The Corbett Report | Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper, October 26, 2013


On this special edition of The Corbett Report, James sits down with Broc West of to discuss how to make your own media. In this wide-ranging conversation, James and Broc answer your questions on matters technical (software and equipment) and non-technical (processes and concepts) on the subject of creating media. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we demonstrate the fact that making your own media is easier than you think.

Stop Watching Us: Largest privacy rally in US history hits DC, October 26, 2013


Crowds are flooding Capitol Hill in Washington DC, venting their fury against the NSA's sweeping surveillance practices. The organisers say it's the largest pro-privacy rally in US history.

Colin Andrews | On the Edge of Reality | Veritas Radio | Segment 1


On The Edge of Reality: Hidden Technology, Powers of the Mind, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomena, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions, and Crop Circles.

Humanity is on the verge of enormous change. More than a paradigm shift, human consciousness is engaged in a process of integration with a higher mind. The process is occurring through encounters with non-ordinary reality that are known as high strangeness events.

What exactly are these events? They are incidents that defy the laws that govern our physics and the expectation of our experience. They include interactions with UFO, orbs of light, strange sounds, human and mysteriously made crop circles, and altered states of awareness and/or perception. They include messages from deceased loved ones, the sense of interaction with an unknown presence, answered prayer, spontaneous healing and synchronicities that bring meaning to seemingly random occurrences.

Such events represent an interface with the unknown, an interaction with parts of reality we do not yet understand. They are not paranormal or supernatural, although both words are used to describe them. Rather, they are normal and natural to a worldview that we are presently being introduced to and will one day inhabit.

These interactions are creating a shift in paradigm resulting in a new view of reality.

Best known for his decades of research into crop circles and UFO subjects, and for his media appearances and conference presentations around the world, Colin Andrews introduces new research findings of an intelligence that is interacting with our society and establishing a presence in the global consciousness.

Colin Andrews is a veteran researcher of unusual phenomena currently enjoying a burgeoning resurgence of public and media interest. Since 1983 he has supplied the public and British government with pioneering research. Colin is known around the world for his groundbreaking work with Crop Circles (a term he coined), UFO and Consciousness Research. He has recently attracted international attention with his discovery of the radar anomalies in Australia, subsequently confounding the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. He is the co-author of two bestselling books and the author of four alternative science classics. His website is ranked as the 715,400th most popular website worldwide, a considerable ranking, with peaks of 23,000 visitors a day.

Colin has a high public profile, appearing in over 100 television documentaries including productions by National Geographic, Discovery, and History’s Mysteries. He is currently featured in two documentaries to be released in 2012 by National Geographic and Norwegian Television. He’s a favorite speaker on well-known television and radio programs and lectures extensively throughout the world to a wide range of audiences.

The Bentwaters Incident - Security Officer Larry Warren | Disclosure Project Witness Testimony Archive

Source:,, Energiereichtum youtube

Larry Warren, RAF Bentwaters.

Larry Warren was a security officer at Bentwaters Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. He was present during an event in 1980 when an extraterrestrial vehicle landed, hovered, and interacted with Air Force personnel on the base. Afterwards, the many personnel who had witnessed the events were intimidated, debriefed and forced to sign documents telling a false version of the story. Warren's testimony is corroborated by multiple other military witnesses who have been identified.

Stop Watching US: Largest anti-NSA rally scheduled for Saturday in DC, October 25, 2013


Thousands of civil liberties activists are planning a rally in Washington, DC on Saturday to tell the US government to stop infringing on citizens' right to privacy through the extensive monitoring of Americans' communications by the National Security Agency.

The rally, called Stop Watching Us, will also call for the government to "reveal the full extent of the NSA spying program." Stop Watching Us has the support of former whistleblowers, celebrities and Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who started the controversy. RT's Ameera David speaks with Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, about the rally, and what changes supporters are looking to enact from the protest.

Stop Watching Us

Source:, is a coalition of more than 100 public advocacy organizations and companies from across the political spectrum. Join the movement at This video harnesses the voices of celebrities, activists, legal experts, and other prominent figures in speaking out against mass surveillance by the NSA. Please share widely to help us spread the message that we will not stand for the dragnet surveillance of our communications.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit civil liberties law and advocacy center that has been fighting the NSA's unconstitutional spying for years. Learn more at

7.1 EarthQuake/Japan/Lukima Cat 3 Typhoon, October 25, 2013

Source: BPEarthWatch youtube

Solar Warning. Double X-Flares

Gordon Cooper | An Astronaut's UFO Experience


Gordon Cooper was one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts and the last American to fly into space alone. In his testimony he recounts how he observed UFOs flying in the same formation as his fighter group over the skies of Germany. These UFOs made maneuvers that could not be done by conventional fighters. At another time, while filming conventional aircraft performing precision landings, a saucer flew directly overhead and landed ahead of them on a dry lakebed. The entire event was filmed including detailed close-ups. The film was sent back to Washington and was never returned.

A Drone Warrior's Torment: Ex-Air Force Pilot Brandon Bryant on His Trauma From Remote Killing, October 25, 2013


We look at how the United States uses drones in war, and their impact, through the eyes of one of the first U.S. drone operators to speak out. Former U.S. Air Force pilot Brandon Bryant served as a sensor operator for the Predator program from 2007 to 2011, manning the camera on the unmanned aerial vehicles that carried out attacks overseas. After he left the active duty in the Air Force, he was presented with a certificate that credited his squadron for 1,626 kills.

In total, Bryant says he was involved in seven missions in which his Predator fired a missile at a human target, and about 13 people died in those strikes -- actions he says left him traumatized. "The clinical definition of PTSD is an anxiety disorder associated with witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event," Bryant says. "Think how you would feel if you were part of something that you felt violated the Constitution."

NSA spied on 35 world leaders' phones with help from White House, October 24, 2013


A new report by The Guardian says the NSA used information from the White House, State Department and Pentagon to acquire - then monitor - the phone numbers of 35 world leaders. On Wednesday, Germany became the latest ally to protest the scope of the National Security Agency spying scandal, when Chancellor Angela Merkel called President Barack Obama personally after finding out the NSA may have wiretapped her cell phone. Germany joins France, China, India, Mexico and Brazil as an ally the NSA targeted in its surveillance program. RT's Sam Sacks talks to Lizzie Phelan, head of the newsroom for Ruptly, about the latest diplomatic scandal brought on by the NSA leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Art Bell | Dark Matter with Charles Faddis | Biological Terrorism in the US, October 23, 2013


Charles S. Faddis, President of Orion Strategic Services, LLC is a former CIA operations officer with twenty years of experience in the conduct of intelligence operations in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe. He has worked against the most dangerous terrorist organizations on the planet and has extensive firsthand experience with their methodology and tactics. His last assignment prior to retirement in May of 2008 was as head of the CIA’s terrorist Weapons of Mass Destruction unit. He took the first CIA team into Iraq in the Summer of 2002 in advance of the invasion of that country and has worked extensively in the field with law enforcement, local security forces and special operations teams. Since retirement, he has written extensively and provided training to a wide variety of government and private entities.

X-Flare Watch Tonight, Strong Solar Activity, October 24, 2013

Source: BPEarthWatch youtube

How Accurate Are The Instruments in Nuclear Reactors?, October 22, 2013


Accurately measuring the reactor water level in a nuclear power plant is critical to safe operation, yet nuclear power reactor water monitoring systems do not work correctly. What would happen today if your car’s speedometer read 60 miles per hour, but in actuality, you might be driving at 40-mph or even 95-mph? Listen to today’s Fairewinds Energy Education podcast as Dave Lochbaum from the Union of Concerned Scientists and researcher Lucas Hixson discuss the dangerous dilemma reactor operators face when a reactor has an emergency shutdown and operators simply do not know if the reactor has enough water to keep it cool!

Art Bell | Dark Matter with Dr. Roger Leir, October 21, 2013


Dr. Leir will discuss the Turkish UFO videos among other topics.

Dr. Roger K. Leir, author of the "Aliens and the Scalpel-First and Second Edition", "UFO Crash in Brazil", "Casebook Alien Implants", "Chopped Liver" and three other books published outside the United States, has been said to be one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology.

He and his surgical team have performed sixteen surgeries on alleged alien abductees. This resulted in the removal of seventeen separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants. These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. Their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to meteorite samples. Dr. Leir continues to investigate the physiological and biological aspects of the abduction phenomenon. He has also formed a non-profit organization for this purpose called "A & S Research Inc."

Show References: 
Images for Dark Matter program discussion
Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO Analysis Video and Summary
Full Image Analysis Shows Occupants
OSTP Report Given to President Obama (PDF)
Implant Analysis Report (PDF)

Turkey UFO Sightings Original Raw Footage

Dr. Roger Leir writes: The stills and video you are watching is the clearest and the best close up of a UFO off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey. There are videos of the sighting for the years, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The footage has been analyzed by an organization of the Turkish Government and has been deemed genuine footage of an alien craft.

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure DAY 1 AM Session


The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was a great success. We brought 40 researchers and military/agency/political witnesses to the National Press Club in Washington to testify for 30 hours over 5 days before 6 former members of the U. S. Congress regarding events and evidence for extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1947.

Fukushima Update, Twin Typhoons Inbound, October 21, 2013

Source: BPEarthWatch youtube

Mike Clelland | The Owls of Synchronicity, OffPlanet Radio, October 18, 2013


Mike Clelland is an artist, author (Ultralight Backpacking Tips), and researcher into synchronicity and contact experiences. Since 2009 he has journaled online his search to discover what is behind his own paranormal memories and anomalous experiences. Those experiences are informed by the persistent appearence of owls...a -marker- noted in UFO experience lore, notably in the the film -The Fourth Kind-, and also repeatedly in the David Lynch TV series, -Twin Peaks-. We discuss Mikes's journey, the process of discovery about his abduction experiences, and the meanings of the owls of synchronicity.

George Filer III, Major, Air Force Intelligence | E.T. shot at Fort Dix, Disclosure Project Archive

Source:,, Energiereichtum youtube

Major George Filer was an Air Force Intelligence Officer who not only had an extraordinary encounter with a massive UFO on radar over the United Kingdom, but later, in the 1970's while he was at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, found out that an extraterrestrial biological entity had been shot at Fort Dix. This extraterrestrial fled to adjacent McGuire Air Force Base, where it died on the tarmac. He testifies that this life form was then picked up and taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The Truthseeker: 'Casualty Catastrophe': Cell Phones and Child Brains, October 20, 2013


Insurers stop covering for cell phone use, called the next 'casualty catastrophe' after tobacco and asbestos; phone manufacturers hit with a class action and personal lawsuits; and the warning deep inside your mobile. Seek truth from facts with Ellie Marks, whose husband Alan is suing the industry for his brain tumor, 'cell phone survivor' Bret Bocook, leading radiation biologist Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski, Microwave News editor Dr. Louis Slesin, Storyleak editor Anthony Gucciardi, and former senior White House adviser Dr. Devra Davis.

Steven & Evan Strong | Aboriginal Origins & Egyptian Glyphs in Australia, October 18, 2013


October 18, 2013–Steven and Evan Strong join us from New South Wales, Australia to discuss their claim that Aboriginal people set sail from Australia, 50,000 years ago. They sailed to and settled in America and visited many other places including Egypt, Japan, Africa and India. Their theory states that Aboriginals, the first Homo sapiens who evolved before the sapiens of Africa, gave the world art, axes, religion, marine technology, culture, language and surgery. Weaved into this story is that of the Kariong Glyphs, a group of approximately 300 alleged Egyptian hieroglyphs in and around an area that is also known for its Aboriginal petroglyphs.

Steven and Evan have developed much of their work from consultations with Aboriginal people in Australia. They claim they have rediscovered a hidden history of our origin as humans and have written several books on the subject including Forgotten Origin, Constructing a New World Map, Ancient Alien in Australia and the latest one, Shunned.
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