Field of Vision | Project X


A top-secret handbook takes viewers on an undercover journey to Titanpointe, the site of a hidden partnership. Narrated by Rami Malek and Michelle Williams, and based on classified NSA documents, Project X reveals the inner workings of a windowless skyscraper in downtown Manhattan.

This film is the product of a joint reporting project between Field of Vision and The Intercept.

Directed by Laura Poitras and Henrik Moltke

Read an interview with the director here:

See more from Field of Vision here:

William Tompkins | Cosmic Top Secret Propulsion Documents Leaked! | Rense | Dec. 1, 2016

Source:, Book: Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries

Clip from November 30, 2016 - guest William Tompkins on the Jeff Rense Program.

UFO-ET Interstellar Spacecraft Propulsion Technology Disclosure
From William Mills Tompkins
A Rense World Exclusive

“We already have the means to travel among the stars but these technologies are locked up in Black Projects...and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” - Ben Rich, Former Director Of Lockheed Skunkworks shortly before his passing

“We now have the technology to take ET home. No, it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars."
- Ben Rich, Former Director Of Lockheed Skunkworks shortly before his passing

Ben Rich was asked how UFO propulsion functioned. His reply was remarkable. “Let me ask you. How does ESP work?” The man asking the question of Mr Rich said - “All points in time and space are connected?” Ben Rich then replied, “That’s how it works!”

For The First Time In History, You Can Read For Yourself These Stunning, Never Before Seen, Official Secret Scientific Documents And Papers From The Early 1950s Dealing With Design, Development And Physics KNOWLEDGE Behind Our Most Ultra Classified Technology.
Mr. Tompkins Worked At The Most Classified And Secret Levels Hidden Away In Secret Think Tanks At The Douglas Aircraft Company Which Would Eventually Be Known As McDonnell Douglas Missiles And Space

You Can Now Read In The Words Of The Scientists Themselves About The Research And Development Of What Seemed Like Science Fiction Advanced Propulsion Systems For Rockets And Space Vehicles ...Ultimately To Allow Them To Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light. The Truth Of Our Most Brilliant Science, Its Origins And How These Propulsion Systems An Technology Came Into Existence, And Then Deployment, Are Being Disclosed By Mr. Tompkins In Order To Bring The World Into Conformity With Reality.

You Are To Read Key Parts Of The Story Of How Our Most Brilliant Science Achieved The Abilities That Ben Rich Mentioned In The Quotes Above. We Also Had 'Outside Help' In The Field Of Propulsion Physics As Mr. Rich Alluded To When He Also Reportedly Stated "There are 2 types of UFOs - the ones we build...and ones 'they' build. We have learned from both crash retrievals and actual hand-me-downs." He Is Also Quoted As Stating, "Anything You Can Imagine, We Already Know How To Do."

We Are Not Talking Just Of Interplanetary Travel But Of Inter-GALACTIC Travel. The Contributions And Revelations By Mr. Tompkins In His Book, 'Selected By Extraterrestrials', And In The Documents And Papers That Follow, Are Simply Staggering Reading...

An Essential Preface For These Historic Documents
Preface (pdf) 

Advanced Propulsion Systems Documents From Douglas Aircraft Company Above Top Secret Think Tank Santa Monica, CA - Circa 1955

Part 1 (pdf)
Part 2 (pdf)
Part 3 (pdf)
Part 4 (pdf)

More Coming Soon As The UFO ET Disclosure Continues...


William Tompkins - UFO-ET Ultra Secret Spaceship Propulsion Physics Documents From The 1950s Released! Hour 1

William Tompkins - UFO-ET Ultra Secret Spaceship Propulsion Physics Documents From The 1950s Released! Hour 2

William Tompkins - UFO-ET Ultra Secret Spaceship Propulsion Physics Documents From The 1950s Released! Hour 3

William Tompkins, Dr. Robert Wood Video Interview:

Dr. Robert Wood and William Tompkins Interview | Disclosure: Secret Space Program, UFOs, Extraterrestrial Contact | November 2016

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 1, 2016


This may be the first case of a "you tell me" News and Views in quite a while, because rather than talking about President-elect Trump, or Pizzagate, or any of that, we're going to be talking about Antarctica and the VERY strange goings on there, this time, with former Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. -Joseph Farrell

‘Ailing’ Buzz Aldrin in Emergency Evacuation from South Pole
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Medically Evacuated From South Pole

Newsbud | Top News Today: Losing Your Rights in the Name of Fighting Terror | Dec. 1, 2016


In this episode Spiro covers some of the stories available on Newsbud’s Daily Picks. Obama expanding US war powers allowing special forces to team up with the CIA and operate outside of conventional war zones. Boston Police Dept. Spending over one million in tax dollars to surveil the public. The FBI gains new authority to hack any suspect in the world. And the US and UK pass resolutions to target what is being called Russian propaganda. All this and more in today’s coverage of Newsbud’s Daily Picks.

New World Next Week | EU Admits It Would Dissolve If People Had A Choice | Dec. 1, 2016


Story #1: FBI Gains Expanded Hacking Powers As “Rule 41” Kicks In
With Rule 41, Little-Known Committee Proposes to Grant New Hacking Powers to the Government
Compromise Reached On Massive U.S. Defense Bill, AKA The NDAA 2017
Search: NDAA
Fingerprints Will Be Mandatory When Buying SIM Cards In Thailand In 2017

Story #2: Forget Paris - France Drops Carbon Tax Plan
Weather Is Not Climate!

Story #3: Juncker Begs EU Leaders: No More Referendums, They’ll All Vote ‘Leave’
MPs Launch New Attempt To Interrogate Tony bLIAr Over Iraq
FT Admits NWO Gatekeepers Heading for “Marie Antoinette Moment”

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Castro Is Dead! Long Live Castro!
#PizzaGate Panel Scheduled For ‘Daily Show’?
ND Gov Orders Evacuation of #NoDAPL Camp Ahead Of Army CoE’s Dec 5th Threat

William Engdahl | What is Trump’s True Agenda? | Nov. 30, 2016


William Engdahl says he believes Trump’s true agenda is to destroy China, Iran and Russia as America’s ruling elite move a one world government.

Dr. Joseph Farrell | CERN Death Star: Final Apotheosis | Dark Journalist | Nov. 30, 2016


The Ancient and Future Death Star
Prepare for a fantastic exploration of the antediluvian past and the looming, ominous high tech future as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt invites Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell back for his most important interview to date. Together in this part one of three episodes. they examine the unusual links between the obscure ancient technology that Farrell has researched in his Giza Death Star books and explore the connections it has with the futuristic dimensional doorway that the mysterious scientific organization CERN has created under the auspices of its controversial Hadron Collider experiments.

The Great Pyramid
Farrell theorizes that the Great Pyramid is much older than recorded history and was originally set up as a kind of super-advanced cosmological defense system with the power to wreak havoc on Earth and in the Cosmos through a highly complex series of resonances networked inside the structure. It’s an undeniable reality that over the last century hundreds of researchers, physicists, geologists and archaeologists have examined and noted the highly unusual and amazingly accurate mathematical patterns in the layout and construction of this marvel of the ancient world. These patterns suggest a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy, Earth science, geology and geometry that was certainly not available to early Egyptian civilization according to mainstream academics, raising the possibility that the true builders of the Great Pyramid were a forgotten technological civilization that was wiped out of existence in the distant past.

Farrell sees the CERN organization in Geneva, Switzerland as shrouded in mystery and finds that its most well-known project, the Hadron Super Collider ostensibly set up to unlock the 'Higgs Boson' or 'God Particle’ by the use of a particle physics experiment, is actually a public cover for a far different activity to covertly deploy a dimensional doorway accessing super weapon for the 21st century that would rival its counterpart the Giza Death Star.

CERN has been mired in controversy since moving forward with its particle collider experiments over the objections of distinguished scientists who have observed unusual changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere when the collider is turned on. Some of these independent scientists have warned the public that hazardous by-products of the experiments called ’Strangelets’ pose a serious potential danger for the public at large and may damage the environment for centuries to come. CERN has also been accused of organizing occult rituals and being highly secretive during its scientific research with a public and private purpose for its vastly complex work. Attempts to sue CERN for its practices have fallen flat due to its unusual status as a 'sovereign entity.'

This Dark Journalist episode will start us on a fascinating, eye-opening, startling and unnerving journey of what the power structure on Earth is really engaged in behind the scenes and how far they are willing to go for global and galactic domination. You don’t want to miss it!

Jeff Resne & Preston James |  Psychotronic Mind Control Technologies


Clip from November 29, 2016 - guest Preston James on the Jeff Rense Program.

Newsbud | Russia-China Military Cooperation Contests U.S. Global Domination | Prof. Filip Kovacevic | Nov. 29, 2016


In this edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the front page articles from five Russian newspapers: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Izvestia, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Argumenty I Facty, and Komsomolskaya Pravda.

He focuses on the growing political, economic, and military cooperation between Russia and China, the new Russian system for the surveillance of the world's oceans, the president Vladimir Putin's participation at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, the EU branding the Russian media as propaganda and the Russian response, and the fate of Russians living in other former Soviet republics.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | A.I. Oppression | Feet to the Fire Radio | Nov. 29, 2016

Source: Feet to the Fire Radio,,,,

Dr. Richard Alan Miller, PH.D. - Call for help

I received this eMail from Richard asking for help. He is under attack and reaching out to radio audiences.

"I am under serious attack, and not sure why or whom? it is coming from all fronts, especially my websites and book sales. something VERY strange has happened to me.... my site was hacked and down for almost 8 days. thanks to Ed Marvinney, it is now back up and running. but.... i have not had a book order for ten days. "to make things worse, Amazon (normally double in sales) has also not shown a single order for the same period.

when called , they say everything is working fine. i have received orders daily from Amazon for six year, until now, and now nothing... this is my only source for incomes, and have no reserves. now not sure what to do. to make matters worse, the Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture is now out in e-book format = and yet, have not sold one single copy - how does that work? any ideas or direction to go would be most helpful right now. this has stopped my ability to write, and am facing deep depression. not sure what to do at this moment. suggestions are welcome. by the way, Ed says the reason my site went down was that i was receiving more than 5,000 views per day - again, with no sales or supporting e-mail.

"I need to do some immediate radio to help get me out of the mess i currently find myself... i am under serious attack, and not sure who or why. it may be from the discovery i made . There is now at least 2 D-Wave AIs now running themselves (no handlers) - this has implications beyond the BS of politics and world "situations."

Rick -Feet to the Fire Radio

Contrary to what one might think, Richard Miller does not have a fat government retirement, but is actually living day by day with various short term research projects, speaking/teaching engagements and sales of his book. Richard has started a Go-FundMe campaign to help release much of his work over the years, including, his actual, original papers in the formation of, what is now, the Navy Seals. Interesting helping and receiving historical and groundbreaking information from Dr. Richard Alan Miller? -Feet to the Fire Radio

Dr. Richard Alan Miller Book Fund

ESA | First images from ExoMars | Nov. 29, 2016


A showcase of some of the first and highest resolution images acquired by the Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS) on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter on 22 November 2016.

The first image sequence shown was taken at a distance of 5300 km with a resolution of 60 m/pixel, about 44 minutes before closest approach. It illustrates how CaSSIS acquires data by taking images in colour simultaneously: at panchromatic, red, near-infrared and blue wavelengths.

A 3D reconstruction of a small area in Noctis Labyrinthus is also presented, based on a stereo pair of images taken, and presented with an altitude map with a resolution of less than 20 m.

Next, a spectacular high-resolution image sequence acquired during closest approach of 235 km altitude is presented. At this time, the spacecraft was flying over the Hebes Chasma region. The highest resolution data acquired is at 2.8 m/pixel. The flyover is shown at half the speed at which the data were acquired.

Then, an image swath about 25 km wide is shown of Arisa Chasmata, which is located on the flanks of a large volcano on Mars named Arsia Mons.

Finally, a close up of a 1.4 km-diameter crater sitting in the rim of a much larger crater near the Mars equator is presented. This image was acquired at 7.2 m/pixel.

This video was produced by the CaSSIS camera team and the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Read more here.

That Vitamin Movie | Full Movie | Nov. 29, 2016


The makers of That Vitamin Movie have managed to bring together for the very first time many of the world’s leading experts on vitamins and supplements.

This documentary shares first hand experiences, research, studyes, information, history and so much more on the use of vitamins for curing health issues like cancer, depression, fibromyalgia and much more. This is an amazing documentary and the first of its kind, it will blow your mind!

If you like the movie please support the people who created this by buying their DVD here:

Some notes from the movie:
12.00 Joe Mercola DO - exposing pharma
14.00 Andrew Saul - pharma influences
24.20 List of vitamin therapists
25.30 Eliminate sugar, grain and flour intake.
33.00 Eric DeSilva - Proboitics, Vitamin D and Omega
38.00 Phillip Day - Daily dosages of vitamin D3 and C, respestively body weight X 40 and age in grams
42.00 List of doctors healing with vitamins
43.30 David Brownstein MD - Iodine deficiency is the main cause of cancer, his book "Natural Therapsit That Do"
45.45 Dementia treatment - B12, Coenzyme Q10, no statin drugs
46.50 James Lunney DC - Bi-polar treatments
48.40 Tom Levy - Root canal and gum disease link to heart attack
52.30 Helen Saul - child doses of vitamin C, pregnancy and womens issues
55.30 Atsuo Yanagisawa MD (Japan) - Treating adverse reactions to vaccinations, treatment of radiation
58.00 Bo Jonsson (Sweden) - Niacin (Vitamin B3) treatment for depression
59.00 Andrew Saul - Daily dosages of vitamins (or at least take one multi per meal every day)
1.03 Cancer - pharma treatment versus vitamins Jorge Mirnada Massari and Michael Gonzalez (Puerto Rico)
1.09 Niacin (Vitamin B3) - Lowers cholesterol
1.12 Niacin cure for alchol related depression
1.13 Jonathan Prousky - mental illness issues pharma versus vitamins
1.17 Andrew Saul - nutrition in correctional facilities
1.19 HIV Positive - vitamins reduce full blown aids to half and deaths by 27 percent
1.21 Ron Hunninghake MD - matching nutrients to gentic needs.

Newsbud Roundtable | Government - The Only Viable Threat to the US Constitution | Nov. 28, 2016


In this episode of Newsbud Roundtable Sibel Edmonds and Spiro are joined by Newsbud legal analyst Todd Macfarlane and attorney Roger Roots who served as a paralegal to defendant Ryan Bundy during the Oregon Standoff Trial. The discussion includes the subversion of the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, the escalation of police state practices and the media as the facilitator, and much more.

The Corbett Report | Weather is NOT Climate! | Nov. 28, 2016


Show Notes:
Armstrong & Miller – Climate Change
Rothschild getting hot
SOTU 2015
Is Climate Change Our Biggest Problem?
Fraction of the Globe in Drought: 1982-2012
NOAA California Drought Report
Hillary Blames Hurricane Matthew on Climate Change
NOAA on Global Warming and Hurricanes
US in Longest ‘Hurricane Drought’ in Recorded History
IPCC on Tropical Cyclones
Global ACE
NASA | Ask A Climate Scientist – Extreme Weather and Global Warming
What Does the Peer-Reviewed Literature Say About Trends in East Coast Winter Storms?
Climate Change Plays ‘Fairly Insignificant’ Role In Current Warm Weather
If it is Hot, it is Climate, if it is Cold, its Climate

Max Igan | #Pizzagate is Real - Tearing Away the Veil | Nov. 25, 2016


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - November 25th, 2016.

Antonio Urzi | Sphere in high altitude | Cinisello Balsamo, Italy | Nov. 26, 2016

Source: Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla youtube

The Corbett Report | What I Learned From the "PropOrNot" Propaganda List | Nov. 26, 2016


Yes, has made this new, mysterious, anonymously-authored "propaganda list" of websites to watch out for in the era of #FakeNews and Russians under every rock. And yes, the list is as ridiculous as that sounds. Join me today as I look into the latest pathetic attempt by a flailing establishment to bolster their discredited mouthpiece media organs and counter the ascendant alternative media. (Spoiler: they're going to lose this battle as well.)

Show Notes:
Is It Propaganda Or Not?
The Enemy of My Enemy
Sibel Edmonds Explains The Erdogan Takedown
Eliot Higgins: I have no idea who these guys are!
Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say
PropOrNot subreddit (serious posts only please, folks!)
Reddit CEO admits he secretly edited comments from Donald Trump supporters

Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War
Psyops 101: A brief history of fake news
Media Lies While Syrians Die: Media Disinformation and the Syrian War
MSM Syria Lies Need to Be Exposed
Episode 283 – Solutions: Make Your Own Media

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Nov. 26, 2016


It is now standard operating procedure for the US military and the US media to publicly accuse any country (they wish to demonize) of any crime they can fabricate with virtually not a shred of proof to substantiate their accusations. The completely out of control corporate police state is fully demonstrating their tyranny at the Dakota pipeline protest. A Fukushima reactor cooling system shut down after the latest Japanese earth quake only a few days ago. The price of aluminum keeps rising in spite of the tanking global economy, why? Should we ask the geoengineers?

The California tree die-off cataclysm is now estimated to be over 100,000,000 trees, but is this correct? The actual number of dead trees is likely many times higher and climbing by the day. What did a geoengineering insider have to say about the tree die-off in a conversation I had with him? Chemical ice nucleation is a primary tool in the climate engineering arsenal. What is this tool used for? Manufacturing winter. Why do so many (who claim to be in the anti-geoengnieering movement) completely ignore the chemical cool-down reality? The stock market is artificially inflated to new record highs in the power structure's increasingly desperate effort to keep the population complacent until the last possible moment. Mainstream media's perpetual flow of total propaganda has so far ensured that the majority of the masses are still all too willing to remain completely asleep and oblivious to the converging catastrophes.

The truth will not get out to the masses in time unless all of us help with this critical task. Activists are desperately needed to be active, and not passive. The climate engineering/weather warfare assault will not stop unless or until populations around the globe are fully awakened to the fact that all of us (and our planet) have long since been turned into test specimens without our knowledge or consent. We must all learn how to effectively and efficiently share credible information with others. We must make every day count, time is not on our side, make your voice heard.
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