The Eyeopener Report | Obama Says the "T" Word, Aug. 13, 2014


Language is the great tool of the tyrants. It always has been, and always will be. Patriots are expected to abide by a PATRIOT Act that destroys their Bill of Rights, support “surgical strikes” against “enemy combatants” by the Department of “Defense,” and cheer the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to those who wage war.

Find out more about the doublespeak that underpins our political unreality on this week's edition of The Eyeopener report.

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Peter Joseph | The Zeitgeist Movement on London Real, July 2014


Interview start at 09:25 min

The opportunity to sit down with Peter Joseph is a unique chance to capture a moment in time with one of the great thinkers of our generation. His first breakthrough film "Zeitgeist: The Movie" in 2007 was an unexpected success and he founded The Zeitgeist Movement on the back of his 2nd film "Zeitgeist: Addendum." Peter proceeded to release two additional films and produced a satirical Web series called Culture in Decline.

Engineering a leaderless movement is a conundrum itself, which is why Peter rarely does interviews and instead prefers to let the movement ideals speak for themselves. In order to understand all of the tenets of The Zeitgeist Movement I recommend reading the TZM Defined Book available here

What's next for Peter? He has been busy working on a live-action genre with his InterReflections Trilogy expected in the next few years. After producing works of documentary and satire, we can expect a new angle. As Peter says, "The beauty of art is that it sneaks behind your ego." -London Real

Rosa Koire | Behind the Green Marsk: UN Agenda 21 | Veritas Radio


This portion is being provided as a courtesy from Veritas Radio. To listen to more of this exclusive interview proceed to:

Although the United Nations, largely with the help of an interloper named Maurice Strong, had been discussing the bogus but communistic notion of "sustainable development" since the late 1970s, it wasn't until 1992 and 1993 when Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and William Clinton, respectively, hoisted this foreign and insidious entity onto the backs of the American people by executive order, particularly President Bill Clinton's biodiversity treaty and his President's Council on Sustainable Development.

Almost twenty years later now, nearly every county across all the States in the United States of America has been infiltrated, particularly on the local level, by the lynx-like activities of the United Nation's Agenda 21-link to a One World Government through the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), a usurpatious, parasitic non-government organization (NGO) that floats and slinks between federal and local government control in your city in order to maintain a base of control of its own -- over your lives as well as your money and land.

UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. Inventory and control.

James Bamford Describes His NEW Interview With Edward Snowden, Aug. 14, 2014


The US National Security Agency owns a “MonsterMind” program designed to prevent foreign cyberattacks and, also, automatically strike back, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden told Wired magazine.

In his latest revelation, Snowden said that the defense software in the works would robotically hunt for the launches of foreign cyberattacks against the US and neutralize them.
MonsterMind - unlike similar schemes that have existed for many years now - would also be capable to fire back at such attacks without any human intervention Snowden said in an extended interview with Wired’s writer James Bamford.

The new defense program, Snowden warned, could unintentionally cause serious diplomatic incidents, because many cyberattacks are routed through computers in countries that are not aware of their involvement. That means that a retaliation strike launched by the US system could lead to a conflict with the nation where the machines used by adversaries are located.

“These attacks can be spoofed,” Snowden said. “You could have someone sitting in China, for example, making it appear that one of these attacks is originating in Russia. And then we end up shooting back at a Russian hospital. What happens next?”

The NSA leaker did not specify how exactly a counterstrike would work and whether it would completely disable the attacking system.

Huge privacy concerns is another problem that MonsterMind could stir up, Snowden believes. To make the program work, the NSA would have to spy on basically spy on all private communications coming in from abroad to the US, the whistleblower explained.

“The argument is that the only way we can identify these malicious traffic flows and respond to them is if we're analyzing all traffic flows,” Snowden said. “And if we're analyzing all traffic flows, that means we have to be intercepting all traffic flows.” This, in his words, is a violation on the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, “seizing private communications without a warrant, without probable cause or even a suspicion of wrongdoing”.

A spokesperson for the NSA declined to comment on MonsterMind, Wired wrote.

Read more at:

The Corbett Report | The Ebola Effect: Hyping the Next Bioweapon For Fear and Profit, Aug. 12, 2014


Are you worried about the ebola pandemic? Should you be? Is it hype? Real? A false flag? Bioterrorism? A Big Pharma scam? Join James today on The Corbett Report podcast as he peels back the layers of the ebola onion and exposes the pandemic endgame.

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Mark McCandlish | Secret Space Program, Ben Rich Skunk Works, Frozen Time | FarOutRadio, Aug. 11, 2014


Mark McCandlish returns as our guest on FarOutRadio this program. Mark is a talented technical illustrator whose specialty is in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries. He is a secret space program expert. Topic: We spent some time talking about the intriguing statements from Ben Rich, the former chief of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works where ultra top secret air and space craft were designed and developed. Rich was a serious man, so what are we to make of his statements...

“We have things out in the desert that are 50 years beyond what you can comprehend.”

“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of god to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

We also talked about the strange experience some people that are in close proximity of a UFO where time speeds up and they have “missing time” or time seems to stop and people appear to be frozen. It’s one of the more “far out” aspects of the “close encounters” experience.

James Horak & Mheiread MacDonald on Exopolitics Ohio with Mark Snider | Aug. 8, 2014

Source: Ohio Exopolitics,, Information Machine

This is a broadcast that was carried over from a private conversation to a radio show because Mark was so intrigued by the topics and information discussed that he wanted everyone to hear what Fukushima and the other aspects of this ongoing and upcoming world-wide crisis have in store for us and what their background is.

Mark also got answers to questions that no one on this planet is able to answer except for James and some to questions of a more private nature no one has asked James before. This is certainly the stuff that is blowing the lid off of someone like Clyde Lewis - so enjoy the show.

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics
Mhairead McDonald’s website: selkiedreams
Courtesy for title-artwork: Information Machine

Former Army Sergeant, Clifford Stone | Sacred Matrix with Sasha and Janet Lessin, Aug. 3, 2014

Source:, Book - Eyes Only: The Story of Clifford Stone and UFO Crash Retrievals, Bio Clifford Stone

UFO crash-recovery specialist, former Army Sergeant, CLIFFORD STONE, tells hosts Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin “We did recoveries of crashed saucers. There were bodies with some of these crashes, some ET s from the crashes were alive,” he said.

The military used Stone to communicate telepathically with ETs they took prisoner.

Among several types of Greys, the bodies and ET prisoners included “Individuals that look much us, that could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference,” he said. The list Stone’s team studied detailed 57 different species of alien life forms, many of whom Stone witnessed.

Hear, on this dynamite show, Sgt. Stone reveal the hidden truths about our alien prisoners.

Bio Clifford Stone

Tom Campbell | GIM Radio Interview

Source: GIM Radio,

Topics covered: matter, consciousness, and the current scientific theories of quantum mechanics that are used to explain our reality.

Tom is the "TC (physicist)" described in Bob Monroe's second book Far Journeys and has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness, and psychic phenomena since the early 1970s. My Big TOE is a model of existence and reality that is based directly on Campbell's scientific research and first hand experience. It represents the results and conclusions of thirty years of careful scientific exploration of the boundaries and contents of reality from both the physical and metaphysical viewpoints. The author has made every effort to approach his explorations without bias or preconceived notions. There is no belief system, dogma, creed, or unusual assumptions at the root of My Big TOE.

By demanding high quality repeatable, empirical, evidential data to separate what's real (exists independently and externally) from what's imaginary or illusory; Campbell has scientifically derived this general model of reality.

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Jeanice Barcelo | The Dark Side of Reproductive Technologies & Quest for Aryan Genetics | Hour 1 | August 8, 2014


August 8, 2014–Jeanice Barcelo is a birth activist and whistleblower. She is an outspoken voice in the movement to expose the violence of hospital birth and to get birth out of the hospitals and back into the home. Through her radio and television shows, and in her forthcoming book series, she speaks out about the horrors of technologically-managed pregnancy and childbirth.

Jeanice has spent the last 15 years uncovering the long-term and inter-generational impact of primal trauma on the human body, mind, spirit system. She returns to discuss the dark side of the baby making industry, who controls it and whose genetics are being sought after. From masturbatoriums, to fertility drugs and intended parents shopping for sperm and eggs, what kind of children are we creating?

We’ll talk about infertility in western nations and how it is reversible. Jeanice also comments on reasons for the low White birth rates. She’ll read some chilling quotes from Abe Foxman and Rabbi Finkelstein regarding the destruction of Aryan children and the push for interracial marriages for Whites. We’ll talk about reproductive technologies in Israel that allow the use of eggs from aborted babies and postmortem sperm recovery. Meanwhile, a high price is paid for sperm from blonde, blue-eyed American men, which is going around the globe including to third world nations, to try to create light-skinned blonde kids.

One of those countries receiving Aryan sperm and eggs is Israel. Why are they seeking the Nordic gene? In the member’s hour, Jeanice speaks on the spiritual war on the pristine human. We’ll also talk about how indeed it is Jews that have been the ones seeking the master race. Also, we discuss the Jewish circumcision ritual known as metzitzah b'peh that involves a mohel using his mouth to remove blood from the recently-cut penis. Infants have died from this ritual. Later on, we’ll talk about male/female relationships, parenting and more.

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The Lost Physics Knowledge of Nikola Tesla | AlienScientist |

Source: AlienScientist youtube,

I decided to do this week's podcast on Nikola Tesla and the laws of electromagnetism which he used to build his inventions. After reading the following article deifying Tesla as some sort of God with supreme knowledge of the universe, I decided to break down the laws of physics as Tesla likely understood them in order for people to gain more insights into what Tesla actually knew or didn't know in an effort to separate myth and legend from the real history.

The Influence Vedic Philosophy Had On Nikola Tesla’s Idea Of Free Energy
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