Adrian Salbuchi | The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope?


During Adrian Salbuchi's second appearance on The Veritas Show, he discussed his new book: The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope? This book takes us from the perspective of Argentina, all the way to a global scale.  Argentina, as confirmed by Adrian is fertile beta testing ground for the elite.  A disproportionate amount of land has been purchased in the past few years by a certain group of foreigners.  As Argentina continues falling into debt, courtesy of the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.), it is suspected that in the future, when the nation can no longer repay its obligation, they will cede a large portion of the country in lieu of their debt.  This, and many other topics, are discussed during this show.  Some of the topics discussed are so controversial that even the alternative media does not discuss them.

Adrian Salbuchi  is a researcher, author, lecturer, and international business consultant, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Adrian specializes in the analysis of power structures, political, economic and financial globalization. He is the host of the Buenos Aires, Argentina talk-show “El Traductor Radial” and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement. He is the author of  many books on geopolitics, international and other topics, and include: “The World’s Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization”) and Welcome to the Jungle: Domain and Survival in the New World Order.

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David Wilcock | 2012: 2 Years and Counting!

Source: Myth or Logic Radio

December 8, 2010
David returns for a special Myth or Logic Radio presentation on the years leading up to and beyond 2012.

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Jordan Maxwell | New Man and New Age, Wisdom & Occult Philosophy


December 16, 2010
Jordan Maxwell has been researching secret societies, occult philosophies, and ufology since 1959. His work is vast, extensive and covers many different areas. It is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore. In this program we ask: where do we come from and where are we going? We cover the mysterious past of humanity to the modern ongoing “dumbing down” of the human family and our transhuman future. Don’t miss this three-hour program as we explore the mysterious, tackle problems and discuss the philosophy of Jordan Maxwell.

Topics discussed: the mutation of the human race, the “new man”, science, the mysterious, religion, teachers and geniuses, Nicola Tesla, Royal Rife, technology, J. Craig Venter, world wide plague, arrest development, community responsibility, astrological ages, occult studies, ad hominem attacks, Helena Blavatsky & Manley Palmer Hall, Theosophy & Freemasonry, Gore Vidal, intellect, wisdom, knowledge, the mind of God, spirituality, synchronicity and much more.~Red Ice Creations

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Bill Ryan | Project Avalon - Live Interactive Conference


On December 14th Spectrum Radio Network did 2 shows one starting at 3:55 Pm Pacific which was a Project Avalon Interactive Conference with Bill Ryan and Avalon members & live BBSRadio listeners.

Bill Ryan has a BSc in Mathematics with Physics and Psychology (Bristol University, UK, 1974), and followed this with a brief stint in teaching. For 27 years he was a management consultant specializing in personal and team development, leadership training and executive coaching. Major long-term clients included BAe (formerly British Aerospace), Hewlett-Packard, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In November 2005 he inaugurated the Project Serpo website, the report of an alleged disclosure, in stages, of a US-alien exchange program which took place over 40 years ago. While he had been interested in UFOs, Free Energy research and alternative medicine (he is trained as a kinesiologist) for over thirty years, his first contact with the UFO community at large occurred after establishing the Serpo website. He resigned his management consultancy post in May 2006, having founded Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy.

Camelot was a bold (and highly successful) adventure into cutting-edge investigative alternative media research, generating over 100 full-length video interviews on a number of alternative and controversial subjects addressing some of the most important issues of our times.

Bill is currently based in Europe, but travels widely. Project Avalon is his new site, which he runs independently. He is dedicated to continuing the mission of Project Camelot, addressing current global problems with a spiritual focus and a proactive, practical and community-based approach.

Project Camelot website:

Project Avalon:

Project Avalon Forum:

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William Ramsey | UFO Encounters Live-Occult Hollywood

Source: Exotica Radio

UFO Encounters Live-December 11th, 2010-Special Guest William Ramsey Host Randy Maugans sitting in for Ronnie McMullen.

William Ramsey is the author of “Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order”. His latest project is the video, “Occult Hollywood”, which exposes the hidden---and not so hidden images, messages, and ritualistic number sequences based upon the writings of Satanist High Priest, Aleister Crowley. Ramsey’s original research discovered that key sacred numbers from Crowley’s own prophetic writings, “The Book of the Law” and “The Holy Books of Thelema” were arrayed in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the crash at Shanksville, PA. “Occult Hollywood” details the influence Aleister Crowley has had on the people and films of Hollywood. The video provides a detailed explanation of each hidden signal or marker, and reveals the well-known individuals who created each film at issue. Mr. Ramsey holds a B.A. in history from the University of California, Berkley. He currently resides  in Los Angeles, CA.

William Ramsey previously appeared on the Exotica show: 911 & The Crowley Code

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Lester Velez on Open Minds Radio, December 13, 2010

Source:, tube TZMBigsteelguy

Lester Valez is a Graduate of the University of Vermont. He served as officer in US Army, Field Artillery branch. Currently he is Vice President of Luscombe Engineering, a Silicon-Valley manufacturer's representative company. Les also serves as the Assistant State Director for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network , in Northern California, Co-Chairman of the Abduction / Experiencer Research Committee (MUFON) Co-Founder and Vice President of OPUS, (Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support).

Lester comes on around 27:50 min. The First 27 min is your latest UFO news.

Dr. Eugene Podkletnov | Full Length Uncut Fixed


This rare interview of Dr. Eugene Podkletnov was filmed at Tampere Technical University in Finland, early 2004. This interview, believe it or, not was conducted by Richard Heene. Before he was known as "Balloon Boy's Dad", Richard was an amateur scientist who flew to Finland in 2004 to interview Dr. Podkletnov. (Heene's voice can be heard in the background as the one asking some of the questions)

For more complete background Information on Dr. Eugene Podkletnov and the subsequent drama of competing theories from a variety of different researchers who jumped on the band wagon, please visit:

Erling Strand | The Hessdalen Light Phenomena


December 12, 2010
For generations mysterious lights have been observed in the remote valley of Hessdalen in Norway. Different types of lights and crafts have been witnessed at various altitudes and at different speeds. The phenomena has been reported to be as large as a house to as small as a soccerball. Lights have been seen hovering for hours and sometimes performing breakneck maneuvers at incredible speeds. Both Norwegian and international researchers have been involved in trying to reveal the true nature of this mystery. There are many theories, from unknown natural energy phenomena to extra-terrestrial visitors. We have Erling Strand with us from the Department of Information Technology at Østfold University College in Norway to talk about his long time investigation and studying of the phenomena. He is a civil engineer from the University of Trondheim and studied electrical engineering with specialized physical electronics and telecommunications. He is one of the founders of what is called “Project Hessdalen” and now leader of the project that has been dedicated to studying this light phenomena. Erling is also the European representative of the Society for Scientific Exploration. Stay with us for an exciting two hours as we explore the many different theories and angles of the Hessdalen light phenomena. Topics Discussed: the Hessdalen automatic measurement station, "Project Hessdalen", unidentified flying objects, Trondheim, light phenomena, automatic instruments, electro magnetic instruments, theories about the lights, different types of lights, sightings, lights observed around the world, geology and minerals, earthquake lights, ball lightning, plasma discharge and the piezoelectric effect. ~Red Ice Creations

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Michael Tsarion | Mind Control & The Metachild


December 11, 2010–This week we welcome back the legend himself, alternative historian, lecturer, author and film maker Michael Tsarion to discuss Architects Of Control and his upcoming film The Metachild.

Alternative historian and author, Michael Tsarion is an expert on the occult history of Ireland and America. Born in Ireland, he has researched mythologies of the world, as well as his own country’s magnificent and mysterious Druidic history. Michael’s work considers the consequences to civilization of extra-terrestrial involvement and answers many of the quandaries that have puzzled other “visitation” experts. It clarifies the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of pre-history and it shows that the orchestrated chaos of today’s world has roots in ancient times. Looking ahead, Michael offers profound solutions for the future. ~Truth Frequency Radio

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Jim Marrs | Trillion-Dollar Bailout Conspiracy, American Revolutions & Wikileaks


December 9, 2010
Jim Marrs is a former newspaper journalist and a best-selling author with focus on conspiracies and cover-ups. He's written "Crossfire", "Alien Agenda", "Rule by Secrecy" and "The Terror Conspiracy". His latest books are "The Rise of the Fourth Reich" and "The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy". In this program we pan across the geopolitical spectrum and discuss zombie banks, how trillions of dollars went down the drain in bailouts, the history of the United States and the emerging global socialist dictatorship. We also talk about the Wikileaks distraction, Julin Assange, the control of the media and the attempts to control the internet. The TSA are now terrorizing Americans and visiting tourists, haven't the so called "terrorists" achieved their objective? Topics discussed: US tax dollars, the creation of money, power, Benjamin Franklin, American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Knights of the Golden Circle, American Civil War, Financial Stability Board, socializing the banking system, charity & help, corporate control of the media, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, control of the Internet and more. ~Red Ice Creations

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