Tom Campbell | Atlanta 2016 Workshop | Playlist | Feb. 6, 2016


Tom Campbell is a physicist and consciousness researcher who is the author of the My Big TOE trilogy.

This short introduction to Tom Campbell and his work is designed to enable you to easily share this information with others by sending a link to those whom you feel would be interested in his My Big TOE theory, but don’t have the time to watch full length videos.

Atlanta Workshop 2016 | Binaural Beats
This is the first part of Tom's Atlanta workshop The Next Step for MBT, which will be divided into four segments from the morning session and two from the afternoon question and answer session.
The first subject is the binaural beats Tom created for his program at The Monroe Institute. In this segment, Tom explains how they were created, how to use and experiment with them, and how to achieve your best results.

John McAfee | "I'll Unlock San Bernardino Phone! Apple Shouldn't Give In To The FBI! | Richie Allen Show | Feb. 18, 2016


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Feb. 18, 2016


F William Engdahl has a fascinating new analysis out about the geopolitics of the Middle East; listen, and add in some usual high octane speculation...

Article: Washington’s Machiavellian Game in Syria

William Engdahl | What’s really Going on With Oil? | Feb. 2, 2016

Source: Jay Taylor Media,

William Engdahl explains why most of the reasons given for oil prices collapsing really are the Wall Street elite setting us up for an explosive turn upward.

Yale Professor Wendell Wallach | Killer Robots, Smart Technology & The Need For Oversight | Feb. 16, 2016


Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Planet X(s) | Feet to the Fire Radio

Source: Feet to the Fire Radio,

Dr. RAM has been following the recent release of info on various large bodies being discovered in our solar system. He asked a friend (at JPL) to look into some thingsand has a loose mathematical theory on calculating the closest approach based on the shape and length of the orbits.

Also, in light of last weeks show with Terra on The Black Star, I will get Richard's take on the various Planet X's floating around the Internet. -Feet to the Fire Radio

Sofia Smallstorm | How We Consent To Our Own Enslavement By Contract | Feb. 15, 2016


Brien Foerster | The Inca Found, Did Not Build Machu Picchu! | Feb. 15, 2016


Though claimed by many that Machu Pic'chu was created exclusively by the great Inca culture, this video will show that they in fact found a far older megalithic city, and then built there. -Brien Foerster

Jon Rappoport, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Andreas Bachmair | Zika Virus “Outbreak” & The Vaccine Industry | Hour 1 | Feb. 15, 2016


February 15, 2016–Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years. He is the author of several books, including “AIDS, Inc.: Scandal of the Century.” He is behind the website

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center in Middleburg, Ohio, has been board certified in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine since 1995. She has written two best-selling books, “FOWL! Bird Flu: It’s Not What You Think” and “Saying No To Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages.”

Andreas Bachmair is a German homeopath physician with a practice in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. The focus of his work for over a decade has been the treatment of vaccine-related injuries. This led him to create the website He is also the author of the newly released book, “Sarah Doesn’t Want to be Vaccinated.” Our three returning guests join us for a discussion on the dangerous affair of vaccines and the misleading propaganda being peddled by infectious disease agencies.

We begin with an in-depth look into the latest “outbreak” hysteria centered on Zika, where the main controversy of the mosquito born virus cropping up in Brazil is being linked to microcephaly in newborn babies by the World Health Organization. Jon gives the generalities of the fraudulent science backing the WHO’s claims and he explains how this scare is being used as a psyop to cover up another serious problem.

Sherri talks about the recent MMR vaccine campaign that led to the re-vaccination of around 39,000 women of child bearing age in Brazil, and she lays out how the Zika virus being labeled as an international emergency could allow an epic opportunity for the big-pharma-funded FDA to roll out a mass utilization of untested vaccinations.

In addition, we get into the incestuous affairs of the “virus hunter” branch of the CDC, along with their ties to the mainstream press and the giant pesticide corporations that are making big bucks in Brazil.  -redicecreations

download hour 1 mp3

The Greek | Genetically Modified Babies! What is next? | Freeman TV | Feb. 15, 2016


Francis Crick Institute just announced that it will make the UK the first country to modify embryo with DNA altering. They stated that it is illegal to implant these embryos into women. If you know and don't speak, how guilty should you feel?

Will these new technologies change the very concept of what it is to be human? What is the soul and could our knowledge of the body be completely wrong? Is our understanding of the obvious so misguided? Is the alternative media the flip side of a media coin that is bound for destruction of nations? If you say that it was an inside job, are you not indicting your own nation?

Let's talk predictions. Will Apophis destroy planet Earth in 2029? Is our destruction due to our stark materialism and a cosmic karma scheme or is God ready to press reset. How many times has earth had a face lift? Sonic booms were reported in South Carolina and New Jersey. Houses shook and a boom left them thinking it was the end of the world. No meteors were spotted in either event and the military says they have not broken the sound barrier with any weapons.

Daz Smith | Remote Viewing | Tapping Into The Universal Mind, Inside Area 51, Secret Mars Base, Stargate | Feb. 14, 2016


Bio Daz Smith: 
Daz Smith has been Remote Viewing in the UK since 1997. Daz trained in the Military technique called CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing).

For the past sixteen plus years he has practiced Remote Viewing and have developed it to a level whereby he now feel very comfortable with his overall accuracy and ability and can confidently pass this on to clients. Remember – a Remote Viewer is never 100% accurate 100% of the time but saying this, they can be spookily accurate on occasions. Most of the time they hover around the 60 – 80+% accurate mark.

Many examples of Daz’s Remote Viewing projects and participation can be found on this website and on many others where I have participated in public demonstrations of Remote Viewing. This includes large projects like four+ years of work at The Farsight Institute for Courtney Brown on the Climate change project, Multiple Universe Project and the (current) Mysteries project and others. All three of these projects involve differing schools of Remote Viewing methodology, working together to achieve the end results – We feel these result are stunning – if you don’t believe me take a look for yourself!

Daz has also worked over 200 missing person cases to date (July 2013) for the U.S. police forces in cooperation with the Findme Group, client projects and private Remote Viewing consultation group work.

In March 2009 Daz created and published the first Remote Viewing magazine – Eight Martinis, which can be downloaded for FREE or if you wish you can order a full color printed copy for your files. The magazine covers Remote Viewing, its use and applications in the real world. We are currently at the time of writing this on Issue 10 (November 2013)and growing year on years with tens of thousands of downloads and orders.

In 2010 Daz graduated the Lyn Buchanan P>S>I Operational Certification Program. This certification program is designed to challenge viewers to produce CRV work in a style and at a caliber that meets or exceeds new industry standards.

Daz has for the last six years worked for some of the main names in the field of Remote Viewing; Lyn Buchanan, Courtney Brown Ph.D., Paul H smith Ph.D., Angela T Smith Ph.D., Alexis Champion, IRVA’s Warcollier Prize and many others on both public and private/client remote viewing work and projects.

Steven & Kiersten Sedlmayr | Fourth Phase Water | Offplanet TV | Feb. 10, 2016


Steven Sedlmayr is an engineer who invented the large flat-screen displays seen in sports arenas and stadiums. When his wife declined to drink tap water he set about to develop a better distillation system, and in the process, discovered another "phase" of water that defied conventions.

In this interview, joined by his daughter, Kiersten, we discuss the health benefits of this "super-structured" water, also known as "EZ" water, and the ongoing development and marketing to bring this super-hydrating form to a world desperate for "living waters".

Max Igan | The Storm Has Come | Feb. 12, 2016


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 250 - Feb 12th, 2016

Prof. James McCanney | The Nazca Palpa Lines Mystery Solved | OffPlanet Radio


Professor James M. McCanney, M.S., Physics

James McCanney joins us to discuss:
- Oregons standoff and the murder of Lavoy Finicum by "Feds", Restoring state citizens' sovereignty, USA Babylon Captivity
- Water filters, the Flint, Michigan toxic water situation, and the AquaCera water filters.
- The Nazca and Palpa Lines Mystery Solved: Ancient offworld antenna array? McCanney unlocks this ancient grid and revises human history.
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