Rense & Dr. Ken Johnston NASA airbrushed photos that had shown structures on the moon, September 27, 2011


Back in Time Series | Piers Corbyn on the Jeff Rense Show, January 11, 2011


Piers Corbyn Bio
Piers Richard Corbyn (born 10 March 1947) is a meteorologist, astrophysicist, consultant, and owner of the business Weather Action which makes weather forecasts up to a year in advance, and which he also bets on.

Corbyn was born in Chippenham, Wiltshire and began recording weather and climate patterns at age 15, constructing his own observation equipment. He obtained a first class honours degree in physics at Imperial College London, where he was a contemporary of Brian May. In 1969 he became the first President of the Imperial College Students' Union to be directly elected by the student body. Following some years of activism, he studied astrophysics in 1979 at Queen Mary College, London, later examining the relationship between the Earth's weather and climate and solar activity. Following some years of weather prediction as an occupation, he formed the business 'Weather Action' in 1995.

His website:

Stephen Sakellarios | Reincarnation Research, September 2011


September 20, 2011–Stephen Sakellarios is a video/audio archivist, producer and editor living in Myrtle Beach, SC. He has a master’s degree in Counseling and Human Systems from Florida State University (unused professionally). He began a serious interest in fine-art photography in 1986, and moved into video production in 1990 as an extension of his photography. He started a video production company, Gold Thread Video, in 1997, and shortly thereafter he began work on “In Another Life: Reincarnation in America” as a personal project.  He put the project together primarily by networking over the internet, with practically no resources except those available through his small video business, trade-outs, occasional small financial donations and donations of services, such as illustration.

Stephen has studied reincarnation, the topic of “In Another Life", since 1973. However, he had primarily studied Eastern teachings on the subject, his strongest influences being the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, Rumi, and Meher Baba, who he began following in 1974. When Stephen began working on “In Another Life" in 1997, he started educating himself on Western research and studies, identifying the main people in the field and successfully contacting a number of them for interviews.

This is Stephen’s first documentary as producer. When he first moved from still photography into video, as part of his training through “community access television,“ he produced a series called “Universal Language” about international music in Atlanta. He was editor for videos entitled “Mehera, Meher Baba’s Beloved” and "Meher Baba's Trust" which are distributed world-wide by Meher Prasad. Recently he was commissioned by Meher Prasad to shoot and edit an on-site visitor's introductory film for the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, SC, and now archives and edits audio and video materials for that Center and a related organization, Sheriar Foundation.
~Spectrum Radio Network

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Robert Bauval | The Master Game & The New World Order, September 29, 2011


The Master Game begins in a distant golden age when groups of carefully selected men and women, neophytes and adepts, were carefully initiated into a secret religion that has shaped the world. Find out TONIGHT what that is and what it has to do with the NEW WORLD ORDER with international best selling author Robert Bauval as he joins me to discuss his newest release The Master Game.
~Hillary Raimo

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THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Trailer)


THRIVE is an unconventional documentary premiering online on 11.11.11 at

THRIVE lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

Engineering the Global Crisis: Financial Destabilization for Profiteering and Power, September 28, 2011


The European sovereign debt crisis which has been gestating for years seems ready to come to a head as the IMF met last weekend in Washington that were dominated by talks about Greece, debt, and the risk of global contagion.

Amidst tense talks about the future of the Eurozone in which the idea of allowing Greece to default on its insurmountable half-trillion dollar debt was floated, even the usually staid US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, warned that "cascading default, bank runs, and catastrophic risk" was a real possibility. G20 Finance Ministers and central bank governors are now calling for the European Central Bank to double their existing bailout fund to create a trillion Euro emergency stockpile to recapitalize European banks and fund Spain and Italy as their economies teeter on the edge of a Greek-like meltdown...
Transcript & Sources:

David Sereda | Light Speed Communications, September 27, 2011


September 27, 2011–Scientist, filmmaker, and mystic ecologist David Sereda talked about his development of a faster than light speed radio communications device that he used to talk to a distant star system. The recent scientific news that neutrinos can move at faster than light speeds correlates with his device, he noted. In August of 2010, he sent his first transmission to the Pleiades star system some 444 light years away, and claimed he received a loud telepathic voice response that woke him out of bed.

One year later he transmitted a new set of questions to the same coordinates about earth changes, comet Elenin, and a request for the ETs to make an appearance in Arizona. The next day, Sereda said a mysterious timed signal appeared for the first time in the magnetic spectrum and lasted one day in Sedona, AZ, and was then followed by a strange series of earthquakes that rattled from Colorado to Virginia. He also offered to send questions of George's via his device to his Pleiadian contacts. Further, Sereda said he witnessed a 7-8 ft. tall "space age-looking woman" pointing a device at his daughter, and conjectured that his communications might have opened up a portal.

John Coleman | Mass Immigration & The End of Nations, September 27, 2011


September 27, 2011–For nearly 35 years, John Coleman, a political scientist and economist, has been reporting and writing on the subject of political conspiracies and world affairs. Coleman has published 14 books and hundreds of reports analyzing the power structure of the world. He argues that a relatively small group of elite, "The Committee of 300", are pursuing a goal of one-world government.

John is probably best known for his books "The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300" and "The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations", both heavily referenced by other conspiracy researchers. He's also written: "The Rothschild Dynasty", "Diplomacy by Deception", "What You Should Know about the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights", "The Club in Rome", "We Fight For Oil" and many others. Since 1970, he has produced "World in Review", a bimonthly news magazine. He returns to the program for a controversial two-hour program, discussing his new upcoming book called "National Suicide: Immigration 1965-2080." ~Red Ice Creations
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Clif High | Why Are Disinformation Levels Skyrocketing?, September 27, 2011


September 28, 2011–Why Are Disinformation Levels Skyrocketing?
Comets have gas tails and dust tails, but it appears that Comet Elenin has a third tail. It is a rather pronounced disinformation tale.  Since the discovery of Comet Elenin in December 2010, it has been the proverbial tail wagging this cosmic dog.  The result is a trickle down of honesty that's running dry.

Independent researchers working in the topics of 2012, Planet X and other space threats, are now seeing unprecedented levels of disinformation. Highly organized, timed like clockwork and obviously well-funded, these disinformation campaigns have muddied the waters so thoroughly, that clarity is beyond the grasp of most.

Case in point is the whole topic of Comet Elenin, and what Clif High's research team recently discovered.  While conducting their usual data collection effort to popular their predictive database models, Clif's research team found unprecedented levels of levels of disinformation on the Internet.

Partly traceable and clearly measurable, it besets us like a perfect storm of lies and deceit and with a singular focus - that being Comet Elenin.  Some may wonder if disinformation is really real.  For Clif High, it darn well is, because it is making his work more difficult.

So no matter how you feel about disinformation, one thing is for certain.  It is an unquestionable part of lives and there is more of it today, than ever before.  So where is this all coming from and to what end?  Tune in for the answers to these and other questions regarding our near future. ~Marshall Masters

Dr. Fred Bell

Dr. Fred Bell passed away sunday september 25th.

Rochelle Sparrow, Cortney Kane | Mind & Energy, September 26, 2011


First hour guests, channelers Rochelle Sparrow and Cortney Kane talked about the nature of the mind and unconscious energy. Through self-awareness and meditation we can claim more of our unconscious energy, as well develop our own ability to heal, they said.

News segment guests: Leo Laporte, Richard C. Hoagland

Stan and Lisa Romanek on Open Minds Radio, September 26, 2011


September 26, 2011–Stan Romanek says he has been abducted by aliens, harassed by the government and has experienced a myriad of various types of paranormal phenomena. I know it sounds far out, but I, Alejandro, have actually been there to experience some of this. We will interview Stan and his wife Lisa, to talk about some of the cases with great evidence, an upcoming documentary on his experiences, and what he thinks it all means. ~Open Minds Radio
Interview start 0:29:40 min.

Joe Rogan & Duncan Trussell interviewed Graham Hancock, September 25, 2011


Jay Weidner on One Radio Network, June 10, 2011

Source: ,

Jay Weidner on One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone. Recorded on June 10th, 2011.

Robert Bauval | The Master Game, September 20, 2011


September 20, 2011–Robert Bauval was born in Alexandria, Egypt to Belgian parents. He is a researcher of ancient Egypt and a bestselling author, probably best known for his Orion Correlation Theory. In this interview Robert will talk about his latest book, co-authored with Graham Hancock called, The Master Game: Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World.

The Master Game is a part-conversion and update of the previous book Talisman (2004) which now takes into account 911 and the so-called 'War on Terror' and exposes its true origins, as well as exposes the clash of civilization that is taking us head on towards a Biblical Armageddon.

Robert will trace an ancient conflict, a master game, from its deepest roots in ancient Egypt to today. We'll explore deeper into the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs and the formation of the State of Israel. Then, we'll discuss the Masonic & Zionist conspiracy theories and political and religious movements, which he'll tie into the master game. He ends the hour talking about the dangers of getting caught up in the game as well as the absurdity of it. Robert urges us to see what is going on, to expose it and to end it. ~Red Ice Creations
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Bernhard Guenther and Humberto Braga on Cosmic Gnostic Radio, September 25, 2011


For this episode we have Bernhard and Humberto with us discussing their film UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact. We get into how they came about to put the film together and then we discuss the deep subjects that the film covers. We get into the national security state, the disclosure project, alien abductions, the parasitic nature of aliens, why they're here, the disinfo campaigns around UFO research, the disinfo of the New Age movement, and much much more. This is not an episode you want to miss if you are interested in truly peeling back the layers of reality and trying to understand things as they truly are. ~Cosmic Gnostic Radio

Hillary Raimo interviews William Henry, September 22, 2011


September 22, 2011–
William Henry, discusses 9/11 Memorial in New York City, the Jewish legend of the return of the Messiah, Ezekiel's Temple, the New Jerusalem, powder, black cube, Saturn, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and more.

Back in Time Series | The Varginha UFO Case, Brazil 1996

Sources:, wikipedia Varginha UFO incident

The Varginha case is unique in many ways. First of all it’s an once-in-a-lifetime shot for UFO-researchers to have a really ”hard” case in their hands. UFOlogists that has great insight from their studies of previous cases from the 40’s and up to date.

UFOlogists as Stanton T. Friedman and John Carpenter, who to many represents the ”famous elite”. But also well renowned men like the local investigators Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues and Vitorio Pacaccini (who was the first two to investigate and blew the case right open), AJ Gevaerd (MUFON’s representive in Brazil). Men like Stanton T. Friedman is an expert in the legedary Roswell-incident and knows how the secrecy-machine works, an insight that will be vital when it comes to finding out what has happened to the EBE’s (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) that is supposed to have been transfered alive to Albrook Airforce Base in Panama.
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