Brien Foerster | Puma Punku And Tiwanaku Bolivia | September 2017 Magnetic Anomalies Tests | Nov. 9, 2017


The Corbett Report | Marwa Osman - What Is Happening In Saudi Arabia? | Nov. 9, 2017


The Lebanese Prime Minister has "resigned" on Saudi tv. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has rounded up a dozen other princes in the House of Saud in a startling move that threatens to upset the kingdom. Reports saying that King Salman will step aside for the crown prince abound. What the hell is happening? Joining us to help sort through the rubble of this incredible week is Marwa Osman, a political analyst and commentator in Beirut.

Show Notes:
Marwa Osman’s Twitter
Saudi channel retracts Twitter posting on Salman rise to throne
Lebanese PM Hariri resigns, stresses ‘Iran’s hands will be cut off’
Saudi prince, relieved from National Guard, once seen as throne contender
Saudi Arabia Just Announced Plans to Build a Mega City That Will Cost $500 Billion
Mystery surrounds fate of late King Fahd’s son amid Saudi crackdown
Reports claim Prince Muqrin helicopter did not crash, was shot down
Saudi prince Mansour killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border
Hariri firm in Saudi Arabia ‘facing bankruptcy’
Lebanon president ‘waiting for Hariri to return to Beirut’ before taking further action

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 9, 2017


There are some very strange bread crumbs in the Saudi Coup...

In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown

Several of Top Saudi Officials Arrested Over Weekend Are Linked to Podesta Group

James Corbett on The Hagmann Report | Why Big Oil Conquered The World | Nov. 7, 2017


Today James appears as a guest on The Hagmann Report to discuss How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World. Topics covered include the real aims of the oiligarchy, the technocratic "solution" to the death of the petrodollar, and the (engineered) rise of China and the coming (engineered) conflict.

Stephen Bassett | Undisclosed | Part 1-3


A film interview series by Phil Hardy. PRG executive director and political activist, Stephen Bassett, is interviewed in London on April 22, 2017 regarding the politics of Disclosure.

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S0 News | Space Weather Health Alert, Earthquake News | Nov. 6, 2017


Clif High | Webbot Forum interview | Nov. 4, 2017


Special Webbot Forum Interview with Clif High.
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