William Engdahl | Rothschild, Cheney, Murdoch's Genie Energy oil in the Golan Heights

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | May 14, 2016

Source: geoengineeringwatch.org


Global die-offs, nuclear meltdowns, societal chaos and starvation, and climate disintegration, how much longer can the current paradigm continue? How much longer will the vast majority of populations cling to their delusions and denial of reality? The programmed power structure response of using the "conspiracy theory" term is a trademark (and psychological defense mechanism) of those that so far have refused to investigate and who thus refuse to face the truth.

At this moment in time the human race is like the man who was photographed on the Sri Lanka beach standing motionless, staring at the receding ocean that was about to produce a life crushing tidal wave. Will the human race (like the man in Sri Lanka) just stand and stare while the remaining life and life support systems of our planet are systematically wiped out? What will you do with the time you yet have? Make the most of the time you are allotted, do your part, help us to credibly sound the alarm while we can still make a difference. -geoengineeringwatch.org

Article: Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 14, 2016

Dr. Steven Greer on Carol Rosin Show | NEW Critical Urgent Disclosure Information | May 13, 2016

Source: americanfreedomradio.com

Dr. Steven Greer appeared on the Carol Rosin Show on May 13, 2016 to discuss new critical and urgent information regarding the Disclosure Movement. While we encourage you to listen to the entire show to gain an overall perspective, if time is of the essence for you, please know Dr. Greer highlights the new information during the second half of the interview.

WHY IS THIS URGENT? Because there has been a GRAND ESCALATION from the DIS-information camps in the public sector and media … and YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT!

The headlines and descriptions below are from Carol Rosin’s archive link for this same show. (You can follow the link here to her archived file on American Freedom Radio) We encourage you to support her sites and visit their webpages for more information. -siriusdisclosure.com

Jon Rappoport | No More Fake News Room | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 12, 2016

Source: jimmychurchradio.com, nomorefakenews.com

Another Thursday...another FADERNIGHT...John Rappoport joins us with his No More Fake News Room and he discusses the internet...as only he can. This is an amazing presentation...then we take calls from around the world. -jimmychurchradio.com

Interview start 31:30 min.

Jim Marrs | Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, jimmarrs.com

From the food we eat, the water we drink to the air we breathe, everything these days seems capable of killing us. Recently we have seen an unprecedented number of deaths due to medications for diseases that may not even exist, obscure cancers caused by our modern devices, and brutal police tactics. All a coincidence? Think again. In Population Control, acclaimed journalist Jim Marrs lays out a stunning case for his most audacious conspiracy yet: the scheme concocted by a handful of global elites to reduce the world's population to 500 million by whatever means necessary and make a profit from it.

Marrs, the bestselling author of Rule by Secrecy and The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, pulls no punches in exposing this evil and chillingly effective plan. He explains how a small group of tremendously wealthy and powerful people control virtually every important industry -- guns, oil, pharmaceuticals, food, and of course the media -- and how it uses this vast network of conglomerates to take actions that lead to the deaths of men and women all over the world.

In the explosive Population Control, Marrs lays bare the damning truths corporate owners don't want you to discover: how they've spied on private citizens, intentionally spread disease, and destroyed the planet chasing profits, all to improve the lives of a privileged few while eliminating everyone else. Finally, he offers a citizen's blueprint for fighting back. -veritasradio.com

New World Next Week | Peace Breaks Out When Police Force Quits | May 12, 2016

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: In Presidential First, Obama Will Visit Hiroshima To “Pay Respects
Wikipedia: 42nd G7 Summit - May 26-27, 2016

Story #2: US Carries Out Another Bioterror Experiment Using “Non-Toxic” Gas On NYC Subway
Cops Say Sorry Over “Allahu Akbar” Cry In Terror Training Exercise
Morning Monarchy: Homeland Security Releases Gas In NYC Subway, Says Riders Shouldn't Worry
Flashback: CIA May Have Tested Biological Warfare in New York in '50s, Church Says (Dec 1979)
Flashback Video: “Operation Big City” - U.S. Army/CIA Bio-Weapon Tests on U.S. Citizens

Story #3: Flyers' Patience At “Breaking Point" Over Long Lines
New York, New Jersey Airports Threaten To Ditch TSA, Hire Own Security Screeners
Algebra Terror Delays PA-to-NY Flight
Media Monarchy Flashback: Outrage at TSA Grows As ‘Opt-Out Day’ Planned (Nov 2010)

#GoodNewsNextWeek: 'Little Libraries' Are Popping Up All Over America

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines:
Emails From Clinton's IT Director Appear to Be "Missing"
33 Ill As Nuclear Waste Leak Continues at “America’s Fukushima”
Former Facebook Workers Admit To Routinely Suppressing Conservative News
#PanamaPapers Are Now (Kinda) Available Online
Apple's Tim Cook Heading Back To China To “Meet High-Level Government Officials”

Linda Moulton Howe | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 11, 2016

Source: jimmychurchradio.com, earthfiles.com

Linda Moulton Howe is back with us and we cover her recent report on the Sphinx in Alaska...her interviews with the members of the US Army who were there on a training mission...we also discuss other news stories from around the world...later in the program we have Paul Andrews and Victoria Gavoian from Contact in the Desert to tell us what to expect at CITD 2016. -jimmychurchradio.com
Interview start 33:50 min.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 12, 2016

Source: gizadeathstar.com

Germany is going to dramatically expand the Bundeswehr, the German Federal Armed Defence Forces. The question is, why?

Article: ‘Time for Bundeswehr to grow’: Germany announces 1st army expansion since Cold War

Lyn Buchanan, Sergeant First Class, US Army (ret.) | Confirmed, Multiple ET Bases on Earth, Stargate Program Declassified | May 12, 2016

Source: leakproject.com

Excellent Interview with Lyn Buchanan former Above Top Secret Military & apart of the Stargate Program. Mr Buchanan discusses a blockbuster amount of information. The information Lyn discusses the second half of the show will leave you speechless. -leakproject.com

Short Bio:
Leonard (Lyn) Buchanan, Sergeant First Class, US Army (ret.), Remote Viewer, Database Manager, Property Book Officer and Trainer in the US Army Remote Viewing Unit from 1984 to 1992; author of The Seventh Sense; currently Executive Director of Problems>Solutions>Innovations, a Controlled Remote Viewing Training Enterprise based in New Mexico. Lyn Buchanan is a founding member and currently serves on the board of directors of the International Remote Viewing Association.

Dr. Carmen Boulter | Atlantis Akhenaten Egyp Revelations | Dark Journalist | May 11, 2016

Source: DarkJournalist.com

Part 2 Interview with Dr. Carmen Boulter: Atlantis Akhenaten Egypt Revelations!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Dr. Carmen Boulter In this special part 2 interview on emerging breakthroughs in her research on an antediluvian civilization in Ancient Egypt. This lost culture was said by the Greek Philosopher Plato and the Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce to have possessed advanced technology, air and space travel and powerful mental and spiritual abilities. After their continent was destroyed in a massive cataclysm, they transferred their wisdom and building knowledge to Ancient Egypt and hid their history in the construction of the Great Pyramid, Sphinx and a yet to be discovered Hall of Records.

New Discoveries Show Akhenaten Nefertiti Period Dates Further Back to 12,000 B.C.
In this stunning episode with Dr. Boulter she explains that her new discoveries reveal that the corrupt Amun Priesthood attempted to eliminate the royal family in Egypt and killed the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his son Tutankhamun (King Tut), but that Queen Nefertiti fled to another country and escaped their vicious treachery. She also explores the possibility that Akhenaten and Nefertiti were supernatural beings that were giving humanity a new mystical philosophy of peace and spiritual attunement. In an even more bizarre twist the latest carbon dating on this new Nefertiti site reveals that it dates back to 12,000 B.C. opening up all kinds of questions for our chronology of Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean history!

Dr. Boulter explores why there is such a complete media and archaeological blackout around the true nature of Ancient Egyptian culture and shows that occult forces that were working in ancient times still have an eerie legacy in our own time. She states that the secrets these powerful groups are protecting may keep modern humanity in a state of disconnected physical consciousness and submerge our spiritual understanding to leave our mind, body and spirit vulnerable to hidden, nefarious control and keep it disassociated from its star origins.

Dr. Boulter also discusses her five-part documentary series, 'The Pyramid Code' that explores the esoteric wisdom the Egyptians used to build the incredible monuments at Giza. Her new documentary series called 'The New Atlantis' will unveil her exciting research of an Atlantean culture that existed before recorded history, which formed the basis of the Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, and Inca Civilizations. She also comments on a new study that shows the dating on the Sphinx shows it may have been built as fas back as 800,000 B.C.! -DarkJournalist.com

Brien Foerster | Mayan Indians In Ancient Egypt? And Lost Ancient High Technology? | May 11, 2016

Source: khemitology.com

Never heard of Elephantine Island? It is in southern Egypt and contains many mysteries which are decoded in this video. From the presence of Mayan Indians in Egypt to obvious examples of Lost Ancient High Technology. -Brien Foerster

Freeman Fly | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 3, 2016

Source: jimmychurchradio.com, freemantv.com

Freeman Fly is back with us to discuss conspiracy...we cover everything from politics, Hillary, Trump, Hollywood, 911, ISIS, Prince and the Freemasons. We also talk about his sighting and loss of time in 1993...and also premiere his new band...Molecular. -jimmychurchradio.com
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