S0 News | Stream Limits, Electroquake Studies, Greenbank Latest | Feb. 5, 2020

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Joseph P. Farrell | Implications Of Multiple Choice Education | Feb. 4, 2020

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Dr. Jack Rasmus | After Trump and Neoliberalism What's Next?

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Dr. Jack Rasmus discusses the last three chapters of his new book, “The Scourge of Neoliberalism: From Reagan to Trump” with a focus on the growing contradictions within the Neoliberal policy regime in the 21st Century;

the deep technological and material forces undermining and driving the contradictions; and why the 2020s decade will require yet another, fourth restructuring of US capitalism that may fundamentally differ from the Neoliberal experience of the past four decades. Also discussed is how the material forces and Neoliberal policy are behind much of the decline and demise of US democracy form and political restructuring underway in the US since the mid 1990s.

S0 News | Harvard Scientist Arrested, Floods, Snow, VPOS | Feb. 4, 2020

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The Corbett Report | Just Don't Call It Global Warming! - #PropagandaWatch | Feb. 4, 2020

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Global warming. Climate change. Climate weirding. Climate emergency. What's in a name? A lot, apparently. So much so, in fact, that the advertising execs over at Ad Age are openly wondering whether they can "rebrand" climate change so it sounds scarier. Yipee! -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
RENAMING CLIMATE CHANGE: CAN A NEW NAME FINALLY MAKE US TAKE ACTION? Oxford Word of the Year: “Climate Emergency”… Seriously?

S0 News | Sky Spray, Sun Atmosphere Collapse, Climate Bombshell | Feb. 3, 2020

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Max Igan | Corona Virus The Next Logical Step | Feb. 3, 2020

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Show Notes:
The Common Cold
Coronavirus: A Globalist Bioweapon Created by DARPA & Partners
Virus-Hit Wuhan Has Two Laboratories Linked to Chinese Bio-Warfare Program
5G Launches in Wuhan Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak
The Wuhan Coronavirus Has Nothing To Do With 5G
Coronavirus - The Fullerton Informer Report

Dark Journalist | Armageddon Syndrome 2020: Jeane Dixon Psychic in the White House: UFOs and Moon Predictions! | Feb. 1, 2020

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Dark Journalist lays out an in-depth map of connections in this special X-Series 80 episode on Jeane Dixon and her extensive background with many Presidents including Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan. DJ presents a stunning overview of Dixon's psychic ability, including her accurate predictions of the JFK and RFK Assassinations. Her mystically influenced visions were the foundation for her high level advice to many Presidents on UFOs, Foreign Policy and predictions for the future, including an ominous 2020 prophecy.

He also traces Dixon's family lineage back through to Jeremiah Dixon who mapped the famous Mason-Dixon line. He points out the fascinating esoteric, masonic and egyptological background of the Dixons, including the fact that they were master astronomers from the Royal Observatory in the UK. This knowledge of astronomy may have provided a dual purpose for the Mason-Dixon line survey which led to the founding of an obscure township named 'Moon' near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which became a major focus of presidential visits and high security military programs.

In a bombshell revelation, he also shows for the first time documents from the JFK Library that show Jeane Dixon was in regular correspondence with the 35th President!

Clif High | Clif High's Critical Thinking - Woostory #1 | Feb. 1, 2020

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A critical examination of current, past, & ancient events, personalities, & the time associations - for entertainment purposes - NOT to (necessarily) twist your mind.
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