Shadow Gate | What They Don't Want You To See | Full Documentary

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Breaking: Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver Arrested on Secret Indictment! | Aug. 15, 2020

Source: Spiro Skouras youtube

Today Infowars reporter, Millie Weaver was arrested at her home. There is a lot of speculation surrounding her arrest due to the timing.

Millie Weaver was getting ready to publish a documentary called ‘Shadow Gate’. The film showcases two whistleblowers who allege there is a secretive network of government contractors which consists of government and military insiders (both current and former) who have ‘back door’ access to intelligence agencies and all of the information that they collect on everyone including politicians and how this information is used to blackmail powerful people to control them.

The film also alleges that military psychological warfare programs are being used against the people primarily through the mainstream corporate media and social media to control the population.

One of the whistleblowers in the film Tore, who was recently suspended by twitter, believes Millie Weaver was arrested because of this film. Tore has posted the documentary in full to her YouTube channel.

Spiro contacted the Portage county sheriffs office and they confirmed Millie Weaver is in their custody. The sheriffs office also confirmed that she was served a secret indictment.

The charges Ms Weaver faces are tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice and domestic violence. The sheriffs office also confirmed she is being held without bond and will remain in custody over the weekend until she appears before a judge on Monday morning. -Spiro Skouras

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Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Aug. 13, 2020


Today is a two-part News and Views, with the first part being the serious part, concerning China once again, and some dot-connecting; the second part is semi-serious, and more than a little satirical.

Here's the articles for today's Nefarium update:

China Faces Food Shortage As Droughts, Flooding, And Pests Ruin Harvest
China trying to interfere in the 2020 elections: U.S. Customs intercepts nearly 20,000 FAKE driver’s licenses that could be used for voting
Is The World About To Panic Hoard Nicotine Products After France's Promising Coronavirus Study?
COVID-19 vaccine from tobacco? British cigarette maker to start human trials soon

Pierre Sabak | Holographic Culture | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source:,, Pierre Sabak youtube


There are powers on Earth too hidden to be seen and conspiracies too vast to comprehend. For years the world has seen facts distorted, reality manipulated, and the truth concealed.

Tonight, we uncover the real meanings behind ancient aliens and their symbolism. Aliens, angels, djinn, elohim, seraphim, cherubin, or interdimensional entities. Are they the same? They have one thing in common. They have full mastery of time and space and are not confined to our three dimensional reality.

They reside between worlds, in pockets known as quantum states. They can coexist between physical and spiritual planes. We'll look into the ancient extraterrestrial phenomenon, the symbolism, and particularly, the comparison with flying saucers. We'll look at the controversial possibility that the aliens are not passive observers, but instead have infiltrated human life and are an intrinsic part of the fiber of society.

They coexist and live among us as a parallel society. The implications regarding alien intrusion is a staggering argument for the most part is hardly entertained within modern ufology. What is skaphology, angelic sailors and the ophanim?

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Nine Doctors Speak Out | The Charlie Kirk Show | Aug. 12, 2020

Source: Charlie Kirk youtube

On this can't miss episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, nine courageous doctors speak out about their frontline experiences treating COVID-19 patients revealing what they've learned, what they believe can help end the pandemic in the next 30 days, and their controversial stance on HCQ that has shaken the medical and political worlds after their videos received millions of view before they were ultimately taken down across social media.

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Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell | A Stroke, A Heart Attack, And The Dying US | Aug. 11, 2020


Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell | A Stroke, A Heart Attack, And The Dying US | Aug. 11, 2020.

Richard Dolan | The NEW YORK TIMES & UFO COVERAGE | Aug. 11, 2020


For this program, Richard is joined by Jay of the Youtube channel Project Unity. Jay recently did an important follow-up interview with New York Times journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, discussing their latest piece on UFOs. Richard and Jay talk about that and much more of relevance to the entire story of what's going on with UFOs and the media.

That part of the interview doesn't begin until 34 minutes in, as they spend most of the first half hour talking about Jay's interest in CE5 initiatives, that is self-initiated "contact" with non-human/ET intelligences. Although popularized by Dr. Steven Greer, CE5 is being done by many people on their own. Jay has his own very interesting stories to tell in that regard.

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Tom Campbell | PhDs, Synchronicities, and Nudges | Aug. 11, 2020


What’s up Doc? Well, here is what’s up with the Doc! The LCS had other plans. We all have intuition, most of us ignore it. There is after all, free will. (Consciousness, free will, and time are key elements to Tom’s logical big TOE, a big theory of everything.) But when you are an evolved being such as Tom Campbell, and your intuition is finely tuned after many life experience packets of making the best choices possible and acknowledging nudges, well, you pay attention.

In this virtual reality, which is the logical conclusion of Tom’s big theory, learning is the most important thing. Learning, growth, experiences, good choices, and evolving toward love.

From a teaching assistant in the physics department of a prestigious university, to Robert Monroe’s makeshift lab, the One, and My Big TOE, listen in to Tom’s very personal journey from graduate school to the award winning documentary Superhuman!
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