New World Next Week | Reality Czars and Brain-chipped Monkeys | Feb. 4, 2021


Story #1: How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis
Kevin Roose
Your Problem Is Not With Section 230, But The 1st Amendment
The Mysterious Case of the Lady Gaga Inauguration Bird and ‘The Hunger Games’
NWNW Flashback: #CreepyJoeBiden​ and Lady Gaga to Establish Sexual Assault Centres (Nov. 16, 2017)
Lady Gag Gag’s New Oreo: If the Cookie Doesn't Make You Sick, the Propaganda Will
Gag Gag’s Cancerous Cookie Ingredients
Lady Gaga Calls on World Leaders to Help Fund a COVID-19 Vaccine
NYC Restaurants to Reopen at 25% Indoor Capacity on Valentine's Day

Story #2: Elon Musk Wired Up a Monkey's Brain to Play Video Games
Denmark Reveals Concrete Plans for a Digital ‘Covid Passport’ In World First

Story #3: RFK Jr Foils California Plan To Mandate COVID-19 Tests And Vaccines For Students And Teachers
Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter sends Letter to all California Superintendents regarding Medical Ethics, Emergency Use Products, Voluntary Testing & Vaccine Safety
Video: Flash Mob of Anti Maskers at a Natural Grocers in Denver, CO

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Feb. 4, 2021


The Nefearium, in the form of the IMF, is now calling for your credit score to be linked to your internet search history:

IMF Calls for Credit Score to be Tied to Internet Search History

Douglas Vogt | The Biggest Secret The Government doesen't Want You to Know | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown


This sit down interview with Sucharit Bhakdi about the current situation we find ourselves in. He is the most cited microbiologist in German academic history, an authority if there ever was one Shocked by the events of this year, he is speaking out about the scientific fallacies and human rights abuses at work now.

This interview was done as apart of the full length documentary.

Catherine Austin Fitts | Planet Lockdown (Full Interview)


Pison Planet brought to the spotlight Solaris CEO Catherine Austin Fitts, she also is a very well known Investments Advisor.

Catherine gives her analysis and covers the spectrum in the economical war games that we are currently experiencing and have been planned in many years of advance.

It was conducted as apart of the full-length documentary and a witness against those who prefer to remain in darkness.

Linda Moulton Howe | Mars updates and Chat Q&A | Feb. 3, 2021


COVID-19 updates
- England and Wales recording highest weekly death numbers
- 45% of all deaths in England and Wales a result of COVID
- One-in-eight “recovered” patients die within 140 days

New COVID-19 variants expected to surge across the United States

Mars updates:
- UAE to begin orbit around Mars starting Feb 9th.
- China’s first Mars explorer craft to arrive Feb 10th
- NASA to broadcast their landing live on Feb 18

Alastair Crooke, Pepe Escobar, Max Blumenthal, Dr. Mohammad Marandi | The Post-American World | Feb. 2, 2021

Source: Zeinab Ghasemi youtube

Thirty years ago, the United States dominated the world politically, economically, and scientifically. But today?

Watch this in-depth discussion with distinguished guests:  

Alastair Crooke - Former British Diplomat, the Founder, and Director of the Conflicts Form
Pepe Escobar - Brazilian Political Analyst and Author
Max Blumenthal - American Journalist and Author from Grayzone
Chaired by Dr. Mohammad Marandi - Professor at University of Tehran

The Corbett Report | Citizens for Free Speech - #SolutionsWatch | Feb. 2, 2021


Patrick Wood joins us to discuss a new non-profit organization he has founded to help combat the threat to free speech: Citizens for Free Speech. With 26,000 members, the CFFS seeks to activate people at the local level and teach them how to better communicate their ideas and combat the threats to fundamental freedoms that are facing us during this generated crisis.

Show Notes:
Technocracy Rising
Patrick Wood on The Corbett Report
Citizens for Free Speech
I’m Blocked From Uploading to GooTube (and Other News)
More US Cities Seek to ban Facial Recognition Technology
New Orleans City Council bans facial recognition, predictive policing and other surveillance tech

S0 News | Triple Dark Nova, Missing Irradiance, Solar Wind | Feb. 2, 2021


Brien Foerster | Tunnel Under The Step Pyramid Of Saqqara In Egypt: Megalithic Inheritance | Feb. 1, 2021


Jeremy Smith | Coronavirus Crisis: A Spiritual Scientific Perspective | Legalise Freedom Radio | Feb. 1, 2021


Any attempt to truly understand the COVID-19 pandemic from a purely materialistic standpoint will inevitably fail. The strictly scientific lens through which most of us view our current predicament says nothing about the psycho-spiritual aspects which hold the key to what is really happening.

Whatever the origins of the virus, however, the global response to it represents an assault on social fabric, civil liberties, and on consciousness itself. It is just one front of a multi-faceted attack on human beings and all life on Earth that we are living through.

Is it possible that something much deeper, darker, and more profound than we dare imagine is unfolding? The time when human progress was made possible through the constant refinement of physical forces is already over. In the future, mankind will progress, but only through spiritual development. Are we even capable of learning the lesson that is now being taught?

Suspicious0bservers | Earth Rotation Changes | Advanced Catastrophism | Feb. 2, 2021


No, you aren't going to feel the jerk of the ground beneath you from modern rotation glitches, but the trend of acceleration to record speed during a geomagnetic excursion is concerning, especially since geomagnetic jerks and solar storms are causes of non-rhythmic changes in the length of a day.

The Corbett Report | Manifesting Solutions on Declare Your Independence | Feb. 1, 2021

Source:, Declare Your Independence radio show

James joins Ernest Hancock on the Declare Your Independence radio show to discuss how we can shift the conversation from what "they" are doing to us to what we can do for ourselves, and, more importantly, why we are fighting in the first place.

Dr. John Apsley | What you should know about the Pandemic | Forum Borealis | Jan. 31, 2021


Info pending
Practical physician tips as to how to stay safe & healthy, boost your immune system, and avoid infection.

Freeman Fly | Signs of Allegiance | Skeptico Swapcast | Jan. 30, 2021


Near-death experience science and the ever growing body of peer-reviewed research surrounding it. - Parapsychology and science that defies our current understanding of consciousness.
- Consciousness research and the every expanding scientific understanding of who we are.
- Spirituality and the implications of new scientific discoveries to our understanding of it.
- Others and the strangeness of close encounters.
- Skepticism and what we should make of the "Skeptics".

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