The Corbett Report | How Big Oil Conquered the World | Must See Documentary | Dec. 27, 2015


From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not effected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.

Show Notes
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Dr. Paul LaViolette | Tesla & Antigravity Propulsion | Dec. 26, 2015


Dr. Holick | The Benefits of Light | Dec. 25, 2015


Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Michael Holick, about the healing power of sunlight.

Douglas J. Hagmann & Daniel Estulin |  Domestic Manipulation | Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells | Dec. 24, 2015


In this edition we dive into the subject of the Tavistock Institute and analyze aspects of the global elite’s agenda with author and filmmaker Daniel Estulin; followed by the return of private investigator and host of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Douglas J. Hagmann, to look into mounting domestic manipulation whilst sampling the geo-political buffet of buffoonery.

Dr. Eric Karlstrom | Demystifying the Climate Change Deception | Dec. 23, 2015

Source: pineconeutopia youtube

From his home office in Crestone-Baca, Colorado, the epicenter of the convergence of the New Age agenda and the Climate Change hoax, WBB talks to Dr. Eric Karlstrom, an ex-academician now dedicated to waking the public to the ominous dangers presented by the conflagration of these two deceptions.

Learn how the climate hoaxers disregarded mountains of research done in the 20th century to superimpose the manmade global warming hoax onto world consciousness.

In this fast moving and content laden interview Eric traces the origins of the New Age movement and manmade climate change and how they have become the false (although official) reality for a great number of the population. Eric correctly identifies the hoaxers (enemies of humanity) and delivers much of the basic knowledge that we need to have to stand against them.

Hans Utter | The Power of Music | Freeman TV | Dec. 23, 2015


Hans Utter is dedicated to the power of music. Music is invisible and yet, revolutionizes the world. How is music used in the mind war and what effect does music have on our biology?

Sibel Edmonds | West Prepares to Replace Their Puppet in Turkey | Corbett Report | Dec. 23, 2015


Sibel Edmonds of joins us once again to discuss the ongoing "reverse engineering" of Erdogan by the NATO/CIA/Kurdish/Israeli/Russian forces that oppose him. We talk about the hypocritical and nearly-unanimous coverage of Erdogan's abuses and how and why this narrative is converging now to finish the US/NATO task of removing him from office to usher in a more pliable puppet.

Show Notes:
Interview 809 – Sibel Edmonds Explains Erdogan’s Fall From Grace
Turkish PM Erdogan: The Speedy Transformation of an Imperial Puppet
75 US-Trained Rebels Enter Syria From Turkey
Is Erdogan Being Set Up For A NATO-backed Coup?
Turkey and Saudi Arabia alarm the West by backing Islamist extremists the Americans had bombed in Syria
ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: “Raqqa’s Rockefellers”, Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection
New evidence of Erdoğan’s secret meeting with al-Qadi emerges
BFP Exclusive: Syria – Secret US-NATO Training & Support Camp to Oust Current Syrian President
Russian FM plans to meet co-leader of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish HDP party
Philip Giraldi on the latest in Turkey
Gulen movement secretly funded 200 trips for lawmakers and staff
U.S. lawmakers got suspect Turkish campaign cash

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Jordan Maxwell | Christmas Special | Richie Allen Show | Dec. 21, 2015


Ole Dammegard | Problems With Paris and San Bernardino: Flase Flags and Faux Terror | Dec. 22, 2015


Ole has dedicated his research to several topics over the last 30 years, but false flag attacks have always been near the top of that list. Today, Ole breaks down the story of what happened in Paris, and all the sketchy details that lead one to the conclusion that we can't trust what we've been told about the event. Many of these elements also spill over into the events in San Bernardino, as well as several other components that fit the typical playbook of "drills gone live."

Joseph Farrell | The Spider in Roswell | Forum Borealis | Dec. 22, 2015


This Program is part of our first series called TIMELINE OF A BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION.

Catherine Austin Fitts | Cointelpro 2.0 | Media Fairy Tales and False Memes | Dark Journalist | Dec. 21, 2015


Join Dark Journalist as he welcomes back popular guest Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts for her seventh visit to the show.

Together they delve deeply into a stunning analysis of Mainstream Media Manipulation of Financial, Geopolitical and Social Engineering along with the Centralization policy of Common Core.

They also closely examine False Memes that have been filtering into the Alternative Media, and explode programmed myths such as "Cabal Arrests" and "Flat Earth" as a distraction from real issues like the recent spate of Holistic MD deaths and the real danger of False Flag Incidents designed to implement Repressive Policies, Tighter Control of Free Speech, Entrainment Mind Control and Total Orwellian Surveillance.

From the rise of shadowy mercenary groups around the globe to the full scale implementation of Corporate Private Armies, Fitts sees America at a pivotal point of accepting Totalitarian policies or rediscovering it's soul and purpose. What will America look like in 2020? She examines why we require not just financial solutions, but full transparency on everything from GMOs, Chemtrail Spraying, Black Budget Finance, Political Blackmail of Control Files, The Secret Space Program and more!

Riveting, revealing, controversial, eye-opening and alarmingly timely, this is the Catherine Austin Fitts Interview you've been waiting for! Don't miss this exciting Dark Journalist Episode that will challenge the regular, everyday view of reality and expose a desperate out of control covert system of Elite Centralization bent on World Domination...

The Corbett Report | The Global Warming Pause Explained | Dec. 21, 2015


Fact: the RSS global mean temperature anomaly dataset shows a least-squares linear regression trend of 0.0C from February 1997 to October 2015. But what does this really mean? And what is the significance of this global warming pause? Join me in today’s Thought For The Day as we explore this question.

Show Notes

Zen Gardner | You Are the Awakening! | Anarchast | Dec. 20, 2015


Jeff interviews philosopher Zen Gardner, topics include:

Zen's book, 'You are the Awakening'
Facilitating the process of awakening
Forming real communities with like minded others
You are not alone in this, the assault of Max Egan
Getting out of the North, what is the price of our civilization?
Ken O'Keefe banned from Australia
Government shifting focus from ISIS to internal threats
We no longer have freedom of speech, we are way past the Orwellian stage
False flag events
Coming censorship of independent media
The role of psychedelics in unplugging from the matrix
The modern demonization of drugs
Healing via Kambo,
Iboga, and approaching these substances with great care and respect

1980 RAF Bentwaters Witnesses | Sergeant James W. Penniston, Airman 1st Class John Burroughs | Earthfiles Podcast


The time was nearly 3 AM on December 26,1980, when USAF Staff Sergeant James W. Penniston and Airman 1st Class John Burroughs approached bright, colorful lights in Rendlesham Forest between RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge they first thought might be fire – but then Penniston realized he was looking at a craft of unknown origin.


A press release dated June 25, 2009, was released by British Transport Police Officer and UFO researcher, Gary Haseltine, and contains this startling quote by retired USAF Lt. Col. Charles Halt who was Deputy Base Commander at RAF Bentwaters in December 1980 when mysterious lights appeared in Rendlesham Forest. In the press release, Col. Halt states: I believe the objects that I saw at close quarter were extraterrestrial in origin…

Robert Bauval | The Egypt Code | Capricorn Radio


Peter Levenda | Sinister Forces, Occult History, & The Nine | Dec. 18, 2015


Today on the podcast, the great researcher and author, Peter Levenda joins THC to talk about the missing esoteric elements to American history, and human history in general. We talk about the ancient mound builders, the occult interests of America’s founders, the Salem Witch Trials, the JFK assassination, and the strange blue blood seance commonly referred to as The Council of Nine.

New World Next Year - 2016


Corbett Report’s 2015 Story: The Conflict Of The 21st Century
Senators Want China Kept Out Of Currency Club Over Hacking
Russia’s Putin Drafts Bill to Dump Dollar, Euro from CIS Trade
China & Russia Have Major Explosions In Just Under 24hrs
US Complains As Russia Bombs Its Terrorists
China & Russia Building Database of US Intelligence Information

Media Monarchy’s 2015 Story: The Year Of Divide-And-Conquer
Race War, Class War, Social Justice War
Rachel Dolezal, Gamergate, The Black-And-Blue Dress
Alt Media Eats Itself
Endless Parade Of Phony Saviors: Pope, Trump, Sanders
Never-Ending Presidential sElection Campaigns

Corbett Report’s 2016 Trend: Begging For Daddy Government
Media Monarchy’s 2016 Trend: Money Madness
Flashback: New World Next Year - 2015

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 17, 2015


Is Saudi Arabia "on the menu?" as Joseph has been suggesting lately? F. William Engdahl and the Daily Bell seem to think so.

Article: House of Saud May Be in Danger of Falling

"Popular Science" Warns About "Weather As A Weapon" | | Dec. 17, 2015


I recently acquired two exceptional original copies of "Popular Science" from June of 1958. Almost 60 years ago the dialog about weather warfare was more open. As the power structure began to consider how negatively the public would respond to the decimation caused by climate modification programs of mass destruction, the push to completely suppress media coverage of this issue commenced.

Current mainstream media sources have done their best to convince populations that it is not possible to manipulate the climate. This lie is used to compel the majority of the public to ignore the blatant spraying they see over their heads on an almost daily basis. Not only is global climate manipulation possible today, it has been going on for nearly 7 decades.

"Control of Earth's weather and temperature is within the realm of practicability now" says Dr. Joseph Kaplan, chairman of the International Geophysical Year.

Congressional documents from 1978 prove that global climate engineering had already been deployed at least a decade prior to Dr. Kaplan's statement.

… present knowledge lists seven possible ways of changing weather on a global scale………..All of these methods would regulate the distribution of heat in different parts of the Earth's atmosphere. This is the basis of global weather control.

Climate engineering is weather warfare, who gave those in power the right to experiment with our planet and all life?

As a weapon (weather), it could be more disastrous than nuclear warfare.

Geoengineering is wreaking havoc around the globe.

The Russians may be ahead of us in weather control and that worries our scientists even more than the technical problems involved.

The cowards in the power structure are driven by fear and thus have no regard whatsoever for the consequences of their actions.

We cannot trust to luck that we will be first to control the weather.

Weather as a weapon has always been sought by the military industrial complex.
The cloud of disinformation and deception surrounding the ongoing climate engineering insanity is massive beyond true comprehension. The entirety of the climate science and meteorological communities have participated in this deception, whether willingly (for a paycheck and a pension), or due to threats like the recent "gag order" placed on all National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employees by our government. Corporate media has, of course, done all they could to perpetuate the lies and deception, this is what they are paid to do.

Global climate engineering is nothing short of weather warfare and biological warfare that has been going on in plain sight for decades. The mounting consequences are becoming all but impossible to keep from public awareness. Countless organizations are discussing geoengineering but not yet openly admitting it has long since been a lethal reality with disastrous and deadly results. The 7 minute video below summarizes the ramifications of the Popular Science Magazine disclosures.
We have one way forward, to expose and halt the climate engineering/weather warfare assault. This effort will take each and every one of us, make your voice heard. -Dane Wigington,

Jamie Hanshaw | The Alchemy of Cultural Marxism | Dec. 16, 2015

Source: Radio 3Fourteen,

December 16, 2015–Jamie Hanshaw is a second generation conspiracy theorist who studies the occult activities of secret societies, the Freemasons, magic, sorcery, Kabalistic rituals, and Hollywood trauma-based mind control. She is a regular contributor at and she, along with co-writer Freeman, has compiled all of this information into a fully illustrated, well-referenced compendium of the occult mind pattern programming of Hollywood and the mainstream media in their 2-part book, “Weird Stuff – Operation: Culture Creation.” Their third book, “Hollywood Mind Control,” is nearing completion and will be released in 2016.

In this conversation, Jamie and Lana discuss cultural Marxism and the war on Whites that has become progressively palpable ever since President Obama was first elected. We consider how this resurgence of racism, agitated by #BlackLivesMatter and #CheckYourWhitePrivilege propaganda, is clearly part of a social engineering plan designed to subvert and divide the masses in order to render race-less, easily manipulated slaves of the establishment.

Jamie talks about how trauma based mind control has been utilized to pit women against women and further distort the feminist movement. We also look at the horrific rape epidemic that has been ushered into the West along with the flood of “refugees,” and the abhorrent refusal by feminist activists to address this issue that affects primarily White females. Jamie emphasizes how feminism has led to the sexual de-evolution of women, and she touches on the theme of androgyny in magic, the occult and alchemy. Then, we get into “princess programming,” Hanna Montana and the grown-up degenerate, Miley Cyrus, and Disney’s destruction of the sacred feminism. Later, Jamie details evidence signifying the Muslim Allah is actually a goddess, the connection between Catholicism and Islam, and the new trend of American celebrities embracing the Muslim way. -Radio 3Fourteen

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Patrick Le Brun | Front Nationale, Identitarian Activism & Successful Tactics | Hour 1 | Dec. 14, 2015


December 14, 2015–Patrick Le Brun is a writer and activist who has written many articles for Counter-Currents. He has extensive experience with the French Identitarian movement. He is currently based in the United States, where he mentors college students who wish to engage in activism.

Patrick is with us to discuss some of the good news coming out of the French Regional election that took place on December 13th. He explains France’s unique election process with its two-round runoff system to elect the regional presidencies, along with strategies used by the Front National (FN) party. 

We look at how the European refugee crisis and rise in terrorist attacks have driven many voters towards Marine Le Pen and FN and away from parties supporting the globalist elites already in place. Patrick gets into the citizenship issues faced by native White French people, and he outlines a pamphlet put out by French Identitarians that is addressing remigration laws.

We talk about the promising movements of post-communist European countries that are rediscovering Nationalism and rejecting the current elected officials’ agenda to destroy national identity. Then, Patrick illustrates the deeply corrupt state of the military industrial complex and the money that is being funneled into the Islamic State under the umbrella of the US and NATO. We also consider the incredibly harsh punishments that have been faced by people who speak out against organizations attacking the dignity of humanity, and what can be done to bring back power to those who are fighting for traditionalism.

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The Corbett Report | New Study: Presidents Really Do Age Faster, Die Younger | Dec. 15, 2015


Well, it's official: presidents and prime ministers really do age more quickly and die younger than their peers. But is it the stress of "leading the country" or the stress of being a disposable puppet for the oligarchy that does them in?

Show Notes

UFO Fleet over Mexico City | November 2015


On November 2, 2015, Skywatcher Daniel Sanchez captures through its Yukon Ranger Nightvision images of double objects moving in the sky near the airport of Mexico City. We look at the pictures and show you more UFOs captured by Daniel Sanchez.

Pete Papaherakles & Victor Thorn | America's Racial Powderkeg | Hour 1 | Dec. 11, 2015


December 11, 2015–Pete Papaherakles was born in Greece and has lived in the US since the age of 9. He is a writer for American Free Press (AFP) and the Barnes Review, as well as an illustrator and political cartoonist and AFP’s outreach director. Victor Thorn founded Sisyphus Press and has authored 56 published books, including “The New World Order Exposed” and “9-11 on Trial.” He also co-founded WING TV (World Independent News Group) and is an investigative reporter for AFP, with nearly 1,000 published articles. “America’s Racial Powder Keg: How a Violent Dependency State Has Been Created Within the Black Community” is a new compilation edited by Victor, which includes 16 of his articles and 22 articles by Pete Papaherakles, along with a few others by Dave Gahary, John Friend, and Bill White.

Pete and Victor are with us to discuss how “America’s Racial Powder Keg” came together and what prompted the different writers to address the very taboo racial issue that has become completely distorted within the Marxist educational system and controlled MSM. We look at the problems of race that have escalated dramatically since Obama came into office and how his bid for “change” has resulted in a hotbed of issues for “post racial America” that are being selectively ramped up by the media.

Victor describes self-hating White liberals as the root cause behind the perpetuation of the narrative of evil White oppressors and inherent White guilt, and we consider how the establishment uses racial tension to disenfranchise the founding race of the US. We analyze how the media’s focus on isolated events such as the Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings are undermining local control by police departments, bringing on federal intervention and furthering the Marxist war against nationalism and family values. Then, Pete talks about the brainwashing propaganda concerning slavery that conceals the real source of racism stemming from black slave masters looking to bolster their own power. We also discuss black crime statistics and the discrimination against merit that has been implemented through affirmative action.

download hour 1 mp3

Crystal Clark on «Guy Next Door Speaks» with Ivan from Phoenix | Dec. 11, 2015


Sources & Realated News Stories:

Article: The Roles of Perception Management & Social Engineering in Reality Revisionism
Article: Unsustainable Reality Revisions & The Order-Out-Of-Chaos Birth
Article: The Winners Write Reality
Article: Microbes & Machiavellian Mindsets
Article: Nagalese molecule injected into humans via vaccines
Video: Nagalese and the real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing
Article: HuffPo Academic Invites Civil War with American Gun Owners
Article: Craft Intl Mercenaries Carried Out San Bernadino Shooting
Article: David Cameron branded a lot of people ‘terrorist sympathisers’ and they’re not happy about it
Article: We’re All Terrorists Now Article: Homeland Security Classifies Returning US Veterans as Potential Terrorist Threat
Article: US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations For Veterans
Article: 60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child
Article: Proposal to temporarily sterilise all NZ teenage females should raise serious red flags Website: Numerous links to information on vaccines causing infertility
Article: Bill Gates’ Temporary Sterilization Microchip In Beta Female Testing By End Of Year Article: Councillors agree to close 16 Fife libraries Article: Google’s Plan for out-of-print books is challenged
Article: Murdoch’s Fox buys National Geographic media unit
Documentary: National Geographic: The Psychopath Next Door
Video: Astroturf—The phony grass-roots movement
Video: Naomi Wolf: HR 5736 Legalizes Propagandizing American Public
Documentary on Planned Obsolescence: The Light Bulb Conspiracy

Tom Campbell | OBE France 2015


Invited to speak at OBE France 2015; an annual 9-day experiential out-of-body exploration retreat, Tom Campbell gives a talk in the spirit of the event - 'experiencing nonphysical reality'.

In this important presentation, Tom shares insights on how to access other virtual realities beyond your physical reality awareness, such as, dream realities and out of body realities by using the power of your intent.

He explains how a precise and focused intent, versus, a weak and undefined intent, makes all the difference in accessing data streams to other virtual realities. Tom further explains how the "metaphor of "out of body" and the huge processes we attach to accessing out of body virtual realities are just tools for switching data streams, but ultimately are not required.

In Tom's own words, "Experiencing nonphysical reality simply provides another experiential reality frame that is a virtual reality in which you get to make choices and evolve the quality of your consciousness. Evolution is your job, its why you exist. If you're dropping out of physical reality awareness then another experiential virtual reality will take its place, because you are learning everywhere you go."

The Corbett Report | Must Watch: Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink | Dec. 13, 2015


Dr. Judith Curry is Professor and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Following is her verbal remarks as delivered to last week's US Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on "Data or Dogma? Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate Over the Magnitude of the Human Impact on Earth’s Climate."


Dr. Jim Willie, Matthew Bracken | European Union Losing it’s Unity? | Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells | Dec. 11, 2015


In this edition we welcome novelist and essayist Matthew Bracken on board on the heels of the presentation of his article “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive,” earlier this week. Then, the return of Dr. Jim Willie is upon us as we analyze the escalation of tensions between Turkey and Russia, the European Union losing it’s unity, and much more.

Back in Time Series | NASA UFO Footage | Why Doesn't The Media Ever Cover This?


When you first look at this footage, ask yourself why did I not see this on the news! You would think the main stream media would make it breaking news that there is footage of UFOs coming near the space shuttle, & the Space Station. Yet it's not like that, but at least you can see it now.

Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney | Orphans of the Stars | Legalise Freedom Radio | Dec. 10, 2015


Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney discusses some of the ideas in his book The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming – A Metaphysical Theory of Mind.

In this freewheeling, off-the-cuff chat we explore creativity, philosophy, the rise of independent media and growing global interconnectedness, psychedelics and shamanism, the origin of life, the potential existence of meaning and purpose throughout the cosmos, and the fundamental nature of reality itself. Can something really be created from nothing, and if not, has something always existed? Perhaps the biggest question of all is not how, but why?

In a second instalment to be released shortly, we delve into the book in more detail, discussing lucid dreaming itself, the startling implications of quantum physics, and the potential for the future of humanity.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 10, 2015


Putin is sending messages - very serious ones - but their ultimate target, Joseph argues, is not the west: Article: ‘Hopefully, no nukes will be needed’ against ISIS – Putin

Encounter of Sphere Objects with Airplane, Mexico | March 14, 2015


March 14, 2015, again the air safety was affected in Mexico. A plane Cesna C25 conducted a training flight 25 miles southwest of the city Toluca when the plane was found in midflight with at least five spherical objects.

Dr. Rima Laibow MD: "Vaccine Lobby Are Murderous Cowards Who Refuse To Debate Me In Public!" | Richie Allen Show | Dec. 9, 2015


New World Next Week | UK Army Having Trouble Recruiting Cannon Fodder | Dec. 10, 2015


Story #1: EU Auditors Find Billions of Dollars Of Fraud In EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Enron Environmentalism: The Carbon Credits Scam Pumps Millions of Tonnes More Greenhouse Gases Into The Atmosphere
Paris Climate Deal to Ignite a $90 Trillion Energy Revolution
PDF: The New Climate Economy - The Global Commission On The Economy And Climate

Story #2: Declassified CIA Manual Shows How US Uses Bureaucracy to Destabilize Governments
Timeless Tips for 'Simple Sabotage'

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Young People in The UK Aren't Interested In Joining The Military
Flashback: US Is Recruiting Misfits For Army (Oct 2006)
Flashback: Military Accepting More Ex-Cons (Feb 2007)
Flashback: Gangs Spreading In The Military (July 2007)
Flashback: Army Expands By Lowering The Bar On Recruits (Nov 2007)

#GoodNewsNextWeek Updates: 
Finland Considering Giving Every Citizen $876 a Month In ‘Basic Income’
Russia Claims Aim to Become World’s Largest Organic Food Hub

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
Australian Police Storm Home Of Outed Bitcoin "Founder"
Global Oil Prices Plunge Below $40
IMF Enters Cold War By Forgiving Ukraine's Debt To Russia
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Named CIA/Skull & Bones/Time Magazine's Person Of The Year
IRS Power To Revoke Passports Signed Into Law

Brien Foerster | Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology In Egypt: Cairo Museum | Dec. 10, 2015


This video shows clear evidence that very advanced high technology existed in ancient Egypt, as you will see obvious saw marks in very hard stone. -Brien Foerster

Security or Surveillance | Privacy vs anti-terror security in digital age | Panel Discussion | Dec. 10, 2015


Leading international experts discussing the developments, exchange ideas and address the challenges facing the world today. From Middle East security to the battle of media narratives, from the role of Russia on the world stage to information privacy at the time of a global terrorist threat — get ready to Question More.

Margarita Simonyan, Nigel Parsons, Liu Ge, Arnab Goswami, Sam Tomlinson, Anna Williams

The Corbett Report | Who’s Afraid of P2P? | Dec. 9, 2015


Wired has allegedly found elusive Bitcoin creator “Satoshi Nakamoto” in Australia…and less than 24 hours later he’s being raided by the Australian Federal Police. Sadly, given the attempts by the MSM and governments around the world to link the P2P economy to terror, mayhem and criminality, this is hardly surprising. Join me in today’s thought for the day as we explore the demonisation of P2P and why the powers that shouldn’t be are afraid of freedom…terrible freedom!

Show Notes:
Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius
Bitcoin creator identified by Wired has Australian home raided
Group claims Bitcoin may have been used to fund Paris terrorist attacks
European Commission to Assess Bitcoin’s Role in Terrorist Financing
Bitcoin, Paris and Terrorism: What the Media Got Wrong
Bitcoin Report: ISIS Utilizing Digital Currency to Fund Terror Operations, Conceal Cash
California shooters borrowed $28,000 before attack: source
Meet The Peer 2 Peer Lending Website That Funded The San Bernardino Shooters
Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy (Transcript)

Richard Dolan | Global Dimensions of the UFO Cover Up | Dec. 8, 2015


In this workshop Richard will be discussing the global/international aspects of the UFO Cover Up. What does it mean for us as a species and what can we expect to occur in our near future? Furthermore, Richard will provide us with an update of his work, interviews and finding in relation to the UFO Cover Up so that we may be informed and inspired in order to lay the foundation the complete Disclosure.

About Richard Dolan
Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs, and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time.

He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Richard’s latest work, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, provides a fresh treatment of the entire subject. In it, he discusses the important sightings, the encounters, the politics, the cover-up, ancient aliens, the bizarre science, disclosure, and offers advice on being both critical and open-minded in today’s world. Like his previous three books, it asks fresh questions and offers new insights to further our understanding of the UFO mystery.

for the past two decades, Richard has been a dedicated student of all things related to UFOs, steadily expanding his interests within that topic from his initial focus on government documents and the cover-up. Now his interests include it all, from the deepest aspects of the cover up, to contact and abduction, the science behind the phenomenon, how the phenomenon has affected world culture, his theory of a breakaway civilization, the possible relationship of artificial intelligence and biotechnology to the UFO phenomenon, and the implications of the end of secrecy, that is, the world After Disclosure.

The Corbett Report | Climate Change is Unfaslifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience | Dec. 8, 2015


Karl Popper famously said, “A theory that explains everything explains nothing.” So what do you make of the theory that catastrophic manmade CO2-driven “climate change” can account for harsher winters and lighter winters, more snow and less snow, droughts and floods, more hurricanes and less hurricanes, more rain and less rain, more malaria and less malaria, saltier seas and less salty seas, Antarctica ice melting and Antarctic ice gaining and dozens of other contradictions? Popper gave a name to “theories” like this: pseudoscience.

NATO General Expresses Alarm Over Atmospheric Aircraft Spraying | | Dec. 7, 2015


We are living at a point in human history when the willful blindness of global populations is truly tyranny of governments around the globe has been (for the most part) ignored by the masses. Many have convinced themselves that if they continue to ignore reality long enough, dire threats will somehow magically go away on their own. The folly of such thinking is manifesting by the day. A cancerous cabal of unimaginable scale is pushing the planet (and all life on it) past the point of no return, completely complacent populations are facilitating this omnicide. We must all utilize every credible informational tool at our disposal to help wake the sleeping masses to our common plight, the 4 minute video below is of help in this regard.

Dane Wigington

Susanne Posel | The Council for National Policy | Freeman TV


Who can you trust? Deeper reflection on who leads the movement is needed. The Council for National Policy fosters much of the truther propaganda. Is the Fox in Chicken Little's hen house?

...a handful of men and women, individuals of character, had a vision. A vision to see the return of righteousness, justice, and truth to our great nation." Ronald Reagan, Remarks to Council for National Policy's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

download mp3

Jeff Rense & Larry Nichols | Freedom, Refugees & Terrorists


Clip from November 04, 2015 - guest Larry Nichols on the Jeff Rense Program.

Tom Campbell | Fireside Chat with MBT Forum | Sept. 2015


Tom Campbell answers questions from his My Big TOE forum members on various subjects involving our reality and consciousness from the viewpoint of his theory, philosophy, and experience.

The Corbett Report | Study Linking GMOs and Tumors Vindicated Yet Again…MSM Stays Silent | Dec. 6, 2015


If you follow the mainstream media, you’ll probably only know the Seralini 2012 rat feeding study as “that GMO cancer study that got retracted.” You probably won’t know that the paper has since been republished and Seralini himself has won two court victories defending his work. Join me for today’s Thought For The Day as I break down the GMO truth that Monsanto doesn’t want you to know.

Show Notes:
Scientist Who Discovered GMOs Cause Tumors in Rats Wins Landmark Defamation Lawsuit in Paris
Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent (YouTube)
Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent
“Genetic Fallacy” wins Project Censored 2014 award
Double standards used in evaluating GMO safety studies
Seralini study republished in “Environmental Sciences Europe”
Seralini’s team wins defamation and forgery court cases on GMO and pesticide research

John Anthony West: Back from Egypt | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Nov. 24, 2015


John Anthony West is our guest and he just got back from another trip to Egypt and we discuss the latest and breaking news about the Great Pyramid and The Valley of the Kings and King Tut's tomb and the current search for Queen Nefertiti. We also cover symbolism...the ancient history of the Egyptian dynasties and what they really knew then that we don't know now.

Steven Greer | UFOs and the Deep National Security State | Nov. 21, 2015


This 4 hour workshop will include:
- How is secrecy maintained through the hybrid of corporate and government programs?
- Which military bases and facilities and which corporations are involved?
- How is black-budget and criminal activity funding these operations?
- The Connection between the financial system, UFO technology, drug-running and covert military airspace and bases
- Where are the key Underground Bases (UGBs) and how are they connected via subterranean tunnels?
- Who has been involved in managing this secrecy and how is that entity (MAJIC) controlled and operated?
- How do Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) operate and how are they kept secret from the people, the President and Congress?
- The History of UFO secrecy since WW II and how it has devolved into its own illegal trans-national cartel.
- See explosive documents on secrecy, how human military controlled "Abductions" are "stage-crafted" and what is the agenda for this Deception.
- What is the future agenda for the cartel managing UFO secrecy-and how you need to prepare for this future!

Jay Dyer | San Bernardino Shooting: Islam, The West & False Flags | Hour 1 | Dec. 5, 2015


December 5, 2015–Jay Dyer is behind the website JaysAnalysis, which is dedicated to investigating the deeper themes and messages found in our globalist pseudo culture and illustrating the connections between philosophy, metaphysics, secret societies, Hollywood, psychological warfare and comparative religion.

Dyer deconstructs these subjects in his the weekly talk radio show, Esoteric Hollywood. The conversation with Jay begins on the lethal San Bernardino Muslim couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, and the media circus that was allowed to trample through the crime scene contained within the killers’ home.

Jay talks about the intricate relationship between the media, the military and intelligence agencies, and we look at the inconsistent stories coming out from shoddy journalists. Then, we discuss the increase in violence and crime directly related to Islam within Europe and the many incidents that are ignored or covered up by the mainstream. Jay outlines the globalist corporate plan to open borders, and we consider how the false dialectic of mainstream politics plays into the religion of consumerism.

download hour 1 mp3

Mars | LOOK! Huge Underground Base Entrances Found On Mars In Google Earth | Dec. 5, 2015


Every time an amazing discovery is made on Mars, They quickly tell the sheep it is a rock or shadow! Time and time again, They try to make excuses for the objects being discovered all over Mars. This time, they are not fooling anyone by saying its just rock formations. No doubt, some of the small minded out there will bye NASA Lies til the Great Deception! But for those out there with an open mind, And that know we are being lied to, This find speaks volumes!

These entrances are all different when it comes to the fine detail. Some of them even seem to have something inside! The best way to find them is to follow the directions in the video! I found at least 7 that stand out solid. I also found more that were clearly covered up partially by a crappy photoshop job. Regardless, THEY ARE THERE! Shout Out to FindingUFO and Sandra Andrade on the Initial find. After doing some searching, i discovered many of these entrances. At this point its rather obvious that there was at least intelligent life on mars in the past. These are of the secrets they are keeping from the masses! The only way your going to find the truth is to go digging and looking for it! Don't be fooled by the coming Deception! Stay tuned for more! Eyes to the Skies!

Max Igan | A Storm is Coming | Dec. 5, 2015


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 246 - AVR - Dec 05, 2015

Interview with Prof. Lachezar Filipov | Bulgarian Academy of Science | Dec. 3, 2015


National conference organized by the Bulgarian Academy of Science where many scientists around the world try to give the scientific basis on the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon.

The Kevin Smith Show | Mystery of Dr. Lachezar Filipov


Dr. Lachezar Filipov, top space physicist, disclosed that extraterrestrials are among us. Within 24 hours strange things began to happen to Dr. Filipov.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 3, 2015


Joseph comments on the San Bernardino shooting, and a recent German BND-intelligence estimate fingering Saudi Arabia as an epicenter for terrorism and rash interventionist policies.

San Bernardino shooting suspect traveled to Saudi Arabia, was married, appeared to be living 'American Dream,' co-workers say
German Spies Say Saudis Shifting to More 'Impulsive' Interventionist Action

Patrick Henningsen: "Turkish President Erdogan Is Undoubtedly Buying Black market Oil From ISIS!" | Richie Allen Show | Dec. 2, 2015


New World Next Week | The NSA Metadata Shutdown Ruse | Dec. 3, 2015


Story #1: New Tech Aims to Authenticate Citizen Journalists' Cellphone Footage
Rita Katz Deserves An Oscar Nomination

Story #2: The NSA Metadata Shutdown Is A Ruse (Surprise, Surprise)

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek:
Could The Third Amendment Be Used To Fight The Surveillance State?
Russia Bans Soros Foundation As A "Threat To National Security And Constitutional Order"

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
Sandy Berger - The Man Who Stole Documents From The National Archive About 9/11 - Is Dead
Sandy Berger - What Did He Take and Why Did He Take It? (Jan 2007)
PDF: Sandy Berger's Theft of Classified Documents - Unanswered Questions (Feb 2007)
War on Terror Fails/Succeeds as Terrorism Deaths Skyrocket
Greeks Told To Declare Cash "Under The Mattress", Jewelry And Precious Stones

Gary McKinnon | NASA & Military Secret Files | Richplanet TV


In 2002 Gary McKinnon was arrested for remotely accessing files on NASA and military computer systems in the United States. Sitting in his bedroom in the UK using nothing more than a humble Windows PC with a 56K modem [sceeech Bulang Bulang Bulang sceech] he viewed the files of the worlds most powerful military organisations.

Notice I have not used the word hacking, because in my opinion McKinnon did not need to do any hacking to gain access to these files. The files were publicly available for all to access on unprotected internet facing Windows PCs, without any security. This however did not stop the USA from requesting his extradition and putting him through hell for over a decade. But what was the real reason for this whole affair? Were the public being psychologically warmed to a new type of terror threat? Oh and yes there is a secret space program.

Dane Wigington | Geo-Engineering Is Systematically & Deliberately Destroying The Earth's Ecosystems | Dec. 1, 2015


Dane Wigington | | The Richie Allen Show, December 1st, 2015.

Erdogan & his family involved in ISIS oil trade - Russian MoD | Dec. 2, 2015


Turkish leadership, including Erdogan & his family are involved in ISIS oil trade, Russian MoD announced on Wednesday, showcasing satellites images and footage from oil facilities and Syrian-Turkish border.

Marie D. Jones | World Mind Control | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Nov. 17, 2015


Marie D. Jones is back with her new book: Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance and Social Engineering by the Government, Media and Secret Societies. We cover how ISIS converts it's followers...the events in France on Friday the 13th...and how the world media is shaping what we know.

Incontrovertible | New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke


Incontrovertible - New 9/11 documentary by Tony Rooke A film for Coppers & Fire Fighters by Coppers & Fire Fighters.

INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary we have which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers, Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating the mainstream media's propaganda and outright lies concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

This film is intended to be viewed by Police Officers, Firefighters and all those serving in the Armed Forces as they are the among the best placed members of our society to have the ability to change things for the better. If you have friends or family who are serving then please pass this film onto them.

"Simply put, this is not just the best film I've seen on 911, it's the best film I have seen all year." - Sergeant John Meaders, 32 year ex Californian police officer

“One of the best 911 movies ever made!” - Kevin Barrett, Truth Jihad Radio

"All family members of a 9/11 victim should watch this film." - Matt Campbell, victim family member

"Incontrovertible is technically brilliant" - Ian Henshall, Author '9/11 Revealed' & '9/11 The New Evidence'

"Moving, powerful & informative" - Niels Harrit, Veteran Truth Campaigner

"Artfully crafted - manages to convince cumulatively that there are still questions to answer" - Joe Gill - Journalist - Middle East Eye

Please support the film maker, Tony Rooke, by purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray DVD of the film from his website:

The Corbett Report | Won't Someone Think of the Polar Bears?!? | Nov. 30, 2015


Those cute, furry little Global Warming icons are in danger according to the bought-and-paid-for campaigners in the global warming alarmist industry. The truth, however, is (as always) the polar opposite of what the alarmists want you to believe. Join James for today’s Thought for the Day as he breaks down the lies and misinformation about polar bear populations and how these lies have been used to sell the climate change hype.

Show Notes:

Michael Cremo | The Forbidden Archeologist | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Nov. 11, 2015


Michael Cremo is our guest and we talk about specific chapters in his new book: My Science, My Religion. We also cover his childhood and what drove him to the research of his first books...and center on artifacts that have been discovered throughout history that are millions of years old...and man-made.

Dr. Darrell Hamamoto | Harley Schlanger | University Controlled Demolition of the U.S. | Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells


Episode 421 – In this edition we welcome the leading scholar of American media and popular culture, Dr. Darrell Hamamoto as we discuss the university controlled demolition of the U.S. and more. But first, the editor of Intelligence Review Magazine Harley Schlanger comes aboard for a geo-political checkup.

Brien Foerster | Massive Elongated Humanoid Skulls Of Oruro Bolivia | Nov. 28, 2015


Elongated human skulls are found in many ancient places around the world, but Bolivia and Peru have more sizes and shapes than anywhere else. The Wankarani culture is a mysterious group that lived south of Lake Titicaca some 3000 years ago; origins unknown. -Brien Foerster

Ole Dammegard | A Brief History of Conspiracy and False Flag Operations | Part 1-2

Source: David Whitehead | Truth Warrior youtube,

Part 1
Ole Dammegard discussing the global NWO agenda, false flag attacks in the wake of what recently happened in Paris, and the push for war in the middle east. This hour is an intro to a brief history of conspiraces that have turned out to be true, the nature and hallmarks of false flags in general, how we can achieve peace, and some empowering ideas as we move forward.

Part 2
In part two Ole talks about his research thus far on false flags, the recent Paris attacks, ISIS, and the NWO.

JZ Knight | Ramtha UFOs & Quantum Consciousness | Dark Journalist | Nov. 27, 2015


Join Dark Journalist in this special episode as he welcomes the Bestselling Author, Lecturer and Founder of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment JZ Knight for a rare in-depth interview! JZ has been a leading voice for blending science and spirituality since the 1980s with thousands of students worldwide studying her unique methods of self-actualization through Quantum Consciousness.

Since her life was turned upside down by her encounter with a spiritual being named 'Ramtha' that she learned to channel and her many encounters with off-world UFO intelligences, JZ has brought her innovative teaching to a large audience with a powerful message of Creating The Future. Living through controversy and under attack from religious, political and media forces, JZ thrived through adversity and survived while keeping her movement growing where others had failed. She credits her success to ‘Moving to a New Neighborhood in Her Brain."

Powerful Tools and Ideas
From Changing your DNA, Mind as Matter, Future Now, Becoming a Remarkable Life, and more, JZ has brought forward inspiring and challenging concepts that have helped individuals transform their lives. By giving her students access to universal principles she provides them with tools that are intentionally covered up and suppressed by hidden forces in the media and the hollywood/entertainment industry control grid on planet earth.

Covert Ops - Remote Viewing
It was revealed that some of the psychic and transpersonal methods she developed and taught students to practice were adopted by covert intelligence agencies for use in their remote viewing programs and misused in attempts at dark methods of control. Shocking, revealing, compelling, inspiring, eye-opening and spellbinding, this is the Dark Journalist episode that will leave you asking, "What is the true nature of reality?"

Piero San Giorgio | Survive the Economic Collapse | Hour 1 | Nov. 25, 2015


 November 25, 2015-Piero San Giorgio is a Swiss author and former businessman and software executive. For the past decade, he has studied the global economic system and its dependence on ever-expanding populations, debt, and resource exploitation. He is author of several books, including the best seller, "Survive the Economic Collapse.”

In the first hour, we touch on the recent Paris killing rampage and the tactics that make these terroristic events possible. Piero points to the ruling Western oligarchy’s meddling in Middle Eastern oil interests as a key piece of the puzzle. We discuss the tribal nature of the people being extruded by the millions from this battle-weary region, along with the engrained brutality that is completely foreign to most Europeans.

Piero explains how we are at the beginning of the final fall of the global economy operating for the past 70 years, and he says the Western way of mass consumerism and instant gratification has created several generations of weak people ripe for conquering. We analyze the mainstream media’s fueling of identity politics that has served to further divide an already atomized society.

Then, Piero emphasizes how the hollowing out of morals through the implantation of ideologies like feminism and cultural Marxism is the nexus of what’s to come in the collapse. We consider the perfect storm that has been created by the exponential growth of the world’s population, paired with a global economy based in dwindling resources and debt, and compounded by the corrosive effects of mass immigration into a complex and fragile system. -redicecreations

download hour 1 mp3

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Nov. 28. 2015


Planet Earth is under siege from countless factors. Unimaginable and irreparable damage has been done, there is no going back in any time frame that matters. We are now in a battle to preserve what is left of our planet's life support systems.

The greatest single leap we can make in the right direction is to expose and halt climate engineering. The natural resources that industrialized/militarized society has relied on to sustain itself are waning at blinding speed. Rapidly escalating global conflict is directly connected to the increasing scarcity.

Global economic, environmental, and societal collapse is already unfolding. No matter how ominous the horizon has become, the vast majority of the population are so far still bent on remaining in denial. All will be forced to face the truth soon, there is no place to hide from what is unfolding.
-Dane Wigington,

Tracy Twyman | True Friday the 13th Baphomet Artifact | Freeman TV | Nov. 29, 2015


As the anniversary of the October 13, 1307 mass arrest of the Knights Templar in France passes, two American researchers, Tracy R. Twyman and Alexander Rivera, have announced that they have, for the first time, traced the real origin and meaning of the blasphemous idol that the Templar were accused of worshiping in secret ceremonies: the Baphomet. What’s more, in the course of their investigation, they had an important Latin text translated that has been frequently referenced but rarely read by researchers on the subject for almost 200 years.

In this text from 1818, Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum (The Mystery of Baphomet Revealed) by Baron Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall, the author claimed to have discovered a number of idols and other artifacts on former Templar properties, the imagery of which allegedly sheds light on the heretical secret rites and beliefs of the Templar.

New World Next Week | 1 in 4 Americans Know Government is the Enemy | Nov. 26, 2015


Story #1: Website Shows How Easy It Is To Track You By Your Cat Photos
Flashback: Uses Twitter to Tell When People Aren’t Home (Feb 2010)
#BrusselsLockdown Request for Social Media Blackout Prompts Flood of Cat Pics (from Docile Slaves Under Martial Law)

Story #2: Congress Passes Space Mining Act With No Growth Limits
Who Owns Space? US Asteroid-Mining Act Is Dangerous, Potentially Illegal

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - More Than 1 In 4 Americans Believe Government Is The Enemy
PDF: Beyond Distrust - How Americans View Their Government
Most Americans Deeply Distrust Government…But Are Okay With Almost All Of Its Programs

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Russian Jet Hit Inside Syria After Alleged Incursion Into Turkey
NWNW Flashback: US Allows Ally Turkey to Bomb Only Group Effectively Fighting ISIS (Aug 2015)
Experts Say ISIS Parks Its Cash In Bitcoin Censored In France
Whistleblower Claims Drone Pilots Often High on Drugs
It's A Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake America
Predicting Terror: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Rick Simpson | Run From the Cure - Cannabis Cures Cancer! | Anarchast | Nov. 26, 2015


Jeff interviews medicinal cannabis stalwart Rick Simpson, topics include:

 - Standing up and telling the truth and doing what is right
- Cannabis doing much more for people than any and all pharmaceutical products
- Amazing benefits, the refusal to prescribe cannabis
- External application of cannabis oil to treat skin cancer
- Massive resistance in the medical industry
- Medical industry profoundly corrupt
- Canadian legalization designed to allow corporate exploitation
- Constant police raids
- Expatriation and telling the world
- Cannabinoids set to transform medicine
- Best to grow your own and take responsibility for your own healing
- People using the Rick Simpson name to peddle dubious products
- The horror of chemotherapy
- Tens of thousands healed with cannabis
- It is break the law or die!

The Corbett Report | Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics | Nov. 25, 2015


Don’t you hate when Fox News and the other MSM spin-meisters use simple tricks to skew and misrepresent data and statistics? How about when the World Meteorological Organization does it? Or NASA? Or the Journal of Climate? Or GISS? Join James for today’s thought for the day as he shows you some of the grade school level parlour tricks the global warming alarmists use to misrepresent their data and bamboozle the public.

Show Notes:
The statisticians at Fox News use classic and novel graphical techniques to lead with data
You can’t deny global warming after seeing this graph
Lying with Charts – Global Warming Graph
A History Of Dishonest Fox Charts
WMO Climate Status 1999
Black Tuesday of Climate Science
The Yamal implosion
YAD06 – the Most Influential Tree in the World
Sherwood 2008: Where you can find a hot spot at zero degrees
GISS Surface Temperature Analysis
Uncertainty in the Global Average Surface Air Temperature Index: A Representative Lower Limit

Going Underground Special: John Pilger on Paris, ISIS and Media Propaganda | Nov. 25, 2015

Source: goingundergroundRT youtube

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with John Pilger. Award winning journalist and author, John Pilger talks to us about how Washington, London and Paris gave birth to ISIS-Daesh. Plus we examine the media's role in spreading disinformation ahead of a vote in Parliament for UK bombing of Syria.

Afshin looks at the Autumn Statement and why in a time of high alert we are cutting the police force and buying drones. Also we look at which companies are benefitting from the budget. Plus Afshin is joined once again by former MP and broadcaster, Lembit Opik, to look at the week’s news from a cyber sinking feeling over Trident to budget boosts for the BBC.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 25, 2015


The news this week is all about the downing of the Russian Su 24 fighter by Turkey.

Show Notes:
17 Seconds That Changed The World - Leaked Letter Exposes Turkey's Hair-Trigger Reality Downing of Russian Su-24 looks like a planned provocation - Lavrov
Ankara's oil business with ISIS

Jeff Rense & Larry Nichols | A Message To The Evil Of Humanity


Clip from November 23, 2015 - guest Larry Nichols on the Jeff Rense Program.

Graham Hancock | Magicians of the Gods, Atlantis, & The Ancient Impacts | Nov. 25, 2015


International bestselling author, Graham Hancock, joins THC to talk about his latest book that’s breaking down the walls of conventional history: Magicians of the Gods. We discuss the latest evidence that helps to demystify why civilization seems to have sprung up out of nowhere, the validity of the Atlantis story, and the idea that the oral traditions and ancient writings all around the globe that talk about “helpers” and “seeders of knowledge” – are really attempts by the ancients at describing their encounters with the fractured remains of an even older lost civilization. Look out.

Ricardo Baretzky | Insight - Migrant Crisis: ISIS & The Security Threat to Europe | Red Ice Radio | Nov. 25, 2015


Henrik introduces an interview with Ricardo Baretzky, the President of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) from May 2015, before the "migrant crisis" began. The discussion centers around the "Exodus Report" and the security threat to the EU after hundreds of thousands of young men have been flooding into Europe, creating unstable conditions.

This interview was conducted months before the November 2015 attacks in Paris, yet this very possibility was discussed. The Islamic state had issued warnings earlier in the year, that they were going to use mass migration as a tool to execute further terrorist attacks to threaten the stability of Europe. Mr. Baretzky also warned that the values of Europe are now being threatened because of this unprecedented wave of migrants. It is a recipe for disaster.

Zen Gardner | Coping With The Awakening And Amazon Banning Books On Sandy Hook! | Richie Allen Show | Nov. 23, 2015


Peter Levenda | Hitlers Ratline & the Nazi Cult in Diaspora | Part 1-2 | Nov. 24, 2015


Part 1
Now that forensic science has debunked "Hitlers scull", what evidence remains that the Führer suicided in the bunker? Is there evidence to the contrary? Peter Levenda joins us again, to account for Hitlers ratline and the wild circumstances at the end of the war, exploited by Bormanns fleeing hordes... and we learn about a conspiracy theory that British intelligence is run by satanists!

Part 2
So where did Hitlers & Brauns ratline lead? Did they live in Argentina all their postwar life or could they have ended up in Indonesia? Did they live unto the 1970ies? And just who was Georg Anton & Hella Poch? Peter Levenda guides us through the rest of this huge story, with updates emerging from after his book was published, and we learn how the postwar nazi network was connected to Sukarno & Suharto, and the missing Nazi Gold... plus a briefing on his latest book on Thomas Vaughan, revealing that Alchemy can be decoded with Tantric & Taoistic source!

Pepe Escobar | Not only Ankara backs Daesh but offers also logistical support | Nov. 24, 2015


A Russian warplane has gone down near the Turkish-Syrian border after an apparent attack. Turkish and Russian sources have given conflicting reports about the incident, which has the potential to escalate the tension between Russia and NATO member Turkey.

Political analyst Pepe Escobar believes Turkey is clearly linked to ISIS and other extremist organizations in Syria.

John Lenard Walson | Caught On Tape | Moon Footage | Nov. 24, 2015

Source: John Lenard Walson youtube

Watch in HD.

Jay Dyer | Magic, Mass Media and the Mind Control Matrix | Nov. 21, 2015


Jay Dyer discusses magic, mass media and the mind control matrix. We live in a world of illusion, a realm of the unreal. The primal impulses and drives so central to our being – for meaning, purpose, oneness, and love – are diminished and driven out amid the avalanche of disinformation, duplicity and deceit under which we labour, day in, day out. Our culture has become corrupted, our instincts corroded, and the very idea of truth lost in a sea of lies. Many among us think that it has always been so; still others see a species simply gone astray, forlornly searching once more for the way from which we wandered on some fateful day.

And yet within this matrix of manipulation, we can discover patterns of programming, many of which, while having ancient origins, point to a very modern purpose. An agenda whose endgame is encoded in the symbols and signs that surround us is being expertly executed moment by moment, moving humanity, the Earth itself, and maybe much, much more than that towards a goal impossibly vast. Wading into the world of conspiracy theories, the swamp of secret societies, and a great deal more, we explore intriguing ideas and wild speculation alike, and along the way uncover a decidedly dark and disturbing picture.

download mp3

The Corbett Report | 3 Stories That Show the War of Terror Is A Fraud | Nov. 22, 2015


As the terror hysteria kicks into high gear, the phoney war of terror narrative becomes ever more absurd. On today’s Thought For The Day video, James breaks down three of the latest stories exposing the fraudulent terrornoia for what it is.

This video shows the absurdity of the war in Syria in one single blown-up Humvee
BFP Breaks Secret Jordan Training Camp for Terrorists
MSM admits ISIS fighters trained in Jordan
PBS NewsHour Uses Russian Airstrike Footage While Claiming U.S. Airstrike Successes
B.C. Canada Day terror plot trial judge says RCMP may have acted illegally
CSIS And RCMP Complicit In Manufacturing Terrorism
Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.
Problem. Reaction. Solution. (Paris Edition)

David Icke On The Richie Allen Show | Nov. 18, 2015,

Exclusive: Air Force Whistleblowers Risk Prosecution to Warn Drone War Kills Civilians, Fuels Terror | Democracy Now | Nov. 20, 2015


Has the U.S. drone war "fueled the feelings of hatred that ignited terrorism and groups like ISIS"? That’s the conclusion of four former Air Force servicemembers who are speaking out together for the first time. They’ve issued a letter to President Obama warning the U.S. drone program is one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism.

They accuse the administration of lying about the effectiveness of the drone program, saying it is good at killing people—just not the right ones. The four drone war veterans risk prosecution by an administration that has been unprecedented in its targeting of government whistleblowers. In a Democracy Now! exclusive, they join us in their first extended broadcast interview.

New World Next Week | Putin to G20: Stop Funding ISIS! | Nov. 19, 2015


Story 1: Putin Calls Out G20 Nations For Funding ISIS
33 ISIS Members Killed In Airstrikes
The Paris Terror Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

Story 2: After Paris Attacks, Encrypted Communication Is Back In Spotlight
NY Times Pulls Report Of French Officials' Claims Paris Attackers Used Encrypted Apps
After Paris Attack: "The Enemies Of Encryption Have Their Knives Drawn."
France Deploys 10,000 Troops To Patrol Streets In Wake Of Paris Attacks
Mission Accomplished: After Paris, Americans Want US To Attack ISIS
You Know You're In Trouble When TV Makes New Graphics For "___ Under Attack"

Story 3: #GoodNewsNextWeek
The Disintegration Of The European Projece
What Is The Schengen Area - And What Could Happen To It Now?
Why Whistleblowers Can't Be Blamed For Paris Attacks
US Mass Surveillance Never Prevented Large Terror Attacks

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: 
So... Nigerian Flags All Around Then?
Boko Haram Ranked Ahead Of ISIS For Deadliest Terror Group
German 'Triple Agent' Admits Spying For CIA
Red Cross Accuses U.S.-Backed Saudis Of Deliberately Attacking Health Care Facilities In Yemen
'Alarm' As Patients Shun Flu Jab

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 19, 2015


Russia/France and Syria... long term developments are now possibly under way, including, perhaps, radical Islam and its state sponsors?

Japan interested in developing Russia’s Far East
Narrowing Rift, U.S. and Russia Entertain Cooperation in Syria

William Engdahl Explains the Context of the Paris Attacks | Corbett Report | Nov. 18, 2015


F. William Engdahl of joins us today to give his perspective on the Paris attacks. We discuss the historical background to what is taking place now in Syria, how it plays into the current geopolitical agenda of the US/NATO military powers, and what it means for France, Syria and the world moving forward.

Show Notes:
Who Are the Muslim Brotherhood?
Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri
Who is Really Behind ISIS?
Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?

Download mp3
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