The Corbett Report | The Greatest Depression | March 28, 2020


The Age of Terror was inaugurated with a series of controlled demolitions in New York City on September 11, 2001. Now the world is being led into the Age of Biological Terror with a controlled demolition of the economy that is already causing unprecedented carnage across markets and around the globe.

As the dust settles on this demolition, an entirely new economy is ready to be erected in its place: one in which no citizen will be out of the sight of the all-seeing government. This week on The Corbett Report we examine the details of this collapse and why the bankster class is seeking to destroy the financial Ponzi scheme that they themselves created.

Dr. Joseph Farrell | Emergency Powers COVID-19 Bio-Economic EMF Warfare Deep State COG! | Dark Journalist | March 26, 2020


Dark Journalist And Dr. Joseph Farrell COVID-19 Bio-Economic EMF Warfare Deep State COG Continuity Of Government! Special LiveStream with QA.

New World Next Week | Digital Dollars and Technocracy on Steroids | March 26, 2020


Story #1: The ‘EARN IT’ Bill Is the Government’s (Open) Plan to Scan Every Message Online
S.3398 - EARN IT Act of 2020
The EARN IT Act Is the New FOSTA
Congress Must Stop the Graham-Blumenthal Anti-Security Bill
Video: The EARN IT Act - Holding the Tech Industry Accountable in the Fight Against Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Story #2: ‘Digital Dollar’ Stripped From Pelosi Plandemic Bill, Still
White House, Senate Reach Historic $2 Trillion Stimulus Deal Amid Growing Coronavirus Fears
Episode 328 – The Bitcoin Psyop

Story #3: Mobile Phone Industry Explores Worldwide Tracking Of Users
GSMA: Global System for Mobile Communications
Police in California Plan to Use Drones to Enforce Quarantine Lockdown
Israel Joins Totalitarian States Using Coronavirus To Spy On Citizens
U.S. Government, Tech Industry Discussing Ways To Harness Location Data To Combat Coronavirus

Prof Dr Sucharit Bhakdi | Professor, Specialist in Micobiology | All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide based on nothing but a spook! English Subtitle

Source: Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is a specialist in microbiology. He was a professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene and one of the most cited research scientists in German history.

What he says:

"We are afraid that 1 million infections with the new virus will lead to 30 deaths per day over the next 100 days. But we do not realise that 20, 30, 40 or 100 patients positive for normal coronaviruses are already dying every day. 

[The government’s anti-COVID19 measures] are grotesque, absurd and very dangerous […] The life expectancy of millions is being shortened. The horrifying impact on the world economy threatens the existence of countless people. The consequences on medical care are profound. Already services to patients in need are reduced, operations cancelled, practices empty, hospital personnel dwindling. All this will impact profoundly on our whole society. 

All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide based on nothing but a spook."

English subtitle.

S0 News | Solar Flare Suspicion/Manipulation, DeLUX Fail, Moonwater | March 26, 2020


Linda Moulton Howe | COVID-19, Edge of the Milky Way, Strange Sounds in Sweden, Viewer Q&A | March 25, 2020


COVID-19 updates
- China’s cases topping out.
- Latest worldwide numbers: 467,351 cases, 21,666 deaths, 113,808 recovered
- German scientist found COVID-19 symptom includes loss of smell and taste
- Confusion about effects of chloroquine-based anti-malarial drugs.
- Warning about negative effects on the heart when taking Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin.
- Studying the coronavirus. What makes this virus tick?
- Astronomers have found the edge of the Milky Way
- Fermi space telescope images

- Strange sounds in Orebro, Sweden
- Video by Samia N. From March 24, 2020 @ 12:30am

- Viewer email from M.B., awakened by tall blonde Nordic

The PRE PLANNED Global Response To COVID-19 And The ENDGAME Agenda EXPOSED With James Corbett! | March 25, 2020

Source: Press For Truth,

We are living in unprecedented times. The powers that ought not to be are trashing the global economy and they are doing it in ways that some of us could have never have imagined, so the question isn’t “has the government overreacted” because we know they clearly have! The question now is “can we come back from this”?

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with James Corbett of The Corbett Report about the pre planned repose to Covid-19, how governments all over the world are using this to gain a tighter grip of control and most importantly what you can do to protect yourself and your family moving forward in these vary trying and uncertain times.

The Corbett Report | Medical Martial Law 2020 | March 21, 2020

S0 News | M7.5 Earthquake, Tornado, The Heliosphere | March 25, 2020


Joseph P. Farrell | The Coronavirus "Pandemic" and its possible Social, Political & Economic consequences | March 24, 2020


Oxford Scholar, Author & Researcher Dr. Joseph P. Farrell comes through to give his thoughts on The Coronavirus "Pandemic" and its possible Social, Political & Economic consequences.

Max Igan | The Illusion of Freedom is No Longer Profitable | March 25, 2020


Show Notes:
Status of COVID-19
Boris Johnson Orders UK Lockdown to be Enforced by Police
UK Internet Capacity Could be Rationed to Prioritise ‘Critical’ Apps and Websites, "Experts" Reveal
Israel Passes Emergency Law to Use Mobile Data for COVID-19 Contact Tracing
DOJ Seeks New Emergency Powers Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Social Distancing Needs to be in Place for 'Most of a Year'

Jeff Rense & David Icke | Domination By Biological AI Cult And Off Planet Intelligence | March 23, 2020


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 03-23-20 with Guest David Icke.

The Corbett Report | How to Practice Proper Social Distancing - #PropagandaWatch | March 24, 2020


We are being told to flatten the curve by practicing social distancing. We are being told to quarantine shame those who break the new societal taboos. So how exactly do you introduce entirely new cultural norms across much of the world in the space of just a few weeks? Watch and learn.

Show Notes

David Icke | Coronavirus - A Long Planned Excuse To Transform The Economic System | March 20, 2020


Truthstream Media | We're Living in 12 Monkeys | March 24, 2020


S0 News | Locusts, Galactic Sheet Triggers Cloud, Christmas Island | March 24, 2020


Michel Chossudovsky | COVID-19 Coronavirus: The Crisis | Guns & Butter


Michel Chossudovsky discusses his new series of research articles on the "pandemic", including, "COVID-19 Coronavirus 'Fake' Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis" and "Coronavirus COVID-19: 'Made in China' or 'Made in America'?, among others.

On January 30th, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) in relation to China's novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) categorized as a viral pneumonia. The virus outbreak was centred in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China with a population in excess of 11 million.

In the week prior to the January 30th decision, the WHO Emergency Committee expressed divergent views. There were visible divisions within the Committee. On January 30th, a far-reaching decision was taken without the support of expert opinion at a time when the coronavirus outbreak was limited to Mainland China.

There were 150 confirmed cases outside China when the decision was taken: 6 in the United States, 3 in Canada, 2 in the UK, etc. 150 confirmed cases over a population of 6.4 billion (world population of 7.8 billion minus Chinas 1-4 billion).

What was the risk of being infected? Virtually zero.

Aired: March 18, 2020

Full interview transcript

Jon Rappoport | Coronavirus update, Science quarantined | March 22, 2020


Show Notes

Clif High | NewWorld - Priorities Planning Projections #chaga_gangsta | March 22, 2020


Discussion of global JIT & econ & social order changes from #covid19 #bioweapon.

Dark Journalist X Continuity of Government (COG) Martial Law Takeover Revealed! | March 20, 2020


Dark Journalist examines the installation of Martial Law being put on the table by covert forces utilizing the Continuity of Government (COG) program.

The Corbett Report | Medical Martial Law 2020 | March 21, 2020


As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners. Today on this emergency edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James lays out the steps that have led us to the brink of martial law and the steps that are being taken to implement it now. Please help to spread this important information and to raise awareness of the crisis that we are facing.


download mp3

Max Igan | A Pandemic on Que and Scarcity by Design | March 20, 2020


New World This Week | March 19, 2020


Welcome to the 401st episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: US Ramps Up Sanctions Devastating Venezuela’s Health Sector As Coronavirus Spreads
US Imposes New Iran Sanctions, Complicating Coronavirus
Quarantine the US Military Machine?
China Locked in Hybrid War with US

Story #2: IMF Prepares $1 Trillion Bazooka
How Big is That Fed Liquidity Pump? $1.5 Trillion or $5 Trillion?
Global Economic Coordination Not Happening In Virus Crisis
NYSE to Temporarily Close Its Trading Floor
‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’
In the Pandemic, It’s Every Nation for Itself
‘Americans Need Cash Now:’ Coronavirus Has Lawmakers Calling For UBI

Story #3: FAANGsters Issue Joint Statement On Misinformation
YouTube Creator Blog: Protecting Our Extended Workforce And The Community
Facebook Hits C****vir*s Articles With Sledgehammer
U.S. Government, Tech Industry Discussing Ways to Harness Location Data to Combat Coronavirus
Facebook Censoring Ron Paul Based on Bogus Politifact 'Fact-Check'

S0 News | Nova Connected, Starwater, Ice, Warped Electric Field | March 19, 2020


Catherine Austin Fitts & Dr. Joseph P. Farrell | Ciu Bono Coronavirus | March 19, 2020


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 18, 2020


While we're all talking about the story we're tired of talking about, J.D. spotted an intriguing article that I thought worth sharing: From Inside Wuhan What the MSM does not want you to see

Linda Moulton Howe | The History of The Men In Black, Viewer Q&A | March 18, 2020


- The History of Men in Black

Notable names:
- Ray Boeche, Th. D.
- Albert K Bender

Joseph Farrell | The Hess Mess Enigma (Part 1 of 3: Who are you Mr. Hess?) | Forum Borealis | March 18, 2020


Description pending.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Quantum Consciousness, Holographic Reality & So Much More | March 17, 2020,

Doc Miller is back on the show, so that means its some much needed.... MILLER TIME! Dr. Richard Alan Miller worked as a consultant on the original series of the X-Files due to his experience working with special forces as a scientist with above TOP SECRET clearance.

Get ready, the Doc always blows minds any time he comes on KBS, so dont say you were not warned! -The Kev Baker Show

Jeff Rense & Dick Allgire | This Is A Transition...We’re Heading Into The Next World | March 16, 2020


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 03-16-20 with Guest Dick Allgire.

Max Igan | Covid-19 Lockdown | March 18, 2020


Europe Locks Down 100 million
Coronavirus: Brits Face £1,000 Fines or Being Detained if They Refuse Self-Isolation

S0 News | Disaster Petroglyph, Mantle Mystery, Bad Day 4 Dark Matter | March 17, 2020


The Corbett Report | Coronavirus and Climate Change - #PropagandaWatch | March 17, 2020


It's silent. Invisible. It's spreading everywhere. It's going to kill us all. We have to take extraordinary measures to combat it. Coronavirus? No, silly! CO2. But it's not me making the comparison. Find out what the climate schemers and technocrat dreamers have in mind for humanity, and how it's reflected in the post-virus world in this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Show Notes:
How the Climate Crisis Is Making the Spread of Infectious Diseases Like Coronavirus More Common
Climate Change and Health: Readiness and Resilience
STUDY: Climate Change Releasing Unknown Viruses
Time: Coronavirus is Messing Up pre-COP26 Climate Conferences
What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus?
Coronavirus prompts Friday climate rallies go online
Different Crises: Coronavirus & Climate Change
The Real Threat: Will Coronavirus Confinement Fight Climate Change?
Coronavirus can trigger a new industrial revolution
Coronavirus leads to decrease in CO2 emissions: Can it last? | DW News
Eco-life in 2040 (planned-opolis)

Jasun Horsley | Transhumanism and the Colonisation of Space | March 16, 2020


Jasun Horsley discusses transhumanism and the colonization of space. The talk draws upon Jasun's book 'Prisoner of Infinity - UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation'.

Despite the idealism and hope surrounding the first manned space flights and missions to the Moon, in their wake the drive to explore and colonise space seemed to stall, or even regress. Dreams of cities on Mars and beyond appeared to be just that – dreams.

Today, however, the space race is on again like never before, with Elon Musk's SpaceX, Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin, and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic just three of the high-profile companies leading the charge. But what lies behind this flurry of activity? Are the forces driving technological development changing?

Then we have the technologies of transhumanism such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, cybernetics, cloning, mind-machine melding, mind-uploading, and others. The nexus between these and the new space race is highly significant, and not a little sinister.

Transcend the body, escape the Earth, achieve immortality among the stars, and all those nasty political, economic, and social problems simply dissolve. But walking away won't be so easy, especially when our predicament has its origin in the way we think about ourselves, each other, and our place in the world. This entire agenda is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of life, death, and consciousness, a new understanding of which is urgently needed if our species is to survive.

download mp3

Truthstream Media | Fear Is the Mind Killer | March 16, 2020


First Interview with Owner of Skinwalker Ranch | March 15, 2020

Source: Jeremy Corbell youtube

Four years after he purchased Skinwalker Ranch, Utah real estate magnate Brandon Fugal has finally acknowledged his identity and explained why he purchased the infamous property back in 2016. But the very first interview Fugal granted was in March 2018, two years ago this month. The interview was conducted on camera and on the grounds of the ranch itself. Fugal requested that his face and name be obscured, but he spoke at length about his goals and findings. Excerpts from that first interview were featured in my film HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER and extended clips were added.

In his first interview ever - I now have permission to reveal his true identity - the man who purchased the famous SKINWALKER RANCH from billionaire magnate, Robert Bigelow. For two years - ever since I released the inaugural interview using voice distortion technology and obscuring his face to keep his identity confidential - people have feverishly speculated on the mystery man behind the new endeavor to study the diverse UFO and “paranormal” phenomena reported at SKINWALKER RANCH.

Speculation has ranged from Tony Robbins to a fake person - fronting as the new owner - with suspicion that the property is still owned by Robert Bigelow. Since those years - the new owner has decided to come forward - and his name is Brandon Fugal. He’s a real-estate mogul by day - and an explorer of the unknown in his spare-time. As you will see in this first ever interview - Brandon is determined to up the ante and approach The Phenomena with a fresh and aggressive scientific rigor. He want’s to know the truth too - and he’s throwing down.


- SKINWALKER RANCH is recognized as the most scientifically studied "paranormal" hotspot in history.
- In 2007 an unprecedented black budget program was initiated - a joint effort between private industry and the Department Of Defense.
- Scientists and the defense intelligence agency coordinated to investigate UFO encounters, and a wide range of "associated phenomena”.
- SKINWALKER RANCH was central to this military program (AAWSAP + BAASS), and was used as a living laboratory to study “The Phenomenon” - however the program's study explored far beyond this one ranch.
- Since the sale of the property by Robert Bigelow in 2016 the new owner of SKINWALKER RANCH has remained anonymous… until now.

James True | Placebo and Belief | Freeman TV | March 15, 2020


One of the most common theories is that the placebo effect is caused by a person's expectations. If a person expects a pill to do something, it's possible that their body own chemistry can cause effects similar to the medication. What effect would there be if we believed life could be beautiful for all? What lessons are we learning of how fast things can change now that coronavirus has the whole world motivated?

James True is a self-taught software engineer producing solutions for Autodesk, Cisco, Cure Autism Now, EMC, Stanford University, Sun Microsystems, VMWare, and The Weather Channel. Some of his code has been mentioned in Wired Magazine and he co-authored a technical manual for video streaming servers.

He has launched several software products over the years while pursuing commissions in outdoor sculpture. He has had working galleries in Asheville, Black Mountain, and Boone, North Carolina and commissioned art installations were seen at the Black Mountain Music Festival, Hulaween, Electric Forest, The Love Burn, and Envision Costa Rica. In his hometown of Beech Mountain, he served as Education Coordinator and later President of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation and later appointed to his town’s planning board and ran for town council.

He is the chairperson for his county libertarian party but his heart is in Bioregionalism. James' first book as was released in October of 2018 called the Spell of Six Dragons and his second book, Blueprints of Mind Control came out February of 2019.

Download mp3

Dark Journalist | Deep State Propaganda Wars: X-Factor Elite Emergency Global Lockdown! | March 15, 2020


Deep State Propaganda Wars: X-Factor Elite Global Lockdown! Special.

Lon Milo DuQuette | Magick, Demons, Sex, & The Infinite You | March 15, 2020


Singer-songwriter, recording artist, and humorist, Lon Milo DuQuette is also the author of 19 critically acclaimed books (translated in 12 languages) on Magick and the Occult. Critics have called him one of the most respected and entertaining writers and lecturers in the field of the Western Mystery Traditions. Today he returns to THC on the heals of his latest release, Allow Me to Introduce: An Insider's Guide to the Occult.

Dr. Lorraine Day, MD | There are no Conspiracies: There are only Truths and Lies | Hour 1 | Veritas TV


There are no conspiracies. There are lies and truths. The globalist agenda could not have a better excuse for establishing more world governance and massive economic change than this new coronavirus called Covid-19.

Crisis creates opportunity for the ruling elites, as popular dependence on the authoritative ruling class vastly increases in times of fear and stress. Panic and uncertainty lead to a weak and compliant society, one easy to control, and that is exactly what the ruling powers desire.

Any bio-weapon attack, or mass viral outbreak, regardless of whether it was intentional or not, can only lead to tyrannical measures. The release of this agent sets the stage for a perfect storm for radical global economic change, and if it was a false flag event meant purposely to create panic, these changes are already set to take place.

Is it a coincidence that we have seen a so called virus every 2 years which happen to be election years?

SARS - 2004
AVIAN - 2008
SWINE - 2010
MERS - 2012
EBOLA - 2014
ZIKA - 2016
EBOLA - 2018
CORONA - 2020

According to the CDC, it is estimated that 48.8 million illnesses, 959,000 hospitalizations, 79,400 deaths in the United Sates and 650,000 deaths worldwide, of... the regular flu in 2018. Why wasn't this declared a pandemic when as of the day of this recording on march the 11th 2020, the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a pandemic with 4,634 deaths worldwide. Is the coronavirus viral pneumonia being hyped as the black plague before an election?

Dark Journalist X-Series 83 | Deep State X-Flights to Nowhere! JFK Hale Boggs Nixon Hoffa And Hunt! | March 14, 2020


Dark Journalist Investigates Deep State Plane Crashes That Remain Unexplained! Join Dark Journalist tonight for a deep dive into the preferred Deep State tool of eliminating their enemies: Political Plane Crashes!

From UN Secretary to Dag Hammerskjold to JFK Jr. suspicious plane crashes and deaths have populated the landscape of political maneuvering as if an invisible hand guides our public fate. Tonight we'll explore the case of Democratic Majority Leader and Warren Commission member Hale Boggs who disappeared in 1972 in Alaska under suspicious circumstances with Congressman Nick Begich Sr. on a Cessna plane.

Boggs was making public statements about blowing open the facts on a secret police state operating inside the government before the crash. In a truly bizarre historical footnote the person who drove him to the airport was a 26 year old political activist named Bill Clinton who became President in 1992.

The Corbett Report | Medical Martial Law | March 13, 2020


Top scientists are saying that the current swine flu outbreak came from a vaccine lab, but you won’t hear that in the controlled corporate media. Nor will you hear about Bilderberg plans to use the pandemic hysteria to flex the muscles of their nascent global government. But you will hear all about it in this week’s episode of The Corbett Report.

Show Notes:
Corbett Report - Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law

S0 News | Major Flood, Galactic Density Wave, Turbulent Stars | March 13, 2020


The Corbett Report | Is Coronavirus the Next 9/11? | March 12, 2020


In this conversation recorded on March 9th, James Corbett joins Chuck Ochelli on The Ochelli Effect to discuss the pandemic panic and its parallels to other "world-altering" (but ultimately manipulated) crises like 9/11. What is the real threat here? What is being neglected in coverage of the phenomenon? What else is happening in the world that this story is overshadowing? Your questions are answered in this in-depth conversation.

Show Notes:
Coronavirus: The “Cures” Will Be Worse Than the Disease
Momento Mori – Unpopular Thoughts on Corona Virus 311
“Event 201” Pandemic Exercise
Bill Gates Covid-19 article in New England Journal of Medicine (2020)
Bill Gates Ebola article in New England Journal of Medicine (2015)
Afghanistan “Peace” Deal covered on New World Next Week
US conducts first air strike against Taliban since peace deal
A Terrifying Scenario: Coronavirus in ‘Quarantined’ Gaza
International court approves probe of US war crimes in Afghanistan
The Rollercoaster Ride Has Begun

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 12, 2020


There's interesting news regarding Boeing, the Carlyle Group, and Blackstone...

Banking Crisis Imminent? Companies Scramble To Draw Down Revolvers

Linda Moulton Howe | COVID-19 Updates, Abductee Interview, Viewer Q&A | March 12, 2020


COVID-19 updates:
- WHO declares a coronavirus pandemic
- US reported 1,109 new cases, 41 deaths
- New Rochelle on lockdown
- Michael Osterholm estimates projection. “This is not one to be taken lightly”

Abductee Interview
- Interview with “Wana Lawson” / Arrawana Allen, abductee from “Glimpses of Other Realities Volume 2: High Strangeness”

Viewer Q&A

S0 News | Paradigm Shift Demanded, Big Nova, Meltwater Pulse | March 12, 2020


Dr. Timothy Ball | Climategate on Trial (Part 1 of 2) | Forum Borealis | March 11, 2020


Climate change is real. But what do we KNOW about its causation? A world leading experts drop by to educate us in basic science, debunking myths & assumptions shaping most views. The facts are shocking!

Some topics touched: Is anthropogenic CO2 hypothesis really a majority consensus? What's the data based on? Is there ideological collusion & corruption of climate science? What was climate gate? What financial incentives behind the politicization? Global warming or cooling?

Can the Sun be causal? Why's many study fields silenced? Why's dissidents sued, harassed, & sacked? Is data falsified? + Learn how the CO2 hysteria damage environmentalism...

S0 News | The Moon Mystery, Solar Flare, Cosmic Scalability | March 11, 2020


Dr. Nick Begich | COVID-19, 5G, DARPA, AI Surveillance Wars! | Dark Journalist | March 11, 2020


The Breakthrough Interview!
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Scientist Dr. Nick Begich of go deep into the challenges of 2020 from the COVID-19 virus to the advent of destructive 5G Technology and out of control Surveillance State. This information-filled breakthrough interview features cutting-edge analysis from Dr. Begich on the huge battle taking place for centralizing control and the Deep State Orwellian vision being revealed by corporate, political and media powers.

HAARP Technology
Dr. Begich has previously informed the public on the dangers of HAARP in his best-selling book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" and the ionizing of the atmosphere years before it was even on the radar. Now he’s delivering a powerful call to humanity to wake up and stop the cascading backslide into a creeping fascism through media censorship, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and digital currency. His message is one of self empowerment and he shares the tools to achieve solid momentum on the road back to awareness and constitutional government.

Digital Currency
Corona Virus
5G Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Media Censorship
New Politics

S0 News | Strange Star, Impactor Theory, Cosmic Nonsense | March 10, 2020


The Corbett Report | Is This THE Big Event? - Questions For Corbett | March 10, 2020


As I’ve noted by now, many globalist agenda items are up for grabs as the world continues to freak out about the novel coronavirus and Covid-19. So is this the main event? Is the disease much worse than it’s being portrayed? Are reinfections after “recovery” common? And what should we do to prepare. James tackles these questions in depth in this edition of Questions For Corbett.

Show Notes:
Experts unsure if ‘cured’ COVID-19 patients are reinfected or relapsed As the coronavirus outbreak evolves, we answer some key questions Can someone get infected by coronavirus second time? Here’s what experts say Italian premier locks down entire country to stop virus Aesop’s Fables – FLNWO #42 The Rollercoaster Ride Has Begun Prepper Foods and Supplies to Survive Coronavirus Without Leaving the House

Peter Levenda | From Tantra to Alchemy | Part 1 & 2 | Forum Borealis


What was the great secret of Thomas Vaughan (Eugenius Philalethes) & his wife Rebecca? This mystery is Levenda's life work - now he drops by to speak of what's extant in his book The Tantric Alchemist, touching issues like: How did Thomas restore Rebecca's secret? Is it preserved within a simple image? Why did he suddenly die? Did Arthur Waite & Kenneth Rexroth discover it? Is Tantra & Alchemy directly related? What's similar in Chinese, Indian, & Western Alchemy? What's the types of Alchemy? What's the Elixir of Life, Philosopher's Stone, Prima Materia, the Green Language, & Divine Language of the Birds? And learn the Great Key to the process...

Part 2

In part 2 we go further into both Opus Magnum & Vaughan, with questions like: Did John Dee, Cornelius Agrippa, & Abbott Trithemius influence Vaughan? Did he fake his own death? How important is transmutation of Gold? Did he discover the Stone? Why did Mary Atwood's father burn her alchemy book? What's the link between Alchemy & Magic? What's the role of sexuality? What is Mercury? What's the role of Ayahuasca & Psilocybin? Is Surrealism alchymical? What's the Dry & Wet Path? ...and we examine Vaughan's coded image.

Nick Bryant | From Franklin to Epstein: The Cover-Up Continues


Nick Bryant discusses his book, "The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal" and "Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies and Blackmail" that he co-wrote with Henry W. Vinson, which parallels the child trafficking networks partially exposed in the current Jeffrey Epstein scandal; the Finders; the Nebraska Franklin Federal Credit Union scandal;

pedophile Lawrence E. King; foster parents Jarrett and Barbara Webb; child abuse victims charged with perjury; grand jury cover-ups; the Franklin Committee of the Nebraska legislature; private investigator Gary Caradori assassinated; FBI intimidation and cover-up; Henry Vinson’s D.C. Gay Escort Service; Craig Spence and the White House Call Boys Network; Spence and Epstein’s mansions wired for audio/visual;

William Barr Attorney General under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump; Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book; Epstein’s house manager circles names in the black book; U.S. attorney told to lay off of Epstein in 2006; rampant sexual blackmail to achieve political control; pedophile networks protected at highest levels of power.

Stop the Cover-Up - Demand Justice for Jeffry Epstein’s Victims
Vanity Fair Interview
Jeffrey’s Epstein’s Little Black Book posted on Gawker

S0 News | Satellite Anomaly, Space Energy, Galactic Field | March 9, 2020


SGT Report | Jim Willie | The 2020 Black Swan Event | March 8, 2020


Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss the very real possibility of an economic collapse brought on by the event none of us saw coming just two months ago.

Mike Anthony & Leslie Kean | Surviving Death | March 9, 2020

Source: Ryan Sprague youtube, >

Ryan is joined in-studio by Leslie Kean and Mike Anthony to talk all about their extensive work looking in to a subject many refuse to think about; death.

What happens when we die? Our body ceases to function, but what about that unknown force within us? Is it consciousness or a soul. Are they different or one in the same? Have we lived many lives before and can we remember them? And most importantly, can we survive death?

Returning this week is investigative journalist for the New York Times, and New York Times Best-Selling author, Leslie Kean. Her most recent book, Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife tackles the very questions I just asked and so much more.

Mike Anthony is an actor in New York City. Several years ago, his father died unexpectedly. Then, something extraordinary occurred. Something Mike didn’t believe was possible. And ever since, he's been on a personal journey to find out if his father ended with his body, or continues on in ways we once thought impossible, but are now beginning to understand in the most profound of ways.

Michael Joseph | Occult Catholic Alchemy | Segment 1 | Offplanet Radio | Mach 9, 2020


Michael Joseph is a long time esoteric researcher connecting occult doctrines to social movements, trends, art, entertainment, organizations and world events. He is the host of the series: Occult Catholicism as well as series on Occult 911, Occult Cryptocurrency, Occult JFK, and the Occult Religions of the Elite, as well as the Boston Bombing (his own wake up).

Michael Joseph returns to discuss his latest video series "Occult Catholicism", and his own spiritual journey.

Segment 1: We discuss the conflict between the Old World empire based on monarchial and clerical hierarchy and the Freemasonic New World Order founded upon "equality" "liberty" and "fraternity"; the first 1,000 years; early church fathers, the easter (orthodox) church, Constantine and the Order of Loyola/Jesuits; The Cathar heresies; Catholicism vs. Protestantism and Evangelicalism.

Anna Clark | The Flint Water Crisis, Engineered Inequality, & America's Big Lead Problem | March 7, 2020


Anna Clark is a journalist in Detroit. She’s the author of The Poisoned City: Flint’s Water and the American Urban Tragedy, named one of the year’s best books by the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, Kirkus, the New York Public Library, Audible, and others.

It is the winner of the Hillman Prize for Book Journalism and the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award. She also edited A Detroit Anthology. Anna has been a Fulbright fellow in Nairobi, Kenya, and a Knight-Wallace journalism fellow at the University of Michigan.

Dark Journalist | Rudolf Steiner New Jupiter Vs Ahriman and the Eight Sphere | Gigi Young | March 7, 2020


Dark Journalist and Intuitive Gigi Young goes deep into Austrian Mystic Rudolf Steiner's vision of the New Jupiter an evolutionary step that brings unique spiritual awareness..

This great step is being hindered according to Steiner by sinister astral forces called Ahriman that seek to operate through technology and scientific materialism to enslave humanity's future. Steiner describes something he calls the "Eighth Sphere" which Ahrimanic powers are setting up as an artificial astral prison of consciousness that manifests in modern society as excessive materialistic greed and mind control!

The Corbett Report | Derrick Broze | Fact Checking the 5G/Coronavirus Hypothesis | March 6, 2020


Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance joins us to discuss the hypothesis that 5G is responsible for the symptoms associated with the coronavirus outbreak. We discuss the identifiable facts and the notable shortcomings with this hypothesis, and we contrast that with Derrick’s documentary, which lays out the no-nonsense, no-speculation truth about the dangers of 5G.

Show Notes:
The Conscious Resistance
The 5G Trojan Horse
The Speculation Around Coronavirus and 5G
China’s Battle Against Coronavirus: 7 Takeaways
Maduro: The coronavirus is a possible biological weapon against China and the peoples of the world
Virus is biological attack on China and Iran, Iranian civil defense chief claims
Derrick Broze on The Corbett Report

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt | What's Really Going On?

Source: David Vickers Wisdom youtube

Klinghardt describes here the relationship between the pineal gland, W-LAN, 5G and toxins such as glyphosate and aluminium.

S0 News | Space Water Fountain, Mars Life, Solar Zharkofail... Again | March 6, 2020


Derek Tyler | Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth & A Paradigm Shift | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


We live in a world of illusion. Nothing is what it appears to be. All we see are the surface layers, which form an intricate, interlocking system of falsehood and deception. Nothing really works the way we think it does. Most of the things we have been taught to believe are true, turn out to be lies. No one is immune from this.

If you are reading these words then you, too, have been a victim of this deception. Many people will not want to believe that, and they surely won't. I tell you that it is true anyway. The fact that you are unaware of it does not mean that it has not occurred. Rather, it serves as a demonstration of the subtlety and efficiency of a methodical, meticulously planned combination of disinformation and propaganda which has been specifically designed to prevent us from being able to see the underlying truths about our world.

These truths hold great power. They confer an enormous advantage to those who are aware of them. For this reason, they are revealed only to a carefully selected few. Those who are made aware of them operate covertly, standing unseen in the shadows and working behind the scenes. From there, they pull the strings of power which allow them to control the world. Tonight, we discuss many aspects of the alien contact phenomenon, including a thorough debunking of Darwinian human evolution, America's secret underground bases on Mars, why disclosure will not occur in the near future and much more. Our special guest demonstrates that he is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

New World Next Week | The Afghanistan War Is Over!!! (...if THEY want it) | March 5, 2020


Story #1: US Troops Out Of Afghanistan In 14 Months, If Taliban Keeps Commitments 
PDF: “Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which is not recognized by the United States as a state and is known as the Taliban and the United States of America”
Update: Afghan Gov’t Rejects Peace Deal’s Call to Release Taliban Prisoners
The Secret Lie That Started the Afghan War

Story #2: Can Non-GM Breeding and Agroecology Save the Banana?
BASF⁩ Wants Out Of $250M Dicamba Punitive Award
The Federal Court has ordered Johnson and Johnson to pay almost $2.6 million in damages to three women implanted with faulty pelvic mesh

Story #3: In Coronavirus Fight, China Gives Citizens a Color Code, With Red Flags
Now Might Be a Good Time to Review the Post-9/11 Document: “The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act”
Medical Martial Law
Coronavirus: The “Cures” Will Be Worse Than the Disease

S0 News | Cosmic Rays, Zombie Thermometers, Climate Negligence | March 5, 2020


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 5, 2020


Fear and Trembling are back in the news, and no, I don't mean the corona virus story:

JAXA Is Going To Land on Phobos, the 14th Best Moon in the Solar System

Linda Moulton Howe | COVID-19, Drones in Colorado/Nebraska, Viewer Letter, Viewer Q&A | March 4, 2020


Tonight's topics:

Pets getting coronavirus?
  • Virus lives up to 9 days on surfaces
  • Current number of cases worldwide at 95,4811
  • Reported deaths 3,285
  • Recoveries 53,688
Positive news - pollution levels in China drops

COVID-19 updates
  •  Continues to pop up across USA
  •  Spread to 84 countries and territories
  •  Estimated death rate is 3.4% vs 0.1% for regular flu
  •  India facing supply problems for pharmaceuticals production, to stop exporting some drugs
Unexplained Colorado and Nebraska drone swarm update
  • Task force organized to investigate drone issue, asking for help, then rescinds request 48 hours later
  • Interview with Richard Hoffman from SCU, Co-Founder Scientific Coalition for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (SCU)
  • Internal Air Force emails show confusion and concern over Colorado’s mystery drones
  • Drones appear to be dropping and picking up things, moving 60-70 mph
  • FBI and JTTF are looking into sightings and have samples of dropped items.
  • Sightings near Arcardia, including swarms of up to 40 drones on January 6, 2020
  • Owner of drones still unknown
  • Air Force Global Strike Command confirms not controlling drones
Viewer Letter - January 21, 2020
  • Out of body experience

Richard Dolan | "I Have Seen the Bodies." Cases from the Crash Retrieval Vault | March 3, 2020


Richard and Tracey return to the astonishing and all-too-forgotten cases of the late Leonard Stringfield, the pioneer of UFO/UAP crash retrieval research. For this program, they discuss three more cases uncovered by Stringfield during the late 1970s, when this phenomenon was only just beginning to be discussed among UFO researchers. The cases are fairly detailed, fascinating, and compelling.

S0 News | Earth Catastrophe Resources, Nashville Storm from GOES | March 4, 2020


Coronavirus - Fear or Danger? | March 2, 2020

Source: Valuetainment youtube,

The number one term being searched right now is coronavirus. Is the fear of coronavirus justified? Is the media response overblown? What is the real danger? Here are some suggestions for putting the current outbreak in perspective.

The Corbett Report | Lies, Damned Lies, and Infection Numbers - #PropagandaWatch | March 3, 2020


How many people have been infected? And how many people have died? And how do we know? These aren't rhetorical questions. They are real questions with real answers. Today on #PropagandaWatch, James breaks down the numbers and asks how these numbers are being derived and what they might be hiding.

Show Notes:
China is diagnosing coronavirus patients by looking for ‘ground glass’ in their lungs. Take a look at the CT scans.
Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back Its Ability to Detect the Potential Spread of Coronavirus
US spy agencies monitor coronavirus spread, concerns about India: Sources
Abe critics think school closing meant to distract
Coronavirus: The “Cures” Will Be Worse Than the Disease
Swine Flu Cases Overestimated?
CBS News star hacked: the big chill

S0 News | Volcano, Oceans, Galactic Warp, Familiar Turbulence | March 3, 2020


Elana Freeland | Corona, 5G and Nanotech | March 2, 2020

Source: Cabin Talk - Bitchute,

Sotiri Dimpinoudis | Erdogan Weaponizing Migrants | Redice TV | March, 3, 2020


Henrik is joined by independent freelance journalist Sotiri Dimpinoudis to talk about Turkey's war on Europe and how migrations is weaponized.

John D. Wood | A.I. Dangers | Coast To Coast AM | Jan. 29, 2020


John D. Wood, Esq. is an attorney, author, and advisor on one of today's most disruptive business changes: artificial intelligence. In the first half, he discussed the dangers posed by the growing powers of AI and how to make a plan for the future where humans and machines can best complement one another. AI includes a constellation of different technologies such as computation, machine and deep learning, neural networks, and intelligent robots. And over the last ten years, he pointed out, it's permeated our lives as 'Big Data' algorithms are interwoven with social media, GPS, and email. Some of the technologies, like facial recognition, are considered to be prone to misuse and invasion of privacy.

Wood also expressed concern over "deepfakes," videos constructed through computer programs that use existing footage to create highly realistic sequences with audio that the original person never said. "It takes very serious forensic analysis to debunk a deepfake," he commented, adding that such material could be "weaponized" in a political campaign. A brain-augmenting technology, neural lace, could also be problematic, he said. The "lace" refers to thin fibers sewn into the brain, which offer the ability to send messages back and forth through a neural link. While it might help with neurodegenerative diseases, he conceded, the ability to control the brain through a device like a phone could lead to hacking of the mind and the loss of individual sovereignty.

Joe Atwill | The Agenda Continues | Freeman TV | 2020


Is it Trump's war? Is it Trump's Space Force? Or, has this agenda been in play for over 100 years? What secret organizations are orchestrating these events? What is the agenda's true purpose? Are we on the brink of World War III?

When Joe and I spoke a year ago, the news was the first launch of Starlink by Space X, a collection of satellites set to bring wifi across the globe, the birth of the first genetically-modified children, Lulu and Nanna and the ramping up of the Space Force. This week's news is the launch of more Starlink satellites by the US Space Force, the creation of a monkey-pig hybrid to create human body parts in an animal and war with Iran. The agenda continues.

Why do they seek human longevity while also seeking humanity's destruction?

We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

Joe Atwill presents in Caesar's Messiah, the Flavian Roman imperial family created Christianity to pacify the militaristic opposition to their rule. Even more incredibly, they placed a literary satire within the Gospels to mark their handiwork. This symbolic framework is the hidden history of Western civilization. In his follow-up book, Shakespeare's Secret Messiah, Atwill shows how this typology was understood and employed by Marlowe and Shakespeare, and what it means for the future of the Christian world.

SGTreport | Coronavirus is just the Tip of the Iceberg in the War Against Us | March 1, 2020


Holistic nutritionalist Valerie Robitaille joins me from Morocco to discuss the multifaceted attack against humanity. Coronavirus is just the tip of the iceberg, but fortunately there are ways to protect yourself from it, as Valerie explains. Thanks for tuning in.

S0 News | CO2: First Stumble in New Climate Models, Ice, Storms, Volcanos | March 2, 2020


Leslie Kean & Diana Walsh Pasulka | Cosmic Conversation | March 2, 2020

Source: Ryan Sprague youtube

The UFO topic has gone mainstream like never before, and these two individuals were at the forefront of that huge cultural shift. Leslie Kean is the author of the New York Times Best-Selling book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. She also co-authored the 2017 bombshell New York Times article, Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program. This article immediately went viral and showed the world that the Pentagon, against all public knowledge and statements, were investigating UFOs.

Diana Walsh Pasulka, a professor of religious studies, is the author of the groundbreaking book, American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology, which follows several high tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who are deeply entrenched in the UFO topic and are spending a lot of time and money investigating the Phenomenon.

The book also shows how the topic is gradually becoming a new age religion as more and more people start to believe in an extraterrestrial presence both in our skies and possibly even here on our planet. In this episode, Leslie and Diana dig deep in to the hard questions and the fundamental shift in our way of thinking when it comes to flying saucers and an extraterrestrial presence. -Ryan Sprague

Catherine Austin Fitts | Black Budget Space Wars And AI Superpowers! | Dark Journalist | Feb. 29, 2020


Dark Journalist Breakthrough Interview with Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts - Black Budget Space Wars And AI Superpowers!

Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals The Master Plan!
In what may be the most important interview Catherine has ever done, former Assistant Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist and lays out the master plan that covert and overt forces in government, industry and the media are rolling out to control the population through the Internet of Things and the Global Information Grid, running advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Richard Dolan | The Men in Black | Feb. 29, 2020


Nowadays, the idea of Men in Black is such a widespread cultural meme that people can easily forget that for decades no one knew about them, other than a few UFO researchers during the 1950s and 1960s. What are these individuals? Do they even really exist? Richard discusses the story behind the Men (and Women) in Black, but stresses the seminal research of Nick Redfern who, more than anyone else today, has done the lion's share of work on this subject.
See Nick's work at:

South Front | Syrian-Turkish Conflict In Greater Idlib: Results Of February 24-28 | Feb. 28, 2020


The week of February 24th became for the Turkish government and its al-Qaeda-linked proxies a silver of light in the realm of Assad darkness. Since December 19th, 2019, Syrian government forces have taken control of approximately 2,400km2 in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

In the course of the operation, they have repelled several Turkish-led counter-attacks and dealt several painful blows to the Turkish Army. However, towards the end of February 2020, Turkish military efforts finally produced results, and they were important ones.

By the start of the week, the Syrian Army had halted offensive actions east of Idlib city and redeployed most of its well-trained and motivated units from there to the southern part of the province.

Troops and equipment of the 25th Special Forces Division and the 4th Armoured Division joined a ground operation to cut off the front salient south of the M4 highway. This weakened the army defense near Saraqib and Turkish-led forces immediately exploited this.

New World Next Week | GOVERNMENT WANTS TO BAN EVERYTHING! | Feb. 27, 2020


Story #1: Posting Anti-Vaccine Propaganda on Social Media Could Become Criminal Offence
Zero Hedge Suspended On Twitter
Outrage as YouTube Reportedly Blocks History Teachers Uploading Hitler Archive Clips
UK Police Deny Responsibility for Poster Urging Parents to Report Kids for Using Linux

Story #2: UNESCO Claims Climate Denial To Be Criminalized And Prosecuted
Jerome Ravetz on Uncertainty in Science

Story #3: Foreign Interference In Elections Is Unacceptable. Congress Must Make It Illegal.

Christopher Knowles | High Profile Rituals | Freeman TV


YouTube began because it's founders wanted to see Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Superbowl Half Time Show. Some American commentators viewed it as a sign of decreasing morality in American culture. The increased regulation of broadcasting raised concerns regarding censorship and free speech in the United States. Was this a High Profile Ritual to initiate the public into the New World? What about Y2K and the Millennium Dome Experience?

Could the prevalence of mermaid symbolism be leading humanity into the transgenic era? Transgenic is a term that describes an organism containing genes from another organism put into its genome through recombinant DNA techniques. A transgenic organism is one that contains a gene or genes which have been artificially inserted instead of the organism acquiring them through reproduction.

How does this relate to Black Magick? Who was Kenneth Grant? Was he using ritual magick to communicate with extraterrestrials? How many performances from the Superbowl halftime to political ceremonies are based in the Old Religion? What is hidden behind the X-Men logo?

Christopher Loring Knowles is the author of the Eagle Award-winning “Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes”, co-author of “The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series, the Myths, and the Movies” and “The Secret History of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Mysterious Roots of Modern Music”.

He was an associate editor and columnist for the five-time Eisner Award-winning Comic Book Artist magazine, as well as a writer and reviewer for the UK magazine, Classic Rock. He has appeared on ABC’s 20/20 and VH1’s “Metal Evolution” and several radio shows including “Mancow in the Morning”, “National Public Radio” and the “Voice of America”. He has also appeared in several documentaries such as “Wonder Woman: Daughter of Myth and The Man”, “The Myth: Superman”. He was invited to lecture on science fiction, mysticism and mythology at the legendary Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California in 2008 and 2009.

Linda Moulton Howe | COVID-19 Updates, Strange Sounds , Viewer Q&A | Feb. 26, 2020


Tonight's topics:
- COVID-19 Updates
- Strange Sounds in Medina, Texas

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Feb. 26, 2020


This is an usual News and Views, because we'll be looking back at a blog earlier this week, and then at another story from a purely high octane speculation point of view: the oil refinery explosion in California today:

Explosion Rocks Largest Oil Refinery Plant On West Coast

Max Igan | Coronavirus - Don't Buy into the Propaganda | Feb. 27, 2020


Clif High | Critical thinking - SARS2 - Bio-Warfare Manual - DECONTAMINATION | Feb. 26, 2020


Discussion of the strategies & tactics involved in bio-weapon SARS2-cov / #covid19 response.

PDF 362 page manual

S0 News | Earth Energy Balance, Cosmology Crisis, Nova Studies | Feb. 26, 2020


Dawn Lester & David Parker | What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors | Feb. 25, 2020 


With Coronavirus on the forefront of many minds, independent researchers Dawn Lester & David Parker join THC to talk about their deep dive into the history of Western medicine, germ theory, viruses, and outbreaks.

It was a long multi-year journey that has culminated in their great work, What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong, a nearly 800 page detailed breakdown of everything they've found and the conclusions the data brought them to.

S0 News | Ongoing Magnetic Excursion Triggered by the Sun | Feb. 25, 2020


Jeff Rense with Dick Allgire & Yoichi Shimatsu | Remote Viewing The Corona Virus | Feb. 21, 2020


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 02-21-20 with Guests Dick Allgire & Yoichi Shimatsu.

S0 News | The Great Filter, SDO Eclipses, Alfvenic Dust, Help | Feb. 24, 2020


Thomas Sheridan | Spectral Sounds: Hauntology and Music | Legalise Freedom Radio | Feb. 22, 2020


Thomas Sheridan and Greg Moffitt discuss hauntology and music. In his book 'Ghosts of My Life', Mark Fisher defined hauntology as “music and culture that draws from and examines a sense of loss of a post war utopian progressive modernist future that was never quite reached.”

Hauntological music has been described as music that evokes cultural memory and the aesthetics of the past, fixated on ideas of decaying memory and lost futures, and music that explores ideas related to temporal disjunction, retrofuturism, and the persistence of the past. The discussion includes electronic music, space rock, synth pop, vaporwave, and music for film and television.

download mp3

SGTreport | Emergency Update: Will You Survive If… Quarantined? | Feb. 23, 2020


The Time Is Right Now: Why The U.S. Must Act Decisively and Overwhelmingly To Confront The Coronavirus

New 5G Insights and Revelations Reversing 5G in 2020 Lena Pu Interview

Source: Jason Liosatos Outside The Box youtube,

My talk with Lena Pu Environmental Health Consultant for The National Association for Children and Safe Technologies. -Jason Liosatos

Dr. Joseph Farrell | Permindex Papers II NASA UFO JFK Assassination Deep State Bearer Bonds Mystery! | Dark Journalist | Feb. 22, 2020


In this fascinating Part 2 episode Dark Journalist and his special guest Oxford Scholar and Giza Death Star Book Series author Dr. Joseph Farrell wade deep into the shadowy Assassination Corporation known as PERMINDEX and the mysterious founder Louis Bloomfield whose papers are at the center of a major lawsuit in Canada over his association with President George Bush Sr.

They also reveal remarkable new information on black projects related to the JFK Assassination, NASA Paperclip Nazis and the Secret Space Program.

S0 News | Arctic Melt = Ice Age, Space Fields, Disaster Companions | Feb. 21, 2020


Truthstream Media | Brave New World vs 1984: Huxley Tells Orwell “I Was Right” | Feb. 20, 2020


S0 News | New Electric Matter Phase Magic, Dwarf Flares, CGM X-Ray | Feb. 20, 2020


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Feb. 20, 2020


There's a growing trend in America... and Joseph decides to comment on it...

Secession in the Pacific Northwest? Some Oregon residents petition to join Idaho
Secede to Idaho? Here’s why disgruntled Oregon residents are hoping to do just that
Wyoming Considering a State Gold Depository

Linda Moulton Howe | COVID-19 Updates, Mysterious Loud Booms & Q/A | Feb. 19, 2020


Clif High | Interview with Cliff Choi out of Hong Kong about on Ground Sitiation there now | Feb. 19, 2020


Eearly morning for me, late late night for him, interview & brief discussion with cliff choi, a doctor in Hong Kong about recent events there & on the mainland. -Clif High

S0 News | Small Solar Storm, Big Weather, Star-Planet Magnetism | Feb. 19, 2020


Quli Zhou | Chinese Master Healer explains CoronaVirus, Best Practices, Eastern & Western Medicine | Feb. 19, 2020


Chinese Master Healer explains CoronaVirus, Best Practices, Eastern & Western Medicine.

Dr. Joel Wallach | Alternative Health | Coast to Coast AM | Jan. 14, 2020


Dr. Joel Wallach addressed alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. For toenail fungus or infections, he recommended applying colloidal silver directly on the toenails, as it's a great natural disinfectant. For combating arthritis, he suggested supplements like the sulfur compound MSM that assists in repairing and maintaining connective tissue, and vitamin D3.

Wallach marveled at the longevity of the Hunza people, located between Pakistan and China. He claimed that they live up to 155 to 180 years because nearby glaciers add healthy minerals and nutrients to their water and soil. Regarding those suffering from the condition of hypothyroidism, he advised removing certain foods from the diet like oils, fried foods, and gluten, as well as all cruciferous vegetables. He also spoke about how the mineral selenium has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties.

Jeff Rense With Remote Viewers Dick Allgire, Edward Riordan | Coronavirus Horror | Feb. 17, 2020


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 02-17-20 with Guests Dick Allgire and Edward Riordan.

S0 News | Record Snow, Nova Rings, Zharko-fail | Feb. 18, 2020


Lt. Tim McMillan (ret.) | AATIP/AAWSAP, UFOs and BAASS | The Black Vault | Feb. 17, 2020


For more than two years… mystery, intrigue and confusion has surrounded the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Study known as AATIP.

First, the Pentagon says it did study UFOs! That was before they told The Black Vault, no, actually they did not and that was wrong.

Luis Elizondo claims to have headed that very program, and he told The Black Vault that YES, they did tackle the UFO topic and he stands by that. The Pentagon previously denied his involvement in the program all together, but may even be changing that story as well. Only time will tell.

But with a saga full of flip flops and conflicting stories… the biggest question at least on my mind -- is what side do you want to believe?

Well, my guest today, is retired police lieutenant and investigative journalist Tim McMillan. No stranger to this program, Tim published a bombshell article for Popular Mechanics (Read it: Inside the Pentagon's Secret UFO Program

Just last Friday – publishing never before seen documents, reports and records that claim yes there was a UFO connection to AATIP, and his evidence can prove it.

How did the article come about? What revelations were inside? Tim is here to break it all down.

Max Igan | Coronavirus Update | Feb. 18, 2020


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