The Corbett Report | The Great Conspiracy Debate on Grand Theft World | Nov. 26, 2021


James joins Richard Grove and Tony Myers of the Grand Theft World podcast to dissect a heated discussion between Tim Pool and Luke Rudkowski about the importance (or unimportance) of conspiracy research. The conversation soon zeroes in on the nature of mediated reality and the problem of technologically determined narratives.

Show Notes:
Timcast IRL: Luke Argues That People Like Bill Gates Are The Source Of MANY Societal Ills
Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets
Who Is Bill Gates?
Mass Media: A History - course
Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier
Derren Brown: Russian Scam
The Strange Case of Sirhan Sirhan
SIRHAN SIRHAN | "I Did NOT Kill Robert F. Kennedy" | Interview From Prison (Benny Wills)
Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda
The Club of Rome: The Predicament of Mankind
The Great Narrative And The Metaverse, Part 1: A Dystopian Vision Of The Future
How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)
A Brief History of Hopium
The First Global Revolution (Club of Rome)
9/11 Suspects: Philip Zelikow

New World Next Week | Good News This Week! | Nov. 25, 2021


Story #1: “We’ll Never Give Up” - Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov't COVID Tyranny
Judas Priest - "United"
Have We Finally Reached Peak Davos?
Global Elite "Fear A Rebellion Is Brewing", Says CEO Of Large Doomsday-Bunker Builder

Story #3: New Harvard Study - Homeschoolers Turn Out Happy, Well-Adjusted and Engaged
What Home-Schoolers Are Doing Right
New Census Data Show Homeschooling Tripled During the Pandemic—And One Key Group is Driving the Surge
Mom Entrepreneurs Share How They Homeschool and Grow Their Businesses
Medical Head Says No Scientific Evidence India Needs Covid-19 Booster Doses
Feds Freezes Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Businesses Over Pesky Constitutional Concerns
Even in Highly Vaccinated New England, Hospitals Are Suffering
Scientists Mystified, Wary, As Africa Avoids COVID Disaster
Consistent Pattern of Paradoxical Failure: Lancet Regional Health Europe 2021 Dec
Gritty Teacher Refuses to Disclose Vaccine Status, Asserts Rights & Wins Back Job
Several Hundred Google Employees Sign Manifesto Against Widened Covid Vaccine Mandate
Video: The Australian Government is about to get the 2nd DISMISSAL in its history...! The end of Covid Mandates & Forced Vaxxinations will either happen in few weeks, or the Governor General dismisses the Prime Minister & call a General Election.
Swansea Cinema Refuses To Ask Customers For Coof Pass
India’s Modi Says Will Repeal Controversial Farm Laws
Could This Jewish Ban on Covid Vaccines Turn The Tide?
The 'New World Next Week' Store

Max Igan | A Genocide is happening in Northern Australia | Nov. 24, 2021


Linda Moulton Howe | Thanksgiving Eve Special Holiday Q & A! | Nov. 24, 2021


S0 News | The Disaster Cycle Persists, Record Star, Red Arcs | Nov. 24, 2021


The Corbett Report | Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet | Nov. 24, 2021


Whitney Webb return to the program to discuss her recent work on the "green" transformation of the global financial system. From NACs to GFANZ, Webb and Corbett break down the latest attempt to monopolize the world's natural resources and how this financial scam represents the next step along the path to the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Show Notes: 
Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class
UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System
And Now For The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle...
Who Wants To Be A Carbon Trillionaire?
The (Second) Most Important Bank You've Never Heard Of
How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World
Pay Up or the Earth Gets It! - #PropagandaWatch
What is the Future of (Bankster) Finance? - Questions For Corbett #049
IEG - "The Solution"
The Secret Diary of a ‘Sustainable Investor’ — Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
Episode 322 - What Is Sustainable Development?
The man who’s buying up South America
John Kerry speaks at Bloomberg New Economy Forum
The Climate Finance Leadership Initiative
Welcome to the New Economy
Tanzania Ministry cancels GMO seed trials
Tanzania and Kabanga Nickel strike deal to develop nickel project
Bolivian Coup Comes Less Than a Week After Morales Stopped Lithium Deal
Jeff Bezos: Forget Mars, humans will live in these free-floating space pod colonies
Absolute Zero: The Global Agenda Revealed
Moderna: A Company “In Need Of A Hail Mary”
COVID-19: Moderna Gets Its Miracle
B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from ‘climate change’
WHO’s 10 calls for climate action to assure sustained recovery from COVID-19
Pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Amherst Fined Under Health Protection Act

Max Igan | You have to walk the path of the warrior | Nov. 22, 2021


The Corbett Report | Getting Off the Electrical Grid - #SolutionsWatch | Nov. 23, 2021


Bob Anderson joins us today to talk about how he went off grid and how he has built up his energy independence.

Texas Deploys National Guard As 'Grid Chaos' Leaves Millions Freezing In Darkness
Bob Anderson on Declare Your Independence - Off Grid Living
Home Power Magazine
Home Power Magazine - free archive
DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse

S0 News | Most Extreme Plasma, C(lie)mate, Dust | Nov. 23, 2021


Dark Journalist | JFK Assassination 58 Years of CIA Deep State Lies! | Nov. 23, 2021


Dark Journalist Special Report: The JFK Assassination 58 Years of Deep State CIA Military Contractor Lies!

PART 1: A fascinating overview of the Deep State's role in the JFK Assassination by the man who coined the term: UC Berkeley Professor Peter Dale Scott. Scott shows the role of a Continuity of Government plays in what he calls Deep Events the change public policy and the covert forces in finance, military intelligence and media that participated in the First Deep State Revolt against the White House in Dallas on November 22nd 1963!

Join Dark Journalist for his classic JFK Assassination documentary of the CIA connections of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of JFK. Watch the assassination researchers who have uncovered the truth that Oswald was set up to take the fall by the CIA in the Deep State of power, politics and covert ops. Featuring historical commentary from DA Jim Garrison, Colonel Dan Marvin, L. Fletcher Prouty, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Governor John Connally, LBJ, Roger Craig, George de Mohrenschildt, Marina Oswald, an exclusive interview with Judyth Baker who knew Oswald in 1963 and much more!

PART 3: X-PROTECT AEROSPACE UFO FILE ASSASSINS Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents his latest Breakthrough Documentary that uncovers startling information about an unknown group of Secret Aerospace Agents that have manipulated world-changing geopolitical events over the last 70 years to protect the secret of the UFO File. Stunning new information on Howard Hughes, Secret Aerospace Technology, Litton Industries, JFK Assassination, CIA Superspy E. Howard Hunt and his JFK confession to his friend Watergate Lawyer Douglas Caddy about Exotic Tech being the real reason President Kennedy was killed. Includes RFK Assassin Thane Eugene Cesar's connection to Lockheed Martin's ultra elite Skunkworks division, the Pascagoula UFO incident, MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments and more...!

Max Igan | The Key to Escaping Zombiedom | Nov. 20, 2021


Dark Journalist X-Series 113 | Mystery School Politix | Nov. 20, 2021


Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on Mystery School Influence (Good and Bad) in Deep Politics.

The Corbett Report | The REAL Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | Nov. 20, 2021



Catherine Austin Fitts at The Trueman Show | Nov. 18, 2021

Source: Jorn Luka youtube, 

For the 51st episode, we travelled to Friesland (again). Because we were invited by the American Catherine Austin Fitts, who temporarily resides in beautiful Friesland.

For many years, Catherine worked as an investment broker. During the government of George H.W. Bush, she worked as “Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing”. In addition, she has been running the platform The Solari Report for quite some time now.

We spoke to Catherine about her time in the Bush administration, when she started to see the corruption in politics and within the system. And about the periods of threats, she and her family faced. The monetary system and how it has been designed. Who is pulling the strings at the world stage? What is in store for us, in the near future? What actions can you take, personally? And much much more.
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