The Corbett Report | 4 Ways the Crime Lab Can Frame You | May 4, 2018


Television has taught us that the crack CSI experts and their state-of-the-art technology can solve any crime through the power of science. In reality, more often than not the crime-detection technology of the past has turned out to be pseudoscience at best, and outright fraud at worst. And, of course, it has been used to put innocent people in jail. Here are 4 Ways The Crime Lab Can Frame You.

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Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 3, 2018


With the Skripals being held at arm's length from the media, with Japan to host the Chinese and North Koreans, with Israel buying 3 Dolphin class submarines capable of launching nuclear weapons from Germany, you might have missed this story, but Joseph has some high octane speculation about it, after he remembers a little of the history of hysteria that attended the launch of "cyrpto-currencies."

Article: Soros, Rothschild, and Big Institutional Investors are Entering Bitcoin Market

Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | The Great Decoupling: America Sidelined in Asia | May 2, 2017


When America was dominant in Asia, American hegemony and Asian security were pretty much synonymous, not necessarily in a good way. By exercising its hegemonic power, the United States determined the content and direction of the Asian security debate.

But now it’s the Great Decoupling! US pursuit of hegemony and Asia’s pursuit of security are diverging. To keep it simple: Asia for the Asians! Start with Korea: America is on the outside looking in as the peace process rolls on.

And, in an unexpected development, India’s Narendra Modi and China’s Xi Jinping make very, very nice as they agree to disagree over Pakistan and envision a post-American Afghanistan.

It’s a scary time for American influence in Asia, and America isn’t liking it. And Australia and Japan, two countries that have hitched their foreign policy to the star of US centrality, are liking it even less.

Show Notes:
Beware the Korean Peace Trap
North Korea’s Phony Peace Ploy
How a U.S. Fiasco in Macau Birthed North Korea’s Atomic Bomb
Could Trump Win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Barnett R. Rubin twitter thread on China-India-Afghanistan-Pakistan
Angry Over Decades of Mistreatment, Pashtuns in Pakistan Rally in Search for Dignity
India blocks Australia from Malabar naval exercise
Bishop insists withdrawal of U.S. ambassador pick no slap in the face for Australia
We’re at the Tipping Point on North Korea…and Who’s Lying About That Aircraft Carrier?
Abe, Adm. Harris, agree to keep pressure on N. Korea
Taiwan president says willing to meet with Chinese leader if no political preconditions imposed

Dane Wigington, Patrick Wood | Climate Engineering And Climate Collapse a Live Debate | May 2, 2018


This one hour live debate on WBAI radio in New York presents two opposing positions and conclusions regarding the state of the climate and the biosphere.

Dane Wigington (lead researcher from and Patrick Wood (author of the book Technocracy Rising) debate the facts. The significance of the threat posed by ongoing global climate engineering operations is addressed, along with the role that climate engineering operations are playing in the rapidly unfolding climate / biosphere collapse, which Mr. Patrick Wood denies is occurring.

Facts matter if credible conclusions are to be reached. Opinions and conclusions that lack verifiable facts, are ideology. If we are to have any chance of gaining desperately needed traction in the critical fight to expose and halt the climate engineering / intervention insanity, we must stand on credible data. All are needed in the effort to wake the masses to what is unfolding at blinding speed, make your voice heard.

Richard Dolan Show | AATIP or AAWSAP? | Apr. 30, 2018


The first hour is concerned with recent claims that the Pentagon's UFO program known as Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) may in fact have gone under another name as well: Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP).

It seems the study of UFOs is nothing without some controversy. Richard interviews two guests, first Chase Kloetzke, who has interviewed Luis Elizondo twice and provides her insights.

Second, he interviews Australian researcher Paul Dean, who has concluded that AAWSAP is indeed related to AATIP. During the second half of the program, Richard discusses the implications of these developments as well as examining some darker implications of the strange phenomena of our world, drawing mainly from research of David Paulides and Whitley Strieber.

Newsbud | Western Sanctions Against Iran vs Expected Eastern Blowback | May 1, 2018


Iran’s currencies, the rial and the toman (collectively referred to here as the “rial”), have been plummeting in perceived value for months now – nay, years, nay, decades – against the US dollar. 

The rial’s aggressive drop in value Since December 2017 is neither due to core Iranian economic fundamentals which would otherwise theoretically justify a national currency’s skydiving in such a fashion, nor is it coincidental with the wider currency wars being conducted between the global West and East.

It is, in fact, the most recent salvo in a precariously heightening high stakes duel of each side trying to collapse the other’s currency – or currencies –and thus harm their wider sense of economic stability. Atlanticists standing behind Dollar Hegemony, and the building Eurasian contingency fighting it, are attacking each other’s currencies, either clandestinely via both technological and deployed trading agent means, or overtly through sanctions regimes, in order to ultimately either maintain, or appropriate, respectively, standards for the future of the world’s economy.

Show Notes

Stefan Verstappen | Rules of the Warrior | Freeman TV | Apr. 14, 2018


How do we shift the paradigm and stand in the face of the evil of Empire? This is a guide to the Way of the Warrior. Do you have the strength of character to step out your door and change your world? Could one meeting with a stranger change the course of your life forever? We must push ourselves to train each day. Never show weakness. Never show fear. Be larger than life and live to gain as much experience as everyday can bring.

Can altering the course of your lifestyle, change the course of history? There is no need to complain, you'll just annoy people or end up surrounded by psychic vampires. Each day that you choose to step up and tone your mind and body, you are creating a new future for all humanity. Believe me, this is enough!

Tyrannies throughout history have a repeated pattern of doing everything they can to eliminate warriors from their populations.

The reasons are obvious; warriors are the ones that always stir up trouble for tyrants. They are the ones that will speak out against oppression, that will stand up to cruelty, and that will fight and die for freedom.

Stefan H. Verstappen is a Canadian author, researcher, and adventurer. He has written dozens of articles for various magazines and newspapers and is the author of 8 books including; The Way of the Warrior, The Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China, and The Art of Urban Survival.

He has worked as an instructor for St John Ambulance, a wilderness guide, a community organizer, and a martial arts instructor with over thirty-five years’ experience in the martial arts including five years spent studying in China.

He is the creator of the viral YouTube documentary, Defense Against the Psychopath, and the Paradise Stolen series and 140 other videos.

Warriors are also the grassroots leaders around whom disgruntled citizens will gather and unite to provide a unified front against injustice.

David Icke on the Regina Meredith Show | Part 1 & 2


John Kruth at Monroe Institute on Rhine: Oldest Parapsychology Lab in USA | Apr. 30, 2018


John Kruth, executive director of the Rhine Research Center, presented at The Monroe Institute Professional Seminar on "The Power of Place: Studies at the Rhine Research Center."

The Rhine is the oldest operating parapsychology lab in the country. The first academic lab to develop a formal method for examining psi phenomena, the Rhine became an important destination for people experiencing psi or who were interested in exploring psi phenomena through the lens of science.

In this talk, John gives an overview of ongoing research at the Rhine including projects that reveal how location and place might be developed or hold information that will influence future psi activity at that site.

John's 20+ years of professional technology experience and 8+ years as a professional researcher provide him unique insight into the integration of technology and parapsychological research. His studies include explorations into psychic healing, the energy behind psychokinesis, poltergeist activity and other unconscious effects on electronic devices, measurements of biophotons (ultraviolet light) from energy healers, applications of remote viewing for investments, and updating traditional psi testing methods to take advantage of 21st century technology and science. John has contributed to numerous publications and has spoken at many professional conferences.

Max Igan | Why Are They Hiding History? | Apr. 27, 2018


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - April 27th, 2018.

Jeff Rense & Clifford Stone | More Rock Solid Proof Of UFOs-ETs On Earth | Apr. 19, 2018


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 04-19-18 with Guest Clifford Stone.
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