New World Next Week | Canada Pays Hush Money To Silence MKULTRA Victim's Daughter | Nov. 2, 2017


Story #1: Taxpayers Hit For $650K After Cop Assaulted, Kidnapped Innocent Nurse for Refusing To Break The Law
Utah Nurse Alex Wubbels Reaches $500,000 Settlement In Dispute Over Her Arrest
Salt Lake Police Officer Fired After U of U Nurse Wubbels Incident

Story #2: Trump Blocks Full Release Of JFK Assassination Records After Last Minute CIA Push
What’s In The JFK Files? – An Open Source Investigation
What Happened Thursday With The JFK Records?
National Archives Releases First Batch Of 2017 JFK Documents
The CIA Preps Their Next JFK Psyop
#MorningMonarchy: Declassified CIA Docs Reveal Hitler Survived WW2, With Picture to Prove it (Sep. 14, 2017)

Story #3: Canada Quietly Compensates Daughter Of Brainwashing Experiments Victim

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Trading Coal Mines For Beehives

Catherine Austin Fitts - The Missin Trillions | A Constitutional Crisis! Dark Journalist | Oct. 30, 2017


In this fascinating episode, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former Assistant Housing Secretary and the Publisher of the Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts for an Exclusive Examination of the Missing Trillions that have disappeared from Government Agencies.

Catherine goes into great detail about the over 21 Trillion in Missing Money from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The money has been disappearing over the course of two decades through a mysterious process called 'Undocumented Adjustments." The forces behind the money drain have managed to elude public scrutiny and oversight due to intense control over the mainstream media and political figures.

Recently we have seen major lobbying and investment for a new Constitutional Convention (Con Con) to add changes to the Governing Document of the USA. Advocates on both the Left and the Right ends of the spectrum now have 28 of the 34 States that they need to Convene a Convention, but it will take 38 States to ratify any changes. Catherine has determined that much of the push around the question of a Con Con is to immunize the covert forces that are secretly benefiting from the continuous drain and harvesting of the resources of the public citizenry through the sprawling and compromised American bureaucracy.

The false remedy of a Constitutional Convention is being portrayed by advocates as the solution to the political impasse that we see in Congress. In fact, according to Catherine it's a backdoor attempt to allow those who have stolen the Missing Money to not be prosecuted in the future while installing draconian cuts to social programs in the name of responsibility.

Max Igan | The Controlled Demolition of America | Oct. 27, 2017


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - October 27th, 2017.

Dr. Kevin MacDonald | Weinstein's Hollywood, Clinton's Russia Scandal & Hypocritical Liberal Elites | Redice TV | Oct. 27, 2017


Dr. Kevin MacDonald has a PhD in Biobehavioral Sciences and is an expert on Jewish influence and identity. He is the editor and chief contributor of The Occidental Observer, an online publication that focuses on White identity, White interests, and the culture of the West. Kevin is also the author of numerous books, including The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements.

Kevin returns to Red Ice amidst the Harvey Weinstein scandal to give us an academic perspective on Hollywood and the Jewish obsession with gentile women. We first talk about Weinstein, the producer currently embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal. Kevin then explains the reasons why the perversions of Harvey Weinstein, Philip Roth, and others are archetypally Jewish.This leads to a discussion on how Hollywood, despite clearly being a den of iniquity, has nevertheless saw fit to lecture Americans on morality for decades. The show covers much more, including the Russian uranium deal, opioid crisis, and Trump administration.

The Corbett Report | Who Is Nicholas Rockefeller? - Question For Corbett | Oct. 28, 2017


We all remember when Aaron Russo gave us his story of getting the inside scoop from Nicholas Rockefeller...but who is Nicholas Rockefeller? James explores this question and answers your queries on Japanese debt, IMFcoin, health care without government, the Bin Laden "confession" and much more in this edition of Questions For Corbett.

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Aaron Franz | The Age Of Transitions | Vinny Eastwood Show | Oct. 30 , 2017


The Truth Can Be Polarizing,
With Such Extremes Of Left And Right
Is It Any Wonder Why The Truth Movement Seems Dead?

In This Episode:
We talk about the importance of open dialogue,
Why relaxing and keeping an open mind may be the best defense against charlatans,
Whether they be main stream or in the Alt Media,
Fake news & Alternative truth have become loaded terms,
As if somehow the truth has taken someones side,
However, the truth doesn't care what anyone thinks.
The fact is that your own ideas and dreams are the most important thing in the universe,
And if everyone is able to do their own thing without hurting each other, it's an ideal situation.
When people came into this movement,
They thought it'd all be about truth,
& that they can win against the liars within a few years,
But they realise soon enough,
That this war has been going on for eternity, and they need to dedicate their lives, fortunes and forbears to this fight,
For most, that's too much sacrifice,
As a result, I've seen many people in this movement come and go over the years.
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