Charlotte Iserbyt | The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World, January 27, 2012


At first Charlotte Iserbyt comes across as atavistic and prone to overstatement. She's railing against regionalism, communitarianism, collective economics…and charter schools. She says public schools are being used to indoctrinate communism. She says a program implemented in the 60s, the result of studies and agreements among secret society members and Russians and psychiatrists, and decreed by the White House, aims to move America into a one-world government. It's an international plan to destroy values and patriotism, implement Pavlovian (involuntary) responses to situations, to dumb down the world, to turn it into socialism.

Feisty, opinionated, loquacious, and an equal opportunity offender, if Iserbyt

didn't have all kinds of documentation and quotes and detail, one would shut out her assertions as the rants of a muddled mind, an ancient meme.

But this accomplished author, former school board member, Department of Education and Department of State alum, and foreign-service wife, has spent decades amassing evidence and speaking out about what's gone wrong with our schools.

On many counts, she is undoubtedly accurate. When Iserbyt mentions David Rockefeller professing gratitude to the media for not impeding his one world government agenda, Mel interjects a sound bite of David Rockefeller professing gratitude to the media for not impeding his one world government agenda.

It's her summation that is more difficult to gauge. Could it be so simple?

The liberals, the conservatives, the government, the U.N., charter schools, technology, Carter, Johnson, Reagan, Bush, Obama, Rockefeller, Bloom, Drucker…"They're all moving us toward communism," she says.

Some more of her assertions:

“They aren't taught multiplication tables anymore, or grammar, or American history. They aren't allowed to write in script. They just get socialism studies, political correctness."

“The Department of Education and the United Nations think your children are animals to be changed."

“Parents: you don't know what they are doing behind closed doors."

"Charter schools are the beginning of the devolution of our form of government."

"Every time you hear the word, community, it's about communism."

“We are now a communist country. The biggest evil conspiracy the world has ever known has been perpetrated on us."

Iserbyt's websites contain 150,000 pages of testimony, articles and books that support her point. She says she'll give $1000 to anyone who can prove her wrong.

Max Igan | Regaining Independent Thought & Reshaping Reality, February 3, 2012


Max Igan - Surviving The Matrix - Feb 03, 2012

Dr. Robert Verkerk | EU Banning Herbs & Pushing GMOs, February 2, 2012


February 2, 2012–Dr. Robert Verkerk is an acclaimed expert in agricultural, environmental and health sustainability. In 2002, he founded the Alliance for Natural Health International. ANH-Intl is an internationally active non-governmental organization promoting natural and sustainable approaches to healthcare worldwide.

ANH-Intl campaigns across a wide range of fields, including for freedom of choice and the use of micronutrients and herbal products in healthcare. It also operates campaigns that aim to restrict mass fluoridation of water supplies and the use of genetically modified foods. Through its work particularly in Europe and the USA, the ANH-Intl works to accomplish its mission through its unique application of 'good science' and 'good law'.

Robert joins us to discuss the banning of herbs in Europe and the big push for GMOs. He'll tell us about their current urgent campaign targeting Members of the European Parliament to veto the proposed list of 220 authorized 'general function' health claims which will also simultaneously forbid all health claims that have not been scientifically proven to standards set by the corrupt European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Once this list is passed into law, around 2,500 commonly used claims about the health benefits of foods and food ingredients (health claims) will be banned. Robert urges all EU citizens to get involved with the campaign and mentions US campaigns.~Red Ice Creations
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Dolores Cannon | Forgiveness & Karma, January 31, 2012


January 31, 2012–This evening we spend an hour with Dolores Cannon who was gracious enough to fit us into her busy schedule. Dolores is a hypnotherapist and an expert in life after death, ufology, ascension and Nostradamus and authored many books on the subjects available at and However, this evening she spends the time discussing forgiveness and karma and helps shed some light on the negative waves we are all experiencing. ~Truth Frequency Radio

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William Buhlman | Out of Body Experiences


William explains OBE's and quantum thought forms.

Alan Watt | Painful Profits, February 1, 2012


New World Next Week | Drones for Peace, Scary Charts, Morality Pills, February 2, 2012


Story #1: FAA delays new rules for operating small drones in US airspace
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Civilian Deaths Due to Drones Are Few, Obama Says
After Obama's Remarks on Drones, White House Rebuffs Security Questions
NYTimes Op-Ed on "Drones for Human Rights"
NWNW Flashback: "Drone Detention"

Story #2: This Is Europe's Scariest Chart
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Story #3: NYTimes Op-Ed asks "Are We Ready for a 'Morality Pill'?"

Background: Peter Singer
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End Game - A Global Conspiracy - Full Length Feature


The world's ruling elite have fashioned an interlocking network of multi-national corporations that now posses more wealth and political autonomy than individual nations. What psychological pathology drives their single-minded obsession for absolute control? What high-tech schemes serve their diabolical End-Game strategies? As 2012 arrives, humanity's ultimate fate now hangs in the balance!

Dr. Jonathan Wright | Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, January 31, 2012

Source:,, The Effects of hormone replacement therapy on the Body

January 31, 2012–Dr. Jonathan Wright is one of the greatest living contributors to the fields of naturopathy and nutritional biochemistry. His pioneering work in preventive and nutritional medicine over the last three decades represents a lifelong commitment to changing the way we approach health. He is credited with introducing the nutritional remedy for benign prostate disease, the first successful treatment to reverse macular degeneration, the safe medical use of DHEA therapy, and advances in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Wright’s stewardship role in the emerging natural health paradigm includes a history of service to many important medical institutions.

He is the President Emeritus of the National Health Federation, and has sat on the Board of Directors of Bastyr University, the Life Extension Foundation, and the American Preventive Medical Association. While maintaining a holistic family medical practice at his famous Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Wright and colleague Alan Gaby, M.D., offer internationally-acclaimed educational seminars on nutritional medicine. Tune in as Dr. Jonathan Wright speaks with us about his life’s work and his latest book, Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement: The Science Explained. ~Kim Greenhouse

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Additional informations

The Effects of hormone replacement therapy on the Body

Kymberlee Ruff | Hopi-Tibetan Prophecy, January 30, 2012


Janaury 30, 2012–Psychotherapist Kymberlee Ruff shared the Hopi-Tibetan prophecy, a separate and distinct prophecy created from the similarities of the two culture's prophecies. The first activation of the prophecy began when a Tibetan Lama came to Hopi lands in Arizona in 1974, and the second activation had to do with Ruff's son, who was visited by Tibetan Lamas in Santa Barbara in 2001. They told her he was a reincarnation of one of their Lamas. Tibetan Ven. Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche gave her son a rock with ancient writing on it. Later, she delivered the rock to the Hopi Indians' Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma, the "Keeper of the Sacred Tablets of the Fire Clan," she recounted.

The message on the rock, written in Sanskrit, loosely translates as "compassion," which is the key to the Hopi-Tibetan prophecy, she said. Bringing this "dharma" to the Hopis, helps "restore the amazingness of the Hopi so they can set the tone for the world," she explained. As we approach Dec. 21, 2012, "it's going to get more and more intense," but after that date, things are going to turn around and get better, she continued. Ruff also talked about "the Lost City of the Dead in the Grand Canyon." In 1909, on a mission for the Smithsonian, G.E. Kincaid was said to find a statue of the Buddha in a cave hidden under the Grand Canyon, she reported.

Jim Marrs | The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy & the NWO (2010)


Bestselling author and legendary conspiracy researcher Jim Marrs has yet again exposed information that the mainstream corporate media has refused to report, unearthing the lies to expose the insidious alliances that make up a secret world. In the explosive The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy, Marrs digs beneath the media noise surrounding the financial bailouts of 2008 and 2009 while exploring the back rooms and shadowy deals of our nation's past to craft a frightening history that no one else is brave enough to tell.

Alex Putney | Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide, January 30, 2012


January 30, 2012–Alex Putney is behind the website He is also the author of "Lightwater", "Phi" and "Veil of Invisibility". Alex, currently in La Maná, Ecuador, is with us to discuss the recent worldwide phenomena of strange sounds. Alex argues that these sounds are due to increased solar activity and resonance changes related to infrasound standing waves that we are now experiencing at an increasing rate.

A few of the videos are likely copy cats and others might be intended to muddy the waters but underneathe Alex says, there is a real phenomena, which more and more people are experiencing. Alex also stresses that these changes are positive. It's not the apocalypse or the end of the world. In November 2003, the last time an unprecedented X-class solar flare erupted a deep low thumping sound was recorded and reported in Seattle. We'll listen to and discuss this clip. Also, Alex tells us about piezoelectric fires in Vietnam and his own sighting of a resonant plasma craft in the skies above La Maná in Ecuador.~Red Ice Creations
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Jeff Hilling | The Patterson Bigfoot Film, January 29, 2012


January 29, 2012–Jeff Hilling is a Bigfoot historian and the author of "The Great Bigfoot Film Mystery: What really happened on October 20th 1967?" Jeff is the creator of, a website that takes a unique neutral approach to dealing with the facts, legends, and rumors surrounding this most controversial film footage.

In 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin set out to film the unknown...a creature of myth, legend and folklore. On October 20th of that year, they captured the image of a terrifying man-beast, in which to this day still enthralls, enchants, and bewilders both scientist and laymen alike. The Patterson film is still by far the best all around evidence of a sasquatch creature to date. Jeff holds a neutral position in order to weigh all the evidence and circumstances surrounding this event in an unbiased manner, he does not presume the Patterson film footage is an authentic creature, nor do we presume it was a hoax. In the first hour we talk about the background of the film, Jeff's bigfoot interest and what happened on the 20th of October 1967.~Red Ice Creations
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Don Shipley | ex Navy Seal about Bill Wood's claim of being a Navy Seal, January 29, 2012


January 29, 2012–Nexus 2012 Forum Interviews ex Navy Seal Don Shipley about the claims by Project Camelot Whistleblower William Newel Brockbrader aka Bill Wood that he was a Navy Seal.

Don Shipley left the family farm in Pennsylvania and dropped out of school in 1978 to join the Navy at 17 years old. He spent a couple years in Yokosuka, Japan on a ship before becoming a Navy SEAL in 1984.

He served at SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO, the Naval Special Warfare Center, BUD/S, and Naval Special Warfare Group TWO, in Little Creek Virginia as a SEAL Advanced Training Instructor.

When not in a SEAL Platoon or deployed overseas, his time was spent running blocks of training for SEALs in air operations, land warfare, and demolitions.
Don retired after 24-years as a SEAL Senior Chief in 2003. As a SEAL, he preferred the challenge of Mountain and Arctic Warfare but began his career in the equally hostile desert environment, spending much of his time in the world’s hottest and coldest climates.

Oath Keeper's, who William Newel Brockbrader aka Bill (The Jedi) Wood claims are protecting him have also been contacted in regard's to this case. The Oath Keepers do not agree.

Maj. Rex H. McTyeire (RET), U.S. Army Special Forces,South Carolina Chapter President,
National Vice President for Eastern U.S.Member of the National Board of Directors for Oath Keepers

Quote:The complaint is against a poser calling himself: "Bill Wood". The interest is that he is claiming service he did not do, including time in a combat theater... which can be a crime. That is suspected to be a pseudo for a convicted sex offender by the name of William Brockbrader. He also claims in the interview to be affiliated with "Oath Keepers" We.."Oath Keepers".. have received significant volume of e-mail on the matter this morning, some of it from SEALS and Navy officials. Indications are that he is not, and never has been, a SEAL. Neither is he an "Oath Keeper". I am the Eastern VP of Oath Keepers, and retired Special Forces ..he is not "working with us" in any manner in any known name or pseudo. Pending evidence to the contrary.. (and I am open to it.. but unless it comes) .. I have to conclude the man is a total fraud. Pick your battles and check your facts before you fly over the target .. lest the unfortunate blow back on you before the flak even starts.

William Buhlman on The Hunredth Monkey Radio, January 29, 2012


William Buhlman
Author of Adventures Beyond the Body and The Secret of the Soul William is an expert in numerous but simple Astral Projection and Out of Body (OBE) techniques from the shamanistic to the modern. William Buhlman is America's leading expert on out-of-body experiences. The author's four decades of extensive personal out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject. His first book, Adventures beyond the Body chronicles his personal spiritual journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel, and provides the reader with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventure.

Kiesha Little Grandmother Workshop 2010 (English/Deutsch)


This is another piece from Kiesha Crowther's workshop in Zurich in November 2010, this time in an original English/German version mainly for people who only speak German, but also containing some new excerpts not being in included in the other versions.

GRTV Backgrounder | Beyond SOPA: The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship, January 29, 2012


January 29, 2012–In recent weeks the general public has mobilized to face US legislative threats to Internet freedoms. Far from a conclusive victory, however, the death of SOPA and PIPA only highlight the latest in a series of measures that are seeking to create a legal framework for government-administered Internet censorship.
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