James Gilliland | Contact has begun

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James Gilliland discussed his self imposed retreat from the UFO community. The rumors about James ceasing conferences and courses at his ranch are unfounded.  He strongly believes the UFO community has been infiltrated and that is why he decided to continue pursuing "Disclosure" on his own.  We discussed how to circumvent the establishment in order ascend and raise our vibrations. We also discussed current headlines, including chemtrails and the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.  Included is Dr. Brooks Agnew's experience at James Gilliland's Ranch and James' perspective of that incredible but witnessed event.

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James Gilliland is an author, minister, transpersonal intuitive  counselor, visionary, and founder of Sattva Sanctuary (the Self Mastery Earth Institute), and ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). His books include: A Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods 2 , and the soon to be released Ultimate Soul Journey. He is also featured in two videos, Project Contact , and The Keys to Utopia. After a Near Death experience, James was expanded into what he calls interdimensional mind. This greater awareness brought him into a greater understanding of the vast interdimensional multiverses in which we live.

NASA: Cosmic 'superstorm' more crippling than 20 Katrinas

Source: wnd.com

Solar flare forecast renews concern over power grids, communications

By Bob Unruh

A new government forecast about the possibility of a coming solar storm warns that it could eliminate – at least temporarily across large swaths of the world – power grids, air travel and communications, including those operating financial services and emergency systems, as well as GPS functions and even cell phones.

"The sun is waking up from a deep slumber, and in the next few years we expect to see much higher levels of solar activity," said Richard Fisher, head of NASA's Heliophysics Division, in the report released just days ago.

"At the same time, our technological society has developed an unprecedented sensitivity to solar storms," he said.

WND first reported in 2009 that NASA held high levels of concern over solar flare activity that appeared to be running in cycles. The new forecast suggests the solar storm could be at its peak activity in 2012 or 2013.

At that time, NASA forecast the possibility of a rerun of the May 1921 "superstorm" or the so-called Carrington event of 1859, which was described by Space.com as "the most powerful onslaught of solar energy in recorded history."

The new NASA report cited a National Academy of Sciences explanation from two years ago – "Severe Space Weather Events – Societal and Economic Impacts" – that documented how 21st-century civilization relies on high-tech systems for the basics of life.

Without power grids, there is no fuel pumped from underground tanks into vehicles. Without cell towers, communications could be stricken. Without servers, banking systems could revert to paper receipts. Even the supply of food could be disrupted should delivery systems be unable to track trains, trucks and shipments.

"A century-class solar storm, the Academy warned, could cause 20 times more economic damage than Hurricane Katrina," the new NASA warning stated.

As support for its concerns, NASA said on April 19, 2010, one of the most massive sun flare eruptions in years was observed, although the Earth was not in the line of fire this time.

NASA reports said astronomers have seen eruptions like this before, but rarely so large.

So important is the issue that officials recently held a Space Weather Enterprise Forum in Washington to begin dialogue over the potential problem – and any solutions.

NASA's report said much damage can be minimized if a storm forecast is accurate.

"Putting satellites in 'safe mode' and disconnecting transformers can protect these assets from damaging electrical surges," the report said.

Thomas Bogdan, director of the Space Weather Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colo., said rapid steps are being made but it still is not an advanced science.

"Space weather forecasting is still in its infancy," he said.

Three NASA projects are expected to contribute to the information that will be available about the coming situation, including the pair of Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory units that are stationed on opposite sides of the side.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory also will help, because the new project – it was launched in February – can photograph solar active regions with much higher resolution than ever before.

Also involved will be Advanced Composition Explorer, in use since 1997, which monitors solar wind activity.

"I believe we're on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather," Fisher said. "We take this very seriously indeed."

Among the subjects considered at the recent Washington conference were how to build resilience across society, especially in critical infrastructure protection and support.

According to a report in the Daily Galaxy, the flares that appear to move in 22-year cycles could cause power grids to overheat and navigational devices and satellites to just stop.

It's estimated that during solar storms, temperatures on the sun reach 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

"We know it is coming but we don't know how bad it is going to be," Fisher told The Daily Telegraph. "It will disrupt communication devices such as satellites and car navigations, air travel, the banking system, our computers, everything that is electronic. It will cause major problems for the world. Large areas will be without electricity power and to repair that damage will be hard as that takes time.

"Systems will just not work," he warned. "The flares change the magnetic field on the earth that is rapid and like a lightning bolt. That is the solar effect."

Tom Chivers, the Telegraph's strategic events editor, said his sources agreed that there should be concern.

He reported speaking to Ruth Bamford, a plasma physicist at the Rutherford-Appleton Lab, who said, "The sun has been particularly quiet for the last few years in a protracted solar minimum. It has just woken up, as it were, and started its usual 11-year cycle a bit later than most."

He noted documentation that the 1859 solar storm "burned out telegraph wires across Europe and the United States."

"It's a real thing, and we should be concerned. But preventive measures can be taken – satellites can be sent offline during big flares, power grids and communication networks can be shielded against electromagnetic radiation and so on," Chivers wrote.

Phase II of a False Flap

As unbelieveable as this may seem to some, it's only sense is the creation of a staging area for illegals to be armed and trained in the implementing of house to house search and seizure of American homes. Issues have already been made over Mexican gang members being enlisted in our military, trained in urban warfare,and then released back into society.

As well, Arizona is the one state most threatening federal authority in their overstep of state's rights and their selective enforcement of law. Thus that is where this treasonous activity would understandably focus first.       

John Truman Wolfe | Crisis by Design

Source: coasttocoastam.com

June 14, 2010–Author and ex-banker John Truman Wolfe argued that the current world economic crisis is an international coup designed to take down the U.S. dollar and install a global financial machine. He named the Global Monetary Authority (GMA) as a "financial dictator of the planet" and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland-- as the central bank for such entities as the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and Bank of Japan. In fact, "all 55 central banks on the planet are members of and junior to the Bank of International Settlements," which he described as being above the law.

The idea of the amero replacing the dollar is a "red herring," said Wolfe-- "the global currency that is being rolled out as we speak is the SDR," a fiat currency of the International Monetary Fund. "The simple fact of the matter is that the fiscal economy of the United States has been dished off to a bunch of bankers in Basel, Switzerland," he declared. Their plan is to reduce the size of the US economy and remove the dollar as the world's reserve currency, he continued.

Further, the current crisis in such EU countries as Greece was planned so that the bankers can 'come to the rescue' and push for more international control mechanisms, he said. To counteract the international bankers, Wolfe suggested taking back the printing of money from the Federal Reserve (whom he called "fiscal vampires") and backing US currency with actual products and real estate. He also called for oversight of international banking organizations and their regulations.

European Union Parliamentarian Calls For End to UFO Secrecy

After UFO Disclosure by UK, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, and New Zealand government publishing its own x-files in public domain in next few weeks. And CIA disclosure document revealing that DIA Remote Viewers 'saw' Extraterrestrial on Saturn moon Titan.

Now the Italian EU MP Mario Borghezio on 14 June 2010, had tabled a written statement. In it he calls on member of states to disclosure the documents relating to UFOs.

According to document :

1. Considers it essential to set up a scientific center for the analysis and dissemination of the scientific data gathered to date by various European bodies and governments;

2. Calls for public archives on UFOs to be opened up and for records to be declassified by the Member States, thus providing the public and the mass media with access to the full range of documentation on the subject;

3. Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the Council, the Commission and the governments of the Member States.

So far 17 EU members have signed the statement. Disclosure request document had received the signatures of the majority of the EU Parliament.

The written statement P7_DCL (2010) 0057 also indicates that the UFOs are a major safety problem and further states that in the 33rd United Nations General Assembly in 1978 it was formally recognized as well.

According to UFO disclosure request document UFO sighting data collected by the Member States could "important scientific and technological impact" entail.

Therefore urge the signatories not just "the opening of state archives on UFOs and the lifting of secrecy", but also propose the establishment of a scientific UFO observatory.

Down-below is EU Parliament UFO Disclosure Request Document:

EU Parliament UFO Disclosure Request Document 2010

IRVA Conference, Las Vegas 18-20 June, 2010

Source: irvaconference.org

 The International Remote Viewing Association is pleased to announce their 2010 Conference. The Conference will be held June 18th-20th at the Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Green Valley Ranch Resort, is only minutes away from McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Strip.

Program Schedule

At 7:30 Friday evening, legendary rock n' roll photographer Robert M. Knight will debut a sneak preview of his new documentary on the life and times of Ingo Swann.

This authorized biography explores the numerous aspects of this amazing man including his childhood, his relationships, his life as a talented artist, his early experiments in parapsychology, and his role in the Stanford Research Institute/CIA sponsored remote viewing program, including his participation as a research subject, operational viewer, developer, and trainer.

The documentary features new and exclusive interviews with Ingo and his friends, family, colleagues and students, including Hal Puthoff, Ph.D., Cleve Backster, Michael Persinger, Ph.D., William Tiller, Ph.D., Kit Green, P.h.D., Jim Schnabel, Tom McNear, William G. Roll, Ph.D., and Ingo's sister Murleen, with an introduction by former CIA spokesman, Peter Earnest.
A film by John P. Stahler, Nick Cook, and Robert M. Knight

Bill Ryan interviews Dr. Bill Deagle, June 16, 2010

Source: projectavalon.net

I've just now completed a 40 minute audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle in which he identifies precisely the same risk, informed by his own separate sources. Bill Deagle WAS UNAWARE OF RICHARD HOAGLAND'S SUMMARY WHEN HE SPOKE TO ME.It may be of interest to many that 'Dr Bill' seriously recommends the nuclear solution described in this recent Russian newspaper article.

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Richard C. Hoagland reports on BP oil spill gas bubble

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June 14, 2010–First hour guest, C2C Science Advisor Richard C. Hoagland commented on such topics as the Japanese space probe Hayabusa's return, and the oil spill in the Gulf. He noted with interest that aboriginal elders had been brought to the site in Australia where Hayabusa's capsule (containing samples from an asteroid) had landed. Regarding the oil disaster, he warned that an even worse catastrophe could be looming if a giant gas bubble has formed at the site of the leak on the ocean floor.

Gulf Oil Crisis | Lindsey Williams & Jim Bell June 13, 2010

Source: coasttocoastam.com

June 13, 2010 – Ian Punnett welcomed two guests, Jim Bell during the second hour and Minister Lindsey Williams in the 3rd hour, for a discussion on the Gulf oil crisis as well as alternative energy. Bell, who calls himself an "ecological designer," blamed the oil spill on a corporate culture which focuses on making a profit by way of "taking short cuts" that, ultimately, result in situations such as the one in the Gulf of Mexico. He put forward the notion that the ideal scenario to break free of corporate controlled energy is to aggressively pursue efficient solutions which would make the transition away from oil easier and faster. Using solar power as an example, he theorized that, with good leadership, it would take about 40 years for such a transition to take place.

In the second hour, Minister Lindsey Williams, who once served as a chaplain for the oil companies operating in Alaska, shared what he claimed to be the "real story" behind the Gulf oil crisis. He explained that, in the 1970's, Russia drilled over 40,000 feet into the ground and discovered abiotic oil, i.e. oil which replenishes itself via an as-yet-unknown chemical process. The off-shore drilling done by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, Williams said, was their attempt to create a similar super-deep well and access this same abiotic oil. However, according to his sources, the pressure from this pocket of abiotic oil in the Gulf was so great that it burst all the safety valves on the floating platform.

Williams went on to allege that oil industry insiders believe that the only method to stop the flow of oil in the Gulf is via a nuclear device and even that has potential for catastrophic results. Bell, who rejoined the conversation in the fourth hour, agreed with Williams about the potential danger of using a nuke to thwart the spill because it could "pop the bubble" and cause all of the underground oil to emerge simultaneously. On the potential long term effects of the crisis if the flow of oil is not stopped, Bell speculated that it could reach Europe within three years through the Gulf Stream. Additionally, Williams observed that the overwhelming amount of dangerous gasses, which are also being released from the disaster, could be swept along the East Coast should a hurricane arrive in the Gulf.

Richard Dolan and the Secret Space Program

UFO historian and author of UFOs and the National Security State, Richard Dolan, shares with us his thoughts on the possibility of a secret space program.

Slowly, by degrees, I have come to the opinion that there is a secret space program. I recall, for instance, wondering about the alleged anomalies on Mars early on in my research. Back then, I was in correspondence with an individual who had impressive scientific and intelligence credentials. Attempting to feel him out on the topic, I wrote something a bit flippant about Mars, primarily to see what his reaction would be. Sure enough, he replied soberly that I should not dismiss these anomalies, that there were in fact many people within the classified world who took them seriously.
That’s when I realized, very concretely, that the notion of space anomalies was indeed a serious topic. I began to consider: if there is covert interest in the anomalies on Mars, would there be a covert space program to investigate? To this day, I don’t know the answer with certainty, but over the years I have encountered no shortage of quiet, serious-minded people who tell me of their knowledge that there is such a covert program. One component of this, it appears, has to do with the Moon. Are there bases on the far side of the Moon? Again, I do not know for sure, but I cannot rule it out. More than once, people I consider to be informed insiders have steered me in this direction.
There is another reason to suppose the existence of an advanced, clandestine space program. An enormous amount of video of space missions has been downloaded and is available for anyone to see. These include missions of NASA, the European Space Agency, Russia, and China. Much of this was downloaded and made available by a gentleman named Jeff Challender, who unfortunately died in 2007. Jeff spent an enormous part of his life downloading and reviewing – very carefully – video recordings of those missions. There can be no denying that there has been a great deal of activity in Earth’s orbit. Much of what was recorded undoubtedly has conventional explanations. But, frankly, many events do not offer easy explanations. I firmly believe there is something unusual going on in Earth’s orbit. Fortunately, after Jeff’s death, I was able to upload his entire site and attach it to my own. His site, known as Project Prove, now has a permanent home at keyholepublishing.com.
Look at it this way. If you believe there are anomalies on Mars, and if you acknowledge strange activity in Earth’s orbit, you would have a very good reason to initiate a secret space program, would you not? You would want a way to investigate these things in a way that would not be seen by the prying eyes of the public.
I’ve also come to the opinion over the years that part of the classified world – the part that deals with the ET reality – has essentially “broken away” from our own conventional civilization. That is, utilizing the jumpstart they received by studying exotic, alien technology, they have very likely achieved scientific breakthroughs that they have not shared with the rest of us. I think that these breakthroughs have enabled them to employ technologies substantially beyond what we are using, and that in all likelihood this too has contributed to their secret space program.
It’s important to emphasize that the above is primarily conjecture on my part. I consider it my working hypothesis. Proving it will to take a great deal of effort and dedication. It also means not being sucked in by every new person who has claimed to have traveled to Mars. We need to remain clear headed.

The Short Film BP Doesen't Want You To See

2012: Dr. Martin Luther King relative, contactee, brings UFO/ET message of dimensional shift in 2012

Source: examiner.com

Anthony Kane, a black American relative of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (former recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize) and reported continuing contactee of representatives of an apparent extraterrestrial, hyperdimensional governance authority known as the “Council of Twelve,” has delivered a number of specific datelines and predicted developments concerning a dimensional shift which Earth and human consciousness is now undergoing in relation to the year 2012, according to information Mr. Kane received from the “Council of Twelve.”

Mr. Kane describes the “Council of Twelve” as stating that during the nine days from December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) to December 21, 2012, the planet Earth will split dimensionally into two separate Earths, each of which has different dimensional frequencies.  Mr. Kane describes this as a process analogous to the way that a single cell can split into two cells.

According to the “Council of Twelve,” humans with a consciousness anchored in fear will remain in the third dimensional Earth.  Individuals who are experiencing a “conscious awakening” and putting an effort into being conscious of the shift will migrate into the new dimension of the fifth dimensional Earth.  

Mr. Kane made these declarations in an in-depth 60-minute ExopoliticsRadio.org interview with reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre.

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ExopoliticsRadio.org: A conversation with ET contactee Anthony Kane on the dimensional shift–12/16/09

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Lindsey Williams | Gulf Well Pressure Cannot be Controlled

Source: projectavalon.net

11 June 2010—BILL RYAN—Lindsey Williams made a strong appearance on Alex Jones last night.

Lindsey put numbers to the pressures in the reservoir, which his own sources feared were beyond the ability of any current human technology to control. The pressures at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, were a healthy 1,500 psi (pounds per square inch). The pressures breaking loose in the Gulf of Mexico are 20,000 to 70,000 psi.

BP contract workers lay down an absorbent boom to clean up the marsh west of Lake Felicity near Cocodrie, Louisiana June 1, 2010. Photo: Sean Gardner

Besides confirming the almost unstoppable pressures in the reservoir, Lindsey stated the following:

  • The well casing is almost certainly fractured.

  • There are plumes of oil rising from the sea bed many miles from the blown out well.

  • There are volatile organic compounds (hydrogen sulphide, benzene and methylene chloride) being released in quantities many hundreds times the levels accepted as safe. In the case of benzene, which is a highly toxic carcinogen, safe levels are considered to be 0-4 ppb (parts per billion). The levels being released have been measured by the EPA at over 3,000 ppb.

  • A nuclear device is being considered to seal the well... but this is so risky that the possibilities of failure are hard to think about.

  • The blowout was a genuine accident.

  • Various insiders and insider groups had learned—through occult means—that they should sell their BP shares... although they did not know specifically that the blowout would occur.

  • Although the blowout was unplanned, the Controllers lost no time in determining to use the accident to further their own agendas.
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