Richard Dolan on The Unexplained | UFOs in 2012, June 16, 2012


This edition we meet US-based Richard Dolan -- a prolific researcher and author with an academic background and an excellent track record -- We hear more about his latest research on the way "the truth" about the UFO phenomenon is bound to come out. -Howard Hughes

Max Igan | The Truth Shall Make You Free, June 15, 2012


Max Igan - Surviving The Matrix - June, 15th, 2012

Richard Grove | Learning vs. Schooling, June 14, 2012

Source:,, The Peace Revolution Podcast

Richard Grove was trained in Business Management and Administration. He worked in the WTC in 2001 and discovered corporate ties to 9-11. He blew the whistle but was met with deaf ears by corporate media. He proved in court the SEC was involved in covering-up the biggest financial fraud in America, and learned that if he wanted anyone to ever know what happened that he would have to learn how to create media. And he did. He released Project Constellation, several films and many hours of talk radio.

He is also behind the website Tragedy and Hope creates educational media and provides a comprehensive, open-source, educational model for adults; providing individuals with the resources to attain coherent perspectives at/and/above the Ph.D. level. Tragedy and Hope provides a portal through which individuals can stimulate and fortify Cognitive Liberty and educational methods which facilitate consciousness. Richard will discuss useful tools of learning verses schooling. ~Red Ice Creations

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Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly on Truth Connections Radio, June 12, 2012


Robert Duncan O'Finioan ( is here today because he managed to overcome and overthrow his own mind control patterning and programmed behaviours. From a young age, all of Duncan's freedoms were suspended, and after being discovered through Project Talent, a sub-project of the MK ULTRA program, he quickly became his own worst enemy, led and controlled by those with an agenda for power and global dominance. No more a man than a machine, Duncan carried out orders that involved terminations, abductions, infiltration, corruption, surveillance, espionage, intelligence gathering, and more.

Duncan's 'other' life was wrapped in a prison of moment by moment survival: exhausting training regimes and extreme missions; physically succumbing to blackouts, alternate identities, and missing time; as well as enduring bodily harm, mental instability, and deliberate psychic tension. Serious threats to his life at ANY point in time were a mere 'day in the life' of this Super Soldier.

Miranda Kelly's life was similiarly adapted within the classified projects that both were recruited for. Her training was as demanding as Duncan's and her assigned tasks required her to be just as physically strong, quick, and agile, and mentally as fearless as any other. Both became an inpenetrable force, and a necessary twin to each other's survival after being paired together at Duncan's command.

New World Next Week | Syria Psyops, Everyone's a Militant!, Fukushima Update, June 14, 2012


Story #1: NATO Preparing Vast Disinformation Campaign
Related: The Houla Hoaxsters
US Among Countries To Fund Syrian Opposition
Flashback: Venezuela Coup Linked To Bush Team

Story #2: Obama Re-Defines 'Militant', Media Eats It Up
Secret 'Kill List' Proves a Test of Obama's Principles and Will
Related: Leaking War - How Obama's Targeted Killings, Leaks, and the Everything-is-Classified State Have Fused

Story #3: More Reports Emerge Regarding Fukushima Cover Ups
Japan Lied About Fukushima Radiation Forecasts To Avoid Panic

Recap Video | Large Object Moves Across the Sun 2012

Source: ADG (UK)

Recap on the Incredible Object captured by SOHO, which seems to show a double ringed shaped object phase into view at the top of the screen, then darting across the Sun causing a flash across its surface. Did the UFO collide with the Sun or could it have been the result of tremendous gravitational and magnetic forces eminating from both objects. Whatever the reason, this video is the best evidence to date of ET craft in the proximity of the Sun. Will post all relevant data in a few days, so even if NASA remove the raw footage, I have the raw SOHO files available to download. Thanks. ~ADG (UK)

Brooks Agnew | Alienated Nation, June 9, 2012


Hour 1: For the first hour, we are joined by Mark Kimmel, a good friend of Tolec who had a message to share with the world regarding extraterrestrials.

Hours 2 and 3:
One of our favorite guests, bestselling author and X-squared radio host Brooks Agnew, joins us for the remainder of the show to talk about his new book, Alienated Nation. Although we're usually more used to a scientific or spiritual show when we have him on, he blew us away once again with his knowledge of U.S. foreign policy, the banking system, and the fraudulent voting machines. ~Truth Frequency Radio

Tom Montalk | Alien Agendas, The Physics of Reality & Etheric Energy, June 13, 2012

Source: Radio 3Fourteen,,

June 13, 2012–Thomas Montalk is an author, researcher, and musician dedicated to empowering others with practical esoteric wisdom and technical knowledge. Writing under the pen name Montalk, his writings synergize a broad spectrum of fringe subjects including metaphysics, gnosticism, ufology, hyperdimensional physics, and spiritual warriorship.

He's also the man behind the melodic medal band Neptunian Horizon. We'll begin on the subject of alien agendas, abductions and races. Then, Tom talks about etheric energy. He ties it into the Mayan Calendar and end time prophecies. He also speaks about technologies that worked in ancient times when etheric energy levels were higher. Montalk will explain the physics behind mind over matter and changing reality. Later, we converse about the relationship between dreams and music.
~Radio 3Fourteen

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Large Object Moves Across the Sun 2012


Incredible Video of an Object captured by SOHO, which seems to show a double ringed shaped object phase into view at the top of the screen, then darting across the Sun before shooting off out of view.

The Unexplained with Howard Hughes | Dr. Carl Johan Calleman


The show returns with world expert on the Mayan Calendar -- Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. Does the Calendar really predict the end of civilization as we know at the end of 2012? And what else is it telling us about life on this planet? ~Howard Hughes

John Lash on GLPVC Raw Feed, June 2012


In this near 2 hour uncut interview with John Lash, we dive into some very deep subjects on Gnosticism and some of the last remaining texts that weren't destroyed in the Crusades. Learn history from the losers before it was almost erased and heavily changed. Sophia the feminine aspect of God, the Nag Hammadi Treatise, The Aeons, The Archons, Nefarious beings that feed off the earth and its inhabitants, other possibilities of who and what Jesus was and so much more! ~Clandestine Timelord

Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow | Cypherpunks, Part 2 (E9), June 12, 2012


You can't do much online or with your phone without someone, somewhere, knowing what you're doing. But there's one group on your side. They're called the Cypherpunks Movement, and they're on Julian Assange's show here on RT to talk about their plans to keep your private data, private.

Arnie Gundersen, David Blume, Dr. John Apsley, Dr. Theresa Dale | Fukushima Special, June 9, 2012


John B. Wells welcomed various experts in nuclear power, energy, and health for a discussion on the Fukushima nuclear accident and how the disaster may affect our health and environment.

John Lenard Walson | Close Moon Footage, June 11, 2012

Source: JohnLenardWalson youtube

Nora Gedgaudas | The Paleo Diet, Primal Body & Primal Mind, June 10, 2012


June 10, 2012–Nora Gedgaudas is one of the world's leading experts on Paleolithic (Paleo) nutrition and author of the international bestselling book "Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond The Paleo Diet For Total Health and a Longer Life." She is Board-certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutritional Professionals and is a Certified Nutritional Therapist.

Nora served as a trainer for the State of Washington Institute of Mental Health, illuminating nutrition's impact on mental health for State health care workers at all levels. She maintains a private practice in Portland, Oregon as both a Certified Nutritional Therapist and a Board-certified Clinical Neurofeedback Specialist.

In August 2011, Nora was a featured presenter at the Ancestral Health Symposium at UCLA-billed as "the Woodstock of evolutionary medicine." We'll discuss the pre-agriculture diet and lifestyle. Also, we cover the negative impacts of agriculture upon our environment and the ill effects of grain in our bodies. Nora provides specific information on why the paleo diet is the best for the human body.
~Red Ice Creations

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Freeman Interviews Jay Weidner | Archons, Alchemy and Modern Movie Magic


Dr. Brooks Agnew on GLPVC's The Raw Feed

Source: ClandestineTimelord youtube,,,

Dr. Brooks Agnew, Founder of Advanced Planetary Explorations, LLC is the Scientific Project Director of the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE). By far the most innovative and courageous exploration effort in modern times. In this podcast, we discuss his plan for visiting the center of the earth, why the molten lava core theory is false and the center of the earth is something much greater, oceans underneath our oceans, quantum physics, the holographic nature of reality, HAARP and more.

Kevin Smith Show | Dr. Courtney Brown - Remote Viewing, Base on Mars, June 8, 2012


June 8, 2012–Appearing on the Kevin Smith Show, Dr. Courtney Brown discusses the Farsight Institute's remote viewing work, and their viewing of an operational base on Mars. Brown discusses what the viewers saw of the bse and its inhabitants, and says there is a NASA photo of the base. ~Kevin Smith
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