Aaron Franz | Transhumanism: Man’s Scientific Rise to Godhood | Legalise Freedom Radio | Jan. 10, 2015

Source: legalise-freedom.com, theageoftransitions.com

Aaron Franz discusses his book Revolve: Man’s Scientific Rise to Godhood. Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, implantable chips, and life extension. These and many other technologies are being promoted as the way for humanity to become something radically different. The transhumanist movement claims that by applying such technologies to our biology, we will become post-human. But behind this techno-utopian vision lurk the spectres of eugenics, mind control, police state propaganda, the end of privacy, and maybe even the end of the human race itself.

A new religion for a new age is being born, arising from a scientific and increasingly sinister quest for eternal life. The Philosopher's Stone of the alchemists now appears to be within reach, as man strives to transcend Earthly limitations and merge at last with the Godhead itself. In Revolve, Franz moves beyond the typical Singularity sales pitch and artificial intelligence hype to bring us face to face with something far more profound, disturbing, and ancient. -legalise-freedom.com

Max Igan | Chaos is Manageable

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Chaos is Manageable (15 min Synopsis)

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 3 - Episode 12
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S0 News | Space-weather, Geoengineering | Jan. 10, 2015

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Gerald Celente | Jeff Rense Show | Jan. 8, 2015

Source: rense.com, Gerald Celente youtube, TrendsJournal.com

Gerald sits down with Jeff Rense for his monthly talk on latest news, events and trends.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Ohio Exopolitics Radio with Mark Snider | Jan. 3, 2015

Source: exopoliticsohio.us, richardalanmiller.com

Mark Snider interviews Dr. Richard Alan Miller | 01-03-2015

Snooping FBI plane 'sucking up everyone's cellphones' | Jan. 9, 2015

Source: RT.com

If you're ever on the phone in the street in the United States, you might want to think twice about being too candid. It's being reported that intelligence agencies are eavesdropping on thousands of people's calls using fake cellphone towers installed on small planes - all without a search warrant.

It's a strategy designed to pinpoint criminals, so police can then be dispatched to catch them - although there are serious concerns about how much is being listened in to. -RT.com

Brien Foerster | Majestic Flight Over Ollantaytambo In Peru: Megalithic Mystery

Source: Brien Foerster youtube, hiddenincatours.com, hiddenhumanhistory.com

Ollantaytambo is one of the largest ancient Inca sites in Peru, but there is far more to it than the work of the Inca.

In this uniques video, filmed using a quadcopter with full permission from the officials, you will see the enigmatic megalithic works, created thousands of years before the Inca. -Brien Foerster

S0 News | Solar Pole Reversal, Climate | Jan. 9, 2015

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

New World Next Week | Pedophiles in Parliament | Jan. 8, 2015

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Britain Investigates Alleged VIP Pedophile Ring From '70s and '80s
Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry Member Warned Against Speaking Out
Jeffrey Epstein Witnesses Take the 5th
Bill Clinton Drawn Into Prince Andrew Sex Scandal
Famed Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Ensnared in Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Slave Case

Story #2: Paris Attack On Satirical Newspaper a Textbook Terror Event
Pepe Escobar: Who Profits From Killing Charlie?
Three Prime Suspects 'Identified After One Leaves ID Card in Abandoned Getaway Car'

Story #3: Monsanto Earnings Fall 34 Percent on Lower Corn Seed Sales
@BrocWest: My Community Garden Journal - Week 1, 2015
Media Monarchy: Best Music Of 2014

Ken O'Keefe | Mainstream Never Discusses False Flags (Historical Fact) Why Not?

Source: richieallenshow.com

Ken O'Keefe: "The mainstream media has never discussed false flag operations, even though they are a historical fact...why not?"

Jeff Rense & Preston James | Future Weapons & Future Wars

Source: rense.com

Clip from January 05, 2015 - guest Preston James on the Jeff Rense Program.

James Martinez | Human Nano Technology | OffPlanet Radio

Source: radio.offplanetmedia.net, jamesmartinezmedia.net

James Martinez joins us to discuss the introduction of nanotechnology FOR the human race. As humanity is being pulled into the abyss of AI, man-machine interface, and the destruction of the human biology, we discuss the exciting implications of C-60 (Carbon 60), also known as “Buckminsterfullerine” after the late visionary architect and social visionary, R. Buckminster Fuller.

The C-60 fullerines are he largest object known to exhibit wave particle duality, and has led to a completely new study in the field of chemistry. Its fascinating field effect aside, it is also the most powerful anti-oxidant on the planet; and in its present formulation as C-60 marketed by James, it offers intriguing new prospects for everyone to improve and advance their unique physical and mental goals.

As always with James, the conversation expands into the scope of his activities in the promotion of free/alternative energy, global financial reset, and blunting the effects of social engineering through a wide array of technologies and methods.

James Martinez is a Media Ecologist, Radio Talk Show host and pioneer in radio broadcasting and behavior modification. Known for his work with the late Walter Bowart, an American leader in the counterculture movement in the 1960s, and founder and editor of the first underground newspaper in New York City, the East Village Other, and author of the book OPERATION MIND CONTROL.
James used his first hand knowledge to disclose to the world the behavior modification associated with credit card and banking industry and co-created the debt resolution industry, which then gave birth to one of the most thought provoking and controversial radio broadcasts in history. Mr. Martinez participated in the elimination of over $850 million dollars of alleged credit card debt through legal countermeasures. -radio.offplanetmedia.net

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Oscar Miro-Quesada | Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life | Hour 1 | Sanitas Radio

Source: sanitasradio.com

Buckminster Fuller reminds us, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” This book provides just that model, as well as concrete practices for living it. The model is derived from ancient wisdom traditions, modeled on the pulses, cycles, and seasons of our beloved Earth Mother. It deeply grounds the reader in a “this world” spirituality that blends indigenous cosmologies, earth-honoring ritual, and time-tested models for living with modern sensibilities.

The proposed text presents the biography of an extraordinary man, who has awakened to his own purpose in life as a servant to conscious evolution for all humanity. His life story, full of adventure, cosmic “interventions,” and synchronicity is on par with that of the luminaries documented in these biographies and the time has come for his story to be told.

Don Oscar’s story is also the story of each one of us. The only reason his story has not been told until now is that he was first charged with creating opportunities for others to awaken to their higher purpose through his teachings as part of an oral tradition. Now, after completing his “compacto” (sacred contract) with his Andean teachers and mentors, he has been released from service to tell his story in writing. And it is an extraordinary story, dealing with nothing less than individual, spiritual, and planetary transformation. -sanitasradio.com

Laird Scranton | Skara Brae: Orkney Island’s Blueprint of Civilization | Hour 1 | Jan. 5, 2015

Source: redicecreations.com

January 5, 2015–Laird Scranton is an independent software designer who became interested in Dogon mythology and symbolism in the early 1990s. He has studied ancient myth, language, and cosmology since 97. He has been a featured speaker at national conferences on ancient mysteries, including the Paradigm Symposium. He is the author of several books, including The Science of the Dogon and China’s Cosmological Prehistory.

Laird joins us to speak about his research on the magnificent site of Skara Brae on Orkney Island in Northern Scotland, a Neolithic farming settlement that is thought to date back prior to both Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. These findings tie in to the subject of his new book, Point of Origin, which points to Gobekli Tepe as a center of civilizing knowledge for the ancient world.

He outlines the history of the Skara Brae site, which was covered over until the 1850s. Laird details the layout of the village and temple found at Skara Brae, a megalithic site that appears to be linked to a cosmological blueprint for instructional sanctuaries used by multiple ancient cultures around the globe. -redicecreations.com

Gobekli Tepe and the Spiritual Matrix for the World’s Cosmologies
Orkney's glorious Viking past
The Odin Stone

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Richard Dolan | New Year Special | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church

Source: Source: jimmychurchradio.com, richarddolanpress.com

We end 2014 with very special guest Richard Dolan and we cover his publishing, authors and his favorite books, researchers and events of 2014 and he takes calls from the Fadernauts...a great way to end a great year on FADE to BLACK. -jimmychurchradio.com

Stanton Friedman & Dark Journalist | UFO Cover Up Revelations! MJ12 & ET Quarantine

Source: DarkJournalist.com

Join Dark Journalist with legendary UFO investigator and Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman as they expose the UFO cover up and unravel the COINTELPRO that is spreading disinformation through puppet debunkers and dubious movies to discredit alien disclosure via covert propaganda programs.

Together they uncover the evidence that shows that the Earth may now be under an ET QUARANTINE due to its warlike stance with the development of the Star Wars Defense Systems and Secret Space Program. They also suggest that warnings from the ET visitors may be the reason why NASA has virtually dropped all of its moon missions and manned space travel.

Stanton Friedman is the most respected author in the field of UFO contact and has written the top influential books on the subject including the ground- breaking “Top Secret - Majic’” about the famous Majestic Twelve or MJ12 documents that reveal a clandestine government program to deny the existence of extraterrestrial visitors while reverse-engineering their incredibly advanced, futuristic technology.

From the secretive, breakaway national security state players to the stonewalling mainstream corporate media gatekeepers, this new Dark Journalist episode will shock you with its implications of a deep, organized plan to hide the reality of advanced, interstellar, off-world visitors and the tremendous impact they are having on our daily lives.

As a bonus, Dark Journalist asks Stanton to outline the secret world of Donald Howard Menzel, who lived a double-life as a famous Harvard Astronomer and UFO debunker but also as a key member of the hidden MJ12 group that handled all UFO evidence and technology for intelligence purposes. He also reveals his favorite UFO cases including the Phoenix Lights, Betty Hill, Jesse Marcel/Roswell, and more! You don’t want to miss this one!

We Are Vibrational Beings | Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary

Source: voiceentertainment.net

Secret Knowledge: We are all and everything is vibrational and interacts/manifests via frequency. An extraordinary film by Producer, David Sereda and James Law.

 “The power of intentions manifest through emotions from the vibration of our energy.”

Ellen Brown on GRTV | G20 Rules Make Bank Bail-ins a Reality | Jan. 4, 2015

Source: GlobalResearchTV.com, corbettreport.com

Today attorney, author and researcher Ellen Brown of EllenBrown.com joins us to discuss her article on “The Global Bankers’ Coup: Bail-In and the Shadowy Financial Stability Board.” We talk about the G20 and their rubber-stamping of the FSB’s proposed bail-in rules, what this shadowy body is and how it interlocks with the Bank for International Settlements, and what this means for depositors in the wake of the next banking crisis. -corbettreport.com

Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelly | Darkside Wars | Part 1-2 | OffPlanet Radio

Source: radio.offplanetmedia.net, duncanofinioan.com

Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly: Darkside Wars-Part 1 OffPlanet Radio - 12-27-2014 - Randy Maugans with Duncan O'finioan and Miranda Kelly, Recorded 12-06-2014

As the year 2014 fades, we enter a period of extreme events, which we have talked about on this show for over five years,. I call it "the eye of the needle", Duncan says: "The flag has been dropped." (Or, would it be the hammer of Thor?) We planned for this interview to be a statement of events, predictions, warnings, and useful information as things grow more intense.

Because of their ongoing involvement in The Gray Walkers, much of D&M's information over the years has been highly limited, cryptic, and sometimes veiled. As we have continued to do interviews, more has been revealed. This interview features information never before discussed, and in great detail.

We will just note the extreme technical interference on this recording, evident around 20 minutes into the proceedings when we were being hit with an infrasonic signal that degraded the voice connections. Spectral analysis of the audio clearly showed subsonic frequencies going down to -20Hz. Nice work, fellas! -OffPlanet Radio

Part 2 of the exclusive interview concludes the narrative of the Darkside Wars, the Gray Walkers, and connections between MKUltra, the Nazi quest for the "Aryan" race lines and the bloodlines of the Nephillim---with surprising twists.
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