The Corbett Report | Canada Criminalizes Dissent | Feb. 24, 2023


The freedom convoy commission has delivered its verdict: dissent is now illegal whenever the government declares it so! Find out about the commission's final report and what it means for Canadians and freedom lovers the world over on this important edition of The Corbett Report.

Redice TV | They Want To Read Your Brain Waves | Feb. 24, 2023


Soon your own personal thoughts and your inner dialogue won't be private anymore. At least not if the freaks in the establishment gets their way. Right now scientists are working on technology that will be able to read your brain waves remotely.

Essentially revealing your thoughts to the world. Until that technology is fully developed they have started to promote the reading of your brain waves as something good, that ultimately will keep you safe and create a better society. A clip that was played at a recent World Economic Forum shows the beginning stages of that insidious propaganda campaign.

Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Feb. 23, 2023



Today's News and Views concerns an article that appeared at, and it makes a good prima facie case for the real reason the alleged President Bidenenko made a trip to the Ukraine, rather than to New Palestine, Ohio... the two, argues the author, Yoichi Shimatsu, are related:

Chemical Weaponry Destined For Ukraine Ignited In East Palestine Train Wreck

Andrei Martyanov | Putin Speaks | Feb. 22, 2023


US media hysteria and Putin's Address. START and education.

Dr. Bhakdi Interview | Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha & The Ongoing Cover Up Of The Deadly COVID Jabs | Feb. 22, 2023


Joining me today is Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD, here to discuss the recent collapse and subsequent coma of Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha, following her 3rd COVID-19 injection. We will also discuss the early assessments made by Dr. Bhakdi regarding the injections and how they have all now been proven to be correct, and yet the government administration not only continues, but broadens out to all possible vaccines, including for animals.

Video Source Links:

Redice TV | No-Go Zone: NATO-Russia Conflict To Go Nuclear? Biden Goes To Poland | Feb. 22, 2023


Henrik cover the latest news about Putin's exit of the nuclear agreement and Biden visiting NATO ally Poland in No-Go Zone this February 22, 2023.

S0 News | Solar Flares, Coronal Holes, New Aurora | Feb. 22, 2023


The Corbett Report | Students Against Mandates - #SolutionsWatch | Feb. 21, 2023


Leigh Vossen and Sheldon Munroe of Students Against Mandates join us today to discuss their organization, how and why it was formed, and how it is working to lift the mandates and restrictions on students across Canada and to make sure that those mandates are never imposed again.

Show Notes:
Students Against Mandates website
Canadian university finally drops mask mandate after protests, ridicule
S.A.M. interviews Brian Peckford
Students Against Mandates Fall In Love With Vaxentine’s Day Cards
Students Against Mandates on Rumble
More than one in four Canadians support jail time for the unvaccinated, poll finds

Whitney Webb | Social Media & the National Security State with Alan MacLeod | Feb. 9, 2023


In this episode, Whitney speaks to Alan MacLeod of Mintpress News about his recent investigations that explore the increasing fusion of social media companies, and more broadly Big Tech, with the National Security State.

Published 2/09/23.

Links discussed at:

Dark Journalist | UFO Emergency Powers: Fire In The Sky! Feb. 18, 2023


Andrei Martyanov | First Anniversary-1 | Feb. 20, 2023


Strategic planning and how Gulf War screwed it up for the US.

Max Igan | The Next Phase of the End Game | Feb. 21, 2023


Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell | COG UFO Threat NRO-2 Op! | Feb. 17, 2023


Please join us as Dark Journalist Interviews Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell on the new wave of UFO and Balloon Shootdowns and the unusual response of NORAD and the Biden Administration. Dr. Farrell looks deeply at the development of the UFO Threat narrative as a prelude to the enactment of Emergency Powers and the activation of Continuity of Government with NORTHCOM General VanHerck at the helm of the new Regime. In this special episode they will also delve into an obscure program called “Bad Insider” that Dr. Farrell has researched as part of the drill that happened during 9/11.

DJ brings up the possibility that there is a second National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) he refers to as NRO-2 that keeps its presence unknown as the first NRO did during the first 30 years of its existence. He surmises that NRO-2 is handling this phase of intelligence gathering during the development of a False UFO Threat with careful observation Genuine UFOs that dominate the skies worldwide.
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