security Agency is converting people’s private phone conversations into searchable text. According to documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the agency can now automatically recognize spoken words by generating rough transcripts and phonetic representations that are easily stored and combed for information.

The top-secret documents show NSA analysts congratulated themselves on developing what they called "Google for Voice" nearly a decade ago. It remains unclear how widely the spy agency uses its speech-to-text capabilities to transcribe and index U.S. citizens’ verbal conversations. The documents suggest the NSA has frequently used the technology to intercept phone calls — particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Mexico — and to monitor international news. We are joined by Dan Froomkin, staff reporter at The Intercept. -democracynow.org

Black Objects (UFOs) Transit The Moon (not listed satellites) | Crrow777 | May 6, 2015

Source: Crrow777 youtube

This clip shows more of the black, round, haloed UFOs (shot in full spectrum) that we often film near the moon. We also have a very close view, sent in by Richard205Maria, of two of these objects.

Brian Anse Patrick | The Ten Commandments of Propaganda | Hour 1 | May 4, 2015

Source: redicecreations.com, Rise of the Anti-Media, arktos.com, Propaganda

May 4, 2015–Dr. Brian Anse Patrick is a professor of communication at the University of Toledo. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in research methods, group communication, propaganda and persuasion. He is also a nationally recognized expert on American gun culture as well as the author of many scholarly papers and five books, including The Ten Commandments of Propaganda.

In this discussion, we start by looking at the definition of propaganda and where it all began. Brian explains the creation of the Committee on Public Information and its role in persuading American public opinion during World War I, an implementation that would shift other propaganda campaigns into full gear. We consider emotion as an element of propaganda, how human behavior is altered through group interaction, and the need for belonging and an explanation of a higher order that motivates people to buy into marketing schemes.

Brian then takes us through the commandments of propaganda beginning with the control of the flow of information, and he uses examples from the worlds of gun culture and academia to demonstrate just how these finely honed tools have been used for the purpose of our subversion and manipulation.

We speak to the censoring effects of political correctness and Brian clarifies how group pressure is used to the advantage of horizontal propaganda. -redicecreations.com

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Powerful Solar X-Flare | May 5, 2015

Source: BPEarthWatch.Com

The sun is no longer quiet. Emerging sunspot AR2339 unleashed an intense X2-class solar flare on May 5th at 22:15 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme ultraviolet flash.

Catherine Austin Fitts | What is Mr. Global up to These Days and what can we do about it? | TMRN | May 5, 2015

Source: timemonkradio.com, solari.com

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Nomi Prins | Bankster House of Cards! Secret Finance QE & ZIRP | Dark Journalist | May 5, 2015

Source: DarkJournalist.com

In this special Economic Insight episode, Dark Journalist welcomes Best-Selling Author, Financial Expert and Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Nomi Prins. Nomi’s classic book series on the secret machinations of the financial world and how the banking elite are taking the world to the brink of economic ruin includes her latest book,"All The President’s Bankers.”

Together, Nomi and Dark Journalist will chart the pernicious influence of greedy, covert money power that is manipulating the global economy and engineering a stealth transfer of power and wealth on a scale never seen before in the history of the financial world! She also reveals the tightly knit web of wealthy families and political insiders that helped to engineer the economic bailouts that made the reckless big investment banks, like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, even bigger and rewarded them for their unethical and destructive behavior.

With her in-depth knowledge and experience in the Wall Street world, Nomi outlines the hidden processes that allow the toxic assets that the banks developed through bizarre credit derivative packages to continuously be bought by the Federal Reserve. As they reward their friends and devalue the dollar and wages of the average investor with absurd zero interest rate and the one-percent-friendly quantitative easing ‘QE' policies, the wealthy insiders are harvesting the assets of the public society.

Nomi also examines the risks for the papered over, debt-ridden economy and how in some ways we are more vulnerable to an economic tsunami than we were in the crash of 2008. The ramifications for ignoring this powerful trend of economic fragility are far too disturbing to contemplate as the new stock market bubble is being pumped up by the same forces that caused the recent financial crisis in the first place.

Revealing, unnerving, informative, insightful, outspoken and spellbinding, you’ve never seen Nomi lay out the facts of the financial reality we face as you will in this rare, in-depth, deep interview with Dark Journalist! -darkjournalist.com

OVERCAST | TRAILER | Investigative Documentary

Source: dedalfilms.com, OVERCAST on Facebook

What if these cirrus clouds we see in the sky weren't natural? What if the trails left by planes weren't only water or ice? What if the fight against global warming wasn't only using classical methods?
In 2001, a phenomenon known as chemtrails was mentioned in the Space Preservation Act, a bill by former US-Representative Dennis Kucinich, as an exotic weapon. The chemtrails have been defined as being persistent jet contrails, that would remain and cover the sky, forming a white haze or man-made clouds, instead of disappearing after a while, like regular jet trails. As a matter of fact the climatic impact of these man-made clouds produced by jet trails became a serious issue in science in the mid 90s, when the chemtrail concerns were spread. Along with the definition, came many different uses for the chemtrails and among them two main theories:

1) Military uses in order to control and change locally the weather system
2) Geoengineering uses in order to fight global warming by building a sun screen around the globe

While the phenomenon amplified through the years, the controversy and debate became proportionally bigger and tense between the chemtrails believers and the scientific and media's communities, that have been unwilling to "look into" what they often consider as a paranoiac doom's day theory.

Basing its investigation on facts, OVERCAST sheds a new light on the phenomenon, away from emotions, stubborn denials and speculations of all kinds. While the chemtrails communities cannot really present a clear and convincing proof for the chemtrail spraying for over a decade, the scientific community, as well as the media community, violently reject any possibility for "such a thing" to exist and choose the easy way of discredit to evacuate the questions raised instead of investigating a little further.

OVERCAST gives a look beyond the speculations in order to get clear facts.

Are we really being sprayed?

John Lenard Walson | Astrophotographer | May 1, 2015

Source: John Lenard Walson youtube

There is more stuff out there in near earth orbit than you might think.

Jeff Rense & Preston James | EMF Mind Assassins

Source: rense.com

Clip from April 29, 2015 - guest Preston James on the Jeff Rense Program.

New World Next Week | Subliminal Advertising for Martial Law | May 1, 2015

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

STORY #1: Pope Francis and Climate Change: Why Catholic Skeptics Are So Alarmed
Flashback: Death By Treaty - Lord Monckton on the Crisis of Copenhagen (Oct 2009)
For Young Voters, Climate Change Takes a Back Seat
Research Highlight: Arctic Sea Ice Loss Likely To Be Reversible
Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013' (Dec 2007)
Scientists Claim Climate Change Has Impact on Music
Meteorological Phenomena In Western Classical Orchestral Music - PDF (Nov 2011)

STORY #2: That Subliminal PSA From AARP
AARP Reposts Controversial PSA and 'Responds' To Questions
Derren Brown: A Toy's Story - How To Control The Nation

STORY #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Child Is First Patient Cured of Fatal Illness Using 3D-Printed Implant
Joshua Pearce Explains the 3D Printing Revolution
Chipotle Bans GMO Ingredients
US Lowers “Recommended” Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water for First Time in Over 50 Years
Montana Nullifies Federal Police Militarization Program

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Plane Hacking Goes More Mainstream: American Airlines Planes Grounded By iPad App Error
Ryanair Gets Hacked, $5M Sent to China
#ClintonFoundation Got “Dirty” Russian Money from Putin Cronies
Cash Flowed to #ClintonFoundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company
Goldman Sachs Paid Bill Clinton $200K For Speech Before Bank Lobbied #Hillary
Governor Abbott Orders Texas Guard to Monitor Jade Helm Drills
UK Election ‘Chaos’ Could Trigger ‘Lehman Moment’ For Pound
London Reacts to Increased Expenses for ‘Majority’
12 Questions About the #BaltimoreRiots
Brookings Institute: The Future of Arms Control, Internet Governance, and Re-engineering

Dean Haglund | X-Files | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | April 15, 2015

Source: jimmychurchradio.com

Dean Haglund, one of the Lone Gunmen on the X-Files joins us for the first time and we cover all things X-Files...his shirts, hair, glasses and charactor, Langly. We also cover his research and documentary creation of UFOs, rock and roll, comedy and what is next for him with the new X-Files series...we also discuss where Chris Carter gets his information...-jimmychurchradio.com

Brien Foerster | Egypt: Tunnels And Chambers In The Valley Of The Queens | May 2, 2015

Source: hiddenincatours.com

The locations in this video are not seen by tourists, but thanks to the Khmemit School, we were given unprecedented access to a small portion of a huge system of tunnels and chambers under the Valley of the Queens. Carved into the bedrock... -Brien Foerster

Tom Campbell | How Consciousness Connects to the Avatar | May 2, 2015

Source: mybigTOE.com

How many assumptions should a good scientific model (In this case, a big theory of everything) contain? Tom Campbell, physicist and author of My Big TOE, presents to us a brief glimpse into the logical process he used to derive his theory (Big Theory of Everything, or Grand Unified Theory) (See also: "Solving the 'Hard Problem' of Physics and Consciousness" on this channel) in this and other interviews. (The Calgary workshop, this channel, presents the entire theory in an encapsulated form)

A good model or theory, particularly if it represents a TOE, should be elegant and simple. The fewer assumptions required to describe all the known facts, the more likely it is that the model represents truth.

Tom's Big TOE theory contains only two assumptions. Consciousness exists. It evolves. The rest is logically derived.

By comparison, “Many Worlds” theory and ”string” theory, two of the most popular current scientific attempts at “little TOEs”, contain around 14 assumptions each.

In this interview you will hear why virtual reality and time are needed for Consciousness evolution, and the answer to perhaps one of the most perplexing questions of all time for scientists: How Consciousness connects to the physical.

Richard Heinberg | Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels | Legalise Freedom Radio | May 2, 2015

Source: legalise-freedom.com, richardheinberg.com, postcarbon.org

Richard Heinberg discusses his latest book Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels. Climate change, along with the depletion of oil, coal, and gas, dictate that we will inevitably move away from our profound societal reliance on fossil fuels. But just how big a transformation will this be? While many policy makers assume that renewable energy sources will provide a relatively painless solution, Heinberg suggests instead that we are in for a wild ride; a civilization reboot on a scale similar to the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

Afterburn consists of fifteen essays exploring various aspects of the twenty-first century migration away from fossil fuels including short-term political and economic factors that impede broad-scale, organized efforts to adapt, the origin of longer-term trends – such as consumerism – that have created a way of life that seems normal to most, but is actually unprecedented, highly fragile, and unsustainable, and potential opportunities and sources of conflict that are likely to emerge.

From the inevitability and desirability of more locally organized economies to the urgent need to preserve our recent cultural achievements and the futility of pursuing economic growth above all, Afterburn offers cutting-edge perspectives and insights that challenge conventional thinking about our present, our future, and the momentous choices that we currently face. -legalise-freedom.com

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