Max Igan | The Power of an Idea, January 3, 2014


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix, January 3, 2014

Dr. Shui Yin Lo | Chi and the Meridian System


Dr. Shui Yin Lo is a particle physicist, inventor, acupuncturist, the maker of Double Helix Water, and the founder of the Quantum Health Research Institute. Dr. Shui Yin Lo's books include Double Helix Water: Has the 200 Year Old Mystery of Homeopathy Been Solved?, The Biophysics Basis for Acupuncture and Health, Meridians and Stable Water Clusters: Physics and Health: A Picture Book, and over 70 research papers. He's a visiting faculty member and lecturer at Cal Tech Institute of Technology and many other institutions.

We invited Dr. Shui Yin Lo to talk about the meridian system - so well-known in the the field of acupuncture - and its place in thermography. Thermograms have been available for the last 25 years, and are used to locate inflammation and determine where tumors or disease conditions are likeliest to develop.

While many people know about the marvel of thermography, very few women actually use it for breast cancer screening. Instead, they use antiquated, unreliable mammography technology which beams radiation into their breasts. Thermography has many useful applications. It is used by the Department of Energy, the construction industry, and is now being used to indicate disease and the health of our meridian system, through which chi flows.

While he was living in Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Shui Yin Lo invented and patented a special laser so powerful that it could get rid of waste. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Office of Technology Development, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory collaborated in this research. The country of Australia required that Dr. Shui Yin Lo give up his patent so that they could classify it.

Dr. Shui Yin Lo is also a qi gong master. He understands the meridian system so well that he can look at a thermogram and know in minutes what is going on with the organ systems and the body's meridian system. If you enjoy learning and want to add new knowledge to your arsenal of disease prevention, this would be a helpful interview to watch.

NSA Leaks: Mail Tampering, Quantum Computing and Clemency?, January 3, 2014


The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved the Obama administration's application to renew the bulk collection of telephone metadata for another 90 days on Friday afternoon. The approval will give the administration time to review the 46 recommendations on how to reform the National Security Agency a White House-appointed panel made in December.

Two federal judges have handed down conflicting rulings on the constitutionality of the NSA's bulk metadata collection program in recent weeks, and the Justice Department filed an appeal of one of those rulings - the one that said the program is "likely unconstitutional" - on Friday. Meghan Lopez talks about the latest NSA developments with RT web producer Andrew Blake and political commentator Sam Sacks.

The People's Voice | Richie Allen Show | David Icke / 2013 Headlines Review


Richie Allen talks with David Icke. They look back and analyse the most important headlines throughout 2013.

David Paulides | Strange Disappearances in National Parks | Veritas Radio, Segment 1


David Paulides' meticulous research into the thousands of mysterious disappearances in U.S. national parks should be an object lesson on how the paranormal should be investigated. Paulides does what most paranormal researchers fail to do: First, he examines a phenomenon that is truly unique, without defaulting to the unofficial canon of New Age explanations for such, and second, his research is so thorough, objective, and vetted that it cannot be debunked.

Many paranormal researchers try to explain one unknown with another unknown. Paulides does not do this. Others have speculated that the disappearances were caused by Bigfoot, or "aliens." Paulides refuses to go there. He seems to intuitively understand that when we are confronted by a mystery that has no logical, physical explanation, a phenomenon that seemingly originates outside of our known reality, one that defies physical laws, then any attempt to define or understand it will fail--we simply lack the conceptual vocabulary. Paulides has done a great service by bringing forth his Missing 411 books and showing the reluctance of the National Parks Service to come clean on the records of missing persons, and he shows the feds are more interested in covering their derrières than doing what's right. There seems to be a pattern here.

Pandora's Poison [On Fukushima Beach 4] by Andrew Ebisu, January 1, 2014

Source: Andrew Ebisu youtube

"Secrets of Project Red Light" - A.H. | Disclosure Project Witness Testimony Archive


A.H. is a person who has gained significant information from inside the UFO extraterrestrial groups within our government, military and civilian companies. He has friends at the NSA, CIA, NASA, JPL, ONI, NRO, Area 51, the Air Force, Northrup, Boeing and others. He used to work at Boeing as a surface technician.

He was introduced to four-star General Curtis Lemay and one day went to his house in Newport Beach, CA and spoke with him about this subject. Lemay confirmed the ETV crash at Roswell. AH's NSA contact told him that Henry Kissinger, George Bush as well as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev were all aware of the ET subject. His CIA contact told him that the USAF had shot down some of these spacecraft.

A friend of AH's who worked at Boeing was part of crash recovery and personally saw and carried ET bodies. AH says that a group in the FBI discovered that radar testing was causing interference with some of the ETV's and that this was what was causing so many crashes. He also says that there are underground bases testing and maintaining extraterrestrial technology in Utah (reachable only by air), Enzo California, Lancaster/Palmdale California, Edwards AFB in California, March AFB, Eglan AFB in Florida, London England and many other locations.

Back in Time Series | David Adair at Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Technology (1999)


Space technology transfer consultant and former rocket whiz kid David Adair speaks out for the first time on camera in this interview about his remarkable encounters with an alien engine, DOD agents, and Air Force General Curtis Lemay in 1971 at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area-51). Hear first hand testimony about advanced alien technology and our military's most closely guarded secrets surrounding the UFO phenomena.

Adair explains how at age 17 he built an electro-magnetic containment plasma fusion rocket engine and was invited by Air Force bigwigs to launch it at White Sands Missal Range. That led to his being taken to Area 51 where he saw an engine that was light years beyond anything on Earth - so sophisticated it responded to the thoughts and emotions of it's pilots.

Now, comfortable with the way UFO information is starting to be accepted by the American public, Adair has decided to reveal the amazing truth which he held to himself for over 25 years.

Also revealed are his meetings with renowned physicist Stephan Hawkings.

Volgograd Bombings: NATO, Bandar Bush main suspects, December 30, 2013


The back-to-back bombings in Volgograd come on the heels of Saudi intel chief Bandar bin Sultan's reported threats to Putin earlier this year to sponsor terror attacks around the Sochi Olympics if Russia refused to allow military intervention in Syria. The suicide bombings also follow the pattern of NATO Operation Gladio B, and fall in line with NATO protection of Chechen terrorists. James Corbett joins RT to discuss these developments.

Assange: Surveillance is New Strategic Weapon Owned by Single Power, December 29, 2013


RT discusses WikiLeaks road movie 'Mediastan' with a special panel of guests, including film creator Julian Assange, journalist and director Johannes Wahlstrom, and Enayat Najafizada - a young Afghan journalist and one of the heroes of the movie. Our guests raise many questions about the film, including Snowden's revelations, Glenn Greenwald's role in the story, and the NSA's global surveillance program.

The Truthseeker | Leaked US Regime Change Manual, Admits Ukraine's its 'Playbook', December 28, 2013

Source:, Full Transcript

Happy Xmas Ukraine! Openly pro-Nazi rioters ripping up paving stones for weapons and driving bulldozers at people get sweets from America's Asst. Secretary of State, the surprisingly long list of countries where the US attempts regime change under cover of 'human rights'; and George Clooney becomes the Pentagon's sexy new weapon.

Seek truth from facts with Humanitarian Imperialism author Jean Bricmont, UN Human Rights Rapporteur Richard Falk, political analyst Richard Becker, Asia Times' Pepe Escobar, On Immoral Interventionism author Gilad Atzmon, and 'worth 500,000 dead kids' Madeleine Albright.
Full Transcript

Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelly | 'MK Ultra Unveiled', December 27, 2013


"James is a fantastic interviewer, and one of the things we really liked about speaking with him is that we talked about some things we haven’t talked about before — and even some old topics we’ve covered before were approached in a new way. So even if you’re familiar with our other interviews, you should check this one out." -Miranda & Duncan

Amy Vickers | Legacy of Lloyd Pye & Continued Starchild Skull Research, December 27, 2013

Source:, Author, Researcher Lloyd Pye Dies,

December 27, 2013–Amy Vickers was an archaeology student in Australia when she first learned about an unusual 900 year old skull known as the Starchild Skull. In 2004 she joined the Starchild Project, the team investigating the skull and coordinating independent research into this unusual specimen. She has helped to develop websites and videos for the project, worked to coordinate research on the skull, and is now the CEO of the project. Research into the skull has found everything from non-human DNA to alien fibers inside the bone. Lloyd Pye who spearheaded the Starchild Skull research recently passed.

Lloyd Pye will always be known for his Intervention Theory that challenges Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Evolution, by offering a fact-based explanation of how life and humans came to be on Earth, often in the face of overwhelming evidence. We'll discuss Lloyd's legacy, which includes the "forbidden" subjects of hominoids and aliens. Amy also discusses the latest updates with the Starchild Skull as she is now leading the charge. Later, we talk about modern humans and the domestication of animals and the development of farming. Crops seem to have been genetically altered to work with the human digestive system.
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