New World Next Week | Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink | Nov. 11, 2022


Story #1: UN Demands $2 Trillion A Year From Rich Countries For ‘Climate Justice’
PDF: “Finance for Climate Action - Scaling Up Investment for Climate and Development”
What Is Sustainable Development?
Figueres: First Time the World Economy Is Transformed Intentionally
AOC’s Chief of Change: Saikat Chakrabarti Isn’t Just Running Her Office. He’s Guiding a Movement.
Greta Finally Gets It! Greta Thunberg - UN Climate Summit COP27 Is a ‘Scam’
Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet
Welcome to the New Economy
The (Second) Most Important Bank You've Never Heard Of

Story #2: UK “Nudge Unit” Recommends Banks Track Carbon Footprint of Transactions, Reward “Sustainable Behaviors”
Should Banks Encourage Green Behaviours?
'A State of Fear' by LAURA DODSWORTH
It Begins: Canadian Gov Rolls Out Points To Reward Good Citizens
You Are Being Gamed (Feat. “The Most Disturbing Presentation Ever”)
Google’s The Selfish Ledger
State of Fear
Video: Ordering Pizza In the Future

Story #3: Destructive Ruling Against LBRY “Sets Dangerous Precedent” for Crypto In The US
PDF: Securities and Exchange Commission v. LBRY, Inc.
SEC: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options
9/11 Trillions - 9/11 War Games (DVD)
Corbett Report 2010 Data Archive (USB Flash Drive)
The New World Next Week Store

Roundtable | The Kherson Withdrawal, with Brian Berletic, Andrei Martyanov | Nov. 10, 2022

Source: The Roundtable — Gonzalo Lira youtube,, The New Atlas youtube

The Last American Vagabond | COVID Doesn't Cause Myocarditis, Hidden CDC Data Destroys Narrative & The Pandemic Of The Injected | Nov. 9, 2022


Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.

Redice TV | No-Go Zone: Interreligious Climate Cult Advances & Do Elections Matter? | Nov. 9, 2022


Henrik cover the latest in episode 126 of No-Go Zone this November 9, 2022.

The Corbett Report | Auditing the Police - #SolutionsWatch | Nov. 9, 2022


The agents of the government claim the right to audit you, right? But they're our "public servants," aren't they? So surely we can audit them to make sure they are doing their job, can't we? And if not, why not? Join James for this important edition of #SolutionsWatch as we dive into the wild and wooly world of sousveillance, copwatching and public servant auditing. 

Show Notes:

Asking Cops The Same Silly Questions They Ask Us - Arizona Cop Gets Flustered short version
Webster P.D. ruins my dinner and violates my 4th Am right
Call Me A Muppet Again And I Will Arrest You!
Episode 272 - Solutions: Sousveillance
Interview 448 - Carlos Miller on Filming the Police
Non-compliance at Travel Checkpoints - #SolutionsWatch
FBI Pleads "Stop Filming Police! It's Making Them Look Bad!"
FBI Director James Comey blames citizens with cameras for increase in violent crime
Top 10 Crooked Cops Caught on Camera
Cop Gets Fired And Arrested After INTENSE Altercation
officer fired over dashcam video
The Free Thought Project
Police The Police: Facebook / YouTube / Insta / Twitter / Minds / MeWe / Telegram / Flote
San Joaquin Valley Transparency
The Free Though Podcast intereview w/ San Joaquin Valley Transparency
James Freeman
The Free Though Podcast intereview w/ James Freeman
News Now South Carolina
Joshua Martinez Arrested, Held on $1M Bond Over Entirely Legal Facebook Posts Criticizing Gov't

Max Igan | The Great Deception | Nov. 9, 2022


David Icke Talks To Jeff Rense About Being Banned From Europe | Nov. 7, 2022


Andrei Martyanov | Relations Between Different Things | Nov. 7, 2022


Or why I think the great bargaining between US and Russia is on. Or why late Admiral Elmo Zumwalt would have been appalled.

Gareth Icke Interview | The Censorship & Excommunication Of David Icke On A Near Global Scale | Nov. 7, 2022


Joining me today is Gareth Icke of the Ickonic Network, here to discuss the recent censorship and outright banning of his father, David Icke, from 26 countries, just for sharing his ideas, many of which have thoroughly come to pass over the last three years. David has been labeled a "terrorist" simply for not toeing the corporate media line, and is now being named a direct threat to "democracy".

Source Links Can Be Found Here:

David Icke speech for Amsterdam peace rally that had him banned from 26 countries | Nov. 6, 2022


Max Igan | Undifferentiated Warfare | Nov. 6, 2022


James Corbett | The Biosecurity State | Nov. 7, 2022



via James Corbett + Meryl Nass, M.D. break down the COVID-19 Crisis from Homeland Security to Biosecurity, citing similarities to the US government’s 9/11 response, H1N1 crisis + other disastrous parallels. Will the government lead us down an endless emergency crisis, pulling the ‘emergency’ stop switch, whenever they please? Was the COVID security infrastructure set up to be permanent? Are the same players involved in the coming Climate Crisis following the Eugenics playbook? Tune in to find out.

Show Notes:
Good Morning CHD show
Corbett Report: Dr. Meryl Nass Exposes the Anthrax Cover Up
UK scientists admit to using ‘ethically questionable’ fear tactics in COVID response
COVID-911 from Homeland Security to Biosecurity
A State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth
Medical Martial Law
CSPAN — Milken Institute Universal Flu Vaccine 2019
How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? - Questions For Corbett #074
The Open Conspiracy by H. G. Wells
The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin
The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russellbr /> Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making by David Rothkopf
Meet Maurice Strong: Globalist, Oiligarch, "Environmentalist"
How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World — Documentary
Are There Limits to Growth? - Questions For Corbett #077
James Corbett Separates Climate Fact From Fiction
Meryl Nass’ Substack

Dark Journalist | Lennon X UFO File Atlantis Mystery! | Nov. 4, 2022


Please join us for this Special X-Series Episode 138 as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep into new research he has discovered linking the assassination of John Lennon to his political UFO File activities. He also shows how Lennon was engaged in clandestine research in Egypt with an expedition to find the Atlantean Hall of Records predicted by Psychic Edgar Cayce.

Show Highlights
0:00 Introduction
4:06 UFO Threat Op
14:42 Entertainment Control
22:54 CIA Power Grab
40:35 John Lennon Assassination
51:37 Mark David Chapman Art Collection
55:42 Chapman Obsessed with UFOs
1:09:25 Lennon Atlantis Rising
1:23:01 Yoko Ono as The Sphinx
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