Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 15, 2016

Source:'s finally happening... Vladimir Putin has become the first Russian head of state to visit Japan. But there's something lurking between the lines of this article: 'Onsen summit': Vladimir Putin meets with Japan's Shinzo Abe to 'heal rifts

Jeff Rense & Preston James | Mass Mind Control & Cyber War


Clip from December 13, 2016 - guest Preston James on the Jeff Rense Program.

New World Next Week | The Open Source Seed Revolution | Dec. 15, 2016


Story #1: Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates For Second Time In Decade
Deutsche Bank Advised... Poorly
Rupee plunges 42 paise against dollar

Story #2: IMF Chief Lagarde On Trial In Paris Over Negligence Charges
NWNW Flashback: IMF’ed - Lagarde Under Investigation In France (Aug. 28, 2014)
Wikipedia: Rodrigo Rato
Bush War Crimes Lawsuit Gets Heard In California Court
Justice for Neocons: Lawsuits Challenge American Status Quo
Saleh v. Bush oral arguments
The Case Against Kissinger

Story #3: Open-Source Seed Producers Are Changing Global Food Production
Free the Seed! Introducing the Open Source Seed Collection
Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Pipeline Spills 176,000 Gallons of Crude, 150 Miles From Dakota Protest Camp

Headlines: Pipeline Spills 176,000 Gallons of Crude, 150 Miles From Dakota Protest Camp
UK MPs Claim Russian Hackers “Probably” Swayed Brexit Vote
Bill Gates Says Trump Could Be New JFK

Sam Osmanagich | Why The Elites Want To Keep The Secrets Of Bosnia's Pyramids Hidden | Dec. 13, 2016


About Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.
Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich, Ph.D. is Bosnian-born Houston (USA) resident author, researcher and businessman.

He discovered an ancient pyramid complex in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina consisting, to date, of eleven artificial structures: the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, the Bosnian Pyramid of Love, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon, the Temple of Mother Earth, Vratnica Tumulus, Dolovi Tumulus, Ginje Tumulus, KTK Tunnels, Underground Labyrinth “Ravne” and “Ravne 2” tunnels.

He has established non-profit and non-government "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation to pursue the excavation and geo-archaeological work.

He used to teach (2012/2013) at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina as Anthropology professor, in particular Bosnian megalithic sites.

The Corbett Report | The Abnormalization of Dissent | Dec. 13, 2016


The spin, lies, manipulation and deceptions are coming so fast and thick it’s increasingly difficult to document them all, let alone analyze them. But in the broad sweep of recent events we can see a common theme emerging: the abnormalization of dissent. And when political ideology boils down to nothing more than “real” and “fake” the control of political discourse through language itself is almost complete. Can outright censorship be far behind?

Show Notes:
MEPs sound alarm on anti-EU propaganda from Russia and Islamist terrorist groups
House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting “Russian Propaganda” Websites
What I Learned From the Prop or Not Propaganda List
The Kremlin’s Trojan Horses (Atlantic Council)
Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House
Tucker Carlson destroys Dem. Congressman over supposed Russian interference in the election
Clinton allies look to leverage Electoral College
Fake News King Brian Williams Lectures MSNBC Viewers on Dangers of Fake News During Election
Italy’s Most Popular Political Party Is Leading Europe In Fake News And Kremlin Propaganda
Hillary Clinton slams ‘fake news’
Manufacturing Normality

Newsbud | The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo | Donald Trump and Fascism in America | Dec. 12, 2016

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look at Donald Trump and the alt-right movement and the attempt by the establishment to portray them as dangerous fascists. Behind the sensationalistic and misleading headlines designed to frighten the American people and widen the political divide, there is another story: how the United States has consistently supported, enabled, and coddled real fascists in Europe under Operation Gladio and backing fascist dictators in Latin America. We also examine the fascist and authoritarian character of the corporate oligarchy.

Show Notes:
Orwellian euphemisms like “post-truth” and “alt-right” are perfect for whitewashing fascism
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Newsbud | Synthetic Terrorism: Federal Court Upholds Another FBI-Manufactured Terror Case | Dec. 10, 2016

Source: Newsbud on Twitter

This week the 9th circuit court of appeals upheld the conviction of the would be Portland Oregon Christmas tree bomber. The federal court rejected the defense’s argument that the FBI had entrapped the defendant and that the FBI unconstitutionally collected his emails without a warrant. Not only does this ruling uphold warrantless surveillance, it also legitimizes the government's tactics to manufacture terror plots against Americans.

Show Notes:
FBI’s Warrantless Collection of Emails Upheld by Federal Court
United States Court Of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit
Convicted FBI Sting Target Challenges Investigation, Domestic Surveillance; Ends Up With Nothing
Newburgh Four: poor, black, and jailed under FBI 'entrapment' tactics
The FBI & the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
FBI Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2017
WTC 1993 was an FBI job

Dr. Joseph Farrell | CERN Strangelets - Dimensional Stargates | Dark Journalist | Dec. 11, 2016


Super Collider
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt invites Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell back for part 2 of his most important interview to date. They examine the unusual links between the obscure ancient technology that Farrell has researched in his Giza Death Star books and explore the deep connections it has with the futuristic dimensional doorway that the mysterious scientific organization CERN has created under the auspices of its controversial Hadron Collider experiments. Farrell sees the CERN organization in Geneva, Switzerland as shrouded in secrecy and finds that its Hadron Super Collider, ostensibly set up to unlock the 'Higgs Boson' or 'God Particle’ by the use of a particle physics experiment, is actually a public cover for a far different activity to covertly deploy a dimensional doorway developing super weapons for the 21st century that would be a modern version of the Manhattan Project with a massive military style budget of over six billion dollars!

Strangelets Intrigue
He cites the massive disturbances in the magnetosphere of the earth when the Hadron Collider is turned on and outlines that it may have serious consequences for physical life on earth and a major impact on the rotation of the planet itself. We also discover that voices in the scientific community have raised objections that CERN is unsafe due to the potential development of "Strangelets" a distorted potential byproduct of the matter smashing experiments that have been compared to mini black holes that suck in all dense matter and energy. He also shows the undeniable similarity between the CERN Hadron Collider and a Nazi Physics project called The Bell" that was an underground Torsion Physics project built by slave labor and overseen by the top Nazi Paperclip Scientists to give them a master weapon to rule the world!

Deep State Nazi Connections
Dark Journalist and Dr. Farrell investigate the history of CERN and demonstrate clear links of a post-war Nazi International through the figure of John J. McCloy , lawyer for notorious German corporate conglomerate IG Farben. McCloy was also the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and became the American High Commissioner for post World War II Germany. In a controversial action, McCloy helped clear and vet over 70,000 Nazis, helping to utilize their intelligence networks to set up the CIA.

One of the major figures that he cleared was top Nazi legal theorist and prisoner of war Dr. Walter Hallstein who was eventually responsible for helping to set up CERN and who was also a key architect for developing the the Nazi plan for a European Federation that was eventually adopted as the blueprint for the European Union. McCloy, in a strange twist, also served on the Warren Commission to whitewash any Deep State connections to the JFK Assassination. JFK was famously committed to "Smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces" as a way to root out the Nazi infiltration of the agency and regain control over the government from suspected Nazi collaborators like CIA director Allen Dulles.

Revealing, groundbreaking, shocking, unnerving, and rife with controversial, staggering implications of a massive covert military project hiding in plain sight, don't miss this cutting-edge Dark Journalist Episode!
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