Richard Dolan | Intelligent Disclosure Ep.3 | July 19, 2018


Incredible live show tonight. We covered a lot of topics, got great questions from the audience and much more.

New World Next Week | DARPA Wants Mind Control Tech for Super Soldiers | July 19, 2018


Story #1: US Treasury Quietly Allows ‘Dark Money’ Groups to Keep Donors Secret
U.S. Treasury Moves to Protect Identities of ‘Dark Money' Political Donors

Story #2: Japan, US Renew Nuke Pact Amid Japan Plutonium Stock Concern
Japan-US Nuclear Deal Renewed
Joseph Trento on the Secret US-Japanese Plutonium Program
It’s Almost Like Japan *Wants* to Create Godzilla
With North Korea Thaw, Japan Downgrades Missile Alert Level

Story #3: The Pentagon Wants to Bring Mind-Controlled Tech To Troops
Welcome to Your Driverless Future!
DARPA Exposed
The Brain Chip Cometh
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Get Smart, Dump That Dumb Phone + Flint Filters & Real News

Carl Abrahamsson | Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward |  July 18, 2018


Carl Abrahamsson discusses his book 'Occulture – The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward'. Art, magic, and the occult have been intimately linked since our prehistoric ancestors created the first cave paintings some 50,000 years ago.

As civilizations developed, these esoteric forces continued to drive culture forward, both visibly and behind the scenes, from the Hermetic ideas of the Renaissance, to the ethereal worlds of 19th century Symbolism, and the occult interests of the Surrealists. In this deep exploration of 'occulture' - the liminal space where art and magic meet - Carl Abrahamsson reveals the integral role played by magic and occultism in the development of culture throughout history as well as their relevance to the continuing survival of art and creativity.

Blending magical history and esoteric philosophy with his more than 30 years’ experience in occult movements, Abrahamsson looks at the phenomena and people who have been seminal in modern esoteric developments, including Carl Jung, Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, and Rudolf Steiner.

Showing how art and magic were initially one and the same, the author explores the history of magic as a source of genuine counter culture and compares it with our contemporary soulless, digital monoculture. He reveals how the magic of art can be restored if art is employed as a means rather than an end - if it is intense, emotional, violent, and expressive - and offers strategies for creating freely, magically, even spontaneously, with intent unfettered by the whims of trends, a creative practice akin to chaos magick that assists both creators and spectators to live with meaning.

He also looks at intuition and creativity as the cornerstones of genuine individuation, explaining how insights and illuminations seldom come in collective forms. Exploring magical philosophy, occult history, the arts, psychology, and the colourful grey areas in between, Abrahamsson reveals the culturally and magically transformative role of art and the ways the occult continues to transform culture to this day.

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Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | July 17, 2018


Germany wants its own version of DARPA, called ADIC, and that makes the other article referenced today on the creation of the common European military very interesting (BREXITERS take note):

Germany wants its own version of DARPA, and within the year
EU Military Unification

F. William Engdahl | De-fanging the Globalist Monster – How The President Plays into Their Agenda | July 17, 2018


Mr. Engdahl proposes The Globalist are not trying to get the President out of office as many say. He says Mr. Trump is doing their bidding and never would have got in the White House if he was a true threat to their agenda.

Dr. Eric Karlstrom | Human Targets: The Hidden Hand Behind Global Gang Stalking | July 18, 2018


In this, the latest in our ground breaking series covering topics including mind control & gang stalking, Dr Karlstrom goes over an interview by an insider that exposes the hidden hand behind some of the worlds most evil acts.

Dane Wigington | Climate Engineering Cover-Up: Geoengineering Over Our Oceans | July 17, 2018


NASA tells us that the shockingly visible and very extensive "tracks" (or trails) being witnessed on satellite imagery over oceans are ALL the result of pollution being produced by ships, which is in turn creating “clouds” as an unintended consequence. Does the “official narrative” from NASA actually hold up to an examination of the facts?

NASA is nothing more than an arm of the military industrial complex, covering the tracks of the climate engineers and SRM operations is a part of their mission.

Two NASA statements are below:

"Scientists are interested in ship tracks because they want to understand how human emissions influence clouds and, ultimately, Earth’s climate." ~NASA

"Ship tracks have shown that clouds that form around man-made aerosols are brighter than other clouds. Man-made aerosols are smaller than natural particles, so the clouds that form around man-made aerosols are made up of smaller cloud droplets. A cloud made of many smaller droplets reflects more light than a cloud made of few larger droplets, since the surface of each droplet reflects light. The brighter clouds that result from man-made aerosols reflect more of the Sun’s light back into space, decreasing the amount of light that reaches the Earth’s surface. This interaction of man-made aerosols with clouds has cooled the Earth, offsetting global warming, though scientists are still not sure by how much. More accurate predictions of future warming depend on understanding how much cooling the brighter clouds provide…" ~NASA

NASA, of course, does not in any way acknowledge the ongoing geoengineering / solar radiation management jet aircraft dispersions. The ongoing illegal global climate intervention programs are inflicting immense and irreparable damage to the climate and the overall life support systems of the planet. Each and every one of us is needed in the all important effort to reach a critical mass of awareness. Share credible data from a credible source, help us to sound the alarm. -Dane Wigington

Max Igan on The Infinite Fringe - TFR | July 16, 2018


Cort Lindahl | The Arcadian Mysteries, Oak Island, Edgar Allen Poe, & The Inner Earth | July 15, 2018


Alright Higherside Chatters, it’s no surprise that the elite speak to each other in coded symbolism not meant for mere commoners or non-initiates- and we’ve seen the breadcrumbs of this stretching back centuries.

Sometimes it’s in statues and obelisks, sometimes in the architecture of famous buildings, and sometimes it’s in the media.

This doesn’t surprise us today, but what if many old famous landmarks that we take for granted in modern times actually contain indications that they’re connected to a group of Royal bloodlines and an inner circle that we haven’t heard much about?

Well when it comes to such legends and landmarks as the Oak Island Money Pit, Rennes Le Chateau, Washington DC, Sterling Castle, Roslyn Chapel, and the like- as we’re going to learn today, this might be the case.

Of course, many seekers have sought to unravel the mysteries in these locations, the secret messages in famous paintings, and the hidden meanings of their associated lore…. hoping to unearth some hidden Templar or Masonic riches at the end of the proverbial rainbow like a real life National Treasure situation, but they’ve all had little luck so far. As far as we know.

People, these are the themes in the work of today’s long overdue returning guest Cort Lindahl.

Cort joined us back in 2014 to talk about his book Axis Mundi which looked at a particular type of Geomancy and building design that aligned certain landmarks across huge portions of the globe- and he’s been expanding on that research ever since having released several new books along the way, such as:

The Geographic Mysteries of Sir Francis Bacon: The Truth about Oak Island and more

The Secrets of Edgar Allan Poe, the Kensington Rune, and Beale Treasure Revealed.: The use of the Prime Meridian in Talismanic Architecture

Mysteries and Legends of Northern California: The Truth About Mt. Shasta and Beyond
and the latest in the series: Oak Island and the Arcadian Mysteries: Oak Island, Rennes le Chateau, and Shugborough Hall

A Nichols Cage for the modern age. The main magi of Axis Mundi, and the Geographical Mystery Decoded Extrodinare’ – Cort Lindahl

The Corbett Report | Welcome to Your Driverless Future! | July 17, 2018


We've all seen the propaganda by now: Like it or not, autonomous driving technology is on the way. But what will that future look like? Should we be concerned about the lack of control implicit in these technologies? How vulnerable they are to hackers, both criminal and deep state? Or the fact that our entire society is about to be re-engineered before our very eyes?

Join James for this thought provoking episode of The Corbett Report as he explores the road ahead on the path to the driverless future.

Future Film | Peter Returns | Kia
Woman dies after being hit by self-driving Uber
WSJ Tech News Briefing Humans in the loop?
Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings
Richard Clarke: Car Hacking Possible In Crash That Killed Michael Hastings
DARPA Talks about hacking cars
Autonomous driving levels 0 to 5: Understanding the differences
EconTalk: Benedict Evans on the Future of Cars
Radiolab – Driverless Dilemma

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Kevin Barrett, Philip Giraldi and Gilad Atzmon |  Zionism - Deconstructing the Power Paradigm, Part 1 | July 15, 2018


Panel presentations at the Deep Truth: Visionaries Speak Out online video conference of June 10th, 2018, produced by No Lies Radio and Kevin Barrett on "Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, Judeophobia: Lets Define Our Terms"; Philip Giraldi on "How Jewish Power Sustains the Israel Narrative" and Gilad Atzmon on "Truth, Truthfulness and Palestine".

Joseph McMoneagle | Memoirs of a Psychic Spy | July 15, 2018


Joseph McMoneagle, internationally renowned as a master remote viewer and author of five books on remote viewing who has 47 years of professional and scientific expertise in research and development within numerous multi-level technical intelligence collection systems and in the field of the paranormal and the social sciences.

He was an R&D consultant to SRI-International and Science Applications International Corporation, Inc. where he participated in protocol design, statistical information collection, evaluations, thousands of remote viewing trials in support of both experimental research as well as active intelligence operations for what is now known as Project STARGATE.

He is also co-owner of Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc., which provides support to multiple research facilities and corporations with a full range of collection applications using Anamolous Cognition (AC) in the production of original and cutting-edge information. He is a full time Research Associate with The Laboratories for Fundamental Research, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, Palo Alto, California, where he has provided consulting support to research and development for 35+ years.

Joe has successfully demonstrated his abilities as a psychic and remote viewer under strict scientific control in various labs and on national television networks in six countries, to include: National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Channel 4 England, and Nippon and Ashai TV in Japan.

Joseph now shares his expertise by facilitating the Remote Viewing Program at The Monroe Institute, which trains participants to acquire and describe information seemingly separated from the “viewer” and his or her physical senses by distance, shielding, and/or time.

Joe is a full member of; The Para-psychological Association, a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans, a performing member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG), a full member of The Writers Guild of America – East (WGA-E), a member of The Authors Guild (AG). He is a Retired Chief Warrant Officer in the Regular Army of the United States of America. He now serves on the Board of Advisors for The Monroe Institute and the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center, New York, as well as a Board Member for the J. B. Rhine Research Center, Durham, North Carolina.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | July 14, 2018


Will social media providers continue to ramp up their censorship until a totalitarian state prevails? How many in industrialized nation populations are willing to look beyond the power structure's orchestrated political theater of the absurd?

How many are willing to face the wider horizon of what is unfolding around us? Will it take total unraveling of the current paradigm to wake the majority from their denial? How close might biosphere and societal collapse actually be at this point? Our seas are dying and even now marine ecosystem protections are being systematically dismantled, why?

Many aspects of the power structure's activities are now becoming all but impossible to hide, including the weather warfare operations. We must expose the climate engineering programs before the power structure is ready for that to happen. Sharing credible data from a credible source is essential, make your voice heard.

Dark Journalist | Trump Tesla & The X-Technology Secret! | X Series Part XVIII | July 13, 2018


Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt continues the groundbreaking X-SERIES that follows the X Steganography through the history of Political and Covert groups coordinating in a Stealth fashion the Secret work of the Mystery Schools X Technology.

In this Breakthrough Episode Dark Journalist goes deeper than ever before into the startling connection between Inventor Nikola Tesla, President Donald Trump's Uncle MIT Professor John Trump and the Secret X Technology held by the Covert Wing of the National Security State.

Dark Journalist has uncovered fascinating information that includes the verified fact that Vannevar Bush, the Scientist who headed up the US Office of Scientific Research and Development under three different Presidents and controlled the UFO File was Professor John Trump's mentor! In addition Professor John Trump's papers were kept in 'Box X' at MIT showing the clear trail to his work on the secret program' along with his work in the Super Secret RADLAB!

Dark Journalist will also look at the deeper questions of how President Trump's announcement of a Space Force relates to his knowledge of the X Technology and we will feature a special guest that will describe how Secret Programs are hidden under the X Steganography!
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