Dr. Judy Wood | Where Did The Towers Go on 9/11?

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Dr. Judy Wood discussed her new book: Where Did The Towers Go?: The Evidence of Directed Energy Technology on 9/11.

For the record, I do not believe that our government is responsible for executing the events of 9/11/01 – nor do I believe that our government is not responsible for executing the events of 9/11/01. This is not a case of belief. This is a crime that should be solved by a forensic study of the evidence. Before it can be determined who did it, it must first be determined what was done and how it was done.

The order of crime solving is to determine

1) WHAT happened, then

2) HOW it happened (e.g., by what weapon), then

3) WHO did it. And only then can we address

4) WHY they did it (i.e. motive).

Let us remember what is required to convict someone of a crime. You cannot convict someone of a crime based on belief. You cannot convict someone of a crime if you don’t even know what crime to charge them with. If you accuse someone of murder using a gun, you’d better be sure the body has a bullet hole in it. And yet before noon on 9/11/01, we were told who had done it and how it had been done, this before any investigation had even been conducted to determine what had been done.

My own research, not speculation, is a forensics investigation of what happened to the WTC complex on 9/11/01. I don’t address who did it, nor am I concerned with that question. Before issues of that kind can be addressed, we must first determine what happened, and that is the objective of my research.

By definition, research that is purely empirical cannot be about and has nothing to do with conspiracy theory of any kind. The fact that others (in the mainstream media, the alternative media, and the so-called “9/11 truth movement”) promote various theories about 9/11 is irrelevant to my research. On the other hand, to determine what happened, we must address all of the available evidence.

Anyone declaring who did what or how they did it before they have determined what was done is merely promoting either speculation or propaganda. The popular chant, “9/11 was an inside job,” is, scientifically speaking, no different from the chant that “19 bad guys with box cutters did it” Neither one is the result of a scientific investigation supported by evidence that would be admissible in court. Neither identifies what crime was committed or how it was committed.

So let us consider the body of empirical evidence that must be explained in order to determine what happened.12 What is presented here is not a theory and it is not speculation. It is evidence. Here, then, is the evidence of what happened on 9/11/01.

Judy D. Wood is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials. She is a member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM), co-founded SEM’s Biological Systems and Materials Division, and currently serves on the SEM Composite Materials Technical Division. Dr. Wood received her * B.S. (Civil Engineering, 1981) (Structural Engineering), * M.S. (Engineering Mechanics (Applied Physics), 1983), and * Ph.D. (Materials Engineering Science, 1992) from the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. Her dissertation involved the development of an experimental method to measure thermal stresses in bimaterial joints. She has taught courses including * Experimental Stress Analysis, * Engineering Mechanics, * Mechanics of Materials (Strength of Materials) * Strength of Materials Testing Is this what Eisenhower warned us of? Where did the building go? Figure 1. My intellectual integrity prevents me from calling this a collapse. This is why I have chosen to stand up. My conscience leaves me no other choice. From 1999 to 2006 Dr. Wood has been an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. Before moving to Clemson she spent three years as a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Tech. One of Dr. Wood's research interests is biomimicry, or applying the mechanical structures of biological materials to engineering design using engineering materials. Other recent research has investigated the deformation behavior of materials and structures with complex geometries and complex material properties, such as fiber-reinforced composite materials and biological materials. Dr. Wood is an expert in the use of moiré interferometry, a full-field optical method that is used in stress analysis, as well as materials characterization and other types of interference. In recent years, Dr. Wood and her students have developed optical systems with various wavelengths and waveguides. Dr. Wood has over 60 technical publications in refereed journals, conference proceedings, and edited monographs and special technical reports. Dr. Wood started to question the events of 9/11 on that same day when what she saw and heard on television was contradictory and appeared to violate the laws of physics. Since that day she has used her knowledge of engineering mechanics to prove that the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers could not have happened as the American public was told.

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Jenny Lamb | Eastern Internal Healing Arts

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Jenny will give insightful knowledge of walking the spiritual path to realize oneself, and will discuss Eastern techniques for awakening including Yi Gong and Spontaneous Adjustment Qigong.

Sifu Jenny Lamb is a graduate of the prestigious Beijing University of Physical Education, has been a student of Chinese Martial Arts for forty years with many awards, and a teacher of Chinese internal arts since 1975 in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Canada and the U.S. She is the founder of the Eastern Internal Arts Institute and of the Tasting Tao Center. She was an actor in the first modern mainland Chinese martial arts movie (The Honor of DongFang Xu. Also called Pride's Deadly Fury) and has been featured on the Discovery Health Channel. She is a Taoist and Buddhist practitioner with a Master's degree in Religious Studies and is working on her Ph.D. in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Chinese Buddhism.

Her specialties are internal and healing arts. Her combination of knowledge, skill and teaching ability is unique and her motivational techniques enable her students to surpass their greatest expectations. To experience her instruction is an opportunity which should not be missed.

Her teaching philosophy is to help her students to be happy, be healthy, be wise and be one's true Self. Her advice to her students is that it is easy to be a practitioner or a teacher. It is not difficult to be a good practitioner or a good teacher. But it is very difficult to be a good, decent, truthful, honest and humble person. Try to be that good person.

Jenny is the founder of the Eastern Internal Arts Institute based near Denver, Colorado.

Her website is www.EasternInternalArts.com

Rick Strassman | DMT: The Spirit Molecule

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September 9, 2010–We talk about consciousness, the brain, the spirit world, the pineal gland, DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) and near death experiences with our guest Rick Strassman who has performed studies with the powerful naturally-occurring compound DMT on volunteers at the University of New Mexico. Led to this substance through his earlier study of the pineal gland as a potential biological place of origin for spiritual experiences, he administered several hundred doses of DMT to approximately 60 volunteers between 1990 and 1995. He wrote about this research in the book, "DMT – The Spirit Molecule." ~Red Ice Creations

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Colin Wilson | The Outsider, The Robot, Magic & the Occult

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Legend Colin Wilson spends an hour with us to talk about his books and work. Colin's written over 100 books on subjects like the occult, mysticism, consciousness, psychology, religion and more, both in fiction and non-fiction format.

He's probably best known for his book "The Outsider" but he's done so much more. His recent book is called: "Super Consciousness: The Quest for the Peak Experience".

We will talk about his and other areas such as magic, the occult, the esoteric, Aleister Crowly, consciousness, psychology and religion. Topics Discussed: The Robot, 1960s, Mechanical Part of Humans, Psychological Change, Positivity, The Occult Forces Today, Shock, Death Wish, Bhagavad Gita, The Outsider, Problem, Magic and the Occult, Entrainment, Forces Outside Human Beings, Will, How Though Creates Reality, Focus & Concentration, Faculty X, Reality, Truth, Crime, Aleister Crowley, G. I. Gurdjieff, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Dark Side of Human Nature, Evil Side of Humanity, Optimism, Synchronicity, Cult of Melchizedek, "You are Sentence to Life", schizophrenia, inspiration, creativity, Mega Brain and Michael Hutchison. ~Red Ice Creations

EMVs - The Final Decision | James Horak speaks - Part 4

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Humanity on this planet is dynamic, for all its faults. Great writers, poets, artists and performers taking the expression of their genre constantly to new heights. That lineage is too precious to lose but poised above all this are the mindless power grabbers who won't be content until they possess even the souls of those they've already begun to plunder in mind and body.

If you only knew how much effort I've put into averting the madness that would turn a world into a place where no one would wish to live! To have seen it over and over again but like some residue of the past kept it all in this inevitable cycle, knowing full well this is not the way it has to be.

The social engineers, trying to implement a monstrosity, the New-World-Order, are following the Armageddon-scenario, the Revelations, like a script, because they think implementing the New-World-Order, it will lend them power.

The social-engineers opportunize the faithful, they would think that this was the second coming and think their belief in Christ alone is all they need, they would relax and expect to be delivered and resign themselves instead of doing something about the tasks that were being put upon them and that makes them very easily eaten up.

So there're inevitable illusions to everything and Revelations is to be taken with a pinch of salt, it's not cast in stone. Prophecy is useful for shaking people up to look in the direction of inevitability and nothing to be superstitious over.

The important thing is for people is to WAKE UP, to see what's going on around them. The consciousness that can pool just from awareness can make a difference for the populous of the world to see what it is that is really manifesting this evil.

There's so many people that are waiting to come forward and they would if they knew they had the support and protection of people, so that when they risk themselves they'll have the full support of everyone that would be victimized.

Examine everything objectively with an expectation of your own rights being respected and adhered to and with the law being imposed upon all equally, for the social contracts that the people have with their governments to be upheld and that corruption be ended and punished. These are all things you already know.

The level of deception is on such a scale that if you said, "Why don't these other people in other countries who are in leadership roles, know what is going on?", I would tell you that there are plenty of people here in leadership roles that don't know the truth about what is going on. People in NASA and JPL know the truth about what is going on, they are working on agendas that are counter to 95 percent of the people on Earth, counter to these peoples interests, maybe even their survival. They know there is no alien threat. It will help them to implement a feudal system that will run the world to suit the elite.

Well, the H1N1-virus vaccinations were part of it by introducing diseases that can opportunize physical systems in individuals that have already been reduced by pollution, by seeding and by just the fact that your food-supplies aren't safe anymore. All the wrong paths have been taken. Earth-bound humanity is about to devour itself, about to place technology in a mindless attempt to control people, to control their minds, to control their motives, to control everything about them and to eventually interface them all with a computer and this is not allowable and when some of the schemes that've already have been and noted of very powerful policy-makers, begin to take shape and become implemented, this experiment will end.

Until you overcome certain cycles of certain repetitive redundancies that are what are called the wrong path, you are looked upon as not completely manifested, the petri dish is beginning to smell, that sort of thing. You must go backwards to find the right path from the point where the wrong one was taken.

If I could say that I had found one example of correcting the flaw in humanity on this planets consciousness, it would be a whole new ballgame. But I can't. You have no idea how I have tried to find a way to make people try to build a model of unified consciousness and how miserably I've failed. I worked with several people and I've had them to the point where they're fed up with being ambivalent, they're fed up with this weakness, this frailty and somehow they fall back into that ambivalence.

I will say this and I don't care whether people take this metaphysically or literally or as a leap in physics - if you perfect a model of anything, even if it's only in your mind you can manifest it.

Most of all, nothing has any meaning or purpose to survive that has no moral core.

I know I have a history and there is a pattern to it and I've been through this many times before.
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Clif High | The Shape of Things To Come, September 8, 2010

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This is amazing stuff indeed. Clif High and his radical linguistics work that essentially says we humans "know" our future and use words in our day to day life that fore tells of this future.

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Lt. Colonel (USAF Ret.) Wendelle C. Stevens passes at 87

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Wendelle Stevens
September 7, 2010–UFO research pioneer, Wendelle Stevens passed today at 4:44 pm in his home in Tucson, Arizona of respiratory failure.

Lt. Colonel (USAF Ret.) Wendelle C. Stevens was one of the world’s best known UFO researchers. Born in 1923 in Round Prairie, Minn., he enlisted in 1941 in the US Army and was transferred to the Air Corps in1942. He served in the Pacific Theater during World War II and subsequently in a classified project in Alaska to photograph and map the Arctic land and sea area, where the data collecting equipment onboard B-29s detected UFOs. Stevens also served as US Air Attaché in South America. He retired from the USAF in 1963 and worked for Hamilton Aircraft until 1972.

Wendelle Stevens was actively involved in ufology for 54 years, first as Director of Investigations for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) in Tucson, Ariz., where he retired. He amassed one of the largest collections of UFO photos and investigated a number of contact cases, published in more than 22 books. His most famous one was the Billy Meier case in Switzerland.

In Dec. 1997 he received an award for lifetime achievement at the First World UFO Forum in Brazilia, capital of Brazil. He was a founder and Director of the International UFO Congress and recently transferred his extensive photo collection, library and archives to Open Minds Production.

A clip from the 1979 UFO documentary "UFOs Are Real". Interview with retired USAF pilot turned UFO investigator and researcher, Wendelle Stevens.

Dr. Brooks Agnew | Remembering the Future: Physics of the Soul and Time Travel

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Brooks A. Agnew, Ph.D. is a commercial scientist and engineer with more than 17 years of field research in Earth Tomography. His patents have revolutionized photopolymer applications, digital imaging, and high-speed manufacturing processes creating more than 5 thousand jobs. His technology is used on at least two planets to explore for water and other compounds.

He was a featured scientist in the video documentary on HAARP: Holes in Heaven and the national Japanese science program Galileo. He co-authored the national best selling The Ark of Millions of Years.

He is currently the leader of NPIEE, managing trustee of the Phoenix Science Foundation, a board member of the Star Dreams Foundation, and spokesman for the ICIS Peace in Space Initiative to be presented by Dr. Agnew to the United Nations in 2007. He currently resides in Western Kentucky.

Tonight in our special 2-hour interview we will be speaking with Dr. Agnew about his latest book Remembering the Future. We will also speak with him about the exciting upcoming INNER EARTH EXPEDITION scheduled for August 2010 and so MUCH more! ~Other World Radio

Dr. Agnew's sites: Phoenix Science Foundation, North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE)

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The Ten Commandments of the Native American Indians

Music: Rhythm of the Heart by Ah-Nee-Mah. 
The title of the CD is Ancient Visions.

Back In Time Series | Boyd Bushman about Anti-Gravity and Other Cutting-Edge Scientific Developments

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Boyd Bushman
Senior Research Scientist
Information Machine "Back In Time Series" brings you an interview with
Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman, November 4, 2007.

Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman talks about anti-gravity and other cutting-edge scientific developments. Find out why this may indeed be one of the most controversial shows ever aired on The Paracast.

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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, 1986 to 2000 (and present consultant), Mr. Bushman has participated in Advanced Aircraft Concepts as a member of the technical team. He has conducted European Theater Tactical Fighter performance analysis, coordinated customer interface and development performance concepts. He developed laser, electro-optical sensor, and power systems. He developed and taught analysis courses. Several million-dollar contracts were obtained directly from him. Bushman holds 26 US Patents and classified Patents.

Texas Instruments, 1979-1987, Mr. Bushman worked on the development of laser guided smart bombs, Tank Mounted Infrared FLIR systems, focal plane arrays and GPS Systems all of which are currently deployed as major components of Tactical Land Air and Sea systems.

From 1976 to 1979 Mr. Bushman was a Manager at Parsons International of Iran, Mexico and then Louisiana with the U.S. department of Energy's Strategic Oil Reserve Program. He managed a division of Trans Universal Finance Company in Southern California. Funding was obtained for high multimillion dollar projects.

At Hughes Aircraft (Now Ratheon), 1968-1976, Mr. Bushman was the Manager/Technical Liaison officer to the Infrared Sensor Division (SBRC Santa Barbara Research Center). He was involved in technical description and financial disbursement. Systems were deployed to aircraft and satellite systems.

At Electro-Optical Systems (Now Ratheon), 1966-1968 as Program manager, he developed and produced Night Vision Image Intensifier Systems for military night operations. These are similar to night vision goggles used by pilots. Mr. Bushman achieved sustained production of hundreds of units per month.

1963-1966, General Dynamics (Pomona), he coordinated the analysis, test and development producing the Redeye (Now Stinger Missile). The development and testing was achieved in concert with Sidewinder Missile Development team at China Lake Test Facility in California. Mr. Bushman coordinated the computer based operations analysis and system performance analysis for missile development and manufacture.

Here are 3 of his 26 filed patents from the US Patent Office:

1. #6,028,434 100% Test Computer Printed circuits emit ultraviolet frequencies which identify its correct or defective operation. Only 1% to 10% are now tested.

2. #5,999,652 THREAT WARNING - Detection of aircraft and missile plume.

3. #5,982,180 TESLA LIGHTNING - A 500,000 volt, low current strike will trace directly through soil to landmines. Mapping the strike identifies the mine.

Dr. Ede Frecska | DMT Entities and Ayahuasca

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September 5, 2010–Dr. Ede Frecska discusses his contribution to the work, Inner Paths To Outer Space, contacting DMT Entities and the Ayahuasca ceremony.

Ede Frecska

Ede Frecska is Chief of Department at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Budapest, Hungary. He received his medical degree in 1977 from the Semmelweis University in Hungary. He then earned qualifications as certified psychologist from the Department of Psychology at Lorand Eotvos University in Budapest. Dr. Frecska completed his residency training in Psychiatry both in Hungary (1986) and in the United States (1992). He is a qualified psychopharmacologist (1987) of international merit with 15 years of clinical and research experience in the United States, where he reached the rank of Associate Professorship. During his academic years, Dr. Frecska's studies were devoted to research on schizophrenia and affective illness. He published more than 50 scientific papers and book chapters on these topics. In his recent research he is engaged in studies on psychointegrator drugs and techniques, his theoretical work focuses on the interface between cognitive neuroscience and quantum brain dynamics. He is specifically interested in the mechanism of initiation ceremonies and healing rituals. Dr. Frecska is a member of several professional organizations (APA, ECNP, CINP), and has received grants and awards from a variety of sources (NARSAD, NIAA).

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Bob Koontz, John Hutchinson | The Hutchison Effect & Antigravity

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August 31, 2010–Experimental nuclear physicist Dr. Bob Koontz, and independent researcher John Hutchison discussed the Hutchison Effect, and such topics as antigravity, Tesla technology, UFO propulsion, free energy, and the Philadelphia Experiment. The Hutchison Effect "was an accidental discovery I made way back in 1979 when I was replicating a lot of Nikola Tesla's machinery...I was playing with this high voltage equipment and started noticing that certain things would happen like objects moving around by themselves a little bit," said Hutchison. "You cannot explain this effect with conventional physics," noted Koontz, who views this work as far more important than the Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN.

Koontz characterized Hutchison's experiments as highly sophisticated-- he used one-million-volt Tesla coils to create electromagnetic fields that induced scalar effects or antigravity-- such as levitating heavy objects, or turning metal into jelly. A kind of antigravity shield could be used in a craft or spaceship, Hutchison outlined. By canceling inertial effects, spacecraft could make sharp right turns, and through jumping into subspace or hyperspace, ships could move as fast as they want and not collide with anything, said Koontz. "It doesn't violate the laws of physics to produce free energy-- it's a zero point process," he added.

Not unlike the purported Philadelphia Experiment, Hutchison said he's had samples disappear and reappear during tests. "I've had other samples where the steel itself is aging in time," for every day about 10 years ahead in time-- according to a study the Max Planck Institute conducted on one of the samples, he reported. Hutchison, who has a YouTube channel featuring videos of levitation and many of his experiments, said he is currently focused on developing free energy and new propulsion systems.

Andrew Johnson | Chemtrails and Climate: Evidence in Plain Sight

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Jordan Maxwell and Dave Corso, September 2, 2010

Jordan Maxwell and Dave Corso, September 2, 2010
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